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The Basics of Fire and Smoke Damage

7/21/2017 (Permalink)

The Basics of Fire and Smoke Damage

Many companies that have experienced commercial fire damage can confirm to you that the aftermath of a fire damage can be very challenging. Property owners of fire-damaged premises have to deal with the effects of soot damage, smoke smell, and smoke damage. The process of fire restoration mainly comprises of specific steps and procedures that guarantee property safety and prevent any further damages. When undertaken professionally, a fire restoration could prevent a fire damage from becoming a full-blown commercial fire damage.

Steps in a fire damage restoration include:
? Emergency contact
The first step you should take after successfully extinguishing fire from your business or your home is to contact a fire restoration company. Fire in a home or a fire in a business can be seriously destructive, and you need to seek professional services as soon as possible to commence a fire cleanup exercise. Many fire damage restoration companies provide a 24/7 service access hence, you can easily contact them when in need. Triggering an immediate response to a fire damage after putting the fire out will ensure your property is protected and no further losses will be incurred.

? Damage inspection and assessment
An assessment of the fire damage determines if board up services are required. The construction experts from the restoration company can also determine the building’s structural integrity and the current state of your property. The company also uses the inspection and assessment report to make an estimate of the fire damage restoration cost. This means that it's prudent to call professionals after having a fire in your home or a fire in a business.

? Providing urgent board up service
The effects of a fire damage could range from destroyed windows and doors to a full-fledged commercial fire damage in your business or home. After a fire in your business or a fire in a home, your property is exposed and its security may be compromised. The restoration company ensures immediate installation of board up services. Using the board up services improves your security by sealing off your windows and doors to prevent a small fire outbreak from turning into a serious commercial fire damage in business.

? Water removal and drying
Water can be destructive to your furniture and other household properties if left unchecked. A fire clean up exercise involves removing and drying used wastewater. The restoration company will protect your property from water damage immediately they arrive at the site of a fire by drying the site and removing the water. The company uses dehumidifiers and air removers to dry moisture in the air when conducting a water removal during a fire cleanup exercise.

? Removal of soot and smoke
Visible indications of previous fire damages in your premise include traces of soot and smoke particles. Soot damage and smoke damage stains are always visible on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Smoke smell after a commercial fire damage needs to be eliminated to reduce suspicion among the clientele in offices. During a fire cleanup, the company must focus on eliminating any visible traces of soot damage or smoke damage on your property.

? Fire cleanup and sanitizing
During the clean-up, the restoration company uses industrial scrubbers and fogging equipment to remove smoke smell after a commercial fire damage. Sanitization after a fire accident helps to disinfect your property. Valuables salvaged from the fire also undergo a clean up process to remove smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell. Sanitization of household items makes them safe and clean for use.

? Restoration
This is the final process in a fire damage restoration. A fire cleanup and restoration will involve minor repairs on your house or office to restore normalcy. This phase comes to ensure that all the traces of a fire in your business or a fire in your home are eliminated. The process requires minor plumbing, reconstruction of damaged walls, and repainting. The restoration process gives the individual an opportunity to carry out major interior and exterior redesigning of his or her property.
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Storm Damage Restoration

6/20/2017 (Permalink)

Come to SERVPRO for superior storm damage restoration

Storms are powerful disturbances in an otherwise normally functioning environment. Most storms are violent enough to cause disruption and damage to human lifes and property. Substantial damage to both private and public property renders the dramatic changes in environment that compose a storm undesirable. As they prove to be a hindrance to stable life, such hazards cause a loss of productivity and comfort.

It is very difficult to predict a storm well in advance and prepare for it as they are created due to the dynamic changes in air pressure. However, storm damage is a predictable consequence of any kind of storm, be it hail, thunderstorm, blizzard or firestorm. These natural forces cause damage to roof, structural damage to houses, transform small property into forceful projectiles, and even cause damage to technological implements on the property such as antennas and satellite dishes.

Generally, storm damage restoration is a difficult and a drawn-out process which involves quick assessment of damage, coordination with the insurance companies, deployment of proper tools and resources, and implementation of the disaster recovery plan to prevent any further damage due to the residual debris and water damage left in the wake of the storm.

