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Cleaning Up Oil Spill In Commercial Facility

At SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas, we understand that downtime can be detrimental to your business. That is why when disasters like the oil spill pictured here ... READ MORE

Commercial Cleanup After Oil Spill

In these images, you can see a commercial facility that needed to be cleaned up after an oil spill made this mess. The crew of SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas wa... READ MORE

Fire damage in bathroom

This bathroom underwent severe fire damage. SERVPRO of Northwest Vegas was quick to response and begin the cleanup process. It is critical to begin cleanin... READ MORE

Finding water after a fire damage

In most cases after a fire is put out, some of the structure will continue to have secondary damages from the water that was used. SERVPRO of Northwest Vegas us... READ MORE

Water loss in a hotel

This hotel had a massive water loss and SERVPRO was quick to respond and begin the mitigation process. SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas has the equipment and high... READ MORE

Water damage observation with thermal camera

This water loss was detected by a thermal camera. In many cases water damage might not be visible to the eye. Our team is experienced and has handled hundreds o... READ MORE

Roof damage caused water to come into house

This storm caused significant water damage in this Las Vegas home. Although we do not get a lot rain in Las Vegas each year, when we do it can cause significant... READ MORE

Overnight storm damage

This home took on damage from an overnight rain storm. Even though rain does not happen often in Las Vegas, it can cause much damage to your home when it does.&... READ MORE

Glass damage boardup

This commercial property had significant damage from a broken glass door. SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas specializes in helping commercial businesses handle any... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Job in Home

This home had a significant amount of mold in it. SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas was quick to respond to begin helping with the mitigation process. As you can s... READ MORE