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4 Tips for Removing Black Mold From Your Shower

6/10/2021 (Permalink)

Hands with pink rubber gloves, one hand with a spray bottle and the other one with a metallic brush. Concept of removing mold Cleaning mold

Tips For Removing Mold In Your Shower

Mold thrives in warm, dark and damp environments. This makes bathrooms a common problem area for mold and mildew. If you are noticing shower mold, these four tips will help you remove it.

1. Use an Antifungal Cleaner
Purchase an antifungal surface cleaner to clean moldy non-porous surfaces, such as porcelain and tile, in your shower. Spray the cleaner on problem areas and then use a cloth or sponge to wipe off the mold. If anything is left behind, use a scrub brush to remove it and then rinse with water.

2. Use Bleach To Remove Stains
Even after you remove shower mold, dark stains may be left behind. Mix equal parts of bleach and water in a spray bottle. Spray the bleach mixture on the stained area and leave it for several minutes. Spray the area again and then scrub it with a brush. An old toothbrush can be used for hard-to-reach areas, such as grout lines.

3. Eliminate Mold
Cleaning can remove black mold on surfaces, but mold spores may remain under the surface of tiles, behind walls, in the ceiling or other hidden places. It can be difficult to eliminate mold with do-it-yourself solutions. Consider contacting a mold remediation company in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, to remove the remaining mold. Otherwise, your mold problem may return.

4. Prevent Future Mold Growth
You can reduce the chance of recurring problems by eliminating excess moisture in your bathroom. Run an exhaust fan or open the window when using your shower. Wipe down the stall and shower curtain with a towel after use. Repair anything that is leaking. Don't hang wet towels in your bathroom.
Shower mold can be an unsightly problem that can leave your bathroom smelling musty and damage your grout and tiles. These four tips will help you get rid of the problem and keep it from coming back.

What To Expect After Your Building is Damaged During a Flood

5/11/2021 (Permalink)

Wet carpet in office building Flood damage at an office in Las Vegas, NV.

This Process Includes Three Important Stages

If you have experienced a flood in Las Vegas, NV, your building has likely been damaged in some way. A flood cleanup company can help you return it to a safe and comfortable environment. 

1. Inspection
The first thing that the emergency restoration company will do is inspect the building. This is necessary so that they know how to proceed. They will check each area of the building to determine what was affected as well as the type and severity of the damage. Once this has been done, they can start taking steps toward repairing the building.

2. Mitigation
After the inspection, mitigation can be done. This stage is usually completed much more quickly than restoration and involves taking action to reduce further damage. Excessive flood water inside the building will be removed to prevent mold growth and damage to building materials. Absorbent items such as carpeting, drywall and insulation may need to be torn out so they can be replaced. Dehumidifiers may be used to dry the building quickly.

3. Restoration
The final stage of the process is restoration. This is when all of the repairs are done. Depending on how badly the building was damaged, some areas may need major work. If the structure of the building was affected, some rooms may need to be rebuilt entirely. The flood cleanup company will also replace any materials that were removed. They may also perform smaller tasks, such as repainting the walls or replacing windows that were damaged in the storm. Furniture or other belongings that were affected by the flood may be restored at this time as well.
Water damage from a flood can cause a variety of problems in your building, from corrosion to mold, so it is important to have an inspection, mitigation and restoration done by a professional flood cleanup company as soon as possible. Starting the process sooner will also allow you to get back to work more quickly.

What To Do If Your Commercial Roof Suffers Fire Damage

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

Apartment building, window is boarded due to fire damage, roof has collapsed due to fire Roof damaged due to fire in Northwest Las Vegas, NV.

What To Do If Your Commercial Roof Suffers Fire Damage

After a fire in your Northwest Las Vegas, NV, building, you and your insurance company will most likely work together to make sure that fire cleanup efforts begin as soon as possible. Unfortunately, restoration work rarely starts immediately. In the meantime, you can take some important measures to minimize property damage and reduce the risk of restoration delays. If the fire harmed your building’s roof, adding a tarp can save you significant time and money.

Benefits of Tarping Your Building’s Roof
The major benefit of placing a tarp over a fire-damaged roof is to protect both the roof and building from sustaining further destruction before repair and cleanup crews can get underway. Whether a fire destroyed all or part of the roof, or bits of falling embers and hot ash simply caused a small roof leak, you must use a tarp to keep the roof and building safe from:

  • Rain
  • Wind and storms
  • Hail and debris
  • Birds, insects and wildlife

Exposure to these elements may intensify the damage to your roof and building. This can add to your overall recovery time, make fire cleanup more difficult and increase your total restoration costs.

Limitations of Roof Tarps
Placing a tarp over a jeopardized roof as soon as possible after a fire is an excellent way to prevent further destruction to the roof and building. However, you should keep in mind that a roof tarp is not the same as a roof repair. An average tarp usually only lasts a few months, so you need to remain vigilant about beginning repair work right away.

Techniques for Tarping Your Roof
First, ensure that the building is structurally sound and remove large or obstructive debris. Next, lay plywood over any damaged areas. Finally, place the tarp over the plywood, and use lumber to firmly secure the tarp.
Adding a roof tarp to your building after a fire can save money and time, but tarp installation is a difficult task. If possible, choose a professional restoration company that offers tarp services in addition to fire cleanup measures.

4 Structural Components Prone to Moisture Problems

4/15/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded carpet Flood damage at an office in Las Vegas, NV.

4 Structural Components Prone to Moisture Problems

Property owners in Las Vegas, NV, know a big storm will happen before too long. Ensuring the property is sealed and protected against rain damage is essential to avoiding black mold growing, water losses and potentially expensive repairs. While a certified water damage and restoration company will be able to get your property back to "Like it never even happened," taking preventive measures may minimize the chances of damage happening. To do that, the building envelope—structural components that separate the interior and exterior—must be maintained.

1. Roof
The roof is the main structural component protecting your property. Regular maintenance and annual inspections by a professional are vital to ensuring it does what it should. If the roof is more than 20 years old, it may be time to consider a new one.

2. Doors and Windows
These parts of a building are the most prone to damage. Ensure they always working properly and make necessary repairs as soon as possible. Items to look for include missing screws, loose hinges and worn weather-stripping,

3. Foundation
When it comes to rain damage, finding it in the lower levels of the property is common. Water easily finds its way through any tiny crack or damaged sealant as it follows its natural gravitational path. Along with repairing any damage, ensure the ground outside slopes away from the property.

4. Siding and Masonry
Any gaps, cracks or missing parts open up your property to water infiltration. Signs of siding trouble also include warping and bubbling. For structures with masonry, it may be time for a little upgrade to avoid water issues. It can be reinforced by removing ivy, replacing seals, grouting mortar joints and installing flashing.
As a property owner, you want to keep it in tip-top shape. Regularly inspecting common problem areas and making immediate repairs helps make that happen and minimizes the chances of rain damage.

Do I Have a Bathtub Leak?

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

Water damage in a bath with bathtub after a flood (3D Rendering) A bathtub leak can cause significant damage to your Las Vegas, NV home.

A bathtub leak can cause significant damage relatively quickly, but these leaks are not always easy to spot. A bathtub or shower pan leak that remains undetected or unrepaired for a long period of time, however, can cause serious water damage and potentially result in substantial water damage remediation costs. These tips can help you detect a leak before it's too late.

Signs of a Leak

In some cases, a tub or shower leak is obvious, but not always. Look to your bathroom walls for some of the clearest signs of a leak. If you notice damaged or spotty paint, peeling or blistering wallpaper, warping, or staining, you likely have a leak. Other signs include buckling or staining on the floor, stains on the ceiling below the bathroom, visible mold or mildew, or a persistent, musty smell.

Common Sources of Leaks
Recognizing a bathtub leak is nearly half the battle. However, before you can repair the leak, you must determine the source.

Faucet: A faucet leak is easy to detect: Water is usually visible dripping out of the spout. Feel the water to ascertain whether the leaking water is from the hot water line, cold water line, or both.
Tub Surface: A cracked tub surface is most common with fiberglass or acrylic tubs. To check, place a newspaper or a dry sheet against the side of the tub, then fill the tub and watch for wet spots.
Drain: The drain is another common source of tub leaks. A tell-tale sign of a leaky drain is if the water level drops by several inches during a bath.
Pipes: If none of the previous sources seems to be causing the leak, then your problem may be with the underlying pipes. Contact a plumber or other professional right away.

Staying vigilant and paying attention to signs and changes is the best way to detect a bathtub leak in your Las Vegas, NV, home. With early detection, you can often prevent the costliest damage.

3 Tips for Keeping Your Pet From Creating a Home Fire Emergency

3/8/2021 (Permalink)

Dog laying on a bed Follow these pet safety tips to avoid a home fire.

3 Tips for Keeping Your Pet From Creating a Home Fire Emergency

Having a pet in your Northwest Las Vegas, NV, home is probably a satisfying experience, to say the least. However, pets are unfortunately prone to accidentally causing disasters. One particular event to watch out for is house fires. If you're looking for ways to prevent a fire from occurring, here are three tips for keeping your pet from creating a home fire emergency.

1. Limit Free Space for Young Pets
Younger pets can be difficult to control. This is a particular problem when you're still working on training. Therefore, a new puppy or kitten may be more likely to go wild and start a fire while you're gone. In order to combat this and ensure pet safety, you may want to find methods of humane confinement during periods of absence. These are a few methods you can try:

  • Baby gates
  • Crates
  • Closed playrooms

Be sure that the confined space has amenities like a litter box, water and toys.

2. Protect Your Stove
While this action may seem more appropriate to take for young children, pets are also able to accidentally turn on a stove. In fact, this happens fairly often each year. Luckily, there are pet preparation methods for protecting your stove from an emergency. If you have easy to reach knobs, consider getting guards that can make each one unusable. If you're willing to go the extra mile, you can get an induction burner. This type of stove only heats up when a pot is on it.

3. Get Rid of Open Flames
One of the easiest and most essential ways to keep pets from creating a fire emergency is to extinguish open flames. This ensures that a pet won't be able to knock over a flame, which could result in you needing a fire restoration company. Make it a habit to check your candles, stovetops and other flame-related items before you leave the house.
Pets are a joy to have around the house, but you can't risk ignoring the potential dangers these furry friends may cause. Take the proper precautions to keep you and your buddy safe from a fire emergency.

Leaders of the Cleaning and Restoration Industry

2/19/2021 (Permalink)

Plastic covers around walls, two workers wearing protective gear SERVPRO personnel is trained according to these criteria and uphold them.

As one of the leading restoration agencies in the country, SERVPRO exemplifies professionalism and adherence to the highest industry standards. This is important to know as an insurance agent in Las Vegas, NV. When you refer technicians to the clients of your insurance company, you can rest assured that top-quality services will be provided with a dedication to cost-efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Adherence to the Highest Industry Standards

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification is recognized by the American National Standards Institute as the certification and standard-setting organization for the restoration industry. IICRC standards cover broad areas within the industry:

  • Inspections
  • Cleaning
  • Restoration

Current IICRC standards also cover specific topics, such as the inspection of flooring subfloors and substrates, professional cleaning and maintenance of leather furnishings, and professional mold remediation. SERVPRO personnel is trained according to these criteria and uphold them when offering cleanup and restoration services.

Professionalism and Cooperation
Not only does the cleanup and restoration agency abide by the industry's highest standards, but it also provides a convenient way for every insurance agent to access national and local mitigation data. The Claims Information Center puts the information you need right at your fingertips, so you can quickly and accurately complete your reports and other documentation.

Vendor Program Participation
Insurance companies use a variety of procedures for determining which agencies can take part in each vendor program. To participate and maintain good standing in these programs, cleaning and restoration agencies must show that they meet the standards and expectations of those insurance companies. SERVPRO personnel are proud of their participation in these programs and work closely with insurance providers to maintain a strong working relationship.
As an insurance agent, you want to be sure that the cleaning and restoration agencies you work with offer top-quality services in a cost-efficient manner. Stick with the professionals who have demonstrated their willingness and ability to deliver.

Fire Damage Repair In Northwest Las Vegas

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

Burned bathroom, fire loss in a home Fire Loss in Northwest Las Vegas, NV.

Fire Damage Repair In Northwest Las Vegas

Fire damage in the Northwest Las Vegas area must be repaired before the house is damaged even more than it was in the fire itself. The home will tend to fall down around themselves when they have not been repaired, and the homeowner will find it simple to bring their home back from a major fire. Fire loss in a home and fire loss in business will be repaired using industry-standard techniques, and this article explains how the work is done.

#1: Fire Loss In Business

A fire loss in business structures is an issue that must be corrected as soon as possible, and the business cannot open without a repaired structure. The business may have the firm arrive at their site at any time, and they will begin repairs that make the building look good. The building will retain its appearance quickly, and they will find it simple to watch their building repaired for a fair price.

#2: Fire Loss In Home

Homes that have been on fire must be repaired quickly to ensure the family may move back in. The family cannot stay in the home while smoke damage or soot damage is lingering, and they must ask the company to remove all water damage from fire from the house. The simplest part of the process is removing water that will cause mold and mildew. Homeowners will find it simple to ask the company to remove the water, and they will see the home begin to recover.

#3: Smoke Damage And Soot Damage

Smoke and soot will rest in the house after it has been allowed into every part of the space, and there are many different people who will notice soot and smoke in the house causes health problems and air quality will improve after cleaning. Cleaning the house takes a bit of time, and the home will become a safer place for the family to live.

#4: Removing Mold Or Mildew

Mold and mildew may have grown in the house when the water was standing, and the work crew will ensure it has been removed as soon as possible. They will check the house for anything that appears to be toxic, and they will inform the family of anything found in the house that may be harmful to them. The work crew will use hazmat gear that ensures everyone is safe, and they will use industrial equipment that was designed for the removal of toxic materials.

Fire damage, water damage from fire and a number of other problems may be repaired once a mitigation company is brought to the house. The family will find it quite simple to ensure they are living in a home that was repaired properly, and a business may open its doors not long after asking for help from a mitigation company. The exterior of the structure will be repaired, and the interior will be returned to its natural state. The owner of the building is given a quick way to get back in the building. 

What Mold Damage Is and Isn't Covered by Commercial Insurance?

2/8/2021 (Permalink)

mold damage Mold damage in a building

Finding mold in your Las Vegas, NV, building is highly unpleasant, particularly if it's spread a great deal. Getting rid of the growth may require extensive work from a mold remediation company. Unfortunately, this could result in a monetary loss. Therefore, investigating your commercial insurance coverage is paramount. If you're able to get financial assistance, the process may be much easier. So, here is what is and isn't covered by most commercial fungus insurance policies.


Receiving coverage for commercial mold damage is tricky. Most policies have an exclusion for mold. However, you may be compensated if you have a specified cause of loss. This term covers a specific group of reasons for property damage. Here are a few that you may have experienced:

  • Vandalism
  • Water damage
  • Riots
  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Lightning

If any of these occurred, there's a good chance that you'll be covered. There's also a possibility that your mold growth has caused one of these losses. While mold couldn't exactly start a riot, it may result in water damage or something similar. This is another exception to the exclusion, so you might receive mold insurance assistance in cleaning the initial fungus problem. One last reason for being covered is having limited fungus coverage. If you live in a particularly humid area, this may be wise to invest in.

Not Covered

Most commercial insurance policies cover very little in terms of mold damage. Since the specified causes of loss aren't likely to result in mold, you probably won't receive an exception from the exclusion. This is especially true if the damage was caused by maintenance neglect. If you didn't conduct regular checks on your property, your insurance company will be unlikely to help you. You will definitely be turned down if you were aware of the mold for a while.
Commercial insurance can be difficult to navigate, so be sure to do research on your own policy. While most fungus damage isn't covered by commercial insurance, it's important to be thorough.

How a Clean Water Leak Differs From a Dirty Water Leak

2/8/2021 (Permalink)

Office flooded Commercial water damage

A plumbing system in a commercial building brings clean water in from an outside source and removes the used or dirty water by a different set of pipes. Eventually, at some point, one of these pipes or lines will break, spilling water into places where it does not belong. It is important to note that either one of these situations is cause for concern. A water leak, whether clean or dirty, can cause a variety of headaches for a building owner or property manager. Damages and problems tend to accumulate the longer the water can work on building materials, furniture and other items.

Cleaning Up an Incoming Supply Line

Whether a water leak is large or small, it should be addressed right away. For one thing, any type of water leak has the potential to increase the risk of mold growth if left untreated. The steps for handling a clean water leak follow a standard procedure:

  • Building inspection
  • Damage assessment
  • Water removal
  • Professional drying
  • Cleaning and disinfecting
  • Restoration

A local commercial water mitigation team from Northwest Las Vegas, NV, will arrive at the impacted property in a matter of hours. A crew of trained technicians will bring the necessary vacuums, dryers and other equipment to handle the task.

Remediating an Outgoing Broken Pipe

The process for cleaning up a dirty water leak is similar, with a few important changes. Contaminated water is considered an emergency because it can have health implications and because it is likely to cause greater damage than a clean water leak. Technicians will also don PPE to protect themselves from potentially harmful pathogens in the water. It is also likely that trained workers will have to replace more materials in the final restoration phase. Materials such as drywall and insulation must be replaced if they have had much contact with dirty water. A certified restoration franchise can handle a wide variety of water issues that a company might face.

The Storm Damage Recovery Process

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

roof shingle missing from a roof Roof damaged by a storm in Northwest Las Vegas, NV

Storm Damage Process

An unexpected tornado can bring wind and hail damage. Sudden hurricanes can bring flooding and water damage. Destructive blizzards can cause wind and ice damage. Natural disasters can unleash their associated damage on your home. Wind, water, and hail from storms can damage not only your structure but also your contents. After events like these, you need to know what comes next. Obviously, your first step should be to hire a remediation company. Then, let them handle the processes of securing and rebuilding your home.

After flooding, hail, or other damage, the professionals will secure your home so that it does not receive any further damage. The processes they use could include:

  • Boarding up doors and windows
  • Installing a fence
  • Shrink wrapping the building
  • Stationing security personnel
  • Removing debris

The company that you choose will advise you as to what is best for your individual situation.

Whether your home in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, has seen wind damage or flooding, you are probably going to have at least some part of it rebuilt. Fortunately, the same company that helped mitigate the damage can often help you with reconstruction. This is significantly better than hiring someone who specializes in new construction because of the specific processes that must be taken to help restore your home. For instance, after a thunderstorm, the moisture level in your home will need to be lowered, then the company must find matching materials, designs, and finishes to help your home return to its pre-disaster state.
When catastrophes happen, you will need help mitigating and restoring any wind, hail, and flood damage that your home endures. The first step you should take after a disaster is to find remediation professionals that can help you. They will be able to secure your home to prevent any further damage. Then, they will be able to help you rebuild your home. The best companies will work to restore your home so it matches its pre-disaster details.

Filing a Water Damage Claim? 4 Tips to Ease the Process

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

Water gauge pressure, hand shut off main valve, close-up. Turn off your main water supply

Consider These Four Steps To Get The Most Out Of Your Claim

Bursting pipes can leash hundreds of gallons of water into your Las Vegas, NV, home. Upon seeing your belongings and structural components saturated and sitting in standing water, it is natural to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. When you add having to filing a claim into the mix, it may only boost those feelings. After taking a deep breath and remembering help is just a phone call away, consider these four steps to get the most out of your claim.

1. Act Fast
When it comes to any kind of water problem, time is of the essence. Before you fix a broken pipe, the source of the problem needs to be found. This may involve turning off the main water supply. Once the water is stopped, you should immediately contact your insurance company. The sooner they can start working on the claim, the less chance of the damage spreading.

2. Prevent Further Damage
In most cases, your policy will include provisions that require you to prevent secondary damage. Since they often only pay for damage associated with the main issue, it is important to stop the spread. That may include extracting excess water, boarding up broken windows or doors or moving belongings to a safe, dry location.

3. Document the Damage
Documenting the damage caused by the bursting pipes is essential. Taking videos and photos of everything affected by the water backs up your claim and may help the process go more smoothly. It is also important to keep any receipts or bills incurred associated with the cleanup.

4. Call the Professionals
Typically, your insurer will request you use the services of a water damage and restoration company. Call a certified company as soon as possible to get a quick inspection, assessment, and cleanup plan. The right company will be proficient with working with insurance companies, further easing the homeowner’s burden.
While no one wants to deal with bursting pipes, sometimes life happens. Even though it leaves behind a big mess, remember there is help to make it “Like it never even happened.”

4 Ways To Prepare Your Business for a Fire

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

No picture available Develop a contingency plan for your business in Northwest Las Vegas, NV

Easy Ways To Prepare Your Business For A Fire

Business owners need to be prepared for fires. A fire can strike your business at any minute and cause a lot of damage. Having a contingency plan in place can reduce the impact on your business. Making sure you are prepared in other ways can also reduce the impact. This means you can get your business back to normal as soon as possible. Here are a few easy ways to prepare your business for a fire.

1. Develop an Emergency Plan
Develop a contingency plan for your business in Northwest Las Vegas, NV. Make sure that it encompasses multiple types of fires. Include who is responsible for activating the plan in an emergency. This includes pulling alarms, shepherding people out of the building, and calling the fire department. The finishing touch should be creating an evacuation route. Post this and your plan throughout your building.

2. Think About Insurance
To be prepared, you need to set yourself up for success. This means having adequate insurance for your business. Get a policy that will cover a professional remediation company and any other costs you may incur.

3. Prepare Your Employees
Your employees must be prepared for a fire. This means providing assistance kits throughout the building so they can get out easier. It also means presenting your contingency plan to them. Ensuring they know your plan will make it easier to deal with a fire.

4. Use Online Resources
Many online resources can help your business. For instance, you can find Emergency Action Plan builders. You can also find emergency preparedness information and training modules.
By having things like an evacuation plan, insurance, and proper resources, you can set your business up for success in the event of a fire. Be sure to take the appropriate preparation measures and utilize resources to ensure that your business is fully prepared to recover after a fire.

3 Tips for Gas Range Cleaning

12/15/2020 (Permalink)

Closeup shot of blue fire from domestic kitchen stove. Having a gas range is often a source of pride for many home cooks

Below Are Three Steps To Get A Deep, Safe Clean

If your home in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, has a gas range, cleaning it may seem like a lot of extra work. Since they don’t have the smooth surface its electric counterpart, food debris can build up and result in the need for a fire damage and restoration professional. Although range cleaning may not be a fun task, it is an important one. Below are three steps to get a deep, safe clean.

1. Grates
Before anything can happen, the grates need to be removed. Although they are heavy and durable, they still are susceptible to buildup from spills and residue. If they haven’t been cleaned in a while, the buildup could be quite thick and require significant scrubbing. The grates should be placed in the sink or bucket filled with warm, soapy water to soak. After sitting for a while, remove them and cover them with a cleaning paste of water and baking soda. Leave on for about 20 minutes and rinse.

2. Fuel Ports
If a smoke smell has been coming from your gas range, there is a chance that some debris has made its way into the fuel ports. Located under the burner cap, these ports are what let the flames out. If they get clogged, it can result in unevenly distributed heat or debris burning. These can be wiped down and inspected for any clogs. A small device, such as the end of a paperclip, may help clear any debris.

3. Surface
With the grates off, you can thoroughly clean the surface. A simple solution of soapy water or a mix of baking soda and vinegar can be used to wipe down the surface. Ensure a soft sponge or cloth is used and not something abrasive. A soft-bristled toothbrush is also a helpful tool to get off heavy residue or reach awkward areas that need a good cleaning.
Having a gas range is often a source of pride for many home cooks, but it also means taking the extra time to keep it clean.

5 Reasons Against Using Polybutylene in Your New Office

12/8/2020 (Permalink)

The plumber connects parts of the plastic water pipe using fittings, hands close-up. Pipes made from polybutylene are greatly discouraged

Here Are Five Reasons They Should Never Be Used

Plumbing can be built from various materials, commonly galvanized steel and copper. While cheaper than their metallic cousins, pipes made from polybutylene are greatly discouraged.

1. Toxicity
Chemicals used to treat public water can have a negative effect on these pipes. Chlorine and antibacterial agents cause them to break apart, making them vulnerable to leaks that could cause severe water damage. Even worse, your water supply might become compromised, as pieces of piping flake off over time.

2. Difficult Replacement
Swapping poly pipes is fraught with hazard. Although any plumber can technically handle the job, high cost and additional damage are significant risks when using an amateur. Only hire a professional who is experienced with the nuances of re-piping.

3. Code Compliance
Although technically not illegal, North American building codes banned polybutylene plumbing in 1995, the result of a $950 million class-action lawsuit between Cox and Shell Oil. Subsequent legal actions made the decision to inhibit their usage even more inevitable. Avoid violating construction rules by staying away from this type of piping.

4. Insurance Matters
Your insurance policy will likely cover sudden or accidental pipe leaks. Poly pipes, however, are typically excluded. If your system breaks and significant damage results, the financial support provided by an insurer will be necessary to hire a commercial water damage restoration expert for repairs.

5. Lower Resale Value
Buildings with poly piping are significantly less desirable. If ever you choose to resell your piece of real estate, the resulting offers will be less favorable. The time it takes to even locate a willing buyer is bound to be longer. If poly plumbing remains a sticking point, you could conceivably be pressured into shouldering the cost of installing new plumbing.
When constructing an office in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, steer clear of polybutylene plumbing. Although the low cost may appear tempting, their weaknesses and lack of favorability will result in greater expense.

3 Maintenance Routines for Mold Prevention in Commercial Properties

12/4/2020 (Permalink)

Mold Mold damage in Northwest Las Vegas, NV

Mold Prevention Tips

Property owners in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, should consider implementing mold prevention into their yearly building maintenance plans. Fungus in a commercial building signals favorable climate conditions for mold spores to develop into colonies. Taking steps for mold prevention will extend the life of commercial properties and save building owners money on costly repairs from mold damage. Common factors that contribute to mold growth are:

  • High humidity levels
  • Water damage
  • Poor air quality

Here are three mold prevention steps to add to a commercial property's yearly maintenance plan:

Regulate Humidity Levels
Mold thrives in humid areas and is seen growing in moist soil in the wild. High humidity levels will keep the organic construction materials of a building moist providing the conditions for mold to thrive. Controlling the humidity levels in a building requires keeping adequate settings on your HVAC system to create the optimal environment for mold prevention.

Address Water Damage Immediately
Water damage contributes to mold growth by keeping materials damp. Water stains that develop on ceilings or walls can signal a deeper problem, such as a pipe leak or a ceiling leak from inclement weather. Address leaks immediately to prevent water from dampening the organic materials that make up a commercial building.

Improve Air Quality
The number of particles that circulate throughout the building will also contribute to fungus growth. Mold spores are microscopic particles that enter the air in commercial buildings from the outdoors. They cannot be prevented due to the number of mold spores in the air, but they can be reduced by using good air filters. A HEPA filter is recommended because they filter out the smallest particles at .03 microns.
If you notice mold growth on your commercial property, contact a mold remediation service to clean and assess the damages. Taking the necessary steps to prevent mold from developing will keep your building safe from early decomposition and extend the life of the organic materials that compose the building.

Answering Your Questions About Mold

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

Black mold growth on wall Mold has the potential to grow nearly anywhere in your Las Vegas, NV, home

What Causes Mold Growth?

The vast majority of homeowners do have to deal with a black mold issue at some point. Mold has the potential to grow nearly anywhere in your Las Vegas, NV, home, provided the correct conditions exist. If you suspect that your home has fallen victim to a mold problem, yet you still don't know where to begin, then you have come to the right place. Here are four of the most common questions regarding mold growth:

1. Does Mold Go Away By Itself?
Mold is a living organism, so it's natural to assume that depriving it of its vital nutrients could cause it to die off on its own. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. Cutting off the mold's access to water and organic matter might temporarily halt its spread, but it will not kill the existing mold.

2. Where Does Mold Grow?
Black mold can grow anywhere the correct conditions exist. It's most commonly found in areas of your home that come into frequent contact with moisture, such as your kitchen, bathroom, basement, laundry room and garage.

3. How Do You Get Rid of Mold?
The size of the mold issue ultimately determines which approach you should take. You can address smaller mold cleanup projects using homemade cleaning mixtures that consist of equal parts water and white vinegar. Larger problems might require professional assistance, however.

4. How Can You Prevent Mold?
Mold needs water to grow, so cutting down on any existing moisture problem is your best course of action. You should also carefully monitor your indoor humidity levels to ensure that excess condensation isn't the root of the problem. Lastly, performing regular home inspections can help you catch mold problems before they spiral out of control.
Just because black mold is a common household affliction doesn't mean that you need to put up with it. Learning what causes mold growth in your home and taking action to resolve the issue can help prevent future issues. If your problem has gotten out of your control, contact mold remediation experts for professional assistance.

4 Ways To Know if You Have a Leaky Shower

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

Water damage in a bath with bathtub after a flood It can be distressing to find a bathtub leak inside your home

Four Ways To Determine If You Have A Water Leak In Your Bathroom

A bathtub leak can cause damage throughout your home in Northwest Las Vegas, NV. When water leaks into surrounding areas, it can harm floors, sub-floors, ceilings, walls, and crawlspaces. Since your home is such a major investment, you will want to keep it in the best shape possible for as long as you can. Any type of leak needs to be fixed quickly to avoid further damage to your property. Here are four easy methods you can use to determine if you might have a water leak in your bathroom.

1.Perform a Leak Test
The best way to know if you have a tub or shower pan leak is to test it out. To perform the test, plug the drain and fill the basin with water. Mark the water level with a marker or piece of tape. The water should remain at the same level for at least 24-72 hours. If the water recedes during this time, you likely have a leak.

2. Look for Water Damage
When water consistently pools in area, damage will occur. Water damage can often be seen as discoloration on a ceiling, wall, or floor. If your bathroom is on a second story, and you see a dark ring on the ceiling below your bathroom, it could be coming from an upstairs bathtub leak.

3. Check for Mold
Mold can begin forming any time excess moisture is present for more than 24-48 hours. If you see mold lurking around the tub or shower seal, it could indicate that you have a leaky tub or shower.

4. Do the Sniff Test
Mold and mildew has a very distinctive musty odor. If your bathroom smells dirty, damp, or musky, you could have a moisture problem.
As a homeowner, it can be distressing to find a bathtub leak inside your home. Luckily, a professional water remediation company can help get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

4 Things To Look For During a Building Inspection

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

Flood Damage? - Image of water on floor Whether you are expecting a storm or just keeping your building maintained, a professional cleanup and restoration service can help.

You should perform exterior maintenance on your commercial building regularly to keep it in good condition. You may especially want to do this when you are expecting a storm in Northwest Las Vegas, NV. If the building is already damaged, it will be at a higher risk during severe weather. The following are four key issues to look for.

1. Wear and Tear Around Windows and Doors

Window and door frames often deteriorate more quickly than other parts of the building, so make these areas a priority during a building inspection. Check to make sure they are sealing properly when closed. Otherwise, they will allow moisture to get inside and cause problems.

2. Cracks or Holes in the Walls

Along with improperly sealing windows and doors, you should check for problems with the walls when doing exterior maintenance. If there are cracks, rain can easily get trapped inside. If this happens, it can damage building materials like insulation or drywall and may also cause mold growth.

3. Damaged Tiles in the Roof

The roof is another important area to look at during an inspection. Loose tiles can be blown off by strong winds, leaving the roof vulnerable to further damage. This can also result in rain leaking through the roof and into the ceiling beneath it. Depending on the severity of the storm, this could cause flooding on upper floors.

4. Debris and Light Objects in the Yard

The building itself is not the only thing to look at during exterior maintenance. Certain objects, like outdoor furniture or debris, could become hazardous during a storm. If the wind blows them toward the building, it could damage the walls or break the windows.

Whether you are expecting a storm or just keeping your building maintained, a professional cleanup and restoration service can help. Professionals can inspect your building thoroughly as well as provide any repairs that may need to be done.

3 Ways Flood Damage Is Different From Other Water Damage

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

stair of a House fully flooded during the flooding of the river Flood damaged home in Northwest Las Vegas, NV

Details To Keep In Mind While Having Restoration Done

After a storm in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, your home may be in need of repairs, particularly if there has been flooding. While there are many similarities, the damage that you encounter in this situation differs from that caused by other water sources. The following are four details that you should keep in mind when having restoration done:

1. The Process May Take Longer
Because of the source of the water damage, restoration can take longer after a flood. Unlike the water that comes from a leak or a damaged pipe, floodwater can carry debris, sewage and bacteria, among other harmful elements. It is important that any areas of your house that have been affected are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. As a result, cleanup and repairs can take longer than they would when dealing with a clean water source.

2. Items May Need To Be Thrown Out
While it is possible for many items to be cleaned and salvaged after flooding, there are exceptions. Furniture and other belongings that are made with absorbent materials can be difficult to get completely clean. These can easily hold onto bacteria and mold spores, so it is safer to throw them out and replace them.

3. Repairs May Not Be Included in Your Insurance Policy
In many cases, flood damage is not included in your basic insurance policy. If you want coverage for this kind of emergency, you usually need to purchase it separately. However, because individual policies can vary, it is best to check your plan so you know exactly what is included.
If you have experienced flooding in your home, it is important to have the damage taken care of right away. Allowing the water to sit can contribute to more problems and result in the need for more extensive repairs. A water damage remediation company can perform cleanup and repairs to both the building and your belongings to return your home to its previous condition.

How To Handle Smoke Damage After a Fire

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

Smoke damaged wall Smoke damage in Las Vegas, NV

Even if your office building in Las Vegas, NV, hasn't sustained structural damage after a fire, smoke can still wreak havoc on furniture, drywall and carpeting. A thorough smoke cleaning is necessary to ensure that the damage is addressed properly.

What Damage Can Smoke Cause?

Smoke damage may not be visible at first, but it can create a huge problem if left untreated.

  • Carpets, upholstery, ceilings and drywall may all become discolored from the smoke. The smoke odor can also linger for an extended period of time.
  • Windows are easily discolored or ruined by smoke.
  • Plants may be contaminated by lingering smoke in the air.
  • Smoke can also make its way into the ductwork of the building.