Such an uphill task is best left to a professional team of trained and dedicated disaster management personnel who not only have the required experience but can also provide a timely intervention. If the affected property happens to be in Las Vegas, the restoration process can be effectively and efficiently taken care of by the SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas which have over the years established themselves as the leader in water restoration industry. The quality service that they provide has not only turned them into a trusted name when it comes to storm damage restoration and clean-up, but they are locally owned and operated too, which ensures that they value the community they serve while being an integral part of it.

Storm damage restoration Las Vegas can be relied upon SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas who maintains a high standard of services in the area. They are committed to serving the local community with a dedicated 24-hour emergency service, bringing in their assortment of specialized tools and industry-approved techniques that they have developed and incorporated in their disaster management system models. The tested and tried two-pronged method of damage control with simultaneous restoration of property which is employed at all projects undertaken by the SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas ensures that the chaos of the storm does not disrupt your daily life any longer than would be necessary.

For more information on how to deal with the process of storm restoration, things to keep in mind when affected by a storm, and how SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas can facilitate you should you be on the lookout for a team of a dedicated hazard management professionals, head on to and learn about various ways in which SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas can assist you in mitigating the problems left in the wake of a storm.

How is Water Damage Handled by a Professional?

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How is Water Damage Handled by a Professional?

Water damage of any sort in the home is as dangerous as it gets. It takes water damage only a few days to cause mold to grow, and it creates far more damage in very little time than you imagine. When someone finds water in the home or water in the business, it’s devastating even if it’s very little. While it might not seem that water in the home or water in the business is a big deal when it’s only a small amount, water cleanup is an immediate need. Don’t allow water damage to become any worse than it already is. Call for water cleanup and mitigation immediately. Restoration is the only way to guarantee further damage does not occur.

What is Water Damage?

Water damage comes in many forms, and it can happen anywhere at any time. It’s not uncommon to imagine water in the home is the result of flood damage or that water in the business location in which you work is the result of flood damage. While flood damage is one of the worst forms of water in the home or business, it’s not the only reason to call for restoration.

- Flood damage
- Storm damage
- Leaking pipes
- Leaking household appliances
- Overflowing from bathroom items and/or sinks
- Water from firefighting attempts

Many homeowners require immediate water cleanup and drying if they have a roof leak and a storm comes through and causes water to enter the home. Some business owners are shocked to come into the office after a long weekend to realize the sewage backed up in their building and left a mess that requires immediate mitigation, restoration, and drying. Calling for restoration is not an option they have when water damage occurs in the home or office. It’s what they must do immediately. There’s simply no time to sit back and wait on a better option.

The Benefits of Water Restoration

When someone calls for a professional to come to their home or office to assess the damage from the water the location is facing, they are doing their home or office a large favor. Water causes damage to most everything it touches, and drying it is an immediate need. The sooner they get a professional out to check out the damage, the sooner the mitigation and restoration process begins.

It takes mold only 24 to 48-hours to form and spread rapidly when there is a moist location for it to grow. Water seeps into walls, into floors, furniture, and anything else in its path, and drying it becomes more difficult the longer it sits there.

The drying process is complex, and it’s best handled by a professional. Doing it on their own is the easiest way for them to miss even the smallest area of moisture, which causes much larger problems. When water gets into the home or office, it’s not time to sit back and wonder if they can fix this problem on their own. It’s time to call the professionals.

The Dangers of Not Calling for Immediate Mitigation

Mold damage, mildew, fungus, and expensive repairs and replacements become a problem the longer water sits in a home. Even if they experience flood damage, it’s less expensive and easier to cleanup when they have it handled immediately. Waiting even a few days allows mold to grow out-of-control. This can cause a home or business to become uninhabitable during the cleanup process, and it can make the difference between a simple drying process and a complete replacement of floors and even drywall.

Waiting is not an option when water seeps into any home or office no matter how small the amount. It’s not just flood water that can completely destroy a home. It’s a small leak that turns into something far worse when a home or business owner fails to take proper and immediate action to handle water cleanup. Don’t let any hesitation cause a home or business to experience this hardship when someone has water in their business or home.
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Fire Restoration: What to do Next

6/20/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Restoration: What to do Next

It is only natural for a homeowner or a business owner to desire restoring their home or business after a fire, but it is imperative that the proper steps be taken for the fire damage restoration process to occur. Smoke damage, smoke smell, soot damage, and many other problems are prevalent after a fire. After experiencing damage and loss related to the fire, the last thing that you want to do is experience more frustrations. A clear understanding of the steps to take after a fire eliminates that concern tremendously, and makes fire cleanup easier.

The following information is designed to assist you in restoration of your home or business after fire or soot damage. If you've experienced unfortunate loss and devastation due to fire damage because of a fire in home or business, use these tips to prevent additional harm, headache, and hassle with your property, and in your life.

Ensure Property Safety

Fires are tricky, and can easily restart at the drop of a dime. Before you re-enter the property, ensure that doing so is safe. Fire department officials can tell you if the unit is safe to go inside. Do not enter the structure until given the okay, as doing so may result in injuries or greater damage to the home. The smoke smell alone is enough to cause breathing difficulties, and soot damage is

Secure the Property

Securing the property after a fire is imperative. Not only does securing the property keep would-be intruders from looting the home or business, but also prevents injuries or harm to others. There are several ways to secure the property. Oftentimes, fire damage restoration companies help with this process. Whether you have soot damage, smoke damage, or a smoke smell, these professionals are there to provide fire cleanup that meets your needs.

Contact the Insurance Company and Begin Fire Cleanup

Hopefully you have insurance in place. If so, now is a good time to phone your insurance agent to report the fire and smoke damage and begin the claims process. Your insurance company will likely ask many questions, such as the severity of the smoke damage and fire damage, and will likely send an adjuster to the property to evaluate the extent of damage.

Salvage what you Can

Smoke damage can ruin items that weren't devastated by fire damage, but there might still be items that you can salvage. Don't allow the smoke smell to affect you, but try to gather as many items as possible after a fire. Obviously, gathering as many of your belongings as you can from the property is ideal. So many things that are ruined by fire are irreplaceable, such as photographs, souvenirs from trips, birth certificates and personal effects, etc. If it is possible, grab these items from the home.

Find a Fire Damage Restoration Company

Fire cleanup is a task best left for the professionals. Many fire damage restoration companies exist, but don't hire the first name that comes along. Instead, look for a fire damage company that has experience, dedicated services, good pricing, and professionalism. It's also ideal to find someone who focuses on your specific needs, so if you have a fire in business, hire a commercial fire damage professional. If there is a fire in home, hire a fire damage professional who concentrates on this specific concern.

Disaster Relief Services

Contacting an organization such as the American Red Cross can benefit you considerably after a fire in home or a fire in business. These organizations are designed to provide families and business owners who've been impacted by such a disaster with food, shelter, and other necessities that are no longer available after a fire. If you've experienced fire in home, these organizations are there to help.

Commercial Fire Damage

Fire in business is just as devastating to a business owner as residential damage. If you've experienced commercial fire damage or a fire in business, make a list of the items that are no longer usable, contact your insurance company, and wait. Commercial fire damage is certainly a long waiting process, however,
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Essential Tips on Effective Mold Removal and Remediation

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Essential Tips on Effective Mold Removal and Remediation

Understanding Mold

Mold in home may start within 48 hours after water or high moisture gets into your house. To help you understand mold, consider the following facts:

• Mold in home can grow indoors or outdoors.
• Fungi or microscopic mold spores float in the air always and can enter homes through the windows, doors, or AC systems.
• Mold sometimes gets in your house by hitching a ride on your clothes or pet.
• Mold will thrive best in moisture and develop into colonies quickly.
• Molten fungi often yields a musty or smelly odor
• A humid indoor environment always supports mold growth and significantly contributes to mold damage.

Homeowners need to remember that to have real mold removal and remediation, the first step is to identify the source of water or humidity. Otherwise, mold damage will still continue.