How Can You Remove the Smoke From Your Building?
In order to conduct a proper smoke cleaning of your commercial property, it is imperative to call a fire damage expert right away. Professionals use techniques and equipment that can safely remove the smoke from all surfaces in your building. Find an expert who specializes in restoring materials that have been damaged by fire and smoke. It is more cost-effective to restore contents than replace them, whenever possible. Trained experts utilize several methods to clean and restore materials, including:

For light residue, dry cleaning is effective. It can also be used as a preliminary cleaning method before more rigorous cleaning takes place.
Wet cleaning is an effective way to remove moderate and heavy residue.
Smaller contents can be dipped into a bath of cleaner. This method is called immersion cleaning.
The abrasion cleaning method involves agitating the surface to remove the dirt and smoke.
Foam cleaning and the spray-and-wipe method can be used on fabrics that might shrink or bleed if they become wet.

Employ a professional to handle the smoke cleaning in your building so that you can get your business running again quickly.

Understanding the True Price of Water Leaks

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

Leaky pipe Even a minor water leak has the potential to waste vast amounts of money over time

Even a minor water leak has the potential to waste vast amounts of money over time. Worse yet, a tiny problem can blossom into a full-on flood, causing structural deterioration that requires a water damage restoration professional to properly repair. Consider the true expense of leaks and let that be your motivation to prevent faulty plumbing from afflicting your workspace in Northwest Las Vegas, NV.

Causes of Water Leaks

Burst pipes are the leading cause of water damage in the United States. A pipe break can transpire for any number of reasons, including:

  • Cold weather, which causes liquids to freeze and expand
  • Clogs, which trigger burst-generating pressure
  • Nearby construction, which shakes and subsequently cracks fragile components

When a water leak occurs, the fallout ranges anywhere from an easy trickle to an enormous complication. Hire a plumbing professional immediately if you face a significant situation.

Costs of Water Leaks
Any leak squanders more than most realize. Systems emitting just one drop per second lose their owners approximately $54 a year. A complete pipe break loses around $230 every day. Many insurers have stopped covering water damage claims entirely, as these incidents alone drain them of $2.5 billion annually.
Contemplate how detrimental leaks are to the environment. At 10 drips per minute, your system wastes 500 gallons per year. That’s the equivalent of 11 full tubs. Constantly flowing leaks expend 72,000 gallons or enough to fill four swimming pools.
Plumbing fractures of any size have the potential to cause even more destruction. A minuscule dribble may seem harmless, but imagine the effect a constant stream of moisture can have on drywall. The necessary replacement can run hundreds of dollars. More perilous is the possibility of mold developing, a condition that worsens the longer you wait to address.
The price of a water leak must not be underestimated. Any seepage loses savings, wastes resources and has the ability to precipitate greater difficulties. Be proactive and optimize your office’s plumbing so it performs at maximum efficiency.

Gold Standard Mold Removal Certification

10/5/2020 (Permalink)

People in virus protective suits and mask disinfecting buildings Our technicians are certified by the IICRC

If you've ever hired a mold removal service in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, you know that certified mold remediation companies are the gold standard when it comes to filing insurance claims. Insurance companies want assurance that the services they're paying for were done by professionals with the knowledge and know-how to safely rid your home of a destructive mold infestation. The industry's certifying organization—the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification—conducts a mold certification exam to verify that a technician-candidate fully meets state licensing requirements. For a firm to be certified by the IICRC, it must employ one or more certified mold removal technicians at each of their locations.

Certified Mold Removal Specialist

The IICRC's MRS test is a rigorous, standalone evaluation that confers industry-recognized certified mold remediation status. It validates an advanced level of proficiency that goes beyond the IICRC's core Applied Microbial Restoration Technician Exam. As a result, an MRS certificate is highly prized by employees who've earned it and highly valued by prospective employers.

MRS Testing
While there are no prerequisites to sit for the MRS exam, a technician must have at least one year's experience in the industry and be able to work unsupervised while adhering to established procedures and specifications. The test's content:

  • Measures scope of technical knowledge and skills needed to remediate mold.
  • Assesses the ability to recognize mold-causing conditions.
  • Rates capability to design and maintain mold containment plans, and work safely in mold-contaminated spaces.
  • Examines skill in controlling equipment pressure differentials and complying with standard remediation work practices.
  • Weighs understanding of remediation protocols and processes.
  • Gauges mastery of accepted industry standards and legal requirements.

IICRC certified mold removal technicians and IICRC certified mold remediation companies represent a higher standard of consumer service and professional care. They are highly experienced in state-of-the-art techniques, equipment, and safety-first practices. If your home experiences a mold-related problem, they are your go-to solution.

Steps To Take When You Have Leaking Light Fixtures

10/5/2020 (Permalink)

Water in a light fixture Water in light fixture

Protect Your Family and Home From Further Damage

If you notice water in light fixtures of your home in Las Vegas, NV, there may be holes in your roof and ceiling, causing a leak. Common causes of roof and ceiling damage include:

  • Missing shingles
  • Broken pipes
  • Ice and hail
  • Clogged gutters

By taking the following steps, you can protect your family and home from further damage.

Shut off the Electricity
It is imperative to avoid touching a light fixture or switch if you notice an accumulation of water near it. Instead, locate the appropriate circuit breaker and deactivate it to halt the electricity flow and prevent shock or fire.

Shut off the Water
Drips from ceiling light fixtures indicate that water is also accumulating within your home's structure. Locate and shut off the valve to your home's main water supply to prevent additional water from flowing.

Find the Source
Often, ceiling damage is due to a broken pipe or roof damage. Water in light fixtures suggests an overflow of water from deep within a ceiling. Mold has likely developed by this point.

Contact an Electrician
An electrician knows how to handle light fixtures and wires that are water-drenched. Don't reactivate the flow of electricity before confirming that conditions are safe.

Dry Out
By the time you discover water dripping from a ceiling fixture, it may have damaged your living space. You can remove some moisture with a dehumidifier, but professional water vacuuming will be necessary to dry out hard to reach areas within your home's structure.

Get Rid of Mold
A professional mold remediation service can safely remove mold from within the ceiling and walls after water extraction. A musty odor indicates invisible mold spores in the air that require robust purification methods to remove.
The consequences of water in light fixtures can be overwhelming for many homeowners, but experienced water and mold remediation professionals can effectively clean and sanitize your home.

Three Steps To Prioritize After a Fire

9/25/2020 (Permalink)

Fire in a warehouse Give SERVPRO a call if you experience commercial fire loss.

Fire Restoration Process

Commercial fires in Las Vegas, NV can be devastating, and knowing what to do after a building experiences a fire can be overwhelming. Here are three essential steps to take to begin the fire restoration process.

1. Call an Insurance Company

After the fire has been put out and everyone is safe, you’ll need to alert an insurance company that a fire has occurred as soon as you can. The faster you get in touch with an insurance claims manager about fire insurance, the more quickly the claim can be processed and fire restoration can begin. The insurance company will need to notify an insurance assessor to carry out an inspection of the damage.

Additionally, start taking inventory of any items that were destroyed during the fire and their value. Avoid disposing of any damaged goods until after you have taken inventory.

2. Don’t Touch the Damage

Resist touching or moving around any damage done by the fire until after the scene has been surveyed by a loss assessor, as this could slow or stall the claims process. Plus, damaged areas may still be extremely dangerous. Roofs, walls and floors have the potential to collapse, and all the soot and dirty water in the area can cause sickness. Even though fires have been put out, they have the potential to start again. Reenter the scene only after the fire department indicates it’s safe to do so.

3. Hire a Board-Up Service

Board-up services are companies that have expertise in cleaning and restoring commercial buildings and other related items after disasters like fires. These companies will secure the building against additional damage, repair damage and even provide cost estimates to repair or replace personal and household items. Additionally, they usually offer smoke cleaning, item storage and property cleaning. Ask your insurance agent who he or she recommends.

Commercial fires in Las Vegas, NV are distressing. Knowing these three steps ahead of time can help you be prepared in the instance of a fire, speed up the fire restoration process and ensure the property is fully cleaned and restored.

Take Precautionary Measures Concerning Pets and Fire

9/18/2020 (Permalink)

Old man rescuing dog Include your pets in your fire safety escape plan

Dogs and cats remain one of life’s great joys, but they are dependent upon our constant care. For their safety as well as ours, we must take steps to prevent them from accidentally creating a fire emergency, as well as minimize the odds of sustaining harm should a blaze occur.

Pet Preparation

Domesticated animals provoke an estimated one thousand fires each year. Lower the ability for yours to trigger a flaming crisis with these actions:

  • Secure ovens. If your dog can reach them, utilize protective covers to lock down your appliance’s knobs.
  • Eliminate flames. Anything hot generates curiosity. Gate your fireplace and consider switching to electronic candles.
  • Confine puppies and kittens. Securing them in rooms or crates before going out limits their overall ability to create havoc.

Take this stage seriously, as overlooking such measures could result in a fire emergency that eventually requires the services of a building restoration expert. Once your home in Las Vegas, NV, has been adequately secured, you can switch the focus toward providing protection for your canine and feline friends.

Pet Safety
It’s good practice to keep Fluffy with you instead of leaving her alone. Otherwise, confine her near a main entrance or side door in case access becomes unavailable. Leave on collars and harnesses in anticipation of the sudden need for immediate rescue.
Alert stickers that let rescuers know you have cuddly dependents inside can be obtained via pet stores. Purchase one, fill out all information, and hang it in a prominent window.
Mentally note where your four-legged family members hide, as this slice of anecdotal data could prove critical when seconds count. Also, be sure to have the number and address of the local veterinarian quickly accessible on your phone. If you have not already done so, outfit your house with modern smoke and CO2 detectors.
A fire emergency is a scary, stressful event for anyone and even more so for furry companions. Prepare your residence so they’ll never become the cause of a fiery disaster, nor suffer should one arise.

Prevent Your Office Roof From Suffering Leaks

9/11/2020 (Permalink)

Peeling paint on an interior ceiling a result of water damage caused by a leaking pipe Leaky roof in a Northwest Las Vegas, NV office

No business welcomes a roof leak. Besides soaked equipment, the inconvenience of working space rearrangements, and overall stress, you become suddenly burdened with the cost of unexpected repairs. Luckily, you can make your office in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, less likely to suffer roof-related maladies through the implementation of some easy measures.

Damage Caused by Leaks

Should leakage afflict your building, a few difficulties you can expect include:

  • Wasted energy and higher utility bills
  • Mold and mildew
  • Compromised electrical wiring
  • Wood deterioration

Fissures commonly develop from improper maintenance, rainstorms, or poor installation. Note also that roofs need to be replaced every twenty or thirty years and older coverings are more susceptible. Become proactive and curb your chances of suffering a roof leak and suddenly needing a storm repair specialist.

Preventing Leaks
Upkeep remains key to avoiding disasters. Remember that while you can always perform visual inspections yourself, there’s no substitute for the skills of a trained expert. Therefore, have a certified professional perform a complete analysis and don’t forget to schedule follow-ups as time moves on. Request that your building’s ventilation be checked along with gutters and downspouts.
Regularly sweep away debris, as stuffed drains cause harmful rainwater to flow beneath shingles. Should you ever notice torn or missing tiles, have them replaced immediately. The longer you wait, the greater the odds of problems spreading.
Violent weather is a primary culprit of roof degradation. Although wind damage can never be eliminated entirely, moving trees and bushes away from your place of business reduces potential fallout. The reason for this is that leaves and branches cause algae and rot, leading to destructive moisture. Re-landscaping may seem an unappealing option, but the price will inevitably prove lower than an extensive building restoration.
Simple precautions can help prevent a disruptive roof leak. Rather than waiting for complications to occur and then rushing to remedy the situation, invest in proper maintenance.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Mold Free

8/19/2020 (Permalink)

Moldy food Mold loves old, gross food

Perform The Correct Preventative Measures

Restaurant owners lead some of the busiest lives of any business owner. With so many responsibilities and pending issues on your plate, mold growth is the last thing that you need to add to the mix. Prevention is the best offense, so follow these pointers to help keep your restaurant in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, mold-free.

1. Perform routine and thorough mold inspections.
Mold is sneaky and is capable of growing almost anywhere, as long as there's adequate moisture. Lots of areas in a restaurant are capable of hosting mold spores, so it's important that you perform regular mold inspections to stay on top of the issue. Don't forget to check each and every corner.

2. Maintain safe humidity levels.
Restaurants naturally produce high humidity environments. From the stoves and ovens to the dishwasher, there's almost always an appliance working to generate heat and moisture. This is why it's extra important to manually maintain proper humidity levels in the building.

3. Keep surfaces as dry as possible.
Water damage is an open invitation for mold growth, so it's absolutely vital that you dry standing puddles and building condensation as soon as you discover it. You won't always be able to keep your restaurant bone dry, but even the smallest bit of effort can make a big difference.

4. Clean out spoiled food.
Mold loves old, gross food. What's worse, fresh food that comes into contact with moldy ingredients can become contaminated. Make time to regularly clean out your walk-in refrigerator and freezer to make sure you're only ever serving fresh ingredients. You do not want to be known as the business that poisoned the entire town.

5. Enlist professional help.
Even if you do manage to stay on top of everything, asking for a professional's opinion can never hurt. Schedule professional inspections with your local remediation specialists a couple times a year just to be absolutely safe.
Mold growth can cripple a restaurant owner's business, so it's important to perform the correct preventative measures. Even so, complete safety cannot always be guaranteed. If you do discover mold growing in your building, contact mold remediation specialists right away.

Steps To Take if a Pipe Bursts in Your Commercial Building

8/19/2020 (Permalink)

Drywall destroyed Drywall destroyed due to a broken pipe

Flooding can cause serious damage to furniture, carpeting, and walls. In the event of a pipe burst in your commercial space in Las Vegas, NV, you should act quickly to minimize the harm caused to your building and defray costs associated with water damage. Here are damage tips to keep in mind should such a situation arise.

Immediate Steps To Take and Cleaning Tips

Follow this checklist of actions to minimize water damage:

Turn off the building’s water supply before you do anything else. Make sure you know where to find the main valve before you are faced with a flood.
Contact a plumber to repair the burst pipe.
Call a professional flood remediation company. Baseboards, walls, paneling, and carpets affected by flooding often require professional attention. These surfaces are porous and can become breeding grounds for mold if they are not dried out properly.
While you wait for help to arrive, remove personal belongings and important documents from the flooded area.
You should document any damage caused by the flood before moving furniture or items that are beyond repair. Doing this makes it easier to file an insurance claim later.
Once you have documented all visible water damage, do your best to dry everything out. Open in windows in rooms that have been flooded. If possible, bring in fans to help dry out the waterlogged areas.

Safety Considerations
Floods can be hazardous; think about safety about when following water damage tips. Do not enter a flooded basement, as doing so puts you at risk of electrocution. Avoid coming into contact with sewage water, otherwise known as black water.
Sometimes flooding caused by a burst pipe is unpreventable. You can, however, prepare for this type of emergency by keeping a list of flood damage tips at hand. Knowing what steps to take if there is a flood will help you respond calmly and effectively in such circumstances.

What To Know About Storm Damage and Your Insurance

8/7/2020 (Permalink)

Are You Covered? Knowing what exactly is in your policy is your responsibility as the homeowner

What To Know About Storm Damage and Your Insurance

If you live in an area such as Las Vegas, NV, you may find you get a lot of storms. Heavy storms can cause a number of damage types to your home, meaning you may want to make sure you have flood insurance coverage. Storm policies can provide a number of benefits you may want to be aware of.

1. Storm Insurance May cover Many Damages

Depending on what's included in your coverage your storm Insurance may also include coverage for hail, wind, and flood damage. Secondary damage policies often include coverage for damages that occur as a result of the first type. One example of this can be mold damage. Knowing what exactly is in your policy is your responsibility as the homeowner.

2. You Don’t Have To Wait for Your Adjuster

It's also important to know that you do not always have to wait for your flood insurance adjuster to arrive document the damages before beginning clean up. In many cases, it's important to begin to clean up as quickly as possible in order to prevent additional damages or long-term problems.

3. Your Insurance May Recommend a Restoration Company

Many insurance companies have a list of preferred vendors they recommend you work with for certain projects. This can include a local storm damage restoration service. One of the benefits of working with a professional team is that these professionals have the ability to document the damage as they begin clean up. This allows them to get the insurance adjuster any information they may need while also beginning the repair process as quickly as possible.

In addition to flood insurance, the storm coverage in your homeowner's insurance policy may cover many damage types. It's also important to know that as cleanup should take place as quickly as possible. You may not need to wait for an insurance agent to assess the damage. In many cases, they may recommend working with the local restoration service who can help document this part of the process before the adjuster even arrives.

Types of Water Losses in Commercial Properties

8/3/2020 (Permalink)

Water -Related Problems That Your Property Policy for Your Building Will Cover

Commercial insurance carriers get a lot of claims for issues caused by damaged pipes or floods. Water loss is one of the most common problems that occur in commercial properties. Here are a few water-related problems that your property policy for your building in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, will likely cover.

Sudden Water Leaks

Leaking pipes caused by a sudden break are typically covered by commercial insurance plans. These leaks can happen for a variety of reasons:

  • Broken supply line
  • Fire system output
  • Broken pipes
  • Leaking appliances

While the policy may not pay to fix the damaged pipe or appliance, it probably covers the cost of water remediation services that repair the damage (waterlogged walls, loose flooring, etc.) that result from the leak.

Building Repair

A property policy is designed to preserve the property itself. This can include not just the building but covered items within the building, such as office equipment and furniture. If your building sustains secondary damage, such as further saturation or a mold problem, as a direct result of a covered peril, your policy will likely cover the cost to mitigate that damage as long as you can prove that you did everything in your power to prevent it. Some appliances or flooding situations may be excluded from your policy, so it's a good idea to talk to your agent about additional coverage you may need to compensate for exclusions.

Fire System Repair

One of the most common exceptions to the exclusions in many policies is the fire system. Sometimes, even if the system operates as designed, damage still occurs. If the system is damaged by the substance used to put out a fire, your coverage is likely to pay for the repairs needed to get it back up to code.
Damaged pipes and sudden leaks can wreak havoc on your commercial property. Knowing what your insurance package covers can help you navigate the repair process better.

Finding and Combating Hidden Mold Inside Your House

7/23/2020 (Permalink)

Black mold on a wall Mold damage in a Northwest Las Vegas, NV home

Even though mold has a distinctive look, its presence is not always obvious. Sometimes you will need the assistance of an indoor environmental specialist and your own intuition to eliminate mold before it continues to damage your Northwest Las Vegas, NV, residence. If you suspect this organism is inside your home, learn how to track it down, how to contact the right people, and why you should do this fast.

Detecting the Presence of Mold

Most of the time, mold is in obvious locations like the wall, window, or ceiling. However, it can also manifest through more subtle forms.

Hidden spots near vents, drains, showerheads, corners, etc.
Strange odors and smells
Recent occurrence of a flood or another type of water incident

If you have experienced these signs, or suspect they are somewhere within the house, it is time to call specialists that can help with the issue.

Contacting the Specialists
Once you suspect that mold is in the area, you will need to bring the right people for the job. A licensed indoor environmental specialist will inspect your home closely, conduct a mold test, and collect any samples he or she finds. After that, the technician will analyze the results and collaborate with you to create a plan of action. You will also need the assistance of residential mold remediation specialists that will safely eliminate the mold and restore the affected areas.

Understanding the Urgency
Mold is a serious condition that should be taken seriously and prompt quick action. Even if you have little to no evidence of mold, you should still schedule a test. Neglecting a potential case can encourage mold growth and spread over time, which further damages your home. Also, the presence of mold is a red flag of larger problems like a plumbing leak or a faulty roof.
Not every mold case will be immediately noticeable. Contact an indoor environmental specialist to find out whether your home has mold and what actions to take.

3 Ways Your Restoration Team Can Help With Content Cleaning After a Fire

7/16/2020 (Permalink)

Bursting flames Additionally, your restoration team may also be able to help with storing your items until the repairs on the property can be completed.

After a fire at your Las Vegas, NV company you may be wondering what the best way to clean and repair your office items are. There are several options available from dry-cleaning to soaking an item in a cleaning solution. Fortunately, a local fire damage restoration service can help with this process in several ways.

1. Document Restoration

One important aspect of the content cleaning service that may be offered by your restoration team is the ability to restore documentation. This can be extremely useful if you have paper files that may have been damaged. Your restoration crew may also be able to help digitize these files so they can be stored electronically instead.

2. Item Cleaning

Item cleaning can be done a number of ways depending on the item size, material and type. A local restoration service may use a spray on cleaning solution, soak small items, or use a dipping method for materials that are non-mechanical. Dry-cleaning options can be used for more sensitive materials as needed, and may often utilize cleaning powders or small brushes. If you have any questions about which method may be used for which item a professional will be able to help.

3. Content Storage

Another service that may be offered is the ability to store the contents of your business until repairs to the building can be completed. In many cases the items will be cleans and repaired as needed and then moved to a safe storage space. One the business property is restored they can be returned to their original location.

Your local restoration service can help with your content cleaning in a number of ways. They can restore paper documentation so that it usable and help digitize it’s contents, and they can also offer a number of both wet and dry-cleaning services. Additionally, your restoration team may also be able to help with storing your items until the repairs on the property can be completed.

How a Fire Can Lead To Water Damage

6/10/2020 (Permalink)

House burned Fire damaged structure in a house

Here Are Three Ways That Can Happen

You may be wondering why a Las Vegas, NV, fire damage restoration service can also clean up and repair water damage. This is because a fire can often also lead to water caused damage. Here are three ways that can happen.

1. Fire Hose

A fire hose can pump out approximately 500 gallons of water per minute. While this is plenty of water to put out a large house fire, it can also leave the affected area of the home flooded. Fortunately, a restoration service can have pumps and other devices necessary for water removal at their disposal. After the water is removed they can inspect for damage and begin smoke odor removal and item restoration.

2. Suppression Systems

If your home has a fire suppression system, such as overhead sprinklers, installed they can help prevent extreme fire damage by releasing suppressant before the flames grow too big. However, this can leave the area flooded. A restoration service can help remove water from the affected area, as well as make repairs. They can also inspect for any mold growth and mitigate this as well.

3. Structural Damage

A fire can also cause structural damage which may leave holes in the exterior of the home. Weather such as rain or snow can then get in and create water problems. This is why you may see restoration professionals board or tarp over areas until repairs can be completed. With a little time and effort, the restoration crew can have your home looking“Like it never even happened.”

It’s not unheard of for fire damage to lead to water damage which is why many restoration teams have the training needed to deal with both. This can occur from fire suppression systems like a hose or overhead sprinklers, as well as when structural damage creates holes in the exterior that weather can get through. If you have further questions a professional can help.

Choose SERVPRO for Catastrophic Disaster Recovery

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SERVPRO vehicles parked in front of a building to start working on a disaster emergency Flood Damage from Storm in Nortwest Las Vegas

There have been more and more large natural disasters over the past few years. These floods, wildfires, and hurricanes can lead to catastrophic loss. Your clients need a storm damage restoration company that has experience handling these major incidents.

SERVPRO Provides Disaster Relief

SERVPRO has the necessary expertise. The company is one of the nation's leaders in emergency cleanup. Since its founding in 1967, SERVPRO has responded to all types of incidents, including fires, floods, and storms.
The 1,700 SERVPRO franchises provide the local knowledge your clients need along with the corporate resources necessary for large-scale disaster responses. SERVPRO has actually responded to several major weather events over the last few years, including:

  • The 2016 Houston floods
  • The 2014 polar vortex
  • The 2013 California wildfires
  • The 2012 Hurricanes Isaac and Sandy

SERVPRO also understands how to work with insurance companies after a catastrophic loss. In fact, SERVPRO is a preferred vendor for many agencies.

SERVPRO Suggests Mitigation Measures
With its fast response, SERVPRO mitigates further damage to a building. However, the company also suggests that commercial property owners and managers take steps to minimize additional harm while they wait for SERVPRO to arrive at the scene.
For starters, everyone in your company should understand that water from a stream, river or creek is likely contaminated with bacteria or other harmful items. Only the professionals should touch this water and anything it contaminated. Food items, including canned goods, that contacted the water should be thrown out.
If it is safe to enter the property after the disaster, make sure to wear protective clothes and sturdy shoes. Wet cushions or upholstery should be removed for drying. You can also wipe away excess water on wooden furniture.
Hurricanes and other major storms can cause flooding in Northwest Las Vegas, NV. Meanwhile, dryness and heavy winds can lead to devastating wildfires. SERVPRO has experience with these and other types of natural disasters. The company can thus assist your clients following a catastrophic loss.

4 Tips for Handling a Toilet Overflow

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Overflowing broken toilet Is a toilet overflowing something to be concerned about?

Is a Toilet Overflowing Something To Be Concerned About?

Isn't it as simple as grabbing some towels out of the closet or mopping up the mess? Homeowners in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, should be aware that it could be a sign of sewer damage which requires more intensive sanitation. Here are four tips to ensure you're caring for the discharge the right way.

1. Turn Off the Water
Black water is filled with microbes that you don't want lingering in your home. Therefore, when the spill comes from a sewer line, immediately shut off the water valves. This prevents additional contamination and minimizes destruction. If an obstruction is in the line, using any of the home's water utilities could become an issue, only pushing out more and more liquid. Thus, contact a water restoration and sewage company. Don't guess about why it happened. The source needs to be fixed.

2. Get an Inspection
When the crew arrives, the experts can evaluate the sewer damage, determining how far the fluid spread. This is used to determine what must be removed and what can be cleaned. Because fungus and bacterial spores are microscopic, they can easily absorb into porous objects. In fact, they love carpet and dry wall. Grout is even easy to sneak into. An invisible enemy, residents cannot see the true impact. Rather, specialized tests can be done to see the extent of penetration. Then, workers tear out anything heavily soiled.

3. Dry the Area
That flooded toilet brought high levels of moisture into your room. This humidity allows for spores to breed quickly, often within 24 to 48 hours. With this in mind, air out the space immediately. Industrial dehumidifiers suck up the excess, getting you out of the trouble zone.

4. Sanitize and Replace Materials
Finally, the sections can be sprayed with antimicrobial spray, killing off anything left. New items are installed, and normalcy is restored.
The commode is a vulnerable spot, permitting sewer damage when something blocks the flow. Remember to stop the stream, and then work on extricating and cleaning.

What You Should Do When Water Damages Your Company's Electronics

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Breaker box with the word CUT THE POWER! Turn off the switch or circuit breaker before unplugging the items

Ways to Restore Damaged Devices

When water damage occurs in your Las Vegas, NV, office, you may be worried about your computers and tablets. After all, they have numerous important documents stored within them. Flooded electronics can thus be costly for your business.
All hope is not lost, however. There are ways to restore damaged devices. Start by following the below steps.

1. Protect Yourself
Water and electricity do not mix. Avoid touching the wires or devices while wearing wet clothes or standing in water.
2. Turn Off Power
Any wired devices should be disconnected from their power sources as soon as it is safe to do so. Ideally, you should turn off the switch or circuit breaker before unplugging the items.
3. Beware of Hot Batteries
Battery-powered devices can be dangerous, too. Avoid touching devices that are smoking, bubbling, melting, or bulging, as these could be signs of a chemical or fire hazard.
4. Power Down and Shake the Device
If it is safe to touch the flooded electronics, power them down to avoid additional damage. Try shaking and rotating any damaged handheld devices to eliminate excess fluid. You should also remove the battery if you can.

Repairing Your Device
You may have heard that soaking wet devices in rice can save them from water damage. However, rice does not remove contaminants that may be present in floodwater. Instead, your best bet is having the circuit breaker thoroughly cleaned. This is a complex job that should be performed by electronic damage professionals.
These experts will start by soaking the logic board in alcohol for further cleaning. They can then use a soft brush to remove any debris. The professionals may also dry the circuit board with a desk lamp or hairdryer before putting the device back together.
Flooded electronics can still be salvaged. Just keep yourself safe and let restoration experts bring the devices back to life.

5 Steps in the Mold Remediation Process

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Close-up Of Person Hand Wearing Gloves Measuring Wetness Of A Moldy Wall The first step in remediation is testing for mold location and type

5 Steps in the Mold Remediation Process

For a business in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, any mold, including black mold, can cause a problem. When spores are suspected to be on the property mold remediation may be needed. Here are five steps you may see your local mold remediation service take during this process.

1. Testing

The first step in remediation is testing for mold location and type. If the spores are not visible or is spreading is suspected, the professionals working on the remediation can take are samples, materials samples, or surface samples using an adhesive strip. Testing will help determine if mold is present and what type they are dealing with.

2. Assessment

Once testing is completed the team can begin assessing the damage and remediation needs. This will help them plan for any needed containment, as well as an estimate or what repairs may be required after the mold is removed.

3. Containment

Containing the affected area is the nest step. This will prevent any mold, including black mold, from spreading. Usually, this process involves the use of plastic sheeting, personal protective gear, and an exhaust fan to regulate airflow.

4. Removal

The next step in a mold cleanup in the removal of the mold spores. Once this is done the affected space can be thoroughly cleaned after which repairs can begin.

5. Repairs

After all the mold is removed and the area thoroughly cleaned, repairs can be made. The team working on your remediation should be able to handle a variety of tasks from cleaning business items to replacing flooring.

When dealing with any mold, including black mold, on company property it’s recommended to call a professional. They can test for mold, assess the damage, and begin containing the affected area. Once the space is sealed to prevent spores spreading the remediation team can then begin removing the mold and make any necessary repairs.

Risks and Tips for Driving During a Flood

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car rides in heavy rain on a flooded road Avoid driving on a flooded street

When Mother Nature hits hard, traversing a flooded street should be carefully considered. While some situations may not allow for hunkering down, such as trying to get home or needing to pick up the kids, before hitting the road, safety should be the first consideration. Your home in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, can be restored by a flood remediation and restoration professional, but you are irreplaceable.

Flood Risks

Water itself creates added risks on flooded roads. It only takes 6 inches of water to lose control of a vehicle and 12 inches for a vehicle to be carried away. There are also hidden dangers.

Power Lines: Downed lines can create electrical currents in the water.
Road Conditions: Water can hide roads that have been damaged or washed away, which could lead to being stranded.
Hydroplaning: Excess speeds can quickly make your vehicle lose contact with road surfaces.
Visibility: A flooded street can easily have debris and other obstacles that can’t be seen.

Tips for Traveling
If it is absolutely necessary to attempt driving in a flood, consider these travel tips before and during the journey.

Stay up-to-date on news reports.
Adhere to any barricades and find an alternative route.
If safe to do so, drive down the center of the lane, which tends to have more shallow waters.
Drive slow enough that the vehicle stays in first or second gear to better maintain control.
Steer clear of standing water, which could lead to vehicle damage and being swept away.
If necessary to cross standing water, try to verify the depth and drive through it slowly and steadily.
Gently test the brakes if water rises above the rims.
Don’t get distracted by your cellphone. Keep your eyes constantly on the road around you.
If a vehicle stalls and won’t restart, immediately exit the vehicle and move to higher ground.

Although there may be numerous reasons to get in your vehicle and attempt to drive down a flooded street, safety should always come first. If you must do so, the above tips can help you traverse the situation with a safety mindset.

What Does and Doesn't Property Insurance Cover in a Fire?

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A man holding a lit match. This image also contains a wooden background and can be used to represent fire starting or arson. Attempting a fire in Las Vegas, NV can be denied on your claim

What Does and Doesn't Property Insurance Cover in a Fire?

You should never feel as though your commercial insurance plan is a waste of money. You may rarely have to make a claim, but when you do, you're relieved to have the financial backing of this plan. If you experience a fire in the workplace, the damage could be extensive, even catastrophic. In most cases, you can rely on this coverage to help pay for cleanup and restoration.

When the Plan Will Deny Your Claim
Insurance companies want to help you get back on your feet to help ease your financial burden in the wake of fire damage. The company also wants to lower its risks. There are rare times when your office fire claim won't be valid. These include:

  • When you intentionally set the fire
  • If the fire starts due to an act of war
  • If you're a renting office space, and you don't have renters insurance

Considering Where the Fire Starts
Commercial insurance plans in Las Vegas, NV, should honor your claim even if the fire didn't originate in your building. For example, if the fire started in an office next door and spread to your workplace, you should still have coverage. If the fire began across the street, but the smoke traveled to your building, leave an unpleasant odor and damaging materials, you should still get help from your provider.

Coverage Specifics
Your plan should include damage to the structure and building materials. The policy should pay for professional fire remediation specialists to clean up the damage and repair building materials and structural aspects of the building. The plan will cover equipment and belongings inside the building such as furniture, electronics, documents, and personal items. When you make a claim, be sure to take photos of the damage and document everything that was lost or ruined.
Review your commercial insurance plan often so you're sure you have all the coverage you need. You'll be glad you have this coverage if you're the victim of a fire at work.

3 Things To Do Ahead of the Storm

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Commercial power generator Check that you have a generator

Implement The Three Following Strategies

As a business owner in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, you are responsible for the well-being of your employees and the company. Are you ready to handle the intensity of a winter storm? Do you have procedures in place to maintain safety and avoid chaos? If not, it's time to take action and think now about what to do when inches of snowflakes pound on the roof and ceiling. Waiting until too late, could mean an extensive closure and repair. Try to minimize your trouble and establish calm by implementing the following three strategies.

1. Prepare Early

Listen to the news carefully, keeping abreast of the latest reports and potential for storm damage. Make sure employees know a chain of command as well as have contact information. Then, determine at what point you're place would shut down, sending people home to safety. If possible, do this early, permitting them to complete tasks at home. Just in case someone stays in the location, double check that you have a generator, batteries, and water.

2. Know Your Claim

Be ready to call people once the winter storm passes. Read through your insurance policy, understanding how to use it and make contact with the agency. In addition, have on hand the phone number for a water and storm restoration team.