Mold Removal Techniques that Work

Mold remediation always calls for a through cleanup of any fungus while ensuring that no new growth of mold in home occurs. To completely deal with the mold in home menace, address the moisture source too. The guidelines that commercial mold damage experts use to get rid of mildew are quite helpful.

The mold cleanup process normally comprises some intricate procedures:

• Fix the water problem. Unless the commercial mold damage professional repairs the source of leaking or flood water, there will still be mildew and thriving mold spores.
• Isolate the areas contaminated with mold. By closing all windows and doors, the mold remediation process becomes easier as you will cover the airwaves and doorways through which moisture enters your home. A commercial mold damage company often uses polyethylene sheeting and duct tapes to seal the contaminated areas.
• Eliminate indoor dust. Quite often, the best mitigation for mold or dust is a simple misting on the contaminated places.
• Embark on the removal of mold-ridden materials. Remove the wet or mold-damaged clothes, carpet, furniture, and household items outside the house as explained by the Environmental Protection Agency while advising on mold removal and mitigation against fungus in schools, homes, and commercial buildings.
• Put the fungus infected items in plastic bags, double-bag the infected products, tie the bags firmly, wash the outside of the plastic containers with detergents, and dispose to ensure thorough mold removal.
Time to Clean and Mold Remediation
• Clean the non-porous items and wood surfaces that have fungus. A wire brush is quite effective in eliminating the mold. As commercial mold damage experts do, use disposable wipes to clean the contaminated area. A deodorization process will follow so as to disinfect your home.
• To secure your house further from mold damage, the deodorization will comprise rinsing the clean surface with detergent solutions. After the deodorization, wash the surfaces again with clean water.
• Sometimes, depending on the assessment of mold damage by a commercial mold damage company, it may be necessary to vacuum the surfaces on which fungus, smelly odor, and mildew exist.
• Do a visibility test. After the deodorization and mop of detergents, a visibility test to ensure that your home is fungi-free follows. The commercial mold damage control expert should be aware to tell if there is still dust. No dust equals no fungi and no mold.
• Dry your house. All the households need cleaning and drying to make the residual mildew or moisture to evaporate. The remediation company will have dehumidifiers and special fans to speed up the process and also raise the indoor temperatures fast.
• Replace the mold damaged items. Discard or repair any material that is mold-ridden before returning it indoors.

For guaranteed mold elimination, especially in dark contaminated areas or big spaces, many people prefer to hire commercial mold remediation firms. Inviting an experienced mold elimination company gives the advantage of having any mold in home, smelly odor, or mildew completely eliminated. You and the company that is helping to clear mold in home, fungus, or mildew will first discuss the mold mitigation and deodorization processes necessary. Later, your work will be only to supervise the mitigation procedures and preparing to stay in a house with no smelly odor.
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Excessive Water in Home and Water in Business Dilemmas

6/2/2017 (Permalink)

Excessive Water in Home and Water in Business Dilemmas

Water damage is no laughing matter. It doesn't matter if an individual has experienced flood damage. It doesn't matter if the damage is the result of a household appliance failure, either. Water damage can lead to all types of undesirable affects. It can even promote the emergence of mold, a potentially dangerous substance that's associated with all kinds of health problems. Professional restoration service is essential. In-depth water cleanup and drying processes are also crucial. There are many prominent full-service companies that offer a vast range of useful specialties that can help property owners with flood damage and beyond. It's important for property owners to look for certified technicians who have substantial backgrounds in the mitigation and restoration worlds. These technicians should know all of the most effective mitigation and water cleanup methods.

Water cleanup isn't a task that's as simple and basic as it sounds. It's actually a rather complex and detailed process that calls for the work of a knowledgeable drying and restoration professional. Water in home and water in business nightmares can in many cases negatively influence health. That's the number one reason professional drying and mitigation work is so essential.

Water Damage Warning Signs

The existence of water damage can sometimes be clear and easy to spot. It's sometimes, however, a little stealtheir. People should carefully assess the ceilings and walls of their homes. They should look for signs of discoloration or staining. They should also focus on paint. Paint that chips and peels can often signify extensive damage that requires immediate attention. Other big clues to look out for are mold development, drooping ceilings and walls, warped flooring, dark wood floor stains and attic leaks. People should be extremely thorough. They shouldn't ignore any sections of their properties. Damage can pop up anywhere. It's extremely critical to focus on smells that may be lingering. People should be attentive to smells that are rather musky and dank.

Fast Action

Swift action is 100 percent necessary for people who want to keep damage under control. That's why it's critical for people to get in touch with restoration companies as soon as possible. It's critical to search for a trustworthy firm that has a great track record in the mitigation, drying and water cleanup fields. It's critical to look for a company that regularly handles water in home and water in business issues, too. Water in home and water in business matters can be highly distressing to households. They can often stop people from being able to live in their homes for quite a while, too. There are so many things that can bring on damage. Flood damage can be devastating. The same goes for leaking dishwasher damage. People who want to stop damage from worsening should always work with reliable companies immediately.

Recommendations Can Help

It can be overwhelming to deal with damage of any type. People often don't know what to do in cases of H20 damage. Things frequently happen so quickly. If an individual wants to select a high-quality company to manage everything from flood damage water cleanup to drying, he should ask people he knows for solid recommendations. Good referrals can make people feel significantly more comfortable and confident. He should also spend a lot of time reading customer reviews on the Internet. It's smart to stay far away from businesses that don't have great reputations. If a restoration company constantly receives complaints from people who bemoan incompetent technicians, outrageous prices, lazy response times and outdated equipment, a potential customer should stop considering it. If a company, on the other hand, constantly receives enthusiastic reviews from people who can't stop praising its attentive team members, hard-working technicians and superb value in general, a potential customer should definitely give it a phone call. The key is to put a lot of time into any restoration company search. Visit for more information on water damage.

The Basics of Fire Damage Restoration Services

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The Basics of Fire Damage Restoration Services

The Dangers of Fire Damage

Fires can be devastating and distressing situations for business and residential property owners alike. Fire damage can make these situations feel even worse. If you're looking for assistance with fire in home or fire in business issues, a professional restoration company is exactly what you need. Seasoned technicians can help do away with any and all fire in home and fire in business troubles. It doesn't matter if you need extensive fire cleanup, soot damage or smoke damage help. You need to work with a trustworthy fire damage restoration company as soon as possible. Don't ignore any lingering smoke smell problems you notice. Commercial fire damage can be highly detrimental to businesses of all types. Residential damage can be equally problematic for households of all sizes. In-depth fire damage restoration services can turn all of these problems around.

The Risks of Smoke Damage

Smoke damage is always a major concern for property owners who have experienced fires. Smoke damage is a risk because it can be detrimental to people in numerous different ways. You want to avoid breathing in soot and smoke. Call in professional fire cleanup as soon as possible. Soot and smoke damage leave behind harmful chemicals that can also often lead to lasting issues. A lasting smoke smell on your property is not a good sign and should be taken care of quickly. A persistent smoke smell generally indicates some residue from a fire. It doesn't matter if it's commercial fire damage or a residential fire damage. Lasting odors denote the need for prompt professional fire cleanup service.

Why Professional Fire Damage Restoration Service Is Beneficial

Fire cleanup is a big job. Fire damage restoration in general is a massive task. That's why you need to work with experienced and trained technicians who know what they're doing. Seasoned technicians depend on high-quality tools and equipment that enable them to do great work for customers. They're also licensed. If you're interested in complete peace of mind, the guidance of a professional fire damage expert can do you a lot of good. Residential and commercial fire damage issues are severe. That's why they require the assistance of people who have been working in fire damage for a long time. When you need reliable and efficient assistance with any and all fire in home or fire in business woes, the professional route is the way to go.

Swift Professional Attention Is Critical

Fires don't leave victims with lots of time to spare. If you want to stop residential or commercial fire damage from getting out of hand, you have to act extremely quickly. Air quality and soot damage tend to worsen with every hour that goes by. If you want to do anything and everything you can to get your property back to fine working order, you need to make an appointment for restoration service immediately. A good restoration company will give you access to technicians who are prompt and who will get to work for you quickly and confidently.