3. Ready the Structure

When word starts to spread of an impending threat, start looking around the property. For example, insulate your plumbing, avoiding a pipe break. In addition, if anything still seems vulnerable, move it to a better area or higher ground. Then, have a specialist walk the roof, looking for areas of concern. Replace any loose or missing shingles. Don't forget to check the flashing and gutters. You don't want ice to pile up and break them down. They should be fitted well and cleaned out. Finally, trim trees and foliage. You don't want anything falling onto the rooftop.
A winter storm is a formidable foe, capable of pounding your establishment with snow and ice. Remember you can't always beat the system, but you can stay on top of the situation, remaining cognizant of proper procedures and tasks.

Best Water Damage Restoration by SERVPRO Northwest Las Vegas

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Three air movers a dehumidifier placed on wooden floor. Concept of water damage restoration Water damage in Northwest Las Vegas

Best Water Damage Restoration by SERVPRO Northwest Las Vegas

In times of need, you require people who are quick to respond, swift in help, and people who care; same is the case for needs involving household activities and repair systems. Water is the one long term destructive substance that is easily available around a house; it is the cause for a lot of indoor calamities. Flooding or excessive moisture on any surface can cause property damage and the effects spread rapidly. Loss of property is not contained to furniture, it spreads to intellectual property, papers, books, important documents, clothes, and shoes; almost everything that can be found in a habitable household. It is even more dangerous and irreparable when the water source is unsanitary or the cleanup services had been delayed.

The harmful effects need swift counteraction and effective intervention, all of this within the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours in order to salvage whatever is remaining. The damage can look moderate to severe, but with proper restoration and cleaning techniques, the results are amazing, one can recoup most of the items present in the house. Furniture, documents, machinery, kitchen equipment, laptops, and computers, family heirlooms, clothing and apparel, everything can be successfully restored from the damage caused by water.

The process of restoration and damage containment is pretty scientific in reality. There are a few criteria that need to be ticked as yes to determine if the property can be restored or has to be completely replaced. The criteria are as follows:

  • The amount of property that has undergone damage
  • The degree of contamination that has occurred to the properties listed as per the point above
  • The cost of replacement vs the cost of restoration for the aforementioned items

If not dealt with at a swift rate, water damage causes a major interruption in business and household activities. It carries with it potential health hazards and immeasurable financial burden.

We, as a firm value our customers as family, to us you are foremost. If there is any water damage, rest assured we will be there to save your properties and belongings. We have 24-hour emergency service systems in place. A set of highly trained restoration technicians will be available immediately at any disaster site. We are locally owned and locally operated, trusted leaders in the restoration business, we also employ advanced restoration techniques and use advanced cleaning equipment in the industry.

Northwest Las Vegas Fire Losses

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Fire loss in a home. Walls covered with smoke Fire loss in Las Vegas, NV

The Stresses of Fire Losses

Fire losses can be incredibly devastating to people. If you've just experienced a highly distressing fire loss, you have to act as quickly as possible. It's critical to seek trained professional assistance with everything from soot damage to water damage from fire disasters. A trustworthy local fire restoration company can help you with smoke damage, extensive fire cleanup and beyond. It doesn't matter if you need professional fire in home or fire in business assistance. Knowledgeable technicians can offer you invaluable peace of mind. They can give you access to a safe and healthy environment as well. That's priceless.

Finding Reliable Professional Restoration Service

It can be hard to think properly after a fire loss. You may feel overwhelmed and scared. That's why you need to work with a fire restoration company that can help you feel comfortable and at ease. Look for a firm that offers round-the-clock emergency assistance. Serious fires can occur at all hours of the day and night. Look for a firm that has a staff of capable, skilled and trained fire cleanup technicians, too. You need help from professionals who know the ins and outs of soot damage, smoke damage and water damage from fire incidents. You need help from professionals who understand safe and efficient commercial and residential fire management, period. A skilled restoration technician can offer you in-depth fire in home and fire in business service.

Other Important Considerations

Fire losses can often be rather complex situations. It isn't only important to take control of your cleanup and restoration needs. It's also equally important to manage numerous financial factors. If you've just experienced a fire loss, you need to reach out to your insurance provider to make a report. You may want to consider requesting an advance amount of money as well. This money may be able to cover any items you have to purchase at the moment. Once you're through making your report, you may need to look into finding temporary accommodations for the members of your household. Your home may be too dangerous to occupy. You can look into staying with family members or friends for a while. You can also think about reserving a room at an extended stay hotel in the area.

Contact a Trustworthy Full-Service Company As Soon As Possible

Fires are stressful and anxiety-inducing situations. Fire losses can often exacerbate problems. If you're looking for assistance with a fire loss anywhere in the Northwestern section of Las Vegas, Nevada, you should reach out to our prominent restoration firm without a second of delay. We can help you handle a casino fire. We can help you handle a home fire. We can help you handle it all. Our technicians are experts in all matters that relate to smoke damage, fire cleanup, casino fire needs and more. Call our Las Vegas, Nevada company today to learn more about our top-quality work. Call us today to make an appointment as well. We're available to assist you 24 hours a day.

What To Know About Mold and the Damage it Causes

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Mold growth on a wall Microbial growth in Las Vegas, NV

What To Know About Mold and the Damage it Causes

When you believe there may be mold in your Las Vegas, NV, home it’s time for a mold assessment. A professional from a local mold remediation service can help by testing for mold at your residence and removing any spores they find. Before they begin there are a few things you may want to know.

1. What Mold Is

All mold, including black mold, is a form of fungus. This means that they grow by ingesting organic compounds around them and reproduce through the spreading of spores. In most cases, mold can not be seen until a small colony of spores has been formed. These may produce patches of green, brown, grey, yellow, white, orange, and even black looking growth. They also may be fuzzy, stringy, or slimy in appearance.

2. Where Mold Grows

Mold can grow anywhere from the bathroom where it may be mistaken for mildew, to the attic. Primarily it’s found in areas with dim and humid conditions, meaning it’s most like to grow in areas such as behind bathroom walls and the basement. If you believe you may have mold in your home it’s best to contact a professional for a mold assessment.

3. How Mold Affects Your Home

Mold can affect your home in a number of ways. The must odor mold gives off can make it unpleasant to live in the space. If left untreated mold can cause structural damage to your home in any area where it has been feeding. This can include areas of carpeting, drywall, window and door frames, roofing, and sub-flooring.

It’s important to understand mold so that you know what to expect during a mold assessment. Mold is a fungus that lives in damp, dim areas and feeds off the organic material in your home. This then spreads and can lead to potential structural damage. Fortunately, a mold remediation service can help remedy this problem.

What To Know About Sewer Backup

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Side view portrait of two workers wearing biohazard suits working at waste processing plant sorting recyclable plastic on con Appropriate safety gear may include waders, coveralls, masks, gloves, and shoe covers

What To Know About Sewer Backup

When storms bring heavy rain water you may find your Northwest Las Vegas, NV, business is in danger of sewer backup. Cleaning up the mess can be a tricky process so there are several things you should know.

1. Sewer Water is Classified as Black Water

It’s important to note that all sewer water is classified as black water. This is because any water that may have been highly contaminated by fecal matter, bacteria, fertilizer, and other substances unsafe for human consumption falls into this category. Flood water is categorized in this way as well because it is difficult to determine where the water flow has been.

2. Safety Standards Should Be Followed During Cleanup

Due to its contaminated nature, there are many safety recommendations for dealing with sewer backup. A local flood damage restoration service will already know these regulations and have the appropriate safety gear and cleaners required for the job. For this reason, it’s highly recommended to contact a restoration service if your company has experienced sewage flooding of any type. Appropriate safety gear may include waders, coveralls, masks, gloves, and shoe covers.

3. The Area Will Need To Be Sanitized

One of the main things to be remembered after removing sewer waste from an area is that the space will need to be sanitized. Doing so can help prevent the spread of bacteria or other contaminants that could lead to further problems in the long term if left untreated. Fortunately, your restoration teach will have the appropriate cleaners and equipment to clean the space before repairs begin.

When dealing with sewer backup it’s important to contact a professional who can follow all the safety standards as Sewer water is considered to be black water. It’s also important to remember that after the material has been removed and the area dries, the space will also need to be sanitized before repairs can begin.

Keeping Your Pets Safe During a Fire

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Dog sitting on a carpet bottom of the picture it says FIRE TIP Practice this plan in advance so you and your furry friends can stay safe

Keeping Your Pets Safe During a Fire

When a fire emergency hits your home, you need to protect your family and your property. Yet pet safety is important, too.
Unlike your children, dogs and cats may not understand what to do during a fire. You thus need to take extra steps to ensure they get out of the home.
Of course, the best way to keep your pets safe is to prevent a fire in the first place. Unfortunately, pets can inadvertently start a blaze in your home. In fact, more than 1,000 home fires annually are caused by a family pet. To reduce the chances of this occurring you should:

  • Cover or remove stove knobs
  • Use flameless candles
  • Avoid leaving your pet near open flames

Pet Escape Plan
You have probably heard about the importance of creating a fire emergency escape plan. Your pets should be part of this scheme, as well. Keep a separate disaster supply kit with your pet's food and other necessities.
When you rehearse your escape plan, bring your pets with you so they get used to evacuating the home. You should also train your pets to follow you out of the house when you call them.

Trapped Pets
A pet owner's worst nightmare is coming home to find his beloved animal trapped in a burning blaze. While firefighters are trained to rescue pets from home fires, you can make their job easier. If you are leaving your pet home alone, make sure the animal stays in an easily accessible room. You should also place a window cling on your home listing how many pets you have. This way, the firefighters will know exactly how many animals need rescuing.
You should make a pet preparation plan in case a fire emergency takes place in your Las Vegas, NV, home. Practice this plan in advance so you and your furry friends can stay safe. If a fire does occur, contact an emergency restoration services company to help get your family's and your pet's belongings back to normal.

Does Your Insurance Policy Cover Broken Pipes?

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Flooded kitchen Flooded kitchen in Northwest Las Vegas, NV

Imagine coming home from work to find your worst nightmare of a flood in the bathroom or kitchen. Water can cause a ton of damage in a small amount of time. Luckily, your insurance provider may help you pay for emergency restoration services.

What Is Covered

A typical homeowner's insurance policy pays for the harm caused by an unforeseen or sudden issue. Your insurance may cover damage that results from the following problems:

  • Leaking air conditioner
  • Cracked pipe or water tank
  • Broken washing machine

Keep in mind that your policy will only cover water damage caused by an emergency within your home. It does not include harm caused by a weather event such as a rainstorm or hurricane. It also doesn’t cover destruction resulting from overflowing sewers. However, you can purchase a separate flood insurance policy to protect your home from these potential disasters.
The insurance company can also deny your claim if it determines that the flooding was caused by your negligence. Specifically, if the insurer concludes that your failure to properly maintain your pipes caused them to break or burst, you may have to pay for repairs yourself. This means you should check your pipes regularly and address any small cracks or leaks immediately. Those who live in colder climates should also take steps to prevent pipes from freezing.

Initial Versus Resulting Damage

This insurance money can be used to clean and replace items that were harmed or destroyed by the excess water. Insurance should even cover the cost of removing the water and preventing mold growth. However, many policies do not include the expense of repairing the item that caused the flood in the first place. You will likely have to pay to fix the broken pipe or appliance yourself.
If your Northwest Las Vegas, NV, home suffers a water emergency, your insurance coverage can make the repair process less painful. However, in order to ensure that the provider accepts your claim, you should perform regular maintenance on your appliances and pipes.

Common Flooding Issues in Office Buildings

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Drywall destroyed Damaged drywall due to water leak in Las Vegas,NV

Common Causes of Water Damage

Despite your best efforts, you may not be able to avoid every single mechanical problem in your building. You can do your part to minimize the risk of floods, fires, and other issues. It's also helpful to understand what often leads to these types of problems. Something such as a broken pipe can make it impossible to carry out your business functions in the workplace. When you identify the common causes of water damage, you can be ready to act quickly to clean it up.

Fire Sprinklers

These tools can be valuable assets if a fire starts in your office. Unfortunately, sprinklers can also inflict their own damage. The water used to put out the flames could damage the floors and walls, not to mention electronics, documents, and personal belongings. Malfunctioning sprinklers are also culprits for flooding. Make sure you do the following with your sprinklers:

  • Inspect and test them yearly.
  • Replace broken sprinklers promptly.
  • If they go off, call a reputable water removal team to clean up.

Toilet Overflow

An overflowing toilet could signal an urgent need for water repair. These type of floods could contain black water and pose a hazard from everyone in your Las Vegas, NV, office. A clog in the pipes could be the problem, or the issue could lie much deeper such as in the main water line.

Bursting Pipes

Few problems can send more water on your floor than a broken pipe. You may not even notice this issue for hours or even days after it starts. You should regularly inspect your plumbing system and water supply to make sure the pipes are in good condition.

Supply Line Breaks

A more concerning and costly issue could be a break in the main supply line coming into your building. This would require professional help to repair and clean up.
Whether a broken pipe, sewage concern or some other cause is the reason for water damage, you don't want to put off cleaning up after a flood. If you face this challenge, make sure you enlist the help of a professional.

Can’t Find the Mold? Check the Vents

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Air duct covered with dust with words that say When was the last time your air ducts were cleaned? When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned?

Keeping your Northwest Las Vegas, NV, commercial property in tip-top shape is a source of pride. Staying on top of maintenance, as well as immediately cleaning and correcting water damage or other issues, can help keep mold growth and other issues at bay. If the persistent moldy odor persists, an often overlooked area prone to mold growth are air ducts. When that happens, count on an HVAC cleaning professional to eradicate the problem.

How Does Mold Grow in Ducts?

Mold is a fast-growing fungus that needs nutrients, moisture and warm temperatures to flourish. Since air ducts are connected throughout a building, any leaks, condensation or evaporation issues in the ductwork can quickly spread mold spores. While cleaning vents may not be on your radar, doing so can keep mold spreading. When it comes to ducts, other tips to prevent mold include:

  • Regularly replace filters
  • Insulate ducts to reduce condensation
  • Clean and inspect drip pans for overflow
  • Keep system dry by sealing leaks
  • Install a dehumidifier to aid the evaporation process
  • Conduct regular inspections to ensure proper operation

Proper Remediation

If a mold smell persists, especially when the vents are on, a quick check will help you determine if it is time to schedule an HVAC cleaning. After opening a vent, look for any debris, paper or insulation fibers that have built up, which are items ripe for mold growth. A quick wipe with a white cloth will indicate if there is moisture. Visible signs will include black or white spots around the cover or within the duct opening.
Although you may want to take on the process of cleaning vents yourself, it’s important to remember that it is an intricate system and mold isn't easy to completely wipe out. Instead of taking your chances and allowing the problem to grow, count on an HVAC cleaning expert to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Local Franchises Ensure Quick Disaster Response

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Green truck, green van, SERVPRO vehicles, commercial generators in outside of a building Our quick response will make it "Like it never even happened."

If a pipe breaks or floodwaters are steadily rising, businesses in Las Vegas, NV, count on a quick recovery and claim process. The effects of fire, water or storm damage can quickly build if the situation isn't taken care of quickly. When professional water damage or storm restoration professionals are needed, choose the industry leader that is faster to any size disaster.

Always Available

Once an insurance claim is filed, the last thing you want is to sit around and wait for help to arrive. SERVPRO has more than 1,700 franchises throughout the country, ensuring disaster needs can immediately be addressed. When choosing a local provider backed by a national corporate entity, it provides benefits to the client, adjuster and insurance provider.

  • 24/7, 365-day service ensures every call is immediately addressed
  • Local professionals follow-up in under two hours
  • Being local allows for an on-site visit to happen in about four hours
  • A team manager will work closely with adjusters and clients to ensure a smooth operation done right
  • During the process, any changes that need to happen can do so quickly because of direct communication and proximity.

Trained Professionals Nearby

In addition to being faster to any size disaster, when help arrives, you can be confident that you will be working with a team of certified, trained professionals who adhere to industry standards and best practices. Each local franchise believes in ongoing training to ensure any mold, water, fire, storm or smoke damage is eradicated. Especially in cases of a severe natural disaster, having a local team nearby with the equipment and expertise to deal with unsafe conditions, such as mold or black water, ensures everyone’s safety and that cleanup is done right.
Disaster can strike at any time. Instead of sitting on hold or waiting days to begin the restoration process, call the professionals who are faster to any size disaster. Our quick response will make it "Like it never even happened."

What You Can Expect From Your Commercial Property Insurance Plan

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Insurance agent complete wooden model of the house with last piece with text insurance. Commercial insurance provides financial protection by paying for repairs and replacements

When you purchase property insurance coverage for your business, you hope to never have to make a claim for major damage. However, if a disaster strikes, you are grateful to have a plan you can turn to for help. This commercial insurance provides financial protection by paying for repairs and replacements. You need to understand what your policy will cover and what limitations exist.

What Property Insurance Covers

Your company's property insurance will cover damage and loss your business suffered due to vandalism, theft or some weather-related issues. You can also make a claim for property damage due to broken appliances or other systems in your building. Specific examples of what your plan covers include:

  • Fire damage
  • Burst pipes
  • Roof damage from high winds
  • Broken equipment because of a break-in

What Property Insurance Won't Cover

Call your commercial insurance agent today and discuss your plan so you know the extent of your coverage. Your insurance will not typically take care of flooding issues that come from the main water line or a backed-up sewer. Overflowing waterways that cause flooding also won't be covered. Most plans don't include earthquake insurance either. Be aware that your insurance provider will ask you many questions about how the damage occurred. If your Las Vegas, NV, office had a fire, flooding or other problems because you failed to do proper maintenance or upkeep, the insurance company will likely deny the claim. Also, if you intentionally caused the loss, you can't expect coverage.

Getting Supplemental Insurance

If you are concerned about having insufficient insurance, you can purchase additional coverage for earthquakes and flooding. Talk to your property insurance agent about your options and needs. You should also discuss whether your current plan includes the work professional disaster cleanup companies do in your office.
Commercial insurance is vital for any business owner. Make sure you have enough coverage to protect your company in case of an emergency or disaster.

What To Do After Commercial Water Damage

12/23/2019 (Permalink)

Hole on drywall due to water damage Damage due to a water loss.
What To Do After Commercial Water Damage

Commercial water damage often involves larger spaces, pipes, or roofs, and it may be more costly to fix than damage in a residential structure. If your commercial property in Las Vegas, NV has sustained damage from broken pipes or a leaky roof, you should take steps to reduce the amount of excess water and contact a commercial restoration service that specializes in water cleanup.

Cleaning up after a leak can be a messy process, but there are several ways to limit the extent of the damage and the potential for secondary damage. Immediately after a leak occurs, you should:

• Use buckets, mops, or towels to prevent water from soaking into building materials, carpet, furniture, or other items.
• Contact a plumber or roofing company to handle the leak as soon as possible.
• Contact a cleanup and restoration service that’s certified to handle leaks and prevent secondary damage within 24 hours of the leak.

Once you have dealt with the broken pipe or any other source of excess water in your commercial property, you should contact a certified commercial restoration service to dry, clean, and restore the affected areas to their original conditions.

water damage restoration company can provide several services, including:

• Water mitigation by removing standing water from your commercial property
• Dehumidification and ventilation to control moisture and prevent secondary damage, such as mold growth
• Restoration of property damaged by storms, burst pipes, or roof leaks

If broken pipes or a leaky roof have caused damage in your commercial property in Las Vegas, NV you should contact a local or regional service that specializes in water damage cleanup and restoration. The sooner you fix a leak and address any damage that has resulted, the more affordably, effectively, and quickly you will be able to restore your property to a functional and safe condition. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on water damage. 

Ozone Cleaning: 3 Tips for Use in Removing Cigarette Odors

12/23/2019 (Permalink)

Hand with burning cigarette Tobacco smoke can yellow walls and carpets and trap the odor

Ozone Cleaning

Keeping your Northwest Las Vegas, NV home clean can be a challenge, especially if you are dealing with lingering odors left by a previous owner. Some smells can be tougher to clean away than others, and there are few more stubborn than cigarette odors. Tobacco smoke can yellow walls and carpets and trap the odor, making it hard to eliminate completely. However, ozone cleaning is proving to be a successful method for home deodorization, and learning about its usage may help you remove offensive tobacco odors from your home once and for all.

1. Understand Ozone Cleaning

Before you proceed with home deodorization via an ozone machine, you may want to take a bit of time to understand how it works. Ozone molecules carry an extra atom, so when they are released into the air, they absorb lingering odors by attracting odor-causing atoms. The odor inside these atoms is then neutralized, which eliminates it completely.

2. Replace Porous Materials

Cigarette smoke can become easily trapped in porous surfaces like fabric, so you may want to consider replacing your carpeting and drapes before you invest in ozone cleaning. This may reduce the odor and make an ozone treatment more effective. If you believe the smell is trapped in drywall, cleaning, repainting and sealing affected areas can be helpful with pretreatment.

3. Turn to Experts for Treatment

An ozone treatment can be quite effective when it comes to removing tobacco odors from your home. However, it is wise to have a fire damage and smoke restoration service perform one. Odor removal can be a challenge, especially when you are trying to eliminate it completely and prevent it from seeping back into your home later. A professional ozone cleaning can help to accomplish both.

An ozone treatment can be a good home deodorization choice for your Northwest Las Vegas, NV property. Learning about this process before you begin may help you feel more confident about the results, especially when it comes to removing tobacco odors.

What To Do When Your Business Floods

12/17/2019 (Permalink)

Flooded entrance of a building Flooding in a Northwest Las Vegas, NV business

What To Do When Your Business Floods

Flooding in your Northwest Las Vegas, NV, business can cause major problems. However, the sooner you act, the less likely you are to suffer mold growth and other damage.

Flood Dangers
Standing water poses several threats. The major ones are the following:

  • Structural damage
  • Mold infestation
  • Electrical shock

Some items, such as wood furniture, can be permanently disfigured by water damage. The sooner you begin drying out the items, the better chance you have of salvaging them. Additionally, mold growth can begin within as few as 24 hours, so it is important to dry the affected area as soon as possible. However, do not turn on any appliances or use any outlets that have come into contact with water without first speaking to an electrician. Doing so could be dangerous.

Flood Cleanup
Every water damage scenario is different. For example, water from different sources will have different types and amounts of bacteria present. While it is important to tailor the cleanup process to fit the situation, the following steps outline the basic process:

  • Remove standing water.
  • Throw away items that cannot be salvaged.
  • Dry and sanitize remaining items.
  • Repair and replace damaged objects.

You can use special pumps or vacuums to remove most of the water. Afterward, you can use dehumidifiers or fans to dry out the rest of the water. It is important to remove everything that cannot be fully cleaned and sanitized so that it does not grow mold and contaminate other objects. The contamination level of the flood water and the nature of the wet object determine which cleaning solution you should use, but commercial detergent is fine for many items. After everything is clean and dry, you can begin repairing and replacing water-damaged items.
If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of cleaning up water damage, you can hire a certified restoration company to help you. They can address water damage, mold growth and many other problems.

What To Expect for Your Home After a Flood

12/5/2019 (Permalink)

Hallway with wet carpet Damaged carpet in Las Vegas,NV

Ways Materials Around Your Home May React to Water

After a flood in Las Vegas, NV, your home may experience a number of phenomena including swelling wood. Understanding that this is a normal reaction to flood water may help you feel a little more certain about making flood repairs. Here are a few ways the materials around your home may react to water.

1. Carpeting

After flooding it’s important to contact a water damage restoration service to conduct any cleaning needs and possibly help with a water pipe repair. This is especially important if the flood water has damaged any cloth items such as carpeting which can bee affected a number of ways depending on the flood water type. In that case of sewer damage it will need to be replaced. White or grey water flooding may leave carpeting soggy but in many cases it can be dried and salvaged.

2. Wood

Wood materials can react in several ways depending on the wood’s type. Swelling wood, may be seen with soft woods, wood composites, or older woods. Hardwood in many cases, can be washed off, dried, and salvaged. Wood that has swollen, such as composite cupboards or a ply-board sub-floor, will need to be replaced.

3. Composites

A composite material is comprised of multiple substances that are different from each other, but when combined makes something that can be used in a new way. Flooding from a broken supply line or other source can affect these differently depending on the materials used. Composite woods may swell or crumble when left to soak for long periods of time, while metal, rubber or plastic composites will simply need to be washed off.
Contacting a restoration expert for flood repairs is highly recommended. These experts can help you understand what flood damage you can expect to see in your home. Swelling wood, soggy carpeting and eroding composite materials are all to be expected after a flood affects your home.

What Are the Risks of Flooding After a Fire?

12/2/2019 (Permalink)

Firefighters at a house fire Water damage from fire suppression in Northwest Las Vegas,NV

Fire and flooding damage may seem like unrelated issues, but flooding or water damage can follow a fire and intensify primary damage. Find out more about flood risks posed by different types of fires and how the Federal Emergency Management Agency's National Flood Insurance Program, also known as FEMA NFIP, can help with wildfire damage.

Water Damage From Fire Suppression

Regardless of the cause of a fire, fire suppression methods are likely to result in water damage.

  • Fire hoses dispense anywhere from 300 to 800 gallons of water per minute.
  • Firefighting efforts can grind in ash and soot.
  • A structure with fire damage may become flooded.

Damage resulting from fire suppression should be covered by homeowner's insurance. Document the damage before taking mitigation measures.

Flooding Resulting From Wildfires

The risk of flash flooding and mudflows can be elevated for up to five years after a wildfire.

  • Wildfires char the ground, limiting the ability of soil to absorb rainfall.
  • Fires eliminate vegetation that anchors soil.
  • Unabsorbent ground increases runoff.

Most homeowner's insurance policies exclude flooding damage. Homeowners in affected areas should obtain FEMA NFIP coverage.

Combined Fire and Water Damage

Standing water from flooding or fire suppression efforts worsens fire damage. Mitigation may involve:

  • Eliminating water with a pump or wet vac.
  • Preventing ash and soot from getting ground into hard flooring.
  • Tearing out and replacing porous materials, such as carpet.

Depending on the source of the flood water, specialized cleaning methods may be used to eliminate signs of fire and water damage from certain contents or surfaces. Cleanup specialists will recommend the right restoration measures.

Rely on fire, flood, and water damage mitigation experts to restore a residence following fire suppression efforts or wildfire-related flooding in Northwest Las Vegas, NV. Residents should document damage and file a claim with the FEMA NFIP or homeowner's insurance providers to offset cleanup and restoration expenses.

Does Renter's Insurance Cover Fire Damage?

11/26/2019 (Permalink)

Renters insurance By working with your insurance agent and other professionals, you can help ensure a smooth process.

If your residence in Northwest Las Vegas experiences damage from a fire, renters insurance may help protect lost or damaged items. Working closely with your insurance company can help you to understand what types of losses are covered. By cooperating with emergency personnel, landlords, other residents, and your insurance agent, you can help ensure a smooth and speedy restoration process. Having a general idea of what to expect can help set your mind at ease when talking to other parties.

What Is Covered?

Most renters insurance policies cover losses from fire damage. Your policy probably covers personal items or belongings that you brought into the residence. There are several easy ways to tell if the item is likely to be covered by your insurance:

It is not part of the structural building
It is something you brought in, like furniture or jewelry
It is something you own and will take with you when you move
It was not already there when you moved in

Some experts recommend taking pictures of your possessions when you move into a new residence. In the unlikely event that you need to file a claim, this will help prove ownership and what condition things were in before the disaster.

What About the Building?

At this point, you may be concerned that while your couch and clothes are covered, the carpet reeks of smoke and the electrical sockets are not working properly. This is where your landlord's insurance comes in. They are usually responsible to cover anything that is part of the structure of the building or permanent fixtures. They may choose to bring in a professional fire restoration company that can fix or replace items and return the residence to its pre-fire condition.

Renters insurance is necessary to cover personal losses that your landlord is not usually responsible for.

Mold Prevention During Flood Cleanup

11/12/2019 (Permalink)

Entrance of a house fully flooded during flooding Flooded home in Northwest Las Vegas, NV

Mold Prevention During Flood Cleanup

Once the water subsides after flooding, your home in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, still has a long way to go before it is back to normal. The most common issue people face is mold growth. Flooding creates the perfect conditions for spores to spread, which can happen within 24 hours.

The Effects of Flood Waters

Even just a little water has the potential for mold to start forming, so a flooded home will likely face more issues. As opposed to a roof leak, which usually affects one area, flooding can affect nearly every area of the home. Addressing saturated areas as quickly as possible is key.

Furniture, wood, clothing and other porous materials attract mold spores. Remove those items from the home. Keep salvageable items away from those that were completely submerged and will likely need to be discarded.
Inspect carpeting, drywall and baseboards for damage. Knocking a few holes in those area to allow for air flow can reduce the chances of mold growth.
Dry out carpeting. Use a wet vac to remove the waters. Be sure to wear safety gear to avoid coming into contact with contaminated water.
Open windows and use a dehumidifier and fans to help dry out the home.
Any glass, plastic or metal objects touched by the water should be clean and disinfected.

What If There Is Already Mold?

Even if you get your home dried out as quickly as possible, mold could already be growing. When it comes to mold removal, it’s best to contact a mold remediation expert to completely and safely eliminate it. Even if you think you got everything cleaned up, mold has a sneaky way of growing where it can’t be seen. If you begin to smell a musty odor that won’t go away, there is a good chance your home needs extra help.
Although mold growth can seem like a big problem, getting the right help makes a difference. Count on a professional to get your flooded home back to “Like it never even happened.”

Keeping Your Microwave Clean and Odor Free

10/22/2019 (Permalink)

Closeup of hand in protective glove wiping rag microwave. View from the interior of the oven Keep your microwave clean

Here Are Three Tips For Getting Rid Of The Stench and Disinfecting the Unit

You've popped that bag of popcorn too long and now a pungent smoke smell has permeated the house. What do you do? After all, you don't want your next few meals to pick up that burnt scent. It's time to clean the appliance, getting into the nooks and crannies. Here are three tips for getting rid of the stench and disinfecting the unit.

1) Tackle Odor First

To do this, locate a microwavable container, and fill it with water. Then, add a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice. Place it in the microwave, heating the water to boiling. This should help remove the funky scent.

2) Wipe It Down

The steam from the water should loosen any food stuck to the walls, offering an easier clean up. Grab a sponge or a wet cloth, and start scrubbing. Food that lingers on the walls can reduce the microwave's functionality and create a smoke smell. To avoid this, wash it often and cover plates when they're heated.

3) Eliminate Leftover Grease

Under the appliance is a grease filter that should be rinsed once a month. You'll want to take it out and place it in a bucket of water and detergent. Be careful. You don't want to use ammonia, so read labels first. After a while, remove it, dry it off, and put it back. Once this is done, locate the vent grill about the unit. Take off the front panel. Look and see how the grease has accumulated. With your rag, wipe it down. Grease is a potential fire hazard; thus, allowing it to sit could leave your home open to a fire. If flames or smoke occur, call 911 immediately. Allow the firemen to put it out. Then, contact a fire restoration company in Las Vegas, NV, to evaluate and repair the damage.
If the smoke smell bothers you, make it a habit to sanitize the appliance. Scour it free of food debris, and scrub it with soap and water.

Minimizing Water Damage in the Kitchen

10/22/2019 (Permalink)

Close-up Of A Man's Hand Holding Blue Napkin Under Leakage Pipe Water damage in a NW Las Vegas,NV kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Happy memories are made around the kitchen table and comfort and celebration are freely dispensed with a hug and a plate of brownies. But there is little comfort when a nasty leak is discovered under the kitchen sink. Such leaks can cause flooding under the cabinet or even into the ceiling below.

Minimizing Water Damage

Do not underestimate the role of water in home damage – the effects are unpleasant and all too real. The inconvenience, expense and household disruption are difficult to deal with, but there are some ways that may minimize the damage.

Inspect to determine the source of the leak and shut off the water supply at the first sign of water
Remove furnishings, area rugs and other moveable items to a dry location if possible – do not allow them to sit and soak up water
Do not turn on any appliances or entertainment equipment that has been exposed to the water, and never plug something in while you are standing in water or a wet surface
Alert your homeowner’s insurance to get direction and then call for professional assistance

Getting Proper Help

That last point is particularly important and should be undertaken as soon as the water source is shut off. A water remediation and restoration service in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, can assess the damage, alert you as to how to stay safe, and begin water extraction. If the water in home flooding is from a clean source, extraction and thorough cleaning and drying may be all that is necessary. If it comes from the disposal, contains food particles and grease; especially if it has been an ongoing problem that has gone unnoticed or untreated, then more intense sanitation measures may need to be employed.
The remediation service can undertake any kitchen repair that is necessary due to the flooding. Your kitchen can soon be restored to a place where comfort and caring can be found.

How To Keep Your Employees Safe During a Thunderstorm

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Lightning storm over city in purple light Thunderstorm in Las Vegas,NV

How To Keep Your Employees Safe During a Thunderstorm

Regular storms typically do not cause much damage. A major rain storm in Las Vegas, NV, however, can put your employees at risk.
Severe thunderstorms are particularly dangerous. They include wind gusts of at least 58 miles per hour or hail that is at least one inch in diameter. These storms can cause destruction in several ways:

  • High winds can knock down power lines and trees, damaging buildings and causing power outages
  • Heavy rains often lead to flood damage
  • Lightning strikes kill more people each year than hurricanes or tornadoes

You should thus take steps to protect your employees before, during and after a thunderstorm. Below are some tips for keeping everyone safe.

Before the Storm

Pay attention to local weather forecasts so you know if a severe rain storm is coming. Before the rain arrives, talk to your employees about what they should expect. Also, bring any outdoor equipment inside and trim any long or damaged tree branches near your building.
If your office has a lightning rod, make sure it is properly installed and maintained. To prevent severe storm damage, close all the office windows and doors as well.

During the Storm

When the storm begins, tell all your employees to stay inside and to keep away from the windows and skylights. Avoid using any electronic devices or plumbing.

After the Storm

Once the rain has stopped, begin the storm cleanup process. If your business sustained major damage, you can contact your local emergency restoration services company for assistance.
In the meantime, keep employees away from any electronic devices in the building until the flood cleanup is complete. Make sure they know to avoid any power lines that have fallen outside the office.
A severe rain storm can be dangerous if you do not take the proper precautions. If you follow the above steps, you can make sure your employees remain out of harm's way.