The Detail-Oriented Restoration Process

A lot of different things go into the complex restoration process. It's not enough simply to get rid of an unpleasant smoke smell problem. If you need quality fire in home or fire in business restoration service, you need technicians who know how to take advantage of equipment options including sophisticated vacuums, dehumidifiers and air movers. Proficient technicians can accommodate all of your restoration needs and beyond. They can stop water and smoke from immersing your carpet, too. Nothing on the planet matters more than maintaining a home or business property that's 100 percent safe. That's why it's imperative to find a nearby restoration firm that has a glowing track record. You should choose a restoration business that's always ready and happy to answer any questions you may have.
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Important Tips for Dealing With Mold Damage in Your Home or Business

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Important Tips for Dealing With Mold Damage in Your Home or Business

Upon discovering that you have mold in home or in your business, you may begin to feel stressed about the damage that the fungus or mildew is doing to your property. You may wonder how the mold will affect your family or your customers. There may be a smelly odor, and you may be concerned that deodorization steps will not remove the odor from your property. If you have commercial mold damage in your business, you may be concerned that the mold removal and remediation process will be time-consuming and will disrupt the profitability of your operations for weeks. By following a few tips for mitigation, you can most easily overcome the mold damage on your property.

Avoid Disrupting the Mildew and Fungus

When it comes to mold damage, your first impulse may be to attempt to remove the mildew and fungus on your own. However, mold in home and business properties should not be disrupted. The mold removal process should only be completed by a professional remediation and mitigation team that follows the proper procedures. This is because the mold spores can dislodge and float through the air when they are disrupted. This means that the residential or commercial mold damage could easily spread to other areas of the property. Your efforts to remove the mold could backfire. In addition, if the mold spores are in the air, the smelly odor may permeate even more significantly throughout the building, and there is an increased risk that the spores will be inhaled by you, your family or your customers.

Call a Skilled Mitigation and Remediation Team

Rather than attempt to remove the residential or commercial mold damage on your own, a better idea is to call a skilled and reputable mitigation team to assist with mold removal and deodorization of your space. The mold removal team will initially contain the affected area to prevent fungus and mildew from spreading to other areas of your home or business. When dealing with mold in home or business properties, this containment effort includes sealing off air vents, windows, doorways and more. Then, the mold removal and remediation process will begin. All affected areas with mold damage will be treated so that the mold is killed and removed. If any new materials need to be added to the property to restore the damage, this step will be taken. The team will then complete a deodorization process to address the smelly odor in the building. Because the smelly odor may permeate throughout the building, the deodorization effort may take place in all areas rather than only in a localized area of the building.

Take Steps to Prevent Further Mold Damage

After you have dealt with removing mold in home or business properties, you understandably do not want to go through this experience again. You may be wondering how you can prevent further residential or commercial mold damage from developing. There are a few helpful steps you can follow. For example, you can address plumbing concerns immediate and ensure that the water remediation steps are always followed after a leak. You can also invest in a dehumidifier for your building. These are only a few of the steps that you can take to reduce the risk of mold damage from developing again.

As you can see, there are specific steps that you should follow if you want to enjoy the best overall experience in your building. The issue of mold, mildew or fungus is a serious one that you should not overlook or recklessly deal with. The right mold remediation and mitigation team can assist you with all aspects of the removal and cleanup process. Because of how serious the mold issue may be and because of its potential impact on your property, now is the time to reach out for removal assistance from a trusted team of experts. Visit for more information on mold removal and remediation.

Are You Plagued By Water Damage

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SERVPRO of downtown Las Vegas is a name to be trusted when any water damage emergency arises. Active since many years, SERVPRO has provided service to numerous  people and groups. Their presence is prominent in the city of Las Vegas. No doubt, the professionalism, and dedication are well reflected in their work. But that is not what makes it them the best team in their field. In order to show the true potential of the team, here is a list of some of the best features of the group.

  1. Emergency services: The most important thing in this field is that the firm who are able to handle the emergency cases. This gives the sense of reliability and confidence that a person can always rely SERVPRO has always kept this is mind. And served its customers with this principal. As the saying go “Justices delayed is Justice denied” so is the case in emergency solution delayed is solution denied. Therefore, SERVPRO proves its mettle whenever any crisis occurs.
  2. All time technical support: The best part of SERVPRO is the 24*7 times availability of the team. Whenever the customer faces any problem regarding the functionality or the maintenance of the product, SERVPRO promptly solves the problem. Not only that, it has made provision to make sure that customer does not face the problem again in the future. Other than that, the quick help over the phone or text comes handy in case of emergency.
  3. Excellent working staff: A company is as efficient and outstanding as its working members. SERVPRO has always ensured that their working force undergoes a series of rigorous and practical training in order to face any type of water damage. Not only that they also make a background check to ensure that all the staffs are clean. They are also taught how to handle the situation and help ease the customer at the time of need.
  4. Quick Availability: Since the outlet of Las Vegas water damage restoration is locally available, therefore it is able to serve and help out its customer at moment’s notice. It is based on principal as stated in 1st Not only that the team is on the list of government’s natural calamity forces which comes out for rescue and recovery mission at the time of calamities.

SERVPRO has been the No.1 choice of many people and no doubt why it has been ruling the industry since its inception. For more information visit

Building Cleanup & Repair After a Flood or other Disaster

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Building Cleanup & Repair After a Flood or other Disaster

A Building Flood Response Checklist sets priorities for what to do to protect your building from mold contamination after Las Vegas flooding. Following these quick, simple steps will help minimize mold damage in a flooded building. Containing and eliminating mold contamination saves building occupants from unnecessary health risks and loss of work.

• If you have been injured, seek medical care at the nearest hospital or emergency facility.
• Check to see if there are elderly or infant neighbors who are trapped, injured, or otherwise need assistance.
• Report broken utility lines to the appropriate authorities.

Flood or Disaster Damage Response Checklist for Building Damage Control
1. Stop the water entry or other ongoing damage.

2. Salvage or protect possessions which have not yet gotten wet by moving them to dry areas.

3. Remove standing water. This may require calling the local fire department or SERVPRO who have special pumping equipment.

4. To avoid structural damage pump out only one-third of the water in Las Vegas flooded basements per day.

5. Inspect the building more thoroughly for structural damage and safe entry. Temporary structural reinforcement may be necessary to prevent building collapse.

6. Remove sludge, mud, and dirt that has accumulated in the building.

7. Remove wet carpets, furniture, contents, and boxes of wet stored items. Store salvaged items outside or in a garage.

8. Check the building structure and mechanical systems again for safety.

9. Remove floor trim and lower portions of walls (at least 12")and discard. 

10. If a floor was wet, remove no less than the bottom 12" of drywall and any floorboard trim.

11. Remove upper portions of wall coverings (drywall or paneling) higher than 12" if these areas are wet, or if water entered the wall cavity from above.

12. Remove ceilings that have been flooded from above and ceiling insulation, regardless of medium.

13. Remove wet materials until you find a 12" or greater area of dry clean margin.

14. If mold is already visible or suspected, use containment to avoid air movement from the damaged area to other building areas. "Containment" involves setting up plastic barriers and other precautions to isolate a moldy or dusty work area from the rest of the building.

15. After the removal of wet and contaminated materials, all remaining loose dirt and debris should be removed as well. Exposed surfaces should be cleaned to remove all loose and surface debris.

16. Mold-contaminated surface disinfection of all building surfaces is essential.The use of disinfectant or fungicidal sprays DO NOT serve as a substitute for removal of all debris and the physical cleaning of dirty or moldy surfaces.

17. Use dehumidifiers, fans, and heaters to dry the exposed building areas and surfaces. Adding fans such as box fans or window fans that are pointed at wet surfaces will significantly speed the drying out process.

18. Electrical wiring, circuit breakers, fuses, air conditioners, heating boilers, furnaces, and water heaters must be inspected and repaired.

20. Inspect upper building areas and dry or ventilate them if necessary.Beware of blowing moist air into a cool building as that will increase moisture buildup. An attic over a Las Vegas flooded basement is likely to have an excessive moisture level that may need to be ventilated.

21. Check with your local and state officials. FEMA and your local chapter of the American Red Cross may provide disaster aid for people in your area.