Mitigating Category 3 Damage

9/30/2019 (Permalink)

Technician using wet/dry vacuum for water extraction on a wet floor Extracting water in Northwest Las Vegas, NV

Mitigating Category 3 Damage

Water damage in your commercial building in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, may or may not be contaminated, depending on the water source. Category 3 damage comes from flood water or sewage, which means it may contain harmful bacteria and microbes. When you have this kind of damage, the water mitigation process must contain a step for disinfecting any remaining surface the contaminated water touches. There are a few steps that lead up to cleaning, though.

1. Water Extraction

After flooding, all excess water must be removed from the area. Water mitigation experts can do this efficiently using industrial pumps. Extraction starts the drying out process, which slows down the progression of the damage.

2. Material Removal

Extensive flooding from a toilet overflow often means that the flooring or walls need to be torn out. If they have been saturated, they cannot be cleaned and must be replaced. Before disinfection can take place, technicians must remove all materials that have been destroyed by the flooding.

3. Extensive Cleaning

Because sewage and flood water are highly contaminated, anything they touch much be thoroughly disinfected before the area can be restored. Experts may use industrial-strength cleaners, gamma radiation or other methods to make sure that all germs are gone.

4. Structure Restoration

The last step that occurs before your building can return to business as usual is restoration. Parts of the structure that were torn out are rebuilt and replaced. Items that had to be removed from the area are returned if they were able to be salvaged. Finishing steps such as paint touch-ups or tile matching are completed.
When flood water or an overflowing toilet cause extensive water damage to your building, restoration experts must do more than just dry out the area. By disinfecting the affected space before rebuilding it, they can help you safeguard the people in your building and avoid additional damage.

What Damages a Solar Panel?

9/18/2019 (Permalink)

A solar panel on top of a roof house Solar panels are designed to last up to 30 years

What Damages a Solar Panel?

People in Las Vegas, NV with solar panels should feel confident that their investment should last and they won’t have to worry about panel damage. While the weather doesn’t always cooperate with our wishes, these renewable energy systems are designed to withstand a fair amount of what Mother Nature throws their way.

Panel Durability

Although the many photovoltaic cells that make up a panel are fragile, they are protected by a durable frame and tempered glass. Similar to cellphone screens, even if they shatter or crack, they maintain their form. The glass used is tested to provided a protective layer from hail, wind and sever storms, as well as hold up to excess weight on them.

Common Culprits

Solar panels are designed to last up to 30 years, and may even continue working at a lower capacity after that, but they aren’t 100% resistant to the effects of nature. When general roof damage occurs, there may be a chance that there is also panel damage. The most common causes of damage include:

Falling debris – Dust, leaves and twigs may create tiny scratches that can eventually block some of the cells from absorbing sunlight. Larger branches falling have the potential to create large cracks. Maintaining nearby trees can help deter these problems.
Hail – Panels are designed to withstand hail. For people who live in areas prone to hail storms, or freak storms with larger hail, scratching or cracking can happen. While there isn’t much you can do to prevent hail damage, smaller panels can reduce overall damage.
Rain and snow – As panels age, seals can begin to deteriorate. This may allow moisture to get inside the panel and affect its components. A professional can reseal the panels to help them last as long as they should.

Most people won’t need to worry about panel damage for years to come. A few small steps, like keeping panels free of debris, can easily be added to your spring and fall home maintenance checklist.

Proper Mold Testing For Your Home

9/18/2019 (Permalink)

The hand of someone with a moist meter on wall, testing for mold Mold testing in a home

Proper Mold Testing For Your Home

Homeowners are often concerned about indoor humidity levels and the possibility of mold growth. There are dozens of products advertised for mold testing, but how do you know if they are accurate or whether they can truly tell your risk level? The following items will dispel myths about DIY mold kits and explain the best path forward for a safe home.

Mold Kit Truths

Mold is present everywhere, both indoors and out. It is brought indoors through air ventilation systems, open windows and doors, and even through your clothes and pets. Therefore, every mold testing kit should read positive when trying to determine the presence of mold. The results aren’t useful, because they don’t tell you if the amount of mold is harmful or in need of a mold remediation specialist.

Professional Fixes

The only way to determine whether you have a problem is to hire a competent environmental hygienist to test for mold levels. They should be able to give you clear results, along with a plan of action, if needed. Before choosing a company, ask the following questions:

  • Is the company well-established and experienced in mold testing?
  • Does it also offer remediation services to get rid of health risks?
  • Are the technicians properly trained?
  • Does it have the technology to eliminate mold?

Prevention Methods

If you are determined to take action yourself, there are several steps you can take to prevent mold growth. Regularly getting your roof and plumbing inspected can help identify problems before water damage occurs. Certain rooms like bathrooms and basements are magnets for humidity problems, so addressing excess moisture is important. You should ensure proper ventilation and implement dehumidifiers, if necessary.
It can be tempting to buy a cheap DIY mold kit to try to handle a potential humidity and mold problem within your home. However, the results are often not useful. If you are concerned about mold testing, contact a competent professional to determine the risks and prevention methods.

Showering Makes the Toilet Overflow

8/20/2019 (Permalink)

Auger snake

Clearly, showering should not affect the other plumbing in the bathroom. If taking a shower makes your toilet overflow, you have a clog somewhere between the toilet and the sewer. Proper sewage cleaning is in order. This can be a DIY project, if you are feeling adventurous.

Steps to Clearing the Pipes

1. Get a snake. An auger snake is a plumbing tool that consists of a long, flexible wire that is driven either by hand or by a motor. You can rent or purchase snakes from your local hardware store in Northwest Las Vegas, NV. You'll need a snake that's at least 25 feet long.
2. Snake the toilet. Since you're not sure where the clogged pipe is, begin by snaking the toilet. You can do this through the toilet itself, or remove the toilet and snake through the floor drain. When you are done, run the shower to see if it is still overflowing.
3. Snake the drain cleanout. The drain cleanout is a cap on your main drain, probably located in the crawlspace or basement. Use a long pipe wrench to remove the cap. Be aware that if you have clogged pipes at this point, backed up sewage can run out when you remove the cap. Run the snake through the opening to clear up any clogs. Replace the cap and run your shower again to test.
4. Get help. If your attempts at sewage cleaning have not solved the problem, you have bigger issues and you will need to call a professional plumber. They have longer and more powerful snakes that can reach clogs between your home and the main sewer line.

In addition to sewage cleaning, you may need home cleaning or water damage restoration. If your plumbing problems have resulted in damage to floors, walls, or fixtures, call in the pros who are Faster to any size disaster.

3 Steps To Take Before a Storm Hits Your Business

8/13/2019 (Permalink)

Back up all of your files on a cloud

How To Equip Your Business For a Storm

If a spring storm is in the forecast, you need to prepare your business for the bad weather. Ensuring that you take the proper steps in advance can prevent your building from becoming vulnerable to storm damage. If you fail to prepare, it can result in unnecessary expenses and high stress levels. Follow these guidelines to equip your business in Las Vegas, NV, for a storm.

1. Secure Your Building

Before the storm hits, the first thing you should do is make sure each aspect of your building is properly secured. Check to see that:

  • Windows are protected by shutters or plywood.
  • Trees and shrubs near structures are trimmed.
  • The building has no current leaks.

Protecting your windows with shutters or plywood can prevent them from shattering as a result of high winds. It’s also important to check for any existing leaks throughout your building, as they can worsen when the storm hits. You don’t want to pay for repairs or replacements as a result of a pipe burst or another form of damage.

2. Pay Attention to Weather Reports

It will be a challenge to fully prepare your business for a spring storm if you aren’t aware of what kind of damage you can expect. To stay updated before the bad weather arrives, pay close attention to any weather reports that provide helpful information on the storm. The more you know about the weather event, the better equipped you can be when it comes to your area.

3. Protect Your Data

Your business’s data is extremely valuable and must be protected in the event of a storm. Make sure you have a plan in place that will keep your data safe if the weather threatens to compromise it. It may be a good idea to back up all of your files on a cloud so that you can access them at a more convenient time.
The safety of your business should be taken seriously. If a spring storm causes any harm to your property, trust an emergency damage restoration company to bring your business back to its normal state.

Dealing With Fire and Water Damage Does Not Mean the End of Business

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Fire and water damage in Northwest Las Vegas, NV

The majority of business owners in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, go through their days without the fear of a fire being foremost in their thoughts. With reasonable maintenance and care, most people may never experience the tragedy of fire breaking out in the workplace. But for the few who do see such an unfortunate event occur, the fire damage can be devastating.

Damage Comes From Both Fire and Water

In addition to the heat and flames, water damage is another aspect that must be dealt with. A fire hose pumps thousands of gallons of water in the course of putting out a fire. All of that water can be just as destructive as the flames themselves. Fire damage tends to burn upward, while water runs downward inside available openings.

How Does Water Cause Damage During a Fire?

Water can swell boards, ruin electronics and compromise electrical systems even if the flames never touched them.Water can also cause extensive structural damage to porous materials like sheet rock, wood floors and carpeting. Sodden building materials can become swollen or buckled, potentially leading to floor or ceiling cave-ins. Left too long, excess moisture in building interiors can also lead to issues with mold and mildew.

How To Deal With Damage?

The damage from both water and fire can seem insurmountable, but there is help available. A fire and water damage restoration service in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, can guide you through the process by helping to:

  • Assess and evaluate the damage
  • Provide estimates and other details to file with your insurance company
  • Begin safe cleanup practices, including removal of items and structural materials damaged beyond repair, as well as dealing with smoke damage and mold growth
  • Properly clean and disinfect savable content, storing for later as needed
  • Perform restoration services of damaged areas

There is much to do after a fire and time is of the essence. Don’t let fire damage throw you off course. With professional help, you can see the restoration unfold in front of you and get back to business as usual.

What To Do When Mold Comes Back

7/30/2019 (Permalink)

Mold in structure

Reasons Why Mold Comes Back

You see a few patches of mold growth on the wall of your office, so you have the custodial staff clean it up. In a few days, you notice that the patches have returned in the same spot. It's not the custodians' fault. There are several reasons that the mold may have returned.

Moisture Problems

Mold will not grow in your building in Las Vegas, NV, unless there is enough moisture to feed it. A moisture problem can come from several issues:

  • High humidity
  • Leaky pipe
  • Unresolved water damage
  • Damp carpet or carpet pad

Even if you clean the patch of mold off the wall, if you don't resolve the moisture problem that led to it, it will probably come back.

Mold Structure

The purpose of mold in nature is to break down organic matter. When mold spores settle on a surface, that's exactly what they start doing. There is more to mold growth than what you see on the surface. Tendrils called hyphae grow down into the pores of the material. They excrete enzymes that start to break down the material of your wall or whatever surface hosts the growth. When you just clean the surface, you're only removing half the problem. You are probably also releasing spores, which can affect the air quality in your office.

Improper Mitigation

Only licensed mold mitigation specialists have the necessary training for thorough remediation. They will likely start with a pretest so that they can identify the full scope of the problem. Then they use special techniques that allow disinfectant to reach all the places that the fungus has spread. After mitigation, they can test again to make sure the issue is resolved.
Unless you hire experts to get rid of not only the mold growth but the moisture problem that allowed it to thrive, you will probably see it again, maybe even in the same spot. Understanding the nature of mold can help you recognize the right way to handle the problem.

Flood Insurance Is a Must For Businesses

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Give SERVPRO a call if you experience commercial flooding.

Coping with the aftermath of a flood in Las Vegas, NV, is likely to be challenging to citizens and business owners. Surprisingly, many business owners may not realize the importance of carrying flood insurance because they assume they are covered under their commercial insurance policies. Naturally occurring hazards such as fire, lightning and wind that produce damage are covered under these policies, as are rainwater, mudflow and melting snow that leaks onto property from above, but commercial coverage does not typically extend to flood damage. Areas that experience snowy winters with rapid spring melts, heavy spring rains or even moderate annual rainfall are at particular risk for the kind of flooding that can damage floors, walls, fixtures, and inventory and cripple a business temporarily or permanently. 

Defining Flood Damage

To understand floods, you must know what makes a flood different from a rainstorm.

  1. Flood water is defined as accumulating from the ground up, as in the overflow from bodies of water, storm surges, blocked storm drains, and rain or snow melt that inundates ground that is ordinarily dry.
  2. Floods cover at least two properties or an area determined to be at least two acres.
  3. Flood damage is confined to buildings in which water and/or mudflow has infiltrated from the ground.

Understanding Flood Insurance

Insurance policies for floods protect business owners against losses to their buildings and what is stored in them. Exemptions include vehicles, loss of use and loss of revenue from having to close the business for any amount of time. If the business is operating with a mortgage from a federally insured or federally regulated lender, carrying flood insurance on the building is required by law. The same is true if the business is operating in an area that has been officially designated as an area at high risk for flooding. Easy-to-use, interactive tools available online enable business owners to determine the status of Las Vegas, NV with regard to flood risk.

Floods and Mold Damage: Should You Have a Flood Policy?

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People in flood zones already understand the importance of flood insurance

Importance of Flood Insurance

People in flood zones already understand the importance of flood insurance. However, homeowners living just outside the boundary of these flooding zones may not know the value of such policies, especially with the compounding damages of flood waters, like mold growth and structural issues. Flood coverage can offer protections for homeowners even when they don't live within a specified flood territory. However, it is necessary to weigh the advantages of such policies against the potential need.

Likelihood of Flooding

Not every area is prone to flooding, so living within a relatively dry climate may mean less need for flood coverage. However, if you live close to a flood zone, then purchasing the additional coverage is a way of protecting against possible loss. Therefore, check with your local municipality and emergency management office to determine if flood protection is a good idea for you and your residence.

Storm Surge and Mold Growth

While your area may not have frequent flooding, you may still live in an area prone to violent weather, like tropical storms or hurricanes, either of which can cause flooding. When living in an area with volatile weather, the city may ask for evacuations occasionally. Unfortunately, while you may prepare your home for the approaching storm, a flood may occur, leaving your home and belongings vulnerable. Experts say that mold growth develops within hours and colonizes within three days, meaning that areas at risk of evacuation likely require more specific coverages, like for flooding.


Another reason to consider upgrading your insurance in certain areas is to offset the cost of restorations. Flooding can cause a significant amount of property damage, and most homeowner's policies will not cover the loss. Therefore, to hire an emergency restoration service in the Las Vegas, NV, area for water and potential mold removal, you will need adequate flood coverage.
While intense storms and flooding do not affect every area in the country, it is necessary to make sure you're covered for potential weather risks in your area. Flooding can lead to mold growth and structural issues that are not commonly covered in homeowners' policies. Therefore, check your zoning and policy to protect your property.

Steps to Take After a Fire in Your Home

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Fire damage in a Northwest Las Vegas, NV home

What to Do After a Fire?

You've probably learned about proper fire prevention tips and how to safely evacuate your home in case of such an emergency. Do you know what to do after the fire, once you've reached safety and crews have put out the flames? It's critical that you follow effective procedures so you can get your home back to a state where you can return and get your life back on track. This not only involves fire restoration but working with your insurance company.

Your Responsibilities

From the moment you smell smoke, see a fire in your Northwest Las Vegas, NV, home or hear the smoke detector sound the alarm, you need to act quickly. If you take the right actions, you can have peace of mind that you'll get the financial help you need to pay for repairs and that you'll be able to get back home soon.

  • Alert the fire department as soon as you suspect or verify there's a fire.
  • Contact professional fire restoration specialists to start the cleanup and repair efforts.
  • Call your insurance agent and file a claim with your homeowner's insurance or fire insurance policies.

Leave It Alone

It's vital that as soon as the fire crews put out the fire that you don't return to the home and disturb the scene. Not only is this unsafe, but it could cause further damage to the structure of your house and nullify some of your insurance claims.

Let the Insurance and Restoration Companies Coordinate

It's important that you file a claim quickly so your insurance agent can communicate with the fire cleanup and remediation team. The restoration company will inform the insurance agency about necessary repairs, smoke cleaning and the extent of the damage. The company can take photos and send them to your insurance agency as well.
The sooner you file a claim and hire the right fire restoration company, the sooner you'll get on the road to recovery. Make sure you act quickly and effectively.

Should You Choose Mitigation or Restoration After a Fire?

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Insurance for fire damage may cover either mitigation or restoration

Insurance for fire damage may cover either mitigation or restoration. If your Las Vegas, NV, business has a fire policy, it is important for you to understand the difference between the two. It is also helpful for you to be aware of which service your specific policy covers.

Working With Your Insurance Company

Which option is best for you will depend on several factors, especially the following:

  • What is provided for by your policy
  • The type of company that is recommended to you by your insurer

If you hire an all-purpose, one-stop-shop restoration company, they will likely deliver both mitigation and restoration, as well as additional fire mitigation services. It therefore makes sense to consider working with the insurance company to bring such a company onboard, rather than having to go through two different service providers. If you have more freedom of choice, however, it's useful to have an understanding of the difference between mitigation and restoration.

Making Sense of Mitigation

The principal goal of a mitigation company is to prevent further harm to a piece of property that has suffered fire damage. Such a company would primarily be focused on short-term reconstruction to ensure security and prevent total structural collapse of the building. Much of what it does is limited and can be described as "short-gap" at best. It is usually after this process that an insurance adjuster might begin his or her work of assessing the extent of the damage.

Recognizing the Need for Restoration

Restoration is what comes after mitigation: full reconstruction of the property, replacement of floors and ceilings, reconnection of utilities, etc. A restoration company might also be able to help put in measures to prevent future damage. Given this description, it is obvious that restoration is most useful when done after mitigation. Basically, stop the rot first, then rebuild.

As a business owner, it is prudent to include a solid reconstruction plan in any measures you take to insure against unforeseen disasters such as fire damage. This should be a key consideration in any policy discussions, as such a provision could come in handy in the future.

3 Things To Remember When Making a Water Damage Claim

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Contact water damage restoration specialists immediately to prevent excess water

How to Correctly File an Insurance Claim

Having a water damage problem in your home can be a stressful situation. To make sure that you’re being compensated for your trouble, it’s important to understand how to correctly file an insurance claim. Here are some tips to keep in mind before you make a claim for water damage in your Las Vegas, NV, home.

1. Determine What Your Insurance Will Cover

In most cases, an insurance company will only cover certain types of water damage. This is a crucial point to consider as you work on preparing your claim. Some of the forms of damage that may not be covered by insurance include:

  • Gradual pipe leaks
  • Seepage from cracks
  • Damaged areas of roof
  • Steady toilet leaks

If you're facing a more serious problem such as a flood, your claim is more likely to be approved. It’s important to discuss your specific damage with your insurance adjuster to have a clear idea of what to expect during the claim filing process.

2. Ask Questions

If you aren’t completely sure about something when making your insurance claim, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, whether you’re looking for information about your state’s claim filing laws or want to confirm that your pipe burst is covered by insurance. Ensuring that you have a clear understanding of your expectations can help the process go more smoothly.

3. Keep Track of Lost or Damaged Items

In order to effectively support your damage claim, you need to keep records of all of your lost or damaged items. Make a list of any articles that have been harmed or destroyed completely by the event that caused water damage. It is also a good idea to hold on to these damaged items before your insurance adjuster visits so you can provide physical proof of what you lost.

Filing an insurance claim is only one step towards having peace of mind. Contact water damage restoration specialists immediately to prevent excess water from causing further damage to your home.

How To Prevent Mold in Your Home

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Mold damage in a Northwest Las Vegas, NV home

Take the Following Mold Prevention Steps

Although mold is everywhere around us, it can be particularly stressful to find out you have a mold problem within your Northwest Las Vegas, NV, home. Depending on the area and cause of the problem, it is often a costly and time-consuming mold remediation process. However, you aren’t powerless to stop it; you can take the following mold prevention steps.

1. Inspect Pipes Regularly

One of the biggest culprits of mold problems is water damage from leaky pipes or roofs. No matter how seemingly small, all leaks need to be properly fixed. Monitor them closely and call in professionals if needed. They can measure the water pressure within your pipes and reduce the stress on them by making adjustments.

2. Monitor Humidity

Mold grows especially well in humid environments. It’s important that your home doesn’t have higher than 50% humidity in any room. Most drugstores sell hygrometers, which tell you the humidity level indoors. These levels can change throughout the day, so take several measurements in each room. Dehumidifiers and air conditioning can help lower levels, and any room with high humidity should have ventilation added.

3. Pay Attention to Bathrooms and Kitchens

Bathrooms and kitchens are particularly susceptible to mold growth. Hot showers or steamy dishwashing creates a perfect environment for water condensation to build up on the walls or floors. Avoid carpeting these areas, since they hold onto moisture and make it difficult to spot mold problems below the surface. Remove any visible mold on shower doors or walls using a bleach, vinegar or borax solution.

4. Check the Basement

Because they are below the surface, basement walls tend to collect moisture from the ground and rain. Regularly monitor basement walls for any sign of leaks or water damage. If water has leaked into the area, remove anything that can’t be thoroughly dried, such as carpet or upholstery.

It’s a good idea for homeowners to be aware of the potential for mold growth. The key to mold prevention is a dry and well-ventilated home. If you regularly check pipes, bathrooms and basements for water damage, you can prevent small leaks from becoming large problems.

How To Eliminate the Smell of Cigarette Smoke From Your Home

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The ozone generator is used to remove cigarette smell

Did you just purchase a home in Las Vegas, NV, where the previous tenants smoked? Perhaps you’ve been a smoker yourself but recently quit. In either case, your house will have the strong odor of cigarettes. If you can’t tolerate this odor or want it gone for health reasons, there are ways to make it happen with home deodorization and other means.

The Ill Effects of Cigarette Smoke

Smoking can be a difficult habit to break, but it’s not only worth it for your well-being, but you’ll also notice a big difference in your house. Cigarette smoke can do the following:

  • Poses risks for children, such as chest and nose problems
  • Lingers on furniture
  • Can turn walls yellow
  • Settles into clothing

What Does a Deodorizer Do?

One of the most common remedies for cigarette smoke is a deodorizer. The home deodorization process can be effective at eliminating this stench and harmful particles that it introduces. Both home remedies and store-bought products are designed to absorb the bad smells and replace them with something more pleasant. Ideally, these won’t contain harmful chemicals.

What Do the Pros Say?

There are plenty of choices out there you can try, but you’ll be hard-pressed to beat what a professional smoke remediation company can provide. An expert team of technicians has the experience and skill to properly identify safe, permanent solutions to your dilemma. The best companies will not only provide options to help you remove this awful smell, but they’ll show you how you can use them yourself.

The Ozone Approach

The smoke removal team will likely recommend the use of ozone to remove the cigarette smell. This technique is simple to use. Make sure everyone, including pets, is out of the house. Also, cover up all valuable items, and then set the timer to start the ozone device. It could take up to 24 hours or longer for the generator to do its job. The technician will let you know how long to wait to enter the home.

Contact a professional today to get more information on the best home deodorization system. You can soon experience a fresh smell once again.

FAQs About Mold Damage in Businesses After Storms

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Extreme mold growth in Northwest Las Vegas, NV

FAQs About Mold Damage in Businesses After Storms

After a storm affects a business in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with the amount of damage that has occurred. However, business owners often don’t realize extensive mold growth can occur after water damage.

1. Why Are Storms Associated With Mold Damage?

In order for mold to thrive, it often needs water and access organic materials. After storms, excess moisture caused by standing water or high levels of humidity in a building can help to create ideal environments for mold and bacteria to grow. Additionally, various building materials and other items that are often found in businesses also provide mold with the nutrients needed to grow and spread.

2. What Areas Are Prone to Mold Damage in Businesses?

There are various areas in businesses that are likely to be affected by mold growth after storms occur. Roofs that have missing or cracked shingles often become damaged during storms and may begin to leak, causing mold to form on water damaged ceilings and walls. Basements are often one of the first places in a building to be affected when flooding from storms occurs, making mold likely to appear in the area shortly after.

3. How Can You Mitigate the Damage?

Often, it’s important for business owners to prioritize mitigation efforts, as mold can quickly spread and cause extensive damage to a property if it is not treated in a timely manner. Generally, it’s wise to begin mitigation efforts within 48 hours of the storm, since mold can grow in a matter of days. Assistance from storm damage restoration specialists can often help to lessen the amount of damage, which can ultimately make the restoration process less expensive and quicker.

Knowing that mold occurs often after water damage can be helpful for business owners. You can prepare your businesses for storm and mold damage by knowing why storms are associated with mold growth, areas that may be affected and how to mitigate the effects of a storm.

When To Use a Flood Cut

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Flooding from a storm can destroy your walls by saturating them with contaminated water.

If you experience flooding after a storm, you may hear the flood restoration experts who are tasked with mitigating the damage talking about a flood cut. A flood cut is a mark that is made in the wall that tells technicians how much of the wall has to be removed. Such measures are not always necessary with all water damage, but there are times when taking out walls cannot be avoided.

Saving the Wall

Not all damage to your home is the same. Experts consider some types of water damage relatively minor, such as:

  • Damage by clean water
  • Small spills
  • Superficial damage that doesn’t reach the drywall

If the water doesn’t actually permeate the wall or contaminate it with microbes, there is no reason to tear out the drywall. Technicians can just dry the area to prevent secondary damage from occurring.

Removing the Wall

If the damage to your home is caused by flooding from a recent storm in Las Vegas, NV however, the walls are probably going to have to go. Flood water is considered Category 3 water, which means it is likely contaminated with bacteria and other microorganisms. You do not want these germs remaining on your walls. Unfortunately, there is not really a good way to clean the walls. They have to be removed and replaced.

Technicians start by making a flood cut about 12 inches above the highest visible damage. This distance may seem excessive, but it ensures that all the contamination is removed, even if the damage isn’t obvious. Once the wall is down, the technicians can check to see if anything inside the wall was affected, such as the insulation. After the area is dry and clean, the wall can be rebuilt.

Flooding from a storm can destroy your walls by saturating them with contaminated water. Such damage can only be dealt with by tearing it out and throwing it away. A flood cut helps ensure that all the damaged materials are removed.

Dry Out Wooden Floors Immediately To Prevent Replacement

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A little professional knowledge and the right equipment can go a long way to restoring your floors and your peace of mind.

Your hardwood floors are the stars of your decor. Rich warm tones and a gleaming patina bring glances of envy and admiration from all who have the pleasure of walking on it. So what do you do to protect the color and finish in the event of a pipe burst or flood?

Pipes break, sprinkler systems go on the blink, and toilets flood, so chances are you may have to deal with water on your wood floor at some point. Knowing ahead what to do can save headache and expense and potentially save your floors, and understanding what can happen to wet wood is the first step.

What Happens If a Wet Floor Is Allowed To Sit

  • Wood swells leading to misshapen or warped boards
  • Separation of the grain causes splintering and cracking
  • Bacteria and mold can set in causing dry rot

Why It Is Important To Act Quickly

The first and most important thing to do following a pipe burst is to remove the water. Whether you choose towels and mops, a shop vacuum or fans, getting the water off the surface of the wood is critical. Remove water and moisture from the deeper layers to prevent warping and buckling of the floor. Even a wooden subfloor is in danger of damage if allowed to remain wet.

It may be necessary to take a section of the floor up to dry out the boards, then have it reinstalled and refinished – still cheaper than a new floor. Navigating all of these details can be difficult, especially if you have no experience. There are water restoration professionals in Las Vegas, NV that can come and assess the damage and get right to work mitigating the damage and working to save your wood floor.

If you experience a pipe burst, get the help you need to bring your wood back to its original state. A little professional knowledge and the right equipment can go a long way to restoring your floors and your peace of mind.

Resolving Mold Issues in Your Commercial Air Duct System: 3 Steps

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If your building’s air smells musty when the ventilation system is running, then you might have mold in the ductwork.

Your Las Vegas, NV commercial building’s ventilation system helps regulate comfortable temperatures for your employees and customers. However, it can also house unwelcome guests, such as hair, mildew and, most worrisome, mold. If your building’s air smells musty when the ventilation system is running, then you might have mold in the ductwork. An HVAC cleaning can help resolve this issue, but there are a few steps you can take until professional help arrives to resolve the issue permanently.

1. Turn Off the Unit

Mold spores exist naturally in the air and can travel into your building on shoes and other clothing. These spores are usually harmless and do not multiply unless they find a moist, humid area in which to eat and grow. A ventilation system’s air ducts can provide this type of environment, especially during wet or hot weather, where spores may travel from the outdoor unit’s condenser. Temporarily turning off the HVAC system may prevent further contamination.

2. Vacuum Building Vents

If you suspect a mold problem in your ventilation ducts, scheduling an HVAC cleaning with a professional service is usually the best solution. However, you can act on your own until then by vacuuming out your building’s cooling vents and heat registers. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter and a long hose to reach into these spaces. Cleaning vents thoroughly may give you a head start on removing mold spores from your building.

3. Call in a Professional Mold Removal Company

Connecting with an experienced mold removal and restoration service can be a necessary step when it comes to eradicating fungi hiding in your building’s ventilation ductwork. Certified techs often have the means to clean these areas and remove mold with processes specifically designed for that purpose.

Your Las Vegas, NV commercial building likely houses your greatest investment. When mold invades its ventilation system, knowing the steps to take, including calling for a professional HVAC cleaning, can be vital for the future condition of your property.

FAQs About the Fire Restoration Process

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It’s often helpful for business owners to know what happens after a fire, what restoration includes and how professionals can prevent damage.

FAQs About The Fire Restoration Process

A fire in Las Vegas, NV can devastate businesses, and not understanding what the fire restoration process entails can frustrate business owners. However, knowing details about restoring a building after it has been affected by a fire can make the process of restoration easier for everyone involved.

What Happens After a Fire Affects a Commercial Property?

Before a fire rebuild can begin, there are various steps that are taken first, which often include:

  • An assessment of items that have been affected directly and indirectly by the fire
  • Claims that document the damage are made to the insurance company
  • Securing the building using board-ups and other methods
  • Claims information is made available to insurance adjusters, insurance agents and clients

What Does Restoration Include?

The amount of time and the cost of fire restoration often depends on the amount and the type of damage that has occurred to a property. However, the following steps are often involved:

  • Replacing or fixing structural damage
  • Removing smoke odor from the building and from items in the building
  • Fixing or replacing items impacted by smoke and soot
  • Restoring the interior and exterior appearance of the commercial property

Can Damage Be Prevented?

In addition to rebuilding services, restoration after a fire often includes preventing more damage from occurring. Water damage is often an issue after a fire and can be caused by sprinklers, water from hoses used to put out the fire or floods that occur after a fire. Professionals can take steps to remove water from a building when the fire is extinguished, which can prevent water damage and mold growth. Additionally, board-up services can protect a building from wind damage and can deter would-be thieves from entering the building.

It’s often helpful for business owners to know what happens after a fire, what restoration includes and how professionals can prevent damage. Overall, learning more about the fire restoration process can improve business owners’ experiences as their properties are restored.

Why To Choose a Certified Mold Remediation Company

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Choose certified mold removers with the proper IICRC verifications and you can rest assured your restoration job will be done right the first time.

Why To Choose A Certified Mold Remediation Company

After discovering mold damage, it’s natural to look online and go with the first remediation company you find. However, not every company will give you the best result. Some, if they aren’t certified, can even lead to your insurance company rejecting your claim. If you are up against fungus growth in your Las Vegas, NV home, a certified mold removal company is the only way to ensure the best outcome.

What Does Certification Guarantee?

Just about any business with the right equipment can set up shop and claim they can handle mold removal, but not every professional is trained to address it thoroughly and safely. Certification by the IICRC, or Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, was designed to create a baseline of customer service. It protects you by ensuring a business meets certain standards:

  • Ethical behavior
  • Technical know-how
  • Procedural accuracy
  • Accountability

Working with a certified mold cleanup company may cost a little more up front, but it’s worth the cost to save countless dollars on time and repeat work. You can also avoid the general frustration at a subpar job.

Why Does Certification Matter?

When you’re looking at a mold ravaged room that needs to be cleaned quickly, standards of ethics might not seem important. However, these standards have real-life implications on your cleanup job. For one, a company with mold certification has established itself as having the highest amount of knowledge and experience, so you know you are working with professionals. Because they’re compelled to be accountable to maintain certification, you can be sure they will work hard to resolve whatever problems arise, rather than leave the job half done.

Water damage can be daunting but working with a certified mold remediation company can make it a little less so. Choose certified mold removers with the proper IICRC verifications and you can rest assured your restoration job will be done right the first time.

Contaminated Water Categories and Cleanup

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Contact a water damage repair service within the first 48 hours of a clean water spill in order to prevent worsening damage.

Contaminated Water Categories And Cleanup

As a homeowner in Las Vegas, NV it’s possible you may have to deal with water damage from a leak or flood at some point in time. There are several types of contaminated water that require extra safety precautions, so it’s important to first assess the kind of damage in order to determine how to proceed with removal and repair. Common types of contaminants may include the following:

  • Cleaning agents such as soap or bleach
  • Grease and oils
  • Food residue
  • Bodily waste

There are also several other unsafe chemicals and foreign objects that have led experts to create a system to categorize types of water.

Category 1: Clean Water

This type of water is most likely the result of a faucet overflow, broken water supply line, or household appliance malfunction. Keep in mind that although it may not be contaminated water, environmental conditions or the amount of time lapsed can cause the water to elevate to Category 2 or 3. Contact a water damage repair service within the first 48 hours of a clean water spill in order to prevent worsening damage.

Category 2: Grey Water

Possible sources of grey water can be from appliance discharge, broken sump pumps, and toilet water mixed with urination. Due to rapid growth of bacteria and mold, cleanup should begin as soon as possible to prevent elevating grey water to Category 3.

Category 3: Black Water

This type of contaminated water is primarily composed of sewage backup containing human and animal waste. It may also source from rivers, streams and oceans, which are often known to contain bacteria, fungi, and unsanitary chemicals. Contact a cleanup service immediately when this type of flood is discovered.

Identifying the category, whether clean, grey, or black water, is crucial in describing the damage to a professional in Las Vegas, NV with the proper tools and training to remove contamination and repair your property.

Why hire SERVPRO in Las Vegas

3/20/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas is the premier restoration company to hire in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our team has the experience and training to handle any size water or fire loss in the local area. 

On most losses it is important to make sure that each step of the process is properly documented. This can include taking plenty of photos, notes, and any other information that can be useful for your records. This can be critical if there is something that needs to be referenced during or after the loss. 

SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas prides itself in making sure every loss is done quickly and efficiently. We understand how important it is to get your home back to pre loss condition or your business ready to be back in operation after experiencing a major loss. 

What Makes SERVPRO a Leader in the Franchise Restoration Industry?

3/18/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO a leader in the restoration industry.

SERVPRO The Top Disaster Recovery And Restoration Company In North America

With over 1,700 locations across the U.S. and Canada, there’s a reason why SERVPRO is one of the top disaster recovery and restoration companies in North America. By providing 24 hour a day, 365 day a year service, a guaranteed response to service calls within one hour, and a verbal restoration evaluation within eight hours of damage assessment, SERVPRO has remained a preferred vendor for insurance agents and adjusters since it was founded in 1967. The unique business model of each SERVPRO franchise, including the one near you in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, is what makes them leaders in the industry.

1. Every SERVPRO franchise is locally owned. SERVPRO isn’t a giant, faceless corporation run solely by a boardroom full of CEOs and executives. It’s based on a franchise concept that allows everyday people to work hard and follow their dream of owning their own business and serving members of their community.

2. SERVPRO is a proven business concept. For over 50 years, SERVPRO has been helping franchisees achieve the American Dream of business ownership. It’s now the #1 ranked franchise restoration services company in the U.S., cementing an already stellar reputation that can only be earned through decades of helping investors achieve success and financial freedom.

3. SERVPRO guides its franchisees every step of the way. Becoming a certified SERVPRO franchise owner is easy thanks to a tried and true business model, which includes substantial training and expansion options. Franchise owners also benefit from the extensive branding that SERVPRO has already achieved thanks to its many years as a leader in the restoration industry.

While insurance industry professionals have many disaster restoration vendors to choose from, only the SERVPRO franchise has earned a national reputation as the top company in its field. That’s why SERVPRO remains a leader in the industry over 50 years after its inception.

3 Steps To Minimize Mold Damage After Flooding

2/11/2019 (Permalink)

Mold growth can begin in 24 to 48 hours

You’ve found yourself in one of the worst situations most business owners in Las Vegas, NV, can imagine: Your building has flooded. Whether the water intrusion is from a storm or plumbing issue, there is no time to waste after flooding. Destructive mold growth can begin in 24 to 48 hours. Here are three steps to take in the critical hours following a flood.

1. Dry Affected Areas

Drying is the most important step in the cleanup process and should begin as quickly as is safe after a flood event. All standing water should be cleaned up and removed by a commercial restoration service. Saturated items such as upholstered furniture should be taken outdoors to dry if conditions permit.

Carpeting that has been exposed to flooding should be taken out of the building. Drywall that has been saturated will need to be cut away.

Get as much air circulating as possible. Open windows and run air conditioning. Bring in portable heaters and consider renting a dehumidifier. Spores needs moisture to thrive. Removing the moisture quickly will help minimize mold growth.

2. Discard Unsalvageable Property

Some items, such as carpet and carpet pads, extremely saturated furnishings and cardboard boxes of printed materials will need to be thrown away. Be realistic with yourself here. Don’t keep items that you know will be damp for a considerable amount of time.

3. Clean Thoroughly

Clean hard surfaces with a disinfecting detergent to remove harmful bacteria. If mold is present, scrub it off. You should dry surfaces promptly after cleaning.

Porous, absorbent material such as ceiling tile and drywall generally can’t be cleaned once thoroughly soaked. Once mold has been detected in these items, it can be nearly impossible to remove spores.

Minimizing potential mold growth following a flood can be a painstaking process. It is crucial to act fast, dry and clean thoroughly, then determine what property can’t be saved. Follow these steps to quickly return to business as usual.

Effective Ways to Eliminate Bathroom Mold

1/21/2019 (Permalink)

Mold on bathroom walls in Northwest Las Vegas, NV

Effective Ways to Eliminate Bathroom Mold

Residential showers are the perfect breeding ground for mold spores, which thrive in a moist, warm environment. That’s why it’s important to act fast if you discover shower mold and take steps to eliminate it before it spreads. By utilizing a few simple cleaning tips, you can ensure your bathroom in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, is mold free in no time.

1. Use household cleaning products. A moldy shower can usually be remedied with items that are already in most homes. By mixing a cup of baking soda with a teaspoon of liquid soap and adding it to a little water, you can create a paste that is an effective mold remover when used with a scrub brush in the shower. A solution of one part bleach mixed with two parts water is also a proven method for killing mold spores. Simply spray the solution in the shower and scrub the affected area thoroughly until the mold is gone.

2. Prevent mold regrowth. Once you eradicate shower mold, take steps to avoid a recurrence. Spray your entire shower area with vinegar several times a week to kill mold

spores before they spread. Improve the airflow and reduce humidity in your bathroom by installing a ceiling exhaust fan. If your bathroom has windows, open them for a few minutes after using the shower to ventilate the area. Store any bath and shampoo products out of the shower to avoid clutter that can trap moisture and promote mold growth.

3. Know when to call a professional. Some types of mold spores require the skill of a qualified mold removal expert. Stubborn spores that do not respond to standard cleaning measures may indicate the presence of black mold, which can be particularly destructive to building materials. A mold remediation specialist can properly diagnose the type of mold growing in your shower and formulate a customized removal plan with you.

While shower mold can be an unwelcome sight in your bathroom, a few simple cleaning measures can usually eliminate it while preventing any regrowth. If that fails, a trained expert can assist you in removing persistent mold.

How To Mitigate the Partial Loss of Hidden Fire Damage

1/14/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke damage in Northwest Las Vegas, NV

Fire has ravaged businesses in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, but your commercial property looks unscathed. If it appears unharmed, do you still need to call a professional? Do not assume that the building structure and contents are undamaged. Some fire loss is not visible to the untrained eye.

What Causes Hidden Damage?

When flames are in close proximity to your business, destruction can occur without direct contact with the blaze. Here are the most common causes of damage due to a nearby inferno:

  • Smoke damage
  • Extreme heat
  • Water from firefighting efforts
  • Mold growth if water damage is left undetected

What Structures Can Be Impacted?

Many building structures and systems can be compromised when smoke, heat or water find their way into the building. Areas that may be affected by fire loss include the following:

  • HVAC, electrical and other indoor systems
  • Pipes and plumbing
  • Roofing, siding, windows, walls and other building structures
  • Furnishings and inventory

How Is Damage Detected and Mitigated?

Hidden fire damage is considered a partial loss. The loss is partial because the building structures or contents are damaged but not destroyed. As a business owner, take these steps after a fire occurs:

  • Contact your commercial insurance agent to verify coverage.
  • Schedule a fire restoration specialist to thoroughly inspect your property for both visible and hidden damage. After the assessment, professionals create a remediation plan.
  • During the restoration process, the building and contents are returned to preloss condition. When items are only partially damaged, the goal is to achieve a consistent, uniform outcome. If a match cannot be found, the complete item is replaced.

Smoke, high temperatures and water from an adjacent fire in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, can cause fire loss to your commercial property. The damage, however, may be hidden from the naked eye. To prevent secondary damage and reduce business interruption, contact your insurance agent and restoration professional as soon as possible. 

Diagnosing a Shower Leak

1/14/2019 (Permalink)

If you have a shower head leaking in your Las Vegas, NV bathroom it is time to replace it

Amidst the many aspects of maintaining your home in Las Vegas, NV, attending to a bathtub leak can be frustrating without an idea of what to look for. It is important to remember that some signs of damage are easier to distinguish than others; however, confirming the occurrence of a leak is possible with a keen eye and a thorough bathroom inspection.

Check for Telltale Signs

Identifying any immediate indicators of a leak can help determine how best to handle the situation. Giveaway signs may include the following:

  • Pooling water near the shower pan. This is often the result of a shower door with a poor-quality seal and is one of the simplest leaks to repair.
  • Wet spots and dampness on any walls near the shower. If the leak is occurring within the plumbing system, the pipes behind the wall may expel water, thus leaving visible wetness.
  • Water leaking from the shower head. When lime scale and other minerals accumulate in the spray holes, water may leak from other parts of the fixture. Cleaning the shower head and replacing the O-ring may solve the issue.

Scratch Beyond the Surface

Unfortunately, a bathtub leak may cause damage that is not as apparent and may require a more in-depth analysis. One critical factor to be aware of is the presence of mold or mildew anywhere in the bathroom; this includes any odors that occur. The flooring underneath and walls connected to the shower should be examined for breakages, moisture, loose tiles, and stains. Finally, any crawl space area underneath the bathroom should be investigated for moisture, dripping, or mineral buildup. Typically, these signs indicate a leak that may need to be addressed by a professional.

Determine the Best Course of Action

Generally, a shower pan leak with telltale indicators can be repaired without the need for professional intervention. For more internalized leaks, it is wise to consider contacting a water damage repair specialist for further analysis.

While diagnosing a shower or bathtub leak can be challenging, an informed approach can simplify the process. Understanding what to look for and when to contact a professional can make all the difference in preserving your home.

What To Do When Your Water Heater Leaks

12/31/2018 (Permalink)

Water heater room damage in Northwest Las Vegas, NV

Imagine: You have just awakened from a well-deserved, refreshing night’s sleep. Feeling mellow, you stretch, sit up, put your feet down and . . . cringe! Your feet are sopping wet! Anxiety rising, you prowl around the house to investigate and find that the water’s source is a leaking water heater in your utility closet. With dismay, you see that the broken water heater is unleashing torrents of water into your home, and the entire bedroom wing is flooded with several inches of water.

Now you need to make some important, urgent decisions. As a homeowner, you fear water damage nearly as much as fire damage. How will you deal with the failed water heater, the water now flooding the house, and all the damage that water is causing?

Act Fast

Water damage mitigation specialists would most likely advise the following immediate, crucial procedures:

  • Turn off the water heater, preferably at the circuit breaker.
  • Turn off the water supply, either at the leaking water heater or at the whole-house water supply.
  • Drain the water heater.
  • Contact your insurance company.
  • Engage a professional water damage mitigation company without delay.

Bring In the Experts

Because a failed water heater can cause significant water intrusion into the home, affecting floors, carpets, walls, and furnishings, professional intervention offers the most effective path to pre-flood conditions. Water repair specialists will extract flood water, dehumidifying and drying out the premises with state-of-the-art equipment and practiced expertise. They will perform a thorough inspection of carpets, floors and walls for incursion of mold or mildew and eliminate those dangers. They will likely remove any items that cannot be salvaged and dispose of them. They will thoroughly clean and sanitize the affected areas of your home and may even perform any needed repairs or reconstruction.

Even though the aftereffects of a leaking water heater can seem formidable, turning to a professional water damage mitigation company in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, will result in the prompt restoration of your home’s pristine condition and the corresponding alleviation of your worry and anxiety.

How To Efficiently Extinguish a Grease Fire

12/31/2018 (Permalink)

Fire loss on in a Las Vegas, NV kitchen

A grease fire can erupt suddenly and spread quickly. To help minimize damage, it’s important to quickly extinguish any kitchen blaze. However, certain actions may be highly ineffective and can jeopardize your safety. For this reason, it’s crucial to understand the appropriate techniques to smolder a grease-fueled inferno.

What Not To Do

There are several procedures that every homeowner in Las Vegas, NV, should avoid doing in the event of a kitchen fire involving grease:

  • Fanning the flames with a dishcloth
  • Pouring water over the inferno
  • Transporting the burning pot outside

Each of these measures is counterproductive and may cause flames to spread.

Turn Off the Heat

High cooking temperatures fuel many kitchen blazes. Because of this, it’s imperative that you remain vigilant while cooking. In the event of a grease fire, you should immediately turn off the heat source.

Smolder the Flames

Once the stove is off, you should cover the flaming pot with a metal lid or baking sheet. Avoid using glass or ceramic items because the intense heat may cause these materials to shatter.

As an alternative, you can also douse flames with baking soda. However, this technique is only effective against small fires and should not be attempted on larger infernos.

Utilize an Appropriate Fire Extinguisher

If the blaze is no longer contained inside the pot, use a Class B, K or multipurpose fire extinguisher to smolder the flames. Because it contains pressurized water, a Class A extinguisher is not suitable for use on flammable liquids. For safety reasons, you should check the label before engaging any extinguisher to verify the type of fire it’s designed to battle.

Call 911

Attempting to battle a large inferno can be extremely dangerous. If flames spread, evacuate the premises and call 911 for assistance.

Be Prepared

To quickly extinguish a grease fire, it’s imperative that you remain alert. Keeping a metal lid and fire extinguisher accessible while cooking can help you respond quickly, reducing the risk of a damaging blaze requiring a tedious fire cleanup.

How To Handle Category 1 Water Damage

12/31/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial water loss in Northwest Las Vegas, NV

Actions You Need To Take on Category 1 Water Damage

Most business owners are terrified when they hear those two dreaded words: water damage. However, what some do not realize is that there are different levels of water damage. Business owners need to be aware that clean water will also need to be properly taken care of to avoid damage, loss, and a progression to other, more serious water damage categories. If your property in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, has water damage, here is a guide to how it starts and what action you need to take:

  1. What is Category 1 water damage? Category 1 water damage is caused by a clean water source that has not been contaminated. Since this water originates from sanitary conditions, it is not a risk to your health to be exposed to it. This category of water damage is the easiest to clean up. However, Category 1 water damage can progress quickly into Category 2 and Category 3 if not treated as soon as possible.

  2. What are the main causes of Category 1 water damage? The main sources of Category 1 water damage are usually a water supply line from an appliance that has broken, a sink or bathtub overflowing, or a broken pipe.

  3. What is the cleanup process like? Specific professional water damage restoration services are needed, even with Category 1 damage. Removal of water is the first step, with remediation to follow if there is damage to the property. There are a variety of drying and restoration procedures to help save as much as possible. Certain things, such as carpets and walls, may be too damaged and therefore will have to be replaced.

Dealing with clean water damage in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, can be stressful. By knowing how it starts and what steps you need to take, you will be better prepared to handle the situation and get your business back to normal.


12/26/2018 (Permalink)

The destructive power of water

Water is the most destructive long-term indoors substance. Excessive moisture or flood can cause the structures and personal property to deteriorate rapidly. The problem becomes even more serious when the water is dirty or the cleaning services are delayed.

The damaging effects of water are reduced largely by a rapid and effective intervention, especially within the first 24-48 hours. Although the damage may seem severe, cleaning and restoration can produce amazing results. From furniture to family heirlooms, office computers, production machinery, the Las Vegas water damage restoration has over the years successfully restored structures and properties from water damage.

Cleaning and repairing water damage

The restoration process is very scientific. To determine whether you can restore your property or it must be replaced, we evaluate using three criteria:

  1. Extent of property damage
  2. Pollution Degree
  3. Replacement costs vs. restoration costs

If it is not solved quickly and appropriately, water damage can cause major disruptions in business, generating financial charges and potential health risks.

Services Water Damage Restoration

Flooding from external causes, failures of pipes or water leaks can cause mold and damage to your home. We are your quintessential restoration company with years of experience. We'll fix and clean the problem quickly! Satisfaction guaranteed.

Specialists to eradicate mold

Our flood restoration service includes a team of specialists in eradicating mold. We offer restoration services for flood damage of any magnitude in your home or commercial building.

Fire restoration services

Need a contractor with experience in cleaning up after a fire? We have the solution to the damage caused by fire, smoke, and soot.

Repairs because of winds

If your building or home has been damaged by hurricane, tornado or tropical storm winds, our company is prepared to repair any damage.

Carpet Cleaning in Las Vegas

Finally, if you need to clean the carpets in your home or in your office, hire the services of the Las Vegas water damage restoration. We offer professional steam cleaning and dry cleaning to maintain the beauty and durability of your carpet, rugs, upholstery, and floors.

We are licensed and insured. We use the latest technology to provide the solution you need. We promise the fastest and safest ways to restore your peace of mind after any disaster or damage. Visit SERVPROdowntownlasvegas.com now to avail of our services!

Repairs For Fire Damage Should Be Complete By A Professional

12/26/2018 (Permalink)

Once a Las Vegas fire has ravaged a home, the clean-up should be conducted by a professional service such as SERVPRO. Ash and soot can work its way into the smallest cracks and crevices of a home, leaving a lasting odor. Water, soot, and ash residue on the surfaces of the home and furnishings can cause discoloration, odors, and may even cause respiratory issues and increase the frequency and duration of asthma attacks. The residue does not go away with time; it must be professionally cleaned and removed.

Professional Fire Damage Repair

Most people do not realize how acidic ash is and what it can do to anything it touches. When ash residue is left on glass it will etch into the surface. When left on metals, it will cause the metals to corrode. When ash is left on any porous surface, such as drywall, wood, or tile, it will eat into the surface and cause discoloration. The damage that ash causes does not stop unless it has been professionally cleaned with the right compounds. SERVPRO is a IICRC certified company which knows how to remove the ash before it can cause more damage.

IICRC stands for the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. IICRC certification is a sign of professional excellence.

When SERVPRO enters a home after a Las Vegas fire the first try to locate where the concentration of the ash and soot is located so they can begin the cleaning process in that area. Everything is thoroughly cleaned. Every inch of every wall, ceiling and floor are scrubbed. Furniture, windows, and all fixtures are scrubbed. And to ensure that smoke residue and soot do not enter the house again after the cleaning, the air ducts are scrubbed.

IICRC certified technicians, like SERVPRO, are capable of handling the toughest ash residue build-up. Sometimes when an area has had to sit for a while before cleaning, the ash begins to deteriorate the surfaces or cakes on solid and is hard to remove. These certified techs have everything they need to tackle these built up areas.

As a final cleaning measure, SERVPRO technicians will use a special fogger that will help eliminate all traces of smoke odor in the home. Only available to professionals, these foggers can penetrate areas where people cannot reach and will eliminate the smoke smell for good.

With a professional restoration company in charge of your Las Vegas fire damage clean-up, you will have peace-of-mind in knowing that the home was cleaned and sanitized and that all the soot, ash, and odor has been removed.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas is locally owned and operated and we are proud to be part of this community. We are also part of a national network of over 1,650 Franchises with special Disaster Recovery Teams placed strategically throughout the country to respond to large-scale fire, water, and storm disasters.

SERVPRO Northwest Las Vegas offers great water damage restoration

12/6/2018 (Permalink)

Flood Damage from a Storm in Las Vegas

Water Damage Restoration

When flood water enters into the house it is always a chaotic situation. The walls become soaked, the floor becomes damp, the seats become wet, and a lot of photographs and paper documents are destroyed. In such cases, it’s always advisable to call in the experts that can help salvage and restore the damaged property to its original condition. SERVPRO Northwest Las Vegas is a locally owned company that has gained a lot of experience through the years. We have been in the business of water damage restoration Las Vegas since a long time. We have a dedicated staff to ensure that the quality of work is not compromised so that you can continue living normally.

We are at your services 24/7 to help with restoration when your house is damaged by water. It’s good to call our staff immediately after you notice the floods, because if the situation is contained in a timely manner the losses can be minimized and also the time taken to restore the damage is shorter. If water floods your house for a long period of time the integrity of the structure of the building may be compromised; so a timely response is very essential.

Our technicians are trained in Las Vegas water damage restoration in the event of water damage to your home or business. Being in this field for a long time we have gained enough experience, and we know that the water damage in one house is never the same as in another house. This has helped us gain a lot of trust as a leader in the field of water damage restoration. Our skills help in restoring water damage to your house at a fast rate so that you can go back to your home and continue as if it was never damaged.

Sometimes natural disasters such as flooding happen and after they are over we are left with a lot of damage in the house. In case you have such an experience, contact  Las Vegas water damage restoration and they will spring in to help you. Our wide range of equipment helps in delivering a better quality of work in less time.

You can contact us at SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com where you’ll be able to view the services we offer and contact us so that we can come to your rescue. 

4 Ways To Protect Yourself During Mold Removal

12/3/2018 (Permalink)

Mold damage in building in Las Vegas,NV

How to Protect Yourself During Mold Removal

If your company in Las Vegas, NV, is suffering from mold growth, you’ll want to take swift action to remedy the problem. In the event that you'll be present during any or all of the mold remediation process, make sure you take the proper precautions to protect yourself from any side effects of the mold.

1. Use a Face Mask

An air-purifying respirator will protect your lungs from any mold spores in the air. This piece of equipment should be the number one item on your shopping list when dealing with mold growth. Face masks come in both disposable and reusable varieties and are offered with different efficiency levels.

2. Get Good Eye Protection

You’ll want to make sure you have eye protection. Regular glasses won’t cut it; you want wraparound safety goggles that fit snugly against your face to prevent any spores getting into your eyes. If you find yourself near moldy drywall, particular moldy drywall that has been cut or torn, dust could fly into your eyes if you are not wearing the proper eye protection. You also want to prevent any chemicals from entering your eyes.

3. Wear Disposable Gloves

Gloves should be worn when you are in the vicinity of mold. They can be latex, vinyl, or rubber. Ensure they fit properly, as the wrong size can lead to mold spores sneaking in. Always take off your gloves before leaving the site of the mold remediation, and never touch your eyes or nose while wearing them.

4. Cover Everything

Wear a special covering over your clothing, shoes and hair. Disposable suits are available. You should still change and wash your clothing upon leaving the site. You don’t want to spread mold growth via your clothes or shoes.

By following these four safety measures, you should be able to protect yourself while mold remediation professionals remove mold from your Las Vegas, NV, business. Hiring experts to handle every step in the removal process is often the economically smart option; they have the advanced equipment needed to get the job done quickly and correctly, and you won't need to be around the mold at all.

5 Steps To Protect Your Business From Fire Damage

11/19/2018 (Permalink)

Practice your plan in your Las Vegas,NV business

Prepare Your Business Against The Chances Of Fire Damage

The devastation of a fire is something you should never have to deal with. If you practice proper fire preparation, you can avoid, or at least minimize, the damage should it ever occur. There are five steps you can follow to help prepare your business in Las Vegas, NV, against the chances of fire damage.

1. Follow All Fire Codes

You should understand all the fire codes applicable to your business. Knowing them offers a nice base layer of protection.

2. Install Fire Protection Equipment

Disaster preparation is all about making sure you are ready when bad things happen. It is imperative that you have a sprinkler system, fire extinguishers and smoke alarms to minimize damage and save lives if a fire occurs.

3. Conduct an Inspection

One important aspect of fire preparation is to go through your business and look for any possible fire hazards, which include clutter or anything that could prevent people from getting out of the building quickly. Also, be aware of possible problems that could start a fire, such as frayed electrical wires. Fix any issues you find.

4. Create an Emergency Evacuation Plan

Prepare your employees to know what to do in an emergency. Create a plan that assigns duties to everyone. Run practice drills to ensure all your employees understand the procedures.

5. Protect Important Assets

In a fire damage assessment after a fire, you quickly begin to realize all that you have lost. Avoid this scenario by protecting your important assets. Lock up documents or important items in a fireproof safe. Consider installing fire doors to protect a storage space.

Proper fire preparation is very important when you want to ensure your business is fully protected against damage due to a fire. While you never want to have to deal with the aftermath of such an event, being prepared can make the process easier if it ever does happen.

How to dry a home after water damage in the Vegas area

11/2/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas responding to a water loss in Las Vegas.

Cleaning up water in the Vegas area

If you come home to water damage, SERVPRO is available to help cleanup from start to finish. Our team is quick to respond and begin the cleaning process. We handle much of the Northwest area of Vegas. 

In most situations our team is quick to get on site and begin the extraction process. Once all of the water is removed, SERVPRO can begin placing drying equipment. In the picture, SERVPRO had to perform flood cuts to get the inside of the walls dry. 

After all of the water restoration, SERVPRO was able to help put the house back together by completing the rebuild. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team at anytime. 

3 Ways To Prevent a Lint Fire From Starting in Your Dryer

10/22/2018 (Permalink)

Clothing dryers are a standard appliance found in the average household. But as commonplace as this appliance may be, failure to properly install or operate a home dryer can lead to the start of a lint fire. Prevent a dryer fire from starting in your own Northwest Las Vegas, NV, home by following these 3 basic steps:

1. Professional Dyer Installation

From the time of purchase, you should opt to have your dryer professionally installed. Trained specialists who install home appliances should have the correct tools and knowledge to install your dryer. Whether your dyer requires special ventilation hoses or an adapter for the electrical outlet, your appliance installation technician can help you to get things set up safely the first time around.

2. Follow Manufacturer Instructions and Clothing Labels

Once your dryer is properly installed and ready for operation, be sure you follow the guidelines found in your user manual. See what materials and fabric softeners can be safely used in conjunction with your particular model. Likewise, follow drying directions found on clothing labels before throwing them in after washing. Look for clothing label instruction warnings such as:

  • Do not tumble dry
  • Line dry only
  • Flammable materials such as rubber, plastic, or foam

3. Perform Routine Cleaning and Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining a safe dryer, always start by cleaning the lint trap frequently. Empty the lint trap between each drying cycle. Never operate your dryer without a properly installed lint catcher. Without it, debris can become backed up and increase your risk of starting a lint fire. Other regular maintenance practices to consider include:

  • Vent pipe cleaning every 3 months with a dryer exhaust snake
  • Annual inspection of gas operated dryers to avoid gas leaks
  • Regular inspection of outside dryer vent to ensure dirt, debris or wildlife is not blocking it

A dryer left uncared for could be a recipe for disaster. A lint fire in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, may require special help from a fire restoration company. Use these 3 handy tips to prevent a dryer fire from starting in your home.

Storm Damage: How to Protect Your Business From Flying Debris

10/15/2018 (Permalink)

High winds can cause property damage in Las Vegas,NV

High winds produce flying debris which can cause property damage, like a roof leak or broken windows, and even structural damage, like a fractured wall. You can minimize the risk of flying debris by following the steps below.

1. Trim Trees and Clean Grounds

While high winds may result in a few missing shingles, the most significant damage is caused by flying tree branches and other miscellaneous debris. Therefore, all trees and bushes should be trimmed to minimize the risk of a damaged roof or structure. Additionally, you can police the property daily to collect any refuse, ensuring that it, too, does not harm your property in future storms.

2. Secure and Reinforce Exterior Objects/Decor

Exterior objects like signs, furniture and fences, should be secured and reinforced to minimize any potential property damage. Depending on the severity of the winds, furniture and fence posts can become projectiles in volatile storms. You can secure these objects by mounting them to cement slabs or, regarding fences, replacing loose boards and railings.

3. Convert Gravel Pathways and Landscaping to Dirt or Concrete

A roof leak is common after high winds, and the main reason is roof damage caused by flying debris. Loose gravel and rock are some of the most common elements of flying debris, and each material adds to the risk of property damage during high winds. Replacing gravel driveways and pathways with concrete or asphalt and converting rock beds to mulch will minimize your risks during wind storms.

4. Create an Emergency Action Plan

While you can take every preventative measure possible, nothing is guaranteed, and that is why you should have an emergency action plan in place. Restoration specialists from around the Las Vegas, NV, area help with this type of planning, and many even offer customized plans that take effect immediately following a disaster.

Wind damage can result in many issues like a roof leak or broken windows, but there are things you, as a business owner, can do to help protect your property. Trimming trees, policing the grounds and reducing risks through appropriate landscaping are all proactive ways of protecting your business from future high wind storms.

Fire Sprinkler Systems: Do You Have the Right System for Your Building?

10/11/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial water cleanup and restoration in Northwest Las Vegas, NV

Most states require the installation of fire sprinklers before a business can open; however, in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, there may be other considerations to make, like what type of system should you install. Installing the proper fire safety system may reduce the risk of system malfunction and flooding, which can reduce the possibility of needing a restoration specialist.

1. The Prefilled System

Prefilled systems, or wet pipe systems, are the most common systems installed. The sprinkler lines are filled with water, and when heat from a fire occurs close to one of the heads, the system activates, opening only the heads in the affected area. These lines may be sensitive to temperature fluctuations and may be more prone to freezing, meaning that they should only be installed in a controlled environment.

2. The Dry System

If you are going to install a fire suppressant system in an area prone to temperature shifts below freezing, then you may want to look into the dry pipe system. Pressurized gas is pumped into these lines to keep water in a heated space, and when a fire happens, the pressure drops, causing the water to flow freely to the sprinkler heads.

3. The Deluge System

If you operate a business that is considered high-risk for fires, then you may be more interested in the deluge style system. This system does not only activate sprinklers in the affected areas, when a fire happens all sprinklers are activated. Due to the activation of all sprinklers, flooding can occur over a large area, even if the original fire is small, causing water damage.

4. The Pressurized System

A pressurized system, or pre-action system, has a delay before activation. As with the dry system, the lines are filled with pressurized gas or air, and when the pressure drops water fills the lines; however, before releasing water, an alert is sent, providing owners the opportunity to investigate. The water will disperse when heat from the fire activates the heads, but only in the affected area.

Flooding from fire sprinkler systems may be a small concern, but with the appropriate system installed this concern can be minimized.

6 Common Causes of Water Heater Noises

10/8/2018 (Permalink)

This water heater had a leak and caused water damage in a Northwest Las Vegas,NV home

Water heaters and pipes make a wide variety of sounds. Some noises may indicate the need for maintenance, but not every sound suggests a potential problem. Here are six common causes of a noisy water heater or pipes.

1. Sediment Buildup

Cracking or popping noises are caused when sediment builds up around heating elements. The crackling starts as water is forced up through sediment deposits, and may become louder as the buildup gets thicker. Rumbling occurs as sediments are stirred by water flow. Perform a water heater flush, treat the tank with a deliming solution, or clean or replace the heating element.

2. Heat Traps or Check Valves

Tapping or ticking noises originate from these components in the pipes on top of a heater, which prevent water from flowing in the wrong direction. These sounds do not indicate faulty components and can be prevented by installing a dielectric nipple.

3. Partially Closed Valves

Screeching or singing sounds occur when water is forced through a small opening. Check to make sure valves near the water heater or particular fixtures are open.

4. Pipe Hammering

Knocking noises in pipes are caused by heat or an abrupt stoppage of water flow. Vibrating pipes can cause wall damage, and you should consider installing anti-hammer devices.

5. Loose Electric Water Heating Element

A humming noise or vibrations can be caused when water flows around an electric water heating element. Tighten the element to stop the noise.

6. Tankless Flow Switches

Tankless water heaters may click when the flow switch turns on or off. Other noises are likely due to calcium deposits or a malfunctioning burner, fan, or sealed combustion.

All water heaters may make noises as the main tank or expansion tank expand or contract. Contact a repair specialist if you suspect that your water heater is malfunctioning. If a leak occurs, rely on the expertise of a water damage restoration company in Northwest Las Vegas, NV.

What Causes Sewage to Back Up in a Basement?

9/28/2018 (Permalink)

Flood damage from storm in a Las Vegas, NV office

Sewage can back up in a basement due to lateral line or sewer main blockage or result from severe storms. If you are dealing with a flooded basement in Las Vegas, NV, here are three common causes and three solutions.

3 Causes of Sewage Backup

  1. Storm Water: Storm water from a municipal sewage system can back up into the perimeter foundation drain of a home and leak into the basement.
  2. Blockage in a Lateral Line or Main: A blockage can form in the lateral line that runs from the sewage main to your house or in the main itself. The clog may be caused by the disposal of inappropriate items in toilets, grease in drains, or originate when tree roots penetrate into pipes.
  3. Illegal Plumbing Connections: Hooking up a French drain, sump pump, or another flood control system to the sanitary sewer can introduce silt and cause backing up.

These causes may help you identify the source of the problem. Regardless of the cause, there are three steps you should take to fix a flooded basement as soon as possible.

3 Sewage Backup Solutions

  1. Remove Water and Solid Waste: Hire water and sewage damage restoration experts to pump water out of your basement and clean up solid waste.
  2. Disinfect the Area: Sewage contains bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause infection. Limit this risk by disinfecting the affected area.
  3. Thoroughly Dry the Basement: Use fans or dehumidifiers to draw out as much moisture as possible and prevent mold from forming.

These causes and solutions for a flooded basement can help you identify the cause and take measures to solve this problem. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may try restoring your basement yourself. The best way to get the job done quickly and limit damage is to hire restoration experts in Las Vegas, NV.

The Importance of Mold Inspections in the Home

9/27/2018 (Permalink)

Extreme mold damage in a Northwest Las Vegas, NV home

You may be surprised to learn that homes in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, can have problems with mold. If you discover fungi in your home, you’ll want to uncover the source of the problem. This can be easier said than done, so hiring a hygienist who works with a mold cleaning service to inspect your residence can be a good first step. The next steps involve cleaning your residence and making any needed repairs.

Discover the Source of the Problem

If you have mold in your home, you’ll likely want to have the premises inspected to find the source. Here are some reasons to get a professional inspection.

  • He or she understands the requirements. Only a trained hygienist has the credentials necessary to give you a certified mold inspection.
  • Correcting the problem early can save you costly repairs. Mold damage in your home is no joke. The fungus can eat away at your wallpaper and drywall and even start affecting the wooden supports in your home, causing structural unsoundness that can lead to a host of other problems.
  • Early discovery can prevent the spread of the problem. It is important to check for mold in your ductwork, because once it’s there, it can spread rapidly each time the HVAC system is turned on.

Clean Up the Mold and Make Necessary Repairs

Once you have gotten a mold cleaning service to identify any problem areas in your home, you can then focus on what needs to be done as far as cleaning and repairs. Rely on professionals to fix the source of the problem, contain and eliminate any existing mold, and repair any damage to the structure.

There are plenty of reasons to get a hygienist out to inspect your home if you believe you have a mold problem. You want to make sure that the work is done right, and some mold cleaning services only offer mold remediation if you’ve had the problem checked out by a trained professional who has the proper certifications. Once you know exactly where the problems are and have had them fixed, you can go about cleaning and making sure that the problem is unlikely to return.

Understanding Your Commercial Fire Damage Claim

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Fire damage in a Las Vegas, NV home

When you needed help tying your shoes, your parents were there. When you learned to read, your teacher supported you. Now that your business has significant fire damage in Las Vegas, NV, is the insurance adjuster going to hold your hand through the process? Well, probably not as much as you would like. Understand the claim process ahead of time to reduce your stress during an already anxiety provoking ordeal.

Prepare Before the Fire

As a business owner, you never expect your property to catch on fire. However, that should not stop you from planning for it. The claim process goes smoother if you have the necessary information at your disposal:

  • Maintain accurate records of inventory and finances. Know the cost of each item housed onsite. Keep original purchase receipts from expensive or specialized equipment. Take photographs of the condition of building structure and contents. This information is invaluable if materials are destroyed in a fire and need replaced.
  • Understand your insurance and specific policy information. If you are not satisfied with your current coverage, make necessary changes. Consider adding business interruption insurance to help you and your employees financially while the recovery process takes place.

Act After the Fire

The best time to contact your insurance company is as soon as the fire is out. The faster the fire mitigation and restoration process starts, the better off you and your business are:

  • A fire restoration specialist assesses the fire damage and provides an estimate to you and your insurance adjuster. Damage from a fire also includes water damage from firefighting efforts.
  • Once your insurance company approves the estimate, restoration specialists generally begin the process of cleanup right away. To ensure security and prevent further damage the building may be boarded up throughout the course of restoration. Insurance companies do not typically cover secondary damage that occurs from theft or exposure to the elements if you are negligent in taking this precaution.

You are your own best advocate when there is fire damage to your building in Las Vegas, NV. Prepare ahead of time and take immediate action after a fire to return your commercial property to pre-fire condition.

Managing Cleanup When Your Water Heater Leaks

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Water damage on a kitchen in Las Vegas, NV

Coming home to a leaking water heater can be stressful. You may be worried about property damage to your home, as well as the belongings stored in your basement or garage nearby. Following these suggestions may help you manage the cleanup and repair process caused by a failed water heater.

Turning Off the Water and Power

To begin the cleanup process, you should turn off the water supply to the leaking water heater right away by following these steps:

  • Locate the cold water supply pipe that connects to your water heater and turn it off.
  • Terminate the power to the broken water heater to ensure your safety as you survey the situation.
  • Drain remaining water from the failed water heater.

Removing the Water

Before you can begin repairs and cleanup, you must remove the standing water. If your home is equipped with a drainage system, this will assist in the water removal process. In some cases, a sump pump or a wet/dry vacuum may be used to extract the accumulated water. When the volume of pooling water is extensive, the services of a water removal specialist in Las Vegas, NV, can help you tackle the situation.

Dealing With Personal Belongings

Storing personal belongings on shelves above ground level is a good idea, but if the water has already reached those items, move them to a dry area as soon as possible. The process of deciding which belongings and keepsakes are salvageable and which items need to be replaced can take time. It is unwise to attempt to use electronics such as lamps, computers, televisions and DVD players that have suffered water damage without consulting a specialist first. Photographs and documents, books and clothing may need more than just fresh air and drying time if the exposure to water was prolonged.

The damage caused by a leaking water heater may be extensive. By following these steps, you can get started on the cleanup and prevent things from getting worse.

Mold remediation in Las Vegas

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If the water source is present nearby then any property can be infested with molds.  Molds can spread very fast. Within less than 48 hours mold can grasp your entire property. Molds produce different kinds of allergens and irritants which can cause you a great deal of suffering. So if you are having problems related to mold infestation in Las Vegas, call SERVPRO immediately. SERVPRO has one of the best mold remediation services available in the city as well as the country and can alleviate you from your distress swiftly.

Molds are basically a microscopic organism which is present everywhere even inside your house. It is nearly impossible to make a house or institution totally free from all molds. The reason behind is that molds firstly are microscopic in nature and secondly mold spores can survive in extremely hostile conditions. Mold spores generally need moisture in order to survive and can grow very fast when they have an adequate amount of moisture present. With access to a great deal of moisture, molds form colonies which produce different chemicals causing allergy and other diseases. So in order to have a complete mold remediation, first the source of moisture or water has to be terminated or else recurrence of mold infestation can occur. A mold family produces a typical strong musty smell by which you can determine the mold affected areas of your property.

 Any minor mold infestation problem can grow into a major disaster in almost no time as molds spread very fast. So it is extremely important to start addressing the problem as soon as you detect a possible mold infestation in your property. Mold remediation in Las Vegas hence becomes much easier for you with the lightning fast response from SERVPRO, which helps you to fight the problem more effectively and cuts short your remediation budget. SERVPRO also has a 24/7 emergency helpline which caters to its clients need all around the world no matter how big the problem is.

SERVPRO has applied microbial remediation specialist as well as expert water damage restoration and applied structural drying technicians. The expertise in the field with years of hands-on experience helps you to have a thorough restoration of your property very fast.

SERVPRO takes the help of advanced techniques and equipment to help you have a better and permanent solution to the problem of molds remediation. Isolation of the affected area is done using different techniques so that the molds cannot spread.

Which many franchisees strategically located all over USA and Canada, SERVPRO can help you solve this problem very easily with expert hands and minds and technologies. After isolation is done, air filtration is the next process followed. SERVPRO uses best in the business surfactants and sterilizing agents after removing mold and affected materials from the property. Hence you get a clean and comfortable property back with the help of SERVPRO’s expert mold remediation service.

Mold Growth After a Water Leak

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Misconceptions about mold abound. One is that mold inside a business in Las Vegas, NV is an unusual and disastrous problem. In reality, mold is a natural organism that thrives from moisture and is everywhere; therefore, it is only natural that it so commonly grows inside of building structures, especially in basements and crawlspaces. However, mold growth is accelerated after water damage, including water leaks. Though naturally occurring, an overabundance of mold can be damaging to building structure and air quality if left untreated.

Most Common Sources of Water Leaks

Here are some of the most common sources of water leaks that often result in mold buildup and spread in as little as 48–72 hours:

• Corrosion – If you notice any rusting, warping or discoloration of your plumbing pipes, there is a high risk that they are or will be leaking.
• Clogged drain lines – Severely clogged lines can lead to overflowing or burst pipes. Examples include obstructed gutters and air handler drainage.
• Broken seals – Seals exist around all water connectors, such as those attached to appliances. As they age, seals may wear or break. If you notice condensation or water damage anywhere around an appliance, it may be a broken seal.
• Excess water pressure – Though it may make for good showers, pipes can become strained and leak from high water pressure.
• Intruding tree roots – This is one of the most unexpected yet common causes of water leaks. If there are trees close to your business, the roots can restrict and even break the water lines. This can result in excess moisture on your grounds, leading to excess moisture in your basement or crawl space and fueling mold buildup.
• Extreme temperature changes – Pipe expansion and contraction occurs with sudden and severe temperature changes. This can crack the pipes, especially with freezing temperatures.

Keeping these situations in mind will help you notice any problems much more quickly.

What To Do Next

If you notice any sort of water damage from a leak, consider contacting mold prevention and remediation specialists. Because mold spreads quickly, treatment is often more effective if done quickly.

Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on mold. 

Fire Safety Tips for Pet Owners

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Your pets are important, cherished members of the family in Las Vegas, NV. You feed them quality food, get them plenty of exercise and visit the veterinarian regularly. But, have you considered your pets when planning for a fire emergency? Follow the pet safety tips below to keep your best friend safe in a fire.

How To Prevent a Fire

The first step in pet safety is to prevent animals from accidentally starting a fire:

• When you are away, have puppies and kittens confined to keep them out of trouble. Use a crate or baby gate to shut them in a room without potential fire hazards.
• Supervise your pets around open flames, such as candles or fireplaces. Extinguish all fires before going to bed or leaving the house. Consider using flameless candles, especially with large dogs or cats that can access where candles are used.

How To Prepare for a Fire

Have a plan ahead of time to swiftly escape the house with your pets, or increase the chance firefighters can rescue them rapidly in your absence:

• Practice a fire emergency escape plan for your family that includes your pet. Train your pet to come when you call them, even when a smoke alarm is sounding.
• Research local boarding or pet-friendly hotels in the event that you cannot remain in your home due to a fire.
• Secure proof of pet ownership and vaccination records in a fire safe box.
• Put decals on doors or windows informing firefighters what type and how many pets are inside. This part of pet preparation helps emergency crews know to rescue your pet.
• When not home, contain pets on a lower level of the house easily accessible to firefighters. This saves time in the event of a fire.

Use the prevention and preparation tips above to keep your beloved pets safe in a fire emergency in Las Vegas, NV. A home fire is devastating, but significantly less so when your family and pets are unharmed. Your house, unlike pets, can be cleaned and restored to pre-fire condition. Contact your homeowner’s insurance agent and a fire restoration specialist to begin the process of restoring your home. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on fire damage. 

Staying Safe After a Flood

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Experiencing a flood in Las Vegas, NV can be devastating to your life, home and property. After the flood water has receded, it’s only natural to begin the process of assessing the damage. During these times, it’s imperative that you prioritize your safety. Here are four tips to keep you safe when dealing with a flooded home.

1. Wait for Clearance to Return

Floods can wash out roads and down power lines. Never return to an area that’s been damaged by flood waters without clearance first from the authorities. Your local news, radio and the National Weather Service are great sources for updates on the affected area.

2. Wear Protective Clothing and Shoes

Any surface that’s been touched by water should be considered contaminated. Flood water may contain animal waste, chemical and industrial runoff and untreated sewage. Rubber gloves and waterproof outerwear are sufficient, but don’t neglect a durable pair of shoes. Injuries to the feet are some of the most common following a flood.

3. Ventilate Your Space

Depending on how much of your home has been exposed to water damage, a flooded home is at risk for the growth of mold. Keeping your windows and doors open as much as possible can help reduce the chance of mold taking hold in the home. If you do suspect mold, contact a local restoration specialist to assist in the mold remediation process.

4. Use Caution With Electrical Appliances

You’ll need to shut off the main power at the breaker, but first examine the area for any signs of water. Contact an electrician if you’re unable to reach the circuit breaker without standing in water. Once the power’s off, have all affected appliances inspected before attempting to operate them.

The damage done by flood water can be extensive. Work with certified restoration professionals in Las Vegas, NV to aid in the process of restoring your home.
Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on storm damage. 

Did You Know These 3 Things Could Cause Your Pipes To Burst?

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Give SERVPRO a call if you experience busted pipes.

Water damage from flooding is one of the worst disasters you may ever confront as a homeowner. But what is it that makes a pipe burst and flood a home in the first place? Here are three issues that may cause damage to the water line.

1. Turning Off the Heat

Freezing in the pipes happens when temperatures dip below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, causing water pressure to build up, and possibly making the pipe break. Most homeowners in Las Vegas, NV are aware of this, so many residents let their faucets drip in the winter. However, leaving faucets on and unattended is not always the best idea, especially if there is an unexpected blockage in the drain. Leaving the heat on is a great alternative.

2. Buildup of Sediments

Freezing is seasonal, but all year round, hair, food, grime and even minerals from the water can lead to sediment buildup, once again creating pressure in the pipes and potentially causing a pipe burst or a rupturing of the water line or backflow. To prevent flooding from this, routinely clean drains with either approved chemicals or by hiring professional assistance.

3. Tree Roots

One of the most unsuspecting causes of bursting pipes is tree roots. We plant trees for shade, for oxygen, and for a beautiful landscape, but they often anchor themselves to pipe lines below ground. Some of the trees most likely to ruin pipes include oak, maple, willow and elm. Pipes made from PVC and steel are the least likely to be damaged by roots, but the risk remains. Choose plants carefully, and plant them at a safe distance from the building.

Knowing what makes a pipe burst is a great start in your efforts to prevent it from happening at your home. However, for those times when human error and mother nature conspire against you, there is peace of mind in knowing there are experts who will restore your home in no time. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on water damage.

What Does Sewage Cleanup Involve?

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A sewer backup or flooded toilet in a commercial property can cause extensive damage and pose a contamination risk. It is important to start sewer cleanup as soon as possible. Rely on certified professionals who can quickly complete the process to limit the exposure of the owners or occupants of the property to potentially harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, as well as the extent of secondary damage. There are three major steps to sewage cleanup.

1. Eliminate solids and liquids. In order to effectively clean and sanitize the area of a commercial property affected by a sewer leak, it is necessary to remove all traces of sewage from the area. Whether you are dealing with category two water damage, which consists of gray water, or sewage without solids, or category three damage with black water containing solid waste, a cleanup crew should use buckets and dispose of damaged porous building materials and contents.

2. Clean and dry the affected area. Once all sewage has been removed, the next stage of the sewer cleanup process involves thoroughly cleaning and drying the affected area. There is no need to perform extensive disinfection at this stage, as it is best to allow the area to thoroughly dry first. A restoration company may use fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers to promote fast drying.

3. Disinfect the area. Once the part of the property that was affected by the sewage leak has been thoroughly cleaned and dried, it is time to disinfect the area. This step in the cleanup process prevents risks to the health of customers or other occupants in the property.

A restoration service located in Las Vegas, NV can provide complete sewer cleanup services in commercial properties. Whether you have experienced a flooded toilet or a sewer backup, professionals can restore your property more quickly from start to finish and prevent damage from worsening.
Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on commercial water damage

SERVPRO: Your Las Vegas Household Mold Growth Removal Authority

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Mold is one of the most pervasive and common complaints that a home owner can face.

Your Household Mold Growth Removal Authority

If you are facing issues with water damage or the presence of mold in your home, now is the time to get the issue professionally addressed and dealt with. Mold is one of the most pervasive and common complaints that a home owner can face. This is especially true for owners of older homes. Once introduced, mold can spread throughout your home, causing structural damage and can cause health effects.

Stopping Mold Growth In Its Tracks
Las Vegas mold growth is a pernicious enemy that must be stopped dead in its tracks before it has a chance to spread and take hold throughout your home. In order to achieve this, you will need to be on your guard against it. If your home has recently been flooded, or if you have experienced issues with faulty or broken pipes, you will need to call upon the services of a professional mold growth removal service.

Be Sure To Check Your Basement And Bathroom
The two locations in your home where Las Vegas mold growth is likely to spread after a flood or pipe breakage are your basement and bathroom. Your basement is a prime candidate for mold growth because it is the lowest floor in your home, and full of secluded corners and hard to reach spots where mold growth can easily take hold and spread.

The bathroom of your home is also a prime candidate for mold growth. This is because the pipe fittings in your bathroom that connect to your bath tub, toilet, and sink can become leaky or faulty with age, creating little pools of water all throughout the area that can quickly become breeding areas for mold and other bacterial pathogens.

Contact Your Friendly SERVPRO Professional Today
Customers who are searching for the finest one stop water damage professionals should choose SERVPRO today. SERVPRO is IICRC certified to provide excellent household mold removal service. If you have any questions or concerns regarding household mold or any other issue that may be affecting the safety or structural integrity of your home, please contact the friendly professionals at SERVPRO today.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We live and work in this community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas is close by and ready to help with your mold-damaged property. We are proud to be an active member of the North Las Vegas community and want to pitch in and help make our community the best it can be.

When a major storm or event occurs, we can call upon our national network of 1,650 SERVPRO Franchises and special Disaster Recovery Teams if we need additional resources or personnel.

Need water damage restoration in Las Vegas? Call SERVPRO

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Are you experiencing water damage in your home or office due to floods or maybe leaks?

May be negligence? And you are totally helpless and don’t know how to overcome this situation. With all your work and responsibilities at home and office, you simply cannot think of a way out of it by yourself. But do not fear, and do not panic! We have the answer to your problem. In fact, we have been in this business of Las Vegas Water Damage Restoration for quite a while, helping people like you who are experiencing water damage.

Every type of water damage is different from the other. But we definitely have a unique remedy for all of them.

We have a 24 hour emergency water removal service

Flooding can be a disastrous situation if it is not handled properly. You need to handover the matter to the professionals in order to save your home or business in Las Vegas. It can happen without any warning during day time or night. So we have an emergency service to provide immediate restoration throughout the day and every day of the year.

We are quick to serve you; whatever the size maybe

We at SERVPRO has over 1650 US and Canadian franchise areas functioning to be quick as possible to rescue you and your home and office from water and restore everything so that you can carry on forgetting what took place. We also help you to prevent secondary damage and mold.

We have thoroughly trained Water Restoration Specialists.

We at SERVPRO are able to arrive at your residence quickly and help you to get your home and your belongings back to normal and dry conditions.162

We are locally operating in the same vicinity

SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas is locally owned and operates. Hence we are so much a part of it. When you are suffering with floods and water issues, we are already there with you as we are located almost in the same vicinity. We are so proud that we are part of the Las Vegas community and are able to serve our community with dedication and commitment.

Our restoration process operates like this.

1.     Emergency Contact – As soon as you contact us, we are at your doorstep

2.     Inspection and damage assessment – Inspection takes place immediately and the damage is assessed by our professionals

3.     Water removal – Necessary steps are taken to remove water immediately using latest machinery

4.     Drying and dehumidification – We dry your entire compound and house before your very eyes

5.     Cleaning and sanitizing – Every kind of dirt and mud is removed and sanitized completely so that you can breathe fresh air under clean surroundings

6.     Restoration – All is restored like a miracle within a very short time.

Can Mold Odor Be Eliminated?

5/13/2018 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you notice mold growing in your home or business.

Mold odor can feel like it crawls inside your nose and refuses to leave. This is because of mycotoxins, which are atmospheric toxins released by mold. These toxins carry the smell, and it can get stuck on anything. In your clothing. In your nose. On your furniture. It’s a musty, unpleasant odor that seems to trigger the constant urge to sneeze. But can you eradicate mycotoxins and mold smell from your Las Vegas, NV home?

It’s Not Impossible

Your first step to get rid of the mold smell should be to get rid of the mold. That won’t fix everything, but it’s a start. You should:

• Find a good mold remediation specialist. Companies that specialize in mold remediation can help you find and eliminate even hidden mold in your home, removing any source of fresh mycotoxin production.
• Get rid of any moldy belongings. Some things just can’t be salvaged. A professional might be able to help you work out what can and cannot be saved, as well as being able to do the work to bring your belongings back from the brink, but to prevent more mold and more mycotoxins some things just go in the trash.
• Air out your house. Let fresh air in. Pull the curtains back to allow the sun to touch as much as possible inside your home. Mold doesn’t like sunlight.
• Invest in an air filter. HEPA air filtration devices are meant to remove particulates from the air. This includes mold spores and mycotoxins. Using an air filtration device can dramatically improve the air quality in your home after a mold infestation, and cut that smell down to almost nothing.
• Scrub affected areas with baking soda and vinegar. Just for a final touch, do a little post-remediation cleaning. This cleaning can include scrubbing affected areas with baking soda and vinegar, which are great home remedies for odor elimination. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on mold. 

Cleaning Up After a Home Fire

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Give SERVPRO a call if you experience fire damage in your home.

A house fire in Northwest Las Vegas can be a distressing and devastating event. Seeing the destruction, no matter how minor, may leave you overwhelmed and wondering what to do next. In the aftermath, you should conduct a thorough review of what to keep and what to throw away among items remaining in the residence.

Make Informed Choices

Certain things may appear to be unaffected on the surface, but on further examination, they will likely need to be discarded. There are deciding factors that can help you determine what needs to go. Certain types of fire damage, such as burning or scorching, are easily identified. However, you’ll also want to consider kinds of damage that may not be so apparent, from sources such as these:

? High heat
? Smoke
? Soot
? Water
? Fire extinguisher residue

High heat can be damaging to foods, cosmetics, and medicine. To err on the side of caution, you may need to throw away all of them. Anything warped or melted by the heat should be tossed. Clothing and other household textiles often absorb smoke and should be inspected to determine if they can be salvaged. Smoke, soot, water, and fire extinguisher dust often spread and penetrate everywhere, through closet doors, kitchen cabinets, and even appliances such as your refrigerator, so their contents should be scrutinized as well.

Let Cooler Heads Prevail

You’ve got a lot to think about and may be especially worried about how much of your belongings you’ll need to throw away. Emotions are likely running high. An option that can ease the stress and concern is to contact fire cleanup and restoration professionals. They typically respond quickly to calls from distraught homeowners, and many have hotlines that are staffed 24/7. Most are skilled in rectifying the different kinds of damage a fire can leave in its wake, and have specialized expertise enabling them to restore as much as possible to pre-fire condition. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on fire damage. 

3 Tips To Slow Down Mold Damage

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Mold can quickly become a serious problem for your commercial building in Las Vegas, NV. Flooding and high humidity can lead to growth in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Once the mold has started, it can spread rapidly through air vents to the far reaches of your building. Whether you are dealing with black mold or a different kind of fungus, you want to address the issue as quickly as possible to mitigate the damage. Working with a commercial mold cleanup team can make the process easier because they know exactly how to take care of the following steps, and they can act quickly and efficiently.

1. Stop Airflow: Spores can travel in the air. If you want to keep the mold to one part of your space, you need to cut off the airflow. Most experts suggest turning off your HVAC system because the mold can travel through your vents. Once this is done, the team may set up a negative air chamber to better keep the fungus quarantined to a specific part of your building.
2. Stop Water: Chances are, if you have a mold problem, you also have a moisture problem. You may need to turn off your building's water to put an end to the flooding or high humidity. However, you may also be able to set up dehumidifiers or drain the flood water from your space.
3. Remove Spores: Once the spread has been stopped and the cause has been eliminated, you want to have the black mold removed from your building. Depending on the extent of the damage, this may require tearing out carpets, throwing away furniture, restoring belongings and ripping out drywall.

Mold cleanup can be tricky for the layman. The spores can spread easily and come back to life at the slightest increase in humidity. When dealing with black mold, you want to make sure the spread is stopped and the growth is cleaned up properly. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on mold. 

Minimize Flood Damage With These Simple Yet Effective Tips

4/12/2018 (Permalink)

Flood water can be extremely destructive to a home’s infrastructure, and though immediate remediation efforts can help minimize loss, they cannot undo damage from sitting water. If you want to protect your home from flooding and subsequent water damage, there are a few things you can do to flood-safe your home:

• Establish a flood watch
• Make a flood plan
• Invest in the right equipment
• Secure hazardous materials

Establish a Watch

They say that knowledge is power, and this is especially true when Mother Nature is involved. Watch weather reports and pay attention to the water levels in and around your community. If you notice flood water starting to spill over from the creeks and onto the roads, it may be time to secure your home and prepare to evacuate.

Make a Flood Plan

Your plan should be multi-faceted. For one, if a flood is in the making, fill up your car’s gas tank and a spare tank if you have one. Pack an emergency bag that contains non-perishable foods, water, warm clothing, flashlights, batteries, walkie-talkies and other necessities. Your plan should account for where to go in the event of a flooded building and what route you plan to take to get there.

Prepare Your Home

Once you’ve accounted for yours and your family’s safety, it’s time to prepare your home. Clean all gutters and storm drains of debris and replace any gutters that have gone bad. Install storm doors and windows to keep the worst of the storm at bay. Secure hazardous materials so that if your home does flood, water damage will be the only type you have to deal with.

It can be difficult to gauge how high flood water will rise and what kind of damage it has the potential to cause. Because of this, the best thing you can do is be prepared. If your home does accrue some damage, reach out to your Las Vegas, NV storm restoration team for remediation assistance. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on storm damage. 

3 Tips To Save Your Mold-Damaged Belongings

3/26/2018 (Permalink)

In this picture, you can see extreme mold growth that has caused a serious loss in this home.

When there's a water leak in your home in Las Vegas, NV mold can become a problem quickly, causing significant damage to your home and possessions. It may be hard to tell what you can salvage using mold cleaning or remediation and what should be replaced. Hiring a cleanup and restoration company may help you return more of your property to a pre-damage state. Here are three tips to get your home back in order.

1. Note Important Do’s and Don’ts

Once you've discovered mold in your house, you should call a mold remediation company immediately. Professionals can help with removing infested materials, cleaning your possessions, and repairing other damage. Before the experts do their thing, it is usually essential to turn off your HVAC systems and fans to help prevent the spores from floating through the air. Refrain from touching the fungus or attempting to dry the affected area yourself.

2. Understand Types of Cleaning

Specialists have numerous methods for mold cleaning to use depending on what needs attention. The immersion method, where the object is dipped into a bath of cleaner, is best for clothing. Foam cleaning is utilized on upholstery and leather since water could ruin them. The spray-and-wipe method is also useful for objects wet cleaning could destroy, such as paintings. Abrasive cleaning, good for more durable items, involves scrubbing to remove buildup.

3. Use Specialized Services

There are special document/photograph services that use different types of drying depending on the mold damage sustained. Also, consult experts if any electronics are damaged, as they can be hazardous after being exposed to water. Another critical task professionals can help with is odor removal. The odor of mildew can linger in damaged belongings. Fogging equipment helps eliminate the musty smell.

Losing valuable or sentimental property to water damage can be frustrating and sad. Hiring a company that specialized in mold cleaning may help you save items you thought were ruined. Rejuvenating your possessions can help give you peace of mind after an emergency and save you money in the process. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on mold damage. 

5 Tips for Recovering Water-Damaged Valuables

3/17/2018 (Permalink)

This home had water damage caused by a pipe break.

Water damage in the home can come from a variety of sources in Las Vegas, Nevada ranging from storms and flooding to leaky appliances to even a broken pipe. Regardless of the cause of water in the home, the resulting harm to any cherished belongings can be devastating. This doesn’t necessarily mean family valuables are gone for good; in fact, it may be possible to save them by following these five tips:

1. Rinse wet items with clean water. This is done primarily to rid the item of any contaminants from the original water event. Try not to grind debris into the material. If silt or foreign matter needs to be removed, use a soft brush or damp cloth to dab clean.

2. Create airflow. Open windows, use fans and use dehumidifiers to begin the process of drying the room. Air-conditioning can also help to move stagnant air. Increased ventilation can reduce the humidity and prevent the onset of mold.

3. Separate broken valuables from humidity. Repair of a damaged item should be delayed until all the pieces are dry and clean. Try to keep like-items together in labeled bins if necessary.

4. Dry clean or quickly dry organic material. Textiles and leather should be air-dried in order to prevent damage. Clothing garments that have become moldy most likely need professional dry cleaning to remove the mold and odor. Bedding can be dry cleaned to assure that mold growth is inhibited. Steam cleaning water-damaged clothes should remove any stains and unwanted scents.

5. Take extra care of paper products. Books, art, photographs and other documents should be handled with care and allowed to air dry. Use extreme consideration when separating wet pages. Avoid pulling apart photos that have become wet and stuck together; allow separation while immersed in clean water.

Historically valuable items are often the unfortunate casualties of unwanted water in the home. Contact a professional conservator to increase your chances of successful restoration.

Damage caused by water in the home can be a real setback for residents of Las Vegas, Nevada. By following these five steps, you can preserve your esteemed personal items, family heirlooms and other valuables.
Visit  http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on water damage. 

What to Expect During a Leaking Roof Repair

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Heavy rain and sudden torrential sudden downpours can cause a roof leak at your Las Vegas, Nevada business. This issue can cause damage to electrical systems and inventory. Calling in a professional restoration company to repair the leak and replace any damaged parts can help you prevent other costly repairs or a prolonged closure. As the owner of your business, knowing what to expect during a roof repair process can help you avoid unexpected delays and get back to running your company as soon as possible.

The Leak Is Assessed

Before restoration specialists can fix a leaking roof, they will need to assess the area and discover what is causing the leak, such as:
• Missing shingles
• Damaged flashing
• Poor drainage

Once the issue is targeted, it can be isolated and contained to prevent any further damage. This mitigation can be helpful, especially if the leak is in an area that may damage expensive equipment.

Removal of Damaged Materials

A roof leak can cause materials to become water damaged to the point where they must be removed. Torn shingles or worn tar paper may be torn out and replaced with new materials. Your restoration specialists may recommend certain types of materials or drainage systems that can prevent further problems in the future.

Drying and Cleaning

Before new materials are brought in, restoration professionals will likely re-assess your damaged roof and use special machinery to dry and disinfect the area. This can help discourage mold growth or unpleasant musty smells from seeping into the building. Once the area is completely dry, restoration technicians can refit the damaged area with new materials, including any sections of the interior ceiling that may have been affected by the leak.

When a roof leak causes trouble at your Las Vegas, Nevada business, it can be troublesome for you, your employees and your customers. However, when you know what to expect when restoration experts get to work on your roof, you can make an effective plan for getting back to business. Visit  http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on commercial storm damage. 

3 Pointers on Evicting Mold From a Rental Home

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Getting a handle on mold growth can become tedious, no matter what type of building you own. When that location involves a rental home, however, matters can become difficult and time-sensitive. You should take note of the following mold prevention pointers to keep the fungus at bay and to keep stress away for everyone involved.

1. Turn off Water

Exposure to the elements on any level can be a harsh hit for a home. Since moisture is the definition of mold’s favorite hangout spot, make sure to maintain awareness of where, exactly, water damage is occurring in your rental property. If you discover a leak in the home, turn off water to the appliance until it can receive attention from a trusted professional who knows the ins and outs of mold prevention.

2. Turn Down the Heat

To the surprise of many property owners, avoiding excess heat in a home can affect mold’s ability to thrive indoors. For example, an abrupt temperature change caused by turning the heat on during the winter can open the doors for mold growth, and turning on heat frequently can allow for mold to grow on inside walls.

3. Keep Heat on If Possible

Of course, temperature setting preferences can differ from household to household. However, keeping a steady air flow can promote circulation, especially in areas of the house such as attics, where air could be easily trapped. One piece of information to keep in your back pocket is that wherever there is poor ventilation, there could be a higher possibility for mold.

Even though it is a crucial part of our ecosystem, most property owners in Las Vegas, NV would likely agree that mold has no business indoors. It may be a nuisance, can become a challenge to tackle and might frustrate renters, but a mold prevention professional can help wipe out potential problems.
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Content Cleaning After Fire Damage

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In the wake of a fire, your property isn’t endangered only by damage from the fire itself; smoke and soot residue can ruin the contents of your commercial building if left untreated. Fire restoration professionals in Las Vegas, NV provide content cleaning services to assess the damage and swiftly address what can be restored to pre-fire condition to avoid costly replacements and save unique items.

Protecting At-Risk Content

Preemptive measures go a long way in preserving valuables from fire and smoke damage, especially with sensitive or unique items that can’t feasibly be restored or replaced. Here are some steps for proper content storage and consulting work for business owners:

• Keep important documents in fireproof safes and back them up digitally or physically whenever possible.
• Regularly take inventory for insurance claims. Photo or video documentation is particularly useful for working with insurance adjusters in fire damage cases. Back these up as well.
• Understand and regularly check on your insurance policy to know what is and isn’t covered.
• Know who to contact for immediate fire restoration response in case of emergency.

The Contents Restoration Process

Restoration teams use a variety of tools and methods for efficient content cleaning after fire and smoke damage hits your property. The steps taken include:

• Assessment of property and contents to determine what can be restored
• Dry cleaning to remove light residues from clothes and porous surfaces
• Wet cleaning for surfaces with moderate to heavy residues
• Foam cleaning for sensitive fabrics
• Immersion cleaning for small nonporous items
• Abrasive or ultrasonic cleaning for heavier residues on objects that can withstand it

Move-Out Procedures

If your commercial building in Las Vegas, NV is heavily damaged, the restoration team may perform a move-out procedure to evacuate contents while the building itself is being remodeled and restored. This allows content cleaning independently of the on-site restoration and also protects the moved items from further damage. The team will coordinate this with you to best suit your insurance and business needs. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on commercial fire damage.

Does Drywall Always Need To Be Removed After Flooding?

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In a vast majority of cases, water damage restoration specialists will need to perform a flood cut to handle any damaged drywall. This involves removing a section of the drywall approximately 12 inches above the flood line. Since drywall is a porous material, it can be extremely damaged by flooding, essentially becoming a sponge. However, there are a small number of situations where experts in Las Vegas, Nevada can repair the wall without having to tear out the whole thing.

1. Minimal Water Damage

Extreme levels of water brought about by heavy rainfall or a burst pipe will necessitate a flood cut every time. If your situation involves a washing machine or dishwasher overflowing and causing a small amount of water to flood the floor, then you may not need to remove drywall. The easiest way to determine this on your own is to get a moisture meter and apply it to the affected wall. If the reading is over one percent, then you will need to remove the wall because it is too compromised.

2. Clean Water

Severe flooding can cause water to pick up sewage and other pieces of debris from your home’s septic tank and bring those materials inside your house. With that level of contamination, a flood cut is highly recommended. You do not want hazardous materials to go deep inside the porous materials of the drywall.

3. Lack of Insulation

Some walls in your home have insulation, while others do not. If water seeps through the walls and enters the insulation, then that material is typically beyond salvage and will need to be removed. Experts in Las Vegas, NV will need to take out the walls to get to the insulation. This prevents further mold growth. Without insulation, the team may remedy flooding damage by drilling holes in the walls to air out the other side.
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Myths About Freezing Pipes You May Believe

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When it comes to frozen pipes over the winter, there are plenty of myths to go around. If you’re not a professional in these industries, it can be difficult to know what to believe about freezing temperatures. You may have heard any or all of the following:

• Leave your faucets dripping
• Heat your whole business
• Some pipes are freeze-proof

Which of these pieces of advice are true and which ones are just myths? You can find your answers below and avoid needing water line repair down the road.

Myth: All I Have to Do Is Keep Indoor Faucets Dripping

When a hard freeze hits Las Vegas, Nevada your first instinct may be to let your kitchen and bathroom faucets drip overnight. While this can be helpful, it’s not the only thing you need to do to save your building from freezing pipes and potential flooding. Keeping these lines going may not protect your outdoor water lines and other plumbing in your business.

Myth: I Have to Heat Every Room in My Building

If you have unused rooms in your business, you may feel the need to heat them just to keep the pipes from becoming frozen and bursting. This may be inefficient and unnecessary. Instead, you can use tools like heat tape and other insulation to keep those pipes from bursting. This tape allows you to heat the parts of the building without worrying about frozen pipes.

Myth: Some Pipes are Freeze-Proof

You may have seen pipe companies claiming that their pipes can withstand the pressure of freezing and expanding again. While these pipes may be better than some, none are entirely resistant to ultra-low temperatures. Make sure to take other precautions against freezing pipes, even if you have plumbing that claims to be immune to bursting.

Frozen pipes can wreak havoc on businesses in Las Vegas, Nevada. If a pipe in your building bursts, be sure to call a professional restoration company to help with clean up. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on commercial water damage.

What Belongings Are Unsafe To Keep Following a Fire?

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What Belongings Are Unsafe To Keep Following a Fire?

As you watched your home ravaged by fire, you may not have thought about the days and weeks ahead. Cleaning up after a fire can be almost as devastating as the fire itself, as you have to decide which of your belongings to keep and which to throw away because they are too burned or damaged. The following items may not have crossed your mind, but they should be discarded after a fire.

1. Perishable Food

In some cases, your refrigerator may have been air-tight enough to keep perishable foods cold while working to restore power to your home. However, if the fridge or freezer has experienced fire damage, or the contents are no longer cold, the food must be thrown away. If you’re unsure of whether an item of perishable food is safe, consider the following:

Does the fridge smell smoky inside?
Does the food have a strange odor?
Is the food from the freezer no longer cold and hard?

If you are not positive as to whether the food has gone bad, get rid of it just in case.

2. Non-Perishable Food

When perishable foods are exposed to the high heat of a house fire, they can end up spoiling due to bacteria growth. In addition, the heat can cause chemicals from metal cans or glass jars to leach into the food.

3. Medication and Cosmetics

Much like with non-perishable foods, the chemical properties of cosmetics can change if they are in or near a blaze, so they should be replaced. If the contents in your medicine cabinet are exposed to high heat, they will likely be rendered ineffective; throw away medication and ask for replacements instead of taking the risk of seeing if they will work.

4. Burned Clothing

While you may be able to get rid of the smoky smell or soot on your clothing, any items that have been burned should be thrown away. Even professional recovery services will not be able to salvage clothing with fire damage.

While it is heartbreaking to have to throw away your belongings after a fire, remember to use your best judgment to keep yourself and your family safe from the aftermath.
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Steps To Take After a Fire

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Steps To Take After a Fire

If your home catches on fire, it is a very stressful situation. In the moment, your thoughts are focused on getting yourself and your loved ones to safety. Then, you are focused on putting the fire out. After that, though, reality sets in. It is time to begin fire restoration and moving on. Here’s a look at three important steps you need to take following a house fire in Las Vegas, NV.

Leave Damage Alone

You’ll be tempted to go inside your home and see what damage the fire did, but resist that urge. Smoke cleaning and fire restoration can wait until you’re given the OK to enter the building by the fire marshal. Also, you have to be safety minded. Your home may not be safe to walk around in. Bumping an unstable support structure could result in a devastating domino effect. Finally, you do not want to disturb the scene before pictures can be taken and evidence is gathered.

Call the Insurance Company

You also need to place a call to your renters or homeowners insurance company. Contact them as soon as possible. They will want to come out right away to get pictures and begin their investigation. You want to get this ball rolling ASAP so you can get your fire insurance money, which will help fund the fire damage remediation process.

Call For Board Up Services

Finally, you need to call for help in securing your home by boarding up broken windows and doors. You do not want to subject your home to further damage from vandals or weather by leaving these areas open. A board up service from a fire restoration company in Las Vegas, NV can help to securely close these areas and ensure that weather will not cause further damage. This is something you really need to do in order to protect and preserve your home. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on fire damage.

Removing Smoke Odor After a Home Fire

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Removing Smoke Odor After a Home Fire

A home fire in Las Vegas, NV is a devastating event. After the damage assessment has been done, the arduous cleanup task begins. Smoke cleaning can be particularly difficult as the odor tends to linger in the air long after surfaces are no longer sooty. If you are struggling to remove smoke odor from your home, try these methods to clear the air.


The first step in smoke cleaning is to clean all surfaces with the right detergents for the job. Tri-sodium phosphate is excellent for removing smoke and soot residue. Mix 4 to 6 tablespoons of TSP with 1 cup of household cleaner or bleach. Add this to 1 gallon of water and clean your home from the top down.

Air Purifiers

When the walls and furnishings have been cleaned from visible smoke damage, you can turn to air purifiers to clean the air. Choose a model with a HEPA filter, as these do the best job of removing fine particles from the air. Be sure to change the filter and pre-filter frequently.

Ozone Machines

While it’s true that ozone machines do an excellent job of neutralizing smoke odor, they do have some side effects that mean they must be used with caution. These purifiers release ozone into the air, which can cause chest pain, coughing, irritation to the lungs and windpipe, and a host of other ills to anyone standing in the room. It is therefore imperative that no one be present if ozone machines are used.

Thermal Foggers

Thermal foggers generate ultra-fine droplets of cleaning solutions that can pass through porous materials, mimicking how the materials absorbed the smoke. This is an effective method of smoke cleaning as the cleaning solutions can now reach the same nooks and crannies as the smoke.

A fire restoration company in Las Vegas, NV can assist you in determining which odor removal method is best for your smoke damaged home.
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Handling Damage Caused by a Commercial Fire

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Handling Damage Caused by a Commercial Fire

When owning a property, you will want to make sure that it stays in the best possible condition. However, there are times when accidents may happen such as a fire. With a fire, your property can experience a significant setback due to things such as fire damage, soot damage and smoke damage.

One of the things you will need to do in order to get your property back in top condition is hire a company that will help you with fire restoration. These companies will be able to help you with things such as addressing the effects of an electrical fire and a utility room fire. Restoration companies are also available to assist you with examining the fire sprinkler system and repairing it if necessary. As well as hiring a restoration company, property owners will also need to contact the fire department to send a firefighter and a fire truck over. The members of the fire department will use equipment such as a fire hose to help with fire suppression. The combination of the fire department and a restoration company will help any property owner best deal with commercial fire damage.

If you experience fire damage along with soot damage and smoke damage, you will need to handle the situation a certain way in order to remain safe and preserve your property. After a fire occurs, it will be vital to hire a fire restoration company. This type of company will help you cope with things such as an electrical fire and a utility room fire. Restoration companies can also help you restore your fire sprinkler system as well. While hiring a restoration company is a vital step in addressing commercial fire damage, it is important to take the first step in the process of contacting the fire department. This entity will send over a fire truck with a firefighter to your property. The fire department personnel will then engage in fire suppression by using a fire hose. These steps will help you best handle a fire whenever it occurs on your property.

A fire restoration company can help you in a number of ways whenever you experience things such as fire damage, smoke damage and soot damage. A company such as this will help you restore your property after things such as a utility room fire or an electrical fire. They will also address any problems associated with your fire sprinkler system as well. Restoration companies will evaluate the extent of the damage as well as use equipment and chemicals to remove debris. A restoration company will also give you advice on how to maintain your property after a fire. This company will usually provide assistance with commercial fire damage after a firefighter in a fire truck completes the fire suppression process with a fire hose.

The process of fire restoration is simple and thorough. A restoration company will first come over to your property to assess the damage to things such as the fire sprinkler system. They will also evaluate the effects of an electrical fire and a utility room fire. As well as going over these things, restoration companies will also use special tools and equipment to resolve any problems caused by soot damage, fire damage and smoke damage. These companies will often come over to your property to help you after a firefighter in a fire truck provides aid to you and your property. After the fire department uses a fire hose to complete the fire suppression process, a restoration company will then come in to clean up the property and remove debris, smoke and soot. With a restoration company and the fire department, property owners will be in position to efficiently resolve any problems that are caused by commercial fire damage. If you ever experience a fire on your property, using a fire restoration company is a vital step in getting your property back into its previous condition.
Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on commercial fire damage.

The Tragedy of a Home Fire

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The Tragedy of a Home Fire

At one point you have heard about a fire in a home or fire in business. It is challenging for the victims to move forward. But luckily enough, there are professional restoration firms that help the victims. To some, it may look to be a simple task in restoring a business or a home that has undergone fire damage of which isn’t the case. In fire tragedy cases one ought to contact a restoration company that will simplify the whole process and helps victims who have trauma from the incidence.

A restoration company will work in unison with the local authorities and the fire department during the scene and aftermath. You should note that the fire in a business or fire in a home is so severe. The cause of the fire is deeply investigated to prevent future fire damage at home or even commercial fire damage in the business centers. A professional restoration company that has more experience and expertise thus, it ought to be entrusted with the process.

Any assets that have been affected by the commercial fire damage ought to be boarded up to protect the premises. The windows, locks, doors are subject to damage in the tragedy and as so they will need securing during fire cleanup to continue with the fire damage restoration process. The expert will board up any other property that is valuable. By boarding up windows and doors, the owner will be assured of their property is safe. It also curbs any intruder who may have intentions of invading and stealing any assets at the scene.

With the aid of an expert, soot damage and smoke damage can be restored during fire cleanup by use of specialized gadgets and variety of techniques. In most cases where fire tragedy has happened the owners usually replace damaged items. Smoke damage and soot damage is reversible; it only calls for deep cleaning of the objects using scrubbers or steam. The property owner incorporation with the restoration company will identify those items that are reparable and those that are beyond repair after the fire damage. It is always easy to remove smoke smell from the scene.

A fire in a home will always destroy many items, but some are salvageable. Before disposing of any material, it is good to consult a fire cleanup expert. On the other hand, commercial fire damage will have a severe impact on some equipment, some of which will remain unusable. A fire cleans up expert ought to be consulted when it comes to the disposing of the industrial equipment; this is because there are some rules and regulations on disposing any material on cases of a fire in business. The business ought to be boarded up to secure the stock.

At times the smoke smell will persist long after the incidence. In such cases, it will be good to consult a fire cleanup expert. The expert has ways of dealing with the smell by use of an air purifier. The smoke smell will spread through the carpeting and all fabric and as such an expert will be required. It is important to know that smoke smell is dangerous and as such when removing it, a professional ought to be used. Soot damage and smoke damage is also hazardous to people.

A professional may help in assessing the fire damage and finally provide the owner with an estimate. With the forecast, they will be able to tell whether fire damage restoration is appropriate or not. If the damaged items are replaced the fire clean up will be essential. At times soot damage and smoke damage are reversible though stubborn. Note commercial fire damage can be reversed.

In cases where there is significant debris at the scene, fire clean up expert should be contacted. A Fire clean up process will involve removing all waste that is beyond repair on the fire damage site and disposing of them.

The whole process of fire damage restoration isn’t simple task. It requires a team of expert who will deal with tragedy. Therefore whenever there is a fire in a business or a fire in a home, it is always good to seek the help from a fire damage restoration company.
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Learning About the Importance of Professional Storm Damage Restoration

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Learning About the Importance of Professional Storm Damage Restoration

For anyone who is currently handling river flooding, hurricane damage, residential flooding, ice damage, hail damage and wind damage, you need professional storm remediation. Both home restoration and water restoration are there to make life easier for you, ensuring that you feel confident in the storm remediation. The professionals specializing in home restoration and storm restoration can deal with the roof damage, flood water, hail damage, ground water and ice damage you currently have and are in need of expert storm remediation. Once you decide to contact storm restoration pros who do storm damage and home restoration, it's just a matter of letting the water restoration and storm restoration pros come out to your home and assess the hurricane damage left behind.

There is a lot that goes into roof repair, roof damage and getting rid of roof leaks. If you have a lot of roof leaks due to hail damage, you need roof repair done to get rid of roof damage. The roof damage won't go away on its own, especially if there are roof leaks present as well. If you have roof damage, be sure to get roof repair done by those who deal with roof leaks. The roof damage and roof repair may be needed because of wind damage or hail damage of any kind. If you have dealt with hurricane damage, it might also result in ground water or residential flooding that leaves behind flood water. If you have flood water and do not have a flood pump, the home restoration pros can come and do the storm remediation. The water restoration might involve a flood pump of some kind, but you may also use your own flood pump. This is ideal for any type of flooding or large amounts of river flooding in the area. If you have river flooding, be sure to contact the pros to come and offer a flood pump for you. This is also true if you have ground water, residential flooding or flood water of any kind due to storm damage.

Another thing that might be an issue in your area is ice damage. The ice damage and hail damage might leave behind frozen pipes and significant amounts of ice damming. Ice dams can be problematic in terms of frozen pipes, so if you have frozen pipes at the moment, be sure to get the pros in to handle the ice damming for you. Ice damming can be handled quickly for those with ice damage or hail damage, so be sure to call in the pros if you have ice dams forming or frozen pipes. The company can also handle the hurricane damage and ground water for you at the time they come out to your home. River flooding is problematic for anyone who has had storm damage, wind damage or even ice damming. Ice dams can be taken care of quickly and without problems if you have ice dams. Storm restoration can be easy to afford if you have some type of insurance on your home or business.

Water restoration may also be needed if you have storm damage or wind damage of any kind. This is something that you should never attempt to do on your own as there is a lot that goes into it and it can be a problem trying to handle it yourself. Be sure to contact a local company so that they can come out to your place of business or home and begin the work that you are in need of at the moment. There are so many reasons to contact such a company, so make sure that you think about hiring their professional services so that you can feel confident knowing that you are doing something that you are going to be there for yourself. This is a wonderful option for a lot of people who are in need of storm restoration.
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Emergency Ready Profile - Phone Application

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Emergency Ready Profile - Phone Application

In times of emergency it is crucial to be prepared. The Emergency Ready Profile application is a great step in the right direction of preparedness. Download the application in App Store by searching SERVPRO. You can also login and see profiles at www.ready.SERVPRO.com. The application allows the user to:

  • Add multiple building profiles.
  • Take pictures of shut off locations for fire sprinklers, water, and gas.
  • Add insurance information
  • Add local police and firefighter phone numbers

There are many other features within the application. One of the most popular is that of sharing the profile. Once the ERP is finished the owner of the profile can share with anyone who needs to be prepared. Now all your emergency personnel can find the shut off location just by opening their shared profile.

The importance of having a Water Damage Preparation Strategy in Northwest Las Vegas.

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The importance of having a Water Damage Preparation Strategy in Northwest Las Vegas.

There are a number of emergencies that cause water damage and are somehow typical of buildings. These are as a result of flash floods, leaky pipes or appliances, an overflowing bath left unseen or even a leak on the roof. Having water invading homes or business premises can be an overwhelming experience and therefore the need for a water damage preparation in Northwest Las Vegas.

Preventing damage can be quite hard as many times such occurrences have a less probability of occurrence. However, at certain times there is the need to be well equipped just in case such events take place. Any homeowner might not be in a position to avert the occurrence of damage in Northwest Las Vegas, but may apply mitigation to their adverse impacts.Mitigation is essential since it will reduce operation cost in the long run. In the events of flash floods, or storms which are natural catastrophes, men and women have the duty to act rather fast.

There are several measures that can be carried out to mitigate or avoid the effects created by the disaster faced in our daily lives.

  • There is a need to create a plan based on the materials used to construct the residence. They should be of high quality to offer resistance to damage. Residential homes and all high-end entertainment joints on the Las Vegas strip must be well built. The area is quite dense.
  • Construct water barriers along homes to prevent an influx of water into homes.
  • People need to ensure that all electrical appliances are unplugged to avoid any possibilities of fire.
  • Drying of important documents and relevant equipment must be done for later use.
  • They should also secure food in waterproof bags to keep them from drying.

Sewage Back Up Tips - During a Storm

10/13/2017 (Permalink)

All homes have water sources and it should be noted that high levels of maintenance are required.

  • Firstly is to ensure that all running water from baths to sink water is never left unattended.
  • Secondly, check the sewage backup system for an overfill. Should there be any case of a leak then the residents should seek help from a water damage repair company to handle the situation.Individuals should also ensure that they have contact information for the service providers, family members, and friends to inform them of the situation.
  • Thirdly is to get a flood insurance. The latter disaster may cause havoc resulting in a financial crisis that was rather unseen.

To mitigate water crisis in homes, it is imperative that in the event of a leaking roof or crevice, a professional should carry out the sealing properly. Broken sinks and taps should be replaced with new ones immediately. Hazardous and valuable materials should be moved to higher levels of the houses or offices.

Call SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas after storm damage. We are ready to help in any Water Damage Emergency. 

Cleanup Tips for Water Damage

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Cleanup Tips for Water Damage

Floods are capable of causing massive water damage than you can imagine. The aftermath of flood waters can wreak havoc on businesses and homes. At times, people may have to acquire completely new structures after water in home or water in business wreaks havoc. In case you have experienced water damage, you may still have time to save your property through restoration. We shall be discussing some water damage cleanup tips to help you get started before the restoration company gets to your flooded home.

Remember that when it comes to water in business or water in a home, it's always good to rely on professional mitigation services. Experts will help with drying and restoration of your flooded home after experiencing flood damage from rain, pipe break, or a supply line break.

Understanding flood damage

Water cleanup and drying is an urgent situation, not only because of the destruction, but also the after-effects. This could make a huge difference between saving your flooded home and rebuilding it completely after supply line break or pipe break that results in floods. To offer you an idea of what will happen when you let water stay instead of drying the place, check out this list of items that can get permanently damaged:

Drywall and wallboard – because of being porous in nature, these materials will act like a sponge and be fragile during floods. They may also remain contaminated after restoration and drying.
Solid wood – wood floors and furniture that soak in water for long may warp and crack when they aren't dried out well after water damage.
HVAC – when the air conditioning units and heater become flooded, the internal systems become wet. They can also get muddy, meaning the entire unit has to be cleaned piece by piece or be taken apart.
Electrical wiring and/or pipes – pipes easily float out of place or even break after water in a home or water in business. It's also common to find that the electrical wiring is stripped.
Appliances – when your household appliances get damaged in a flooded home, they'll circuit out and potentially release explosive or harmful gases.

Things you can do during the flood damage water cleanup

To begin with, you need to confirm if it's okay for you to enter your house or office after water in a home or water in business. This confirmation is given by a government official. Once you are assured of your safety, ensure that you come with cash as well as emergency supplies. Below are things you should look for after a flood:

Check if water is running, especially if the damage was caused by supply line break or pipe break. Find out if it's okay to use it for cleaning or drinking.
Look for damaged gas or power lines and smell for leaking gas.
Check stairs, walls pilings, and floors for damage or slants.
Keep an eye for snakes, rodents, insects, or any other pests that might have been brought in by the flood.
Create a list of damaged items and take excellent videos and photos.

Ready for restoration? Get your home in order now

Cleaning up after floods caused by supply line break, pipe break, or rain is a lot of work. Luckily, you can rely on a mitigation or restoration company for professional help. A restoration company has experts who can use advanced equipment, products, and procedures to help you with water cleanup and the entire mitigation.

Do not conduct the restoration all by yourself. Flood damage isn't one of those projects you can handle with a DIY. Allow professional mitigation experts to take care of the property, and then you can focus on other important things. Don't wait any longer! Contact your preferred restoration company and let them get started with water cleanup.
Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on water damage.

Effective Solutions for Commercial Fire Damage

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Effective Solutions for Commercial Fire Damage

Commercial fire damage is something that many would only want to read about it on newspapers but to never experience it themselves. Incidents of utility room fire or electrical fire cause a lot of destruction. It is usually a devastating and desperate moment for the business owners as they watch their years of sweat being converted into ashes in minutes.

Luckily, there are those who have adopted modern ways of fire suppression, which include fire sprinkler system. Fire sprinkler system plays an important role in fire suppression efforts because it is installed with sensors that detect changes in the room temperature and respond accordingly.

In a fire incidence, the fire sprinkler system could detect and open its valves to inject high-pressure sprinkles in the room preventing the fire from spreading quickly. Fire suppression by the fire sprinkler system gives the firefighters time to organize them and arrives at the site. Electrical fire or utility room fire outbreak is the most common source of fire in a commercial building. This type of fire is usually difficult to control and may sometimes overpower the fire sprinkler effort causing fire damage, soot damage and smoke damage.

Once utility room fire or electrical fire has been detected, the fire alarms ring and the firefighters are alerted. They arrive at the scene with all the necessary equipment and tools for fire suppression. The fire truck carrying gallons of water mixed other chemical arrives. Firefighters use the fire hose to inject high-pressure water into the building. Sometimes the fire truck may be forced to get close to the building destroying the landscaping. More than one fire truck and long fire hose could be needed to fight the fire.

Firefighters are also forced to find ways to gain access into the building and my break windows and doors to help them bring the fire hose closer to the burning areas. This allows the water pressure from the fire truck to be directed to the areas threatened by the inferno.

Results from fire suppression exercise

After the fire suppression is completed, the firefighters pack their fire hose and other equipment, and their truck leaves the area. This is the heart breaking moment for the business owners as they gain entry to the building. The sites of fire damage, the flood, soot damage, smoke damage often bring many down in tears.

Hiring professional fire restoration services

No matter how many your workers are, they cannot outdo work done by professionals to rectify the commercial fire damage. Remember that it is not safe to do it on your own; there are necked electrical wires, dangerous chemicals among other things that could be hazardous. You need to get professional help from the local fire restoration services.

Professional fire damage restoration services are important because they ensure that your business gets back to operation soonest. They know how to approach the cleanup exercise of fire damage, smoke damage and soot damage. The good thing is that they have skills and equipment to do this work.

Professional’s fire restoration services usually begin with inspecting the extent of the commercial fire damage to come up with a viable plan on how to approach the whole mess. They take out the good items that can be cleaned or repaired and take it to their facility for specialized care. They then begin the cleanup effort of the charred mess for proper disposal.

The smoke damage is dealt with using deodorants as the odor is found in the porous materials. Soot damage is usually extensive, but the professionals know how to handle it. They clean up the ashes using dry brush before coming up with pain to clear up the soot damage, and the wall is back to normal.

Fire restoration is not a simple job, as it seems because it also involves documentation, which could help the business owner to file insurance claims. Commercial fire damage caused by utility room fire or electrical fire outbreak is usually challenging because of the extensive repair needed. Hiring professionals is a sure way to clean up the mess and bring your business back to operation without wasting more time.
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Tips on Storm Damage Restoration

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Tips on Storm Damage Restoration

In the recent past, several states have suffered hurricane damage and storm damage. If these natural calamities have taught us anything, it is the need to be prepared. While water damage can be extensive, home restoration or water restoration experts can help to salvage most of what is left. Home or business owners who have suffered wind damage, hail damage, ground water damage, river flooding, ice damming and ice dam damage can benefit greatly from experts in storm remediation.

The first course of action for most homeowners who experience extensive flooding is to call their home insurance provider. While you should inform them, there is still much that can be saved through storm restoration serves. Sadly, most homeowners realize too late that in most cases their policy is not sufficient to cover the items after hail damage, flood water, ice damming, wind damage and hurricane damage and flooding.

The bulk of unpaid claims when it comes to home insurance is usually roof damage and roof repairs. Most homeowners are left handling the cost of roof repairs from their pocket. Roof damage claims are often contested, and in most cases, insurance companies do not cover the full cost of roof repairs and roof damage. Insurers often argue that the homeowners did not take proper measures to safeguard the roof from damage.

Homeowners who find themselves in such a predicament can get roof repair services from commercial water restoration companies. Harsh weather aspects such as hurricane damage, hail damage and ice damage can all cause severe damage to the roof. Even a roof leak can easily develop into a crack necessitating a replacement. Roof leaks after a storm damage are mainly caused by broken shingles. Ice dam formation is another cause of roof leaks.

It is best to handle roof repairs before the harsh weather sets in. Roof damage after a storm can be expensive. It also makes the home restoration process longer. Ice damming and ice dams should also be removed immediately. In addition to the roof repairs, the water restoration company will recommend the best slope of the roof so as to avoid instances of ice damming or formation of ice dams.

Another effect of winter damage and ice damming is frozen pipes. Frozen pipes can stop the supply of water in the home. Frozen pipes should not be heated as this can lead to further damage. It is best to leave this task to the home restoration professionals. These home restoration experts have the necessary skills and know how to handle frozen pipes, ice damming and ice damage.

These storm restoration experts come with various tools such as a flood pump to help in the water restoration process. These flood pumps come in handy when draining the water from flooded areas. These flood pumps go a long way in removing water after hurricane damage, storm damage, hail damage and water damage. Flood pumps also help during ground water flooding and draining the flood water. Commercial flood pumps can also be used in cases of river flooding. The good thing about flood pumps is that they can work automatically.

Extensive water flooding cases such as river flooding, hail damage, ice damage, hurricane damage and storm damage lead to the rising of ground water. The surrounding soil may not absorb all the flood water, and most of it can find a way into the rooms. When this happens, it is best to immediately contact experts in storm remediation. This is especially important after natural disasters such as hurricane damage.

Wind damage may follow after a storm. Electric poles, garden fixtures, and tree branches can cause destruction after wind damage. It is prudent to seek experts in storm remediation. This should be done to prevent further damage after the wind damage. Homeowners who live in areas prone to wind damage should ensure that they do not leave loose objects in the backyard.

Storm restoration activities range from large projects such as river flooding, ground water flooding, ice damage and flood water damage to minor ones such as roof leak repairs. Storm restoration professionals will come to the scene prepared to conduct thorough water restoration and storm remediation.
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Post Storm Checklist

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Have you, your family, friends, neighbors, or even coworkers suffered damage to your property or vehicles after a great storm? Due to the importance of filing an insurance claim with the relevant parties, many property owners tend to freak out from the stress that comes from coping with the aftermath of a Las Vegas storm damage. The list below is laden with a variety of tips and points of advice to minimize your stress and expedite repairs.

    •       Contact your insurance agent or company immediately. The sooner you get in touch with your insurer, the more accurate assessment you can receive and the sooner your property and possessions can be restored or replaced.
    •        Repair any minor Las Vegas storm damage. Keeping a swift eye on minor damages and fixing them up allows you prevent those damages from worsening and will also deter looters who can interpret unchecked damages as a sign of an abandoned property. Make sure to hold on to all of the receipts involved in fixing up your minor damage. You can then hand off your records to the insurance adjuster. Hold off on the major repairs until your adjuster can assess all damages.
    •        Always keep a camera or video recording device nearby. It's highly recommended that you maintain the ability to capture storm damage on photographs or video footage.
    •        Hold on to damaged property. Adjusters are interested in every aspect of your damage, so do not discard anything pertinent to that damage.
    •        Keep electronics unplugged during flooding. Since electricity and water don't mix, unplug your electrical devices and relocate them to dry areas if able.
    •        Relocate damaged household items to dry parts of your property.
    •        Make sure that your property syncs up with your address. If the damage is extensive, you may need to place a plywood sign, boldly indicating your insurance company, in front of the property. If you are unable to reside at the site, include a contact number.
    •        Once you've got your settlement, contact a reliable contractor, like SERVPRO.
    •        Be wary of "upfront" contractors. Rampant Las Vegas storm damage through an area brings out unsavory individuals who might perform shoddy work for one-two days before moving with your payment and without notice.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas is locally owned and operated, so we’re already close by and ready to respond immediately when you need us. We’re also part of a national network of over 1,650 Franchises, which gives us access to more resources for larger cleaning or restoration projects or major storm scenarios.

Tips to Minimize Water Damage

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Tips to Minimize Water Damage

Water damage is a dreadful ordeal whether it occurs at home or in the business premises. If you are the manager of a building or a homeowner, you need to always be on the lookout for signs of water damage, flood damage and any other unwanted presence of water in home or water in business. In case you recently dealt with water cleanup in the home, you can use the following tips to protect yourself from a recurrence of flood damage in future.

Preventing water damage

The most fundamental cause of unwanted water in home or water in business is hosed which are not disconnected after use. Make it a law to always disconnect hoses immediately after their use. When the water freezes in the tube, it creates an ice block which leads to pipe breaks and supply line breaks and eventually a flooded home. To protect yourself from a rainwater flooded home, always clean your gutters and downspouts, especially in the rainy season. During repairs, the restoration company should make sure all the ruined gutters have been replaced and that the downspouts face away from the house.

Other measures you can take to prevent flood damage in future include knowing the water main in the home. This way, if there is a pipe break or a supply line break, you can switch off the water at the source. Also, you should check all household appliances regularly to ensure that they are in proper working condition. Check washing machines and dishwashers, tubs and even toilets for small leaks that could be going unnoticed as this may cause extensive long term water damage.

As a home owner or commercial building manager, you are supposed to keep track of your water bills. In case there is a hike in the bill, and you cannot account for the cause, it is recommended that you inspect for the presence of unwanted water in home, water in business or flood damage. If a pipe leak or supply line break is leading to a flooded home, have mitigation measures put in place as soon as possible.

Other tips that can help you avoid a flooded home or other needs for of water cleanup in the home include changing the aged washing machine hoses, checking the water pressure regularly and installation of devices that can detect water in home or water in business. All those are steps to follow either before water damage has happened or after the mitigation. In case you have a flooded home emergency, below are the restoration tips, procedures, and guidelines.

Water clean up, mitigation and restoration

Evacuate everyone from the flooded home as soon as the mishap occurs. Call in the restoration company to assess the extent of the water damage and come up with a plan for water cleanup, drying, and restoration. If there is any free furniture, the restoration company will remove it. After the water cleanup using hoses and powerful suction machines, the company will look for drying agents. Drying prevents the home from getting mold in case moisture was to be left behind.

Drying is then followed by cleaning all the tools, structures and furniture that was soiled during the entire process. What cannot be repaired will be replaced. Drying goes hand in hand with deodorizing for areas which had a bad odor. The restoration company will then perform the mitigation and restoration, which is the last step in the process. The company replaces those parts which were damaged in flood and repaints surfaces which have become discolored. They finish the process by putting in place measures to ensure that such damage does not occur again. These include sealing pipe breaks and supply line breaks. At times, they are forced to get the help of plumbers in fixing this part of the mitigation process. The important thing is to ensure that after the pipe breaks have been sealed, drying is done to avoid further complications such as mold in the home.
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Professional Fire Damage Restoration Explained

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Professional Fire Damage Restoration Explained

Yesterday, all was right in your world. Today, you feel like everything is falling apart. You've become the victim of residential or commercial fire damage. Fire damage can happen so quickly you don't know what hit you. You can do everything right and still face fire damage. Whether it's fire in a home or fire in a business, it means you have a big job ahead of you. Don't try to carry this weight on your shoulders by yourself. You need a professional fire damage restoration team to help you to handle the havoc that has been brought down on you when fire damage occurs.

Bringing Compassion and Competency To Your Door

A restoration company understands that you are dealing with than fire damage after a fire in the home or a fire in the business. While it's true that smoke damage, soot damage, and water damage leave obvious reminders of residential or commercial fire damage, it is the emotional trauma that is most difficult to overcome. If you had to deal with fire cleanup and fire damage restoration on top of everything else, it would be too much. You need professionals who are caring and understanding. They'll come to you in your time of need in order to put your home or business on the road to recovery. You might never be able to forget the smoke smell or the nightmare of fire damage. Your skilled restoration company will be able to eliminate the signs of fire damage so that you will be able to take a step in the right direction.

Let Your Restoration Company Create a Plan of Action

Your restoration company knows exactly how to handle water damage, soot damage, smoke damage, and that nasty smoke smell. They'll determine if it is necessary to board up any part of your home or business. If windows have been destroyed by the fire or the fire department's efforts to save the property, it will be necessary to board up any gaps. When you board up any openings in your home or business, you are taking a practical step toward keeping the premises safe from outsiders or additional damage. When in doubt, ask your fire damage restoration team if you need to board up any area of concern. When there is smoke damage and soot damage, fire cleanup is necessary. The same holds true if any water damage occurred while fighters battled the flames in your home or business. Fire clean up will include removing any water and thoroughly drying the premises. Fire cleanup will also take care of the smoke smell after fire in a home or fire in a business. Furniture and carpeting will need to be cleaned due to smoke damage and soot damage. When there is residential or commercial fire damage, everything will need to be sanitized as well to prevent the spread of germs or the development of mold. After the fire cleanup phase has been completed, your team of restoration professionals will tackle fire damage restoration next.

Getting Back to Normal After a Fire

When you experience fire in home or fire in business situations, you may think that life will never be normal again. Your fire damage restoration team will prove that isn't true. Residential or commercial fire damage doesn't have to stop you in your tracks. You can pick up the pieces and get rid of that smoke smell once and for all. Once everything is cleaned, your restoration company will be ready for the restoration phase. They'll put up new drywall and rebuild walls where necessary. They'll apply paint to your clean walls to make them look like new again. You won't see any reminders about your fire when your carpet has been efficiently cleaned or new carpet has been brought in. If new flooring is necessary, you restoration company will take care of it so that your home or business is transformed.
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Why Mold Growth Needs Professional Removal

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Why Mold Growth Needs Professional Removal

Mold damage can have devastating consequences to any building. What starts as a small batch of fungus or mildew can lead to a smelly odor. A resident may notice a foul smell and not be able to locate the source of the smell. The greatest of noses could lead you to the right location. You still might not find the source because it's mold growth behind a wall. Mold growth behind a wall is just one of the types of mold damage people face with mold in home or commercial mold damage. Mold can be sneaky and hidden. It can also be an eye sore.

There's also black mold. Black mold is usually found in warm, humid and dark places. Black mold typically appears around your shower or tub. It's ugly and your first instinct is to try and remove it. It's an unfortunate thing to have mold growth but the professionals do mold removal best. Before they even consider remediation, they assess the situation to see how much damage the mold growth has caused. Then they use professional grade equipment to look deeply for a cause. It could be a leaky pipe underneath the house. It could be a leaky pipe behind the wall. It could be a gutter leaking somewhere into the interior of the house. All of these are bad things that lead to mold growth.

Mold removal is nothing to be considered lightly. It's a process best achieved by experts who do it on a day to day basis. They know how mitigation of these problems work. They know how to repair issues so they don't happen over and over again. You can only imagine trying to remove the same issue multiple times.

Experts are armed with the tools of the trade that average consumers may not even realize exist. They can use deodorization techniques to rid your house of the smelly odor. They can completely eradicate the fungus and mildew associated with mold.

They can see which type of mold it is and which mold removal process works best. Consumers may assume black mold is an easy removal. Remediation of black mold needs to be addressed by professionals. If it isn't, it can re-occur time and time again.

Commercial mold damage is something that could lead to a closed shop for days. The business needs to address the mold growth quickly. A restoration company can check out the problem and look for any other possible roots of the problem. Commercial mold damage could prevent a business from having customers walk in the door. That means money to a business owner. Losing money or customers is never a good thing. Mold damage could lead to substantial loss in revenue. If mold damage is accompanied by a smelly odor, customers will get a bad impression of the business. Deodorization is one of the biggest assets involved in the remediation process. Our noses tell us much of what we need to know about our current surroundings. A bad smell throws us off just by instinct. It can alter moods. It can dampen spirits. It can also be a tell tale sign of an underlying issue.

Mold in home is can cause much anxiety to the homeowners. A restoration company can help customers sleep better at night by removing the mildew and fungus quickly. The customer might not be able to find the issue but just realize the smelly odor. A restoration company can find mold growth behind wall and eliminate it utilizing professional grade equipment.

The damages of mold can have enormous consequences if left untreated. Commercial mold damage could cause a business to lose customers and revenue. Mold in home could cause a a resident to seek shelter elsewhere and possibly rack up a hotel bill. Deodorization is something professionals utilize to keep residents home without that smell.

There's also the issue of dry rot. Dry rot occurs when excessive humidity and mold start the decay of the wood used in the building. Dry rot could lead to a much larger issue than faced with simple mitigation of mold. Dry rot could cause a business or home owner to face reconstruction costs of their entire building or dwelling.

The importance of seeking a professional can not be underestimated with the first sign of mold growth. Smelly odors without the first sight of mold could also be a sign to call a restoration company. The mold growth behind wall could be invisible to the naked eye. Without mitigation, it could lead to dry rot and other future issues.

The mold removal process seems to be an easy task when assumed by experts. That's because they've analyzed various forms of mold multiple times with commercial mold damage and mold in home. They're job goal is to return your home or business back to normal. It's to make you comfortable once again in the environment where you spend the most time.

The remediation or mitigation process will give home and business owners clarity on the source of the issue and the complete removal of it. Techniques like deodorization will put a company back in business and allow homeowners to sleep in their own beds. It might all start with the first sight of fungus or mildew. It might be a smelly odor. The important thing to remember is professional help is just a phone call away.
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How to Go About Getting Professional Water Damage Restoration

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How to Go About Getting Professional Water Damage Restoration

Dealing with water damage can be infuriating. It is problematic for a variety of reasons. For one, water damage and flood damage can weaken floor boards, making your home generally unstable. Plus, if the flood damage is left to sit, it will turn into a major mold issue that needs professional mitigation. If you feel you're dealing with some serious water damage problems, it's a good idea for you to hire a restoration company.

How to Spot Water Damage

The best way for you to spot water damage and flood damage in the home is if you have recently dealt with some type of flood. This might have been due to a supply line break, pipe break or from a flood in the current area you're living. Water in the home and water in the business should go through professional mitigation, as this is really the only way to be sure that you're doing something positive for your home or office. A restoration company can come into the house or office to deal with the water cleanup and drying.

Dealing with the Flood Damage Issue

If you're dealing with a flooded home, the first step to take is to call a mitigation and restoration company. This company is there to perform the water cleanup and drying for you so that you don't have to handle the issue on your own. They can handle all types of flooded homes, pipe breaks and supply line breaks, so you can feel confident getting them in to do the work. Restoration is necessary to prevent the problem from getting worse.

Hiring a Restoration Company

The best way for you to hire a restoration company is for you to find a service locally that deals with water cleanup, drying and restoration. These companies are able to handle the aftermath of a flooded home, allowing it to properly dry and prevent major issues from becoming a problem. Having a flooded home is no joke, whether this was from a pipe break or a supply line break. The key is to hire a restoration service company to do the job for you.

What to Expect with Water Cleanup Mitigation

Water cleanup and restoration is relatively simple. The company that deals with this work will bring all of their own drying tools to your flooded home. They deal with water in homes and water in a business alike, so you can feel confident you're hiring the right experts. If you have homeowners insurance, it very well could cover the costs of having this type of work done, though you will have to speak to your insurance provider to find out the details.

How to Prevent Water in the Home and Water in the Business

Whether it's from a pipe break or a supply line break, dealing with water in the home or water in the business can be a literal nightmare. The key is to not panic and to understand that there are tons of companies available to make the process easier. There are lots of individuals who have dealt with floods, and there are tons of companies that handle the aftermath for you.

Once you hire a good company, they will do all of the cleanup work for you so that this is not an issue for you in the least. Their prices vary on a sliding scale basis, so you won't need to worry that you're spending a small fortune just to be able to get the job done. You can also look online at reviews of service companies to see which one is the right option for you depending on what other people are saying. There are a lot of reasons to hire a company like this, so be sure to consider it if you've recently dealt with some type of flood in the home.
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The Basics of Fire and Smoke Damage

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The Basics of Fire and Smoke Damage

Many companies that have experienced commercial fire damage can confirm to you that the aftermath of a fire damage can be very challenging. Property owners of fire-damaged premises have to deal with the effects of soot damage, smoke smell, and smoke damage. The process of fire restoration mainly comprises of specific steps and procedures that guarantee property safety and prevent any further damages. When undertaken professionally, a fire restoration could prevent a fire damage from becoming a full-blown commercial fire damage.

Steps in a fire damage restoration include:
? Emergency contact
The first step you should take after successfully extinguishing fire from your business or your home is to contact a fire restoration company. Fire in a home or a fire in a business can be seriously destructive, and you need to seek professional services as soon as possible to commence a fire cleanup exercise. Many fire damage restoration companies provide a 24/7 service access hence, you can easily contact them when in need. Triggering an immediate response to a fire damage after putting the fire out will ensure your property is protected and no further losses will be incurred.

? Damage inspection and assessment
An assessment of the fire damage determines if board up services are required. The construction experts from the restoration company can also determine the building’s structural integrity and the current state of your property. The company also uses the inspection and assessment report to make an estimate of the fire damage restoration cost. This means that it's prudent to call professionals after having a fire in your home or a fire in a business.

? Providing urgent board up service
The effects of a fire damage could range from destroyed windows and doors to a full-fledged commercial fire damage in your business or home. After a fire in your business or a fire in a home, your property is exposed and its security may be compromised. The restoration company ensures immediate installation of board up services. Using the board up services improves your security by sealing off your windows and doors to prevent a small fire outbreak from turning into a serious commercial fire damage in business.

? Water removal and drying
Water can be destructive to your furniture and other household properties if left unchecked. A fire clean up exercise involves removing and drying used wastewater. The restoration company will protect your property from water damage immediately they arrive at the site of a fire by drying the site and removing the water. The company uses dehumidifiers and air removers to dry moisture in the air when conducting a water removal during a fire cleanup exercise.

? Removal of soot and smoke
Visible indications of previous fire damages in your premise include traces of soot and smoke particles. Soot damage and smoke damage stains are always visible on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Smoke smell after a commercial fire damage needs to be eliminated to reduce suspicion among the clientele in offices. During a fire cleanup, the company must focus on eliminating any visible traces of soot damage or smoke damage on your property.

? Fire cleanup and sanitizing
During the clean-up, the restoration company uses industrial scrubbers and fogging equipment to remove smoke smell after a commercial fire damage. Sanitization after a fire accident helps to disinfect your property. Valuables salvaged from the fire also undergo a clean up process to remove smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell. Sanitization of household items makes them safe and clean for use.

? Restoration
This is the final process in a fire damage restoration. A fire cleanup and restoration will involve minor repairs on your house or office to restore normalcy. This phase comes to ensure that all the traces of a fire in your business or a fire in your home are eliminated. The process requires minor plumbing, reconstruction of damaged walls, and repainting. The restoration process gives the individual an opportunity to carry out major interior and exterior redesigning of his or her property.
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The Proper Steps to Take When Mold Damage is Discovered

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The Proper Steps to Take When Mold Damage is Discovered

Mold damage of any kind is dangerous whether it’s black mold or another form of mold. Most people are unaware the differences between black mold, fungus, mildew, and other mold, and they often underestimate what mold damage is doing in the home or office. The presence of any fungus or mildew might indicate mold in the home, commercial mold damage, or even dry rot in the home or office, and it might mean there is a chance black mold is present. Mold is not a problem people want to put off until later. It’s dangerous, and it must be handled by a professional restoration company immediately.

The Importance of Handling Mold Immediately

Black mold, fungus, mildew, or any other form of mold growth or mold damage is a much bigger problem than most people realize. Mold growth means there is too much moisture in a home or office. It means the humidity level is high, and it means people might be in danger. When a person finds mold in the home or commercial mold damage at work, it implicates larger problems in need of professional mold removal by a restoration company immediately. Remediation and mitigation are not meant to wait.

Mold growth occurs quickly, and it spreads rapidly. When homeowners find mold in the home or business owners notice commercial mold damage, it means there could be a presence of black mold, mold growth behind walls, or even dry rot in the home or office. The smallest bit of mildew or fungus is a problem, and it must be handled immediately before homeowners and business owners begin feeling ill, and before bigger problems occur. It takes less than 72 hours for the smallest bit of mold growth to spread rapidly throughout a home or business. That little bit of mold in the home or commercial mold damage someone puts off to handle after a long weekend leaves room for a major infestation.

Side Effects of Mold Growth

Not all mold is noticeable. Mold growth behind walls, dry rot, fungus, mildew, a smelly odor, or even just a little mold in the home in a small area is a problem. Some people are allergic to mold and become ill. Those who have a weak immune system might find it’s difficult to live or work where there is mold in the home or commercial mold damage. It might make anyone with asthma or allergies suffer greatly.

Mold could be black mold, and people don’t know. The problem is many people are unaware how bad mold damage is if mold growth behind walls is a problem. They see what they see, and it might not seem like much. A little mildew, dry rot, or fungus in the bathroom or basement often seems unassuming, but it might be damaging. Too much mold growth is toxic, and big problems occur when it’s not handled immediately.

No One Should Attempt Mold Removal On Their Own

Mold in a house or commercial mold damage might become noticeable when mold growth behind the walls occurs because a smelly odor appears. Home or business owners then make the decision to use their favorite form of deodorization to remove the smelly odor from being noticeable. That smelly odor goes away thanks to deodorization, but it comes back. More deodorization is used to make things smell good again. Deodorization isn’t a problem when mold is present, but it’s not a solution.

When home or business owners realize the smell is permanent, they might attempt their own form of mold remediation, but they need professional mold mitigation and remediation. Disturbing mold and spores causes it to spread rapidly and quickly. It causes spores to disperse, and the problem becomes bigger.

Calling a restoration company is the answer. Calling for professional mold remediation and mitigation is the first step home and business owners should take, and then they should take the time to turn off the air conditioner to stop spores from spreading throughout a home or office, and they should take stock of the issue. If it’s caused by a flood, it’s imperative water removal is handled right away to stop the spread and growth of mold. Mold removal and mitigation is only handled by a restoration company, and that’s what all home and business owners must remember before trying to handle mold removal themselves.
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Storm Damage Restoration

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Come to SERVPRO for superior storm damage restoration

Storms are powerful disturbances in an otherwise normally functioning environment. Most storms are violent enough to cause disruption and damage to human lifes and property. Substantial damage to both private and public property renders the dramatic changes in environment that compose a storm undesirable. As they prove to be a hindrance to stable life, such hazards cause a loss of productivity and comfort.

It is very difficult to predict a storm well in advance and prepare for it as they are created due to the dynamic changes in air pressure. However, storm damage is a predictable consequence of any kind of storm, be it hail, thunderstorm, blizzard or firestorm. These natural forces cause damage to roof, structural damage to houses, transform small property into forceful projectiles, and even cause damage to technological implements on the property such as antennas and satellite dishes.

Generally, storm damage restoration is a difficult and a drawn-out process which involves quick assessment of damage, coordination with the insurance companies, deployment of proper tools and resources, and implementation of the disaster recovery plan to prevent any further damage due to the residual debris and water damage left in the wake of the storm.

Such an uphill task is best left to a professional team of trained and dedicated disaster management personnel who not only have the required experience but can also provide a timely intervention. If the affected property happens to be in Las Vegas, the restoration process can be effectively and efficiently taken care of by the SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas which have over the years established themselves as the leader in water restoration industry. The quality service that they provide has not only turned them into a trusted name when it comes to storm damage restoration and clean-up, but they are locally owned and operated too, which ensures that they value the community they serve while being an integral part of it.

Storm damage restoration Las Vegas can be relied upon SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas who maintains a high standard of services in the area. They are committed to serving the local community with a dedicated 24-hour emergency service, bringing in their assortment of specialized tools and industry-approved techniques that they have developed and incorporated in their disaster management system models. The tested and tried two-pronged method of damage control with simultaneous restoration of property which is employed at all projects undertaken by the SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas ensures that the chaos of the storm does not disrupt your daily life any longer than would be necessary.

For more information on how to deal with the process of storm restoration, things to keep in mind when affected by a storm, and how SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas can facilitate you should you be on the lookout for a team of a dedicated hazard management professionals, head on to www.SERVPROdowntownlasvegas.com and learn about various ways in which SERVPRO of Downtown Las Vegas can assist you in mitigating the problems left in the wake of a storm.

How is Water Damage Handled by a Professional?

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How is Water Damage Handled by a Professional?

Water damage of any sort in the home is as dangerous as it gets. It takes water damage only a few days to cause mold to grow, and it creates far more damage in very little time than you imagine. When someone finds water in the home or water in the business, it’s devastating even if it’s very little. While it might not seem that water in the home or water in the business is a big deal when it’s only a small amount, water cleanup is an immediate need. Don’t allow water damage to become any worse than it already is. Call for water cleanup and mitigation immediately. Restoration is the only way to guarantee further damage does not occur.

What is Water Damage?

Water damage comes in many forms, and it can happen anywhere at any time. It’s not uncommon to imagine water in the home is the result of flood damage or that water in the business location in which you work is the result of flood damage. While flood damage is one of the worst forms of water in the home or business, it’s not the only reason to call for restoration.

- Flood damage
- Storm damage
- Leaking pipes
- Leaking household appliances
- Overflowing from bathroom items and/or sinks
- Water from firefighting attempts

Many homeowners require immediate water cleanup and drying if they have a roof leak and a storm comes through and causes water to enter the home. Some business owners are shocked to come into the office after a long weekend to realize the sewage backed up in their building and left a mess that requires immediate mitigation, restoration, and drying. Calling for restoration is not an option they have when water damage occurs in the home or office. It’s what they must do immediately. There’s simply no time to sit back and wait on a better option.

The Benefits of Water Restoration

When someone calls for a professional to come to their home or office to assess the damage from the water the location is facing, they are doing their home or office a large favor. Water causes damage to most everything it touches, and drying it is an immediate need. The sooner they get a professional out to check out the damage, the sooner the mitigation and restoration process begins.

It takes mold only 24 to 48-hours to form and spread rapidly when there is a moist location for it to grow. Water seeps into walls, into floors, furniture, and anything else in its path, and drying it becomes more difficult the longer it sits there.

The drying process is complex, and it’s best handled by a professional. Doing it on their own is the easiest way for them to miss even the smallest area of moisture, which causes much larger problems. When water gets into the home or office, it’s not time to sit back and wonder if they can fix this problem on their own. It’s time to call the professionals.

The Dangers of Not Calling for Immediate Mitigation

Mold damage, mildew, fungus, and expensive repairs and replacements become a problem the longer water sits in a home. Even if they experience flood damage, it’s less expensive and easier to cleanup when they have it handled immediately. Waiting even a few days allows mold to grow out-of-control. This can cause a home or business to become uninhabitable during the cleanup process, and it can make the difference between a simple drying process and a complete replacement of floors and even drywall.

Waiting is not an option when water seeps into any home or office no matter how small the amount. It’s not just flood water that can completely destroy a home. It’s a small leak that turns into something far worse when a home or business owner fails to take proper and immediate action to handle water cleanup. Don’t let any hesitation cause a home or business to experience this hardship when someone has water in their business or home.
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Fire Restoration: What to do Next

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Fire Restoration: What to do Next

It is only natural for a homeowner or a business owner to desire restoring their home or business after a fire, but it is imperative that the proper steps be taken for the fire damage restoration process to occur. Smoke damage, smoke smell, soot damage, and many other problems are prevalent after a fire. After experiencing damage and loss related to the fire, the last thing that you want to do is experience more frustrations. A clear understanding of the steps to take after a fire eliminates that concern tremendously, and makes fire cleanup easier.

The following information is designed to assist you in restoration of your home or business after fire or soot damage. If you've experienced unfortunate loss and devastation due to fire damage because of a fire in home or business, use these tips to prevent additional harm, headache, and hassle with your property, and in your life.

Ensure Property Safety

Fires are tricky, and can easily restart at the drop of a dime. Before you re-enter the property, ensure that doing so is safe. Fire department officials can tell you if the unit is safe to go inside. Do not enter the structure until given the okay, as doing so may result in injuries or greater damage to the home. The smoke smell alone is enough to cause breathing difficulties, and soot damage is

Secure the Property

Securing the property after a fire is imperative. Not only does securing the property keep would-be intruders from looting the home or business, but also prevents injuries or harm to others. There are several ways to secure the property. Oftentimes, fire damage restoration companies help with this process. Whether you have soot damage, smoke damage, or a smoke smell, these professionals are there to provide fire cleanup that meets your needs.

Contact the Insurance Company and Begin Fire Cleanup

Hopefully you have insurance in place. If so, now is a good time to phone your insurance agent to report the fire and smoke damage and begin the claims process. Your insurance company will likely ask many questions, such as the severity of the smoke damage and fire damage, and will likely send an adjuster to the property to evaluate the extent of damage.

Salvage what you Can

Smoke damage can ruin items that weren't devastated by fire damage, but there might still be items that you can salvage. Don't allow the smoke smell to affect you, but try to gather as many items as possible after a fire. Obviously, gathering as many of your belongings as you can from the property is ideal. So many things that are ruined by fire are irreplaceable, such as photographs, souvenirs from trips, birth certificates and personal effects, etc. If it is possible, grab these items from the home.

Find a Fire Damage Restoration Company

Fire cleanup is a task best left for the professionals. Many fire damage restoration companies exist, but don't hire the first name that comes along. Instead, look for a fire damage company that has experience, dedicated services, good pricing, and professionalism. It's also ideal to find someone who focuses on your specific needs, so if you have a fire in business, hire a commercial fire damage professional. If there is a fire in home, hire a fire damage professional who concentrates on this specific concern.

Disaster Relief Services

Contacting an organization such as the American Red Cross can benefit you considerably after a fire in home or a fire in business. These organizations are designed to provide families and business owners who've been impacted by such a disaster with food, shelter, and other necessities that are no longer available after a fire. If you've experienced fire in home, these organizations are there to help.

Commercial Fire Damage

Fire in business is just as devastating to a business owner as residential damage. If you've experienced commercial fire damage or a fire in business, make a list of the items that are no longer usable, contact your insurance company, and wait. Commercial fire damage is certainly a long waiting process, however,
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Essential Tips on Effective Mold Removal and Remediation

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Essential Tips on Effective Mold Removal and Remediation

Understanding Mold

Mold in home may start within 48 hours after water or high moisture gets into your house. To help you understand mold, consider the following facts:

• Mold in home can grow indoors or outdoors.
• Fungi or microscopic mold spores float in the air always and can enter homes through the windows, doors, or AC systems.
• Mold sometimes gets in your house by hitching a ride on your clothes or pet.
• Mold will thrive best in moisture and develop into colonies quickly.
• Molten fungi often yields a musty or smelly odor
• A humid indoor environment always supports mold growth and significantly contributes to mold damage.

Homeowners need to remember that to have real mold removal and remediation, the first step is to identify the source of water or humidity. Otherwise, mold damage will still continue.

Mold Removal Techniques that Work

Mold remediation always calls for a through cleanup of any fungus while ensuring that no new growth of mold in home occurs. To completely deal with the mold in home menace, address the moisture source too. The guidelines that commercial mold damage experts use to get rid of mildew are quite helpful.

The mold cleanup process normally comprises some intricate procedures:

• Fix the water problem. Unless the commercial mold damage professional repairs the source of leaking or flood water, there will still be mildew and thriving mold spores.
• Isolate the areas contaminated with mold. By closing all windows and doors, the mold remediation process becomes easier as you will cover the airwaves and doorways through which moisture enters your home. A commercial mold damage company often uses polyethylene sheeting and duct tapes to seal the contaminated areas.
• Eliminate indoor dust. Quite often, the best mitigation for mold or dust is a simple misting on the contaminated places.
• Embark on the removal of mold-ridden materials. Remove the wet or mold-damaged clothes, carpet, furniture, and household items outside the house as explained by the Environmental Protection Agency while advising on mold removal and mitigation against fungus in schools, homes, and commercial buildings.
• Put the fungus infected items in plastic bags, double-bag the infected products, tie the bags firmly, wash the outside of the plastic containers with detergents, and dispose to ensure thorough mold removal.
Time to Clean and Mold Remediation
• Clean the non-porous items and wood surfaces that have fungus. A wire brush is quite effective in eliminating the mold. As commercial mold damage experts do, use disposable wipes to clean the contaminated area. A deodorization process will follow so as to disinfect your home.
• To secure your house further from mold damage, the deodorization will comprise rinsing the clean surface with detergent solutions. After the deodorization, wash the surfaces again with clean water.
• Sometimes, depending on the assessment of mold damage by a commercial mold damage company, it may be necessary to vacuum the surfaces on which fungus, smelly odor, and mildew exist.
• Do a visibility test. After the deodorization and mop of detergents, a visibility test to ensure that your home is fungi-free follows. The commercial mold damage control expert should be aware to tell if there is still dust. No dust equals no fungi and no mold.
• Dry your house. All the households need cleaning and drying to make the residual mildew or moisture to evaporate. The remediation company will have dehumidifiers and special fans to speed up the process and also raise the indoor temperatures fast.
• Replace the mold damaged items. Discard or repair any material that is mold-ridden before returning it indoors.

For guaranteed mold elimination, especially in dark contaminated areas or big spaces, many people prefer to hire commercial mold remediation firms. Inviting an experienced mold elimination company gives the advantage of having any mold in home, smelly odor, or mildew completely eliminated. You and the company that is helping to clear mold in home, fungus, or mildew will first discuss the mold mitigation and deodorization processes necessary. Later, your work will be only to supervise the mitigation procedures and preparing to stay in a house with no smelly odor.
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Excessive Water in Home and Water in Business Dilemmas

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Excessive Water in Home and Water in Business Dilemmas

Water damage is no laughing matter. It doesn't matter if an individual has experienced flood damage. It doesn't matter if the damage is the result of a household appliance failure, either. Water damage can lead to all types of undesirable affects. It can even promote the emergence of mold, a potentially dangerous substance that's associated with all kinds of health problems. Professional restoration service is essential. In-depth water cleanup and drying processes are also crucial. There are many prominent full-service companies that offer a vast range of useful specialties that can help property owners with flood damage and beyond. It's important for property owners to look for certified technicians who have substantial backgrounds in the mitigation and restoration worlds. These technicians should know all of the most effective mitigation and water cleanup methods.

Water cleanup isn't a task that's as simple and basic as it sounds. It's actually a rather complex and detailed process that calls for the work of a knowledgeable drying and restoration professional. Water in home and water in business nightmares can in many cases negatively influence health. That's the number one reason professional drying and mitigation work is so essential.

Water Damage Warning Signs

The existence of water damage can sometimes be clear and easy to spot. It's sometimes, however, a little stealtheir. People should carefully assess the ceilings and walls of their homes. They should look for signs of discoloration or staining. They should also focus on paint. Paint that chips and peels can often signify extensive damage that requires immediate attention. Other big clues to look out for are mold development, drooping ceilings and walls, warped flooring, dark wood floor stains and attic leaks. People should be extremely thorough. They shouldn't ignore any sections of their properties. Damage can pop up anywhere. It's extremely critical to focus on smells that may be lingering. People should be attentive to smells that are rather musky and dank.

Fast Action

Swift action is 100 percent necessary for people who want to keep damage under control. That's why it's critical for people to get in touch with restoration companies as soon as possible. It's critical to search for a trustworthy firm that has a great track record in the mitigation, drying and water cleanup fields. It's critical to look for a company that regularly handles water in home and water in business issues, too. Water in home and water in business matters can be highly distressing to households. They can often stop people from being able to live in their homes for quite a while, too. There are so many things that can bring on damage. Flood damage can be devastating. The same goes for leaking dishwasher damage. People who want to stop damage from worsening should always work with reliable companies immediately.

Recommendations Can Help

It can be overwhelming to deal with damage of any type. People often don't know what to do in cases of H20 damage. Things frequently happen so quickly. If an individual wants to select a high-quality company to manage everything from flood damage water cleanup to drying, he should ask people he knows for solid recommendations. Good referrals can make people feel significantly more comfortable and confident. He should also spend a lot of time reading customer reviews on the Internet. It's smart to stay far away from businesses that don't have great reputations. If a restoration company constantly receives complaints from people who bemoan incompetent technicians, outrageous prices, lazy response times and outdated equipment, a potential customer should stop considering it. If a company, on the other hand, constantly receives enthusiastic reviews from people who can't stop praising its attentive team members, hard-working technicians and superb value in general, a potential customer should definitely give it a phone call. The key is to put a lot of time into any restoration company search. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on water damage.

The Basics of Fire Damage Restoration Services

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The Basics of Fire Damage Restoration Services

The Dangers of Fire Damage

Fires can be devastating and distressing situations for business and residential property owners alike. Fire damage can make these situations feel even worse. If you're looking for assistance with fire in home or fire in business issues, a professional restoration company is exactly what you need. Seasoned technicians can help do away with any and all fire in home and fire in business troubles. It doesn't matter if you need extensive fire cleanup, soot damage or smoke damage help. You need to work with a trustworthy fire damage restoration company as soon as possible. Don't ignore any lingering smoke smell problems you notice. Commercial fire damage can be highly detrimental to businesses of all types. Residential damage can be equally problematic for households of all sizes. In-depth fire damage restoration services can turn all of these problems around.

The Risks of Smoke Damage

Smoke damage is always a major concern for property owners who have experienced fires. Smoke damage is a risk because it can be detrimental to people in numerous different ways. You want to avoid breathing in soot and smoke. Call in professional fire cleanup as soon as possible. Soot and smoke damage leave behind harmful chemicals that can also often lead to lasting issues. A lasting smoke smell on your property is not a good sign and should be taken care of quickly. A persistent smoke smell generally indicates some residue from a fire. It doesn't matter if it's commercial fire damage or a residential fire damage. Lasting odors denote the need for prompt professional fire cleanup service.

Why Professional Fire Damage Restoration Service Is Beneficial

Fire cleanup is a big job. Fire damage restoration in general is a massive task. That's why you need to work with experienced and trained technicians who know what they're doing. Seasoned technicians depend on high-quality tools and equipment that enable them to do great work for customers. They're also licensed. If you're interested in complete peace of mind, the guidance of a professional fire damage expert can do you a lot of good. Residential and commercial fire damage issues are severe. That's why they require the assistance of people who have been working in fire damage for a long time. When you need reliable and efficient assistance with any and all fire in home or fire in business woes, the professional route is the way to go.

Swift Professional Attention Is Critical

Fires don't leave victims with lots of time to spare. If you want to stop residential or commercial fire damage from getting out of hand, you have to act extremely quickly. Air quality and soot damage tend to worsen with every hour that goes by. If you want to do anything and everything you can to get your property back to fine working order, you need to make an appointment for restoration service immediately. A good restoration company will give you access to technicians who are prompt and who will get to work for you quickly and confidently.

The Detail-Oriented Restoration Process

A lot of different things go into the complex restoration process. It's not enough simply to get rid of an unpleasant smoke smell problem. If you need quality fire in home or fire in business restoration service, you need technicians who know how to take advantage of equipment options including sophisticated vacuums, dehumidifiers and air movers. Proficient technicians can accommodate all of your restoration needs and beyond. They can stop water and smoke from immersing your carpet, too. Nothing on the planet matters more than maintaining a home or business property that's 100 percent safe. That's why it's imperative to find a nearby restoration firm that has a glowing track record. You should choose a restoration business that's always ready and happy to answer any questions you may have.
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Important Tips for Dealing With Mold Damage in Your Home or Business

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Important Tips for Dealing With Mold Damage in Your Home or Business

Upon discovering that you have mold in home or in your business, you may begin to feel stressed about the damage that the fungus or mildew is doing to your property. You may wonder how the mold will affect your family or your customers. There may be a smelly odor, and you may be concerned that deodorization steps will not remove the odor from your property. If you have commercial mold damage in your business, you may be concerned that the mold removal and remediation process will be time-consuming and will disrupt the profitability of your operations for weeks. By following a few tips for mitigation, you can most easily overcome the mold damage on your property.

Avoid Disrupting the Mildew and Fungus

When it comes to mold damage, your first impulse may be to attempt to remove the mildew and fungus on your own. However, mold in home and business properties should not be disrupted. The mold removal process should only be completed by a professional remediation and mitigation team that follows the proper procedures. This is because the mold spores can dislodge and float through the air when they are disrupted. This means that the residential or commercial mold damage could easily spread to other areas of the property. Your efforts to remove the mold could backfire. In addition, if the mold spores are in the air, the smelly odor may permeate even more significantly throughout the building, and there is an increased risk that the spores will be inhaled by you, your family or your customers.

Call a Skilled Mitigation and Remediation Team

Rather than attempt to remove the residential or commercial mold damage on your own, a better idea is to call a skilled and reputable mitigation team to assist with mold removal and deodorization of your space. The mold removal team will initially contain the affected area to prevent fungus and mildew from spreading to other areas of your home or business. When dealing with mold in home or business properties, this containment effort includes sealing off air vents, windows, doorways and more. Then, the mold removal and remediation process will begin. All affected areas with mold damage will be treated so that the mold is killed and removed. If any new materials need to be added to the property to restore the damage, this step will be taken. The team will then complete a deodorization process to address the smelly odor in the building. Because the smelly odor may permeate throughout the building, the deodorization effort may take place in all areas rather than only in a localized area of the building.

Take Steps to Prevent Further Mold Damage

After you have dealt with removing mold in home or business properties, you understandably do not want to go through this experience again. You may be wondering how you can prevent further residential or commercial mold damage from developing. There are a few helpful steps you can follow. For example, you can address plumbing concerns immediate and ensure that the water remediation steps are always followed after a leak. You can also invest in a dehumidifier for your building. These are only a few of the steps that you can take to reduce the risk of mold damage from developing again.

As you can see, there are specific steps that you should follow if you want to enjoy the best overall experience in your building. The issue of mold, mildew or fungus is a serious one that you should not overlook or recklessly deal with. The right mold remediation and mitigation team can assist you with all aspects of the removal and cleanup process. Because of how serious the mold issue may be and because of its potential impact on your property, now is the time to reach out for removal assistance from a trusted team of experts. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on mold removal and remediation.

Are You Plagued By Water Damage

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SERVPRO of downtown Las Vegas is a name to be trusted when any water damage emergency arises. Active since many years, SERVPRO has provided service to numerous  people and groups. Their presence is prominent in the city of Las Vegas. No doubt, the professionalism, and dedication are well reflected in their work. But that is not what makes it them the best team in their field. In order to show the true potential of the team, here is a list of some of the best features of the group.

  1. Emergency services: The most important thing in this field is that the firm who are able to handle the emergency cases. This gives the sense of reliability and confidence that a person can always rely SERVPRO has always kept this is mind. And served its customers with this principal. As the saying go “Justices delayed is Justice denied” so is the case in emergency solution delayed is solution denied. Therefore, SERVPRO proves its mettle whenever any crisis occurs.
  2. All time technical support: The best part of SERVPRO is the 24*7 times availability of the team. Whenever the customer faces any problem regarding the functionality or the maintenance of the product, SERVPRO promptly solves the problem. Not only that, it has made provision to make sure that customer does not face the problem again in the future. Other than that, the quick help over the phone or text comes handy in case of emergency.
  3. Excellent working staff: A company is as efficient and outstanding as its working members. SERVPRO has always ensured that their working force undergoes a series of rigorous and practical training in order to face any type of water damage. Not only that they also make a background check to ensure that all the staffs are clean. They are also taught how to handle the situation and help ease the customer at the time of need.
  4. Quick Availability: Since the outlet of Las Vegas water damage restoration is locally available, therefore it is able to serve and help out its customer at moment’s notice. It is based on principal as stated in 1st Not only that the team is on the list of government’s natural calamity forces which comes out for rescue and recovery mission at the time of calamities.

SERVPRO has been the No.1 choice of many people and no doubt why it has been ruling the industry since its inception. For more information visit SERVPROdowntownlasvegas.com/water-damage-restoration

Building Cleanup & Repair After a Flood or other Disaster

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Building Cleanup & Repair After a Flood or other Disaster

A Building Flood Response Checklist sets priorities for what to do to protect your building from mold contamination after Las Vegas flooding. Following these quick, simple steps will help minimize mold damage in a flooded building. Containing and eliminating mold contamination saves building occupants from unnecessary health risks and loss of work.

• If you have been injured, seek medical care at the nearest hospital or emergency facility.
• Check to see if there are elderly or infant neighbors who are trapped, injured, or otherwise need assistance.
• Report broken utility lines to the appropriate authorities.

Flood or Disaster Damage Response Checklist for Building Damage Control
1. Stop the water entry or other ongoing damage.

2. Salvage or protect possessions which have not yet gotten wet by moving them to dry areas.

3. Remove standing water. This may require calling the local fire department or SERVPRO who have special pumping equipment.

4. To avoid structural damage pump out only one-third of the water in Las Vegas flooded basements per day.

5. Inspect the building more thoroughly for structural damage and safe entry. Temporary structural reinforcement may be necessary to prevent building collapse.

6. Remove sludge, mud, and dirt that has accumulated in the building.

7. Remove wet carpets, furniture, contents, and boxes of wet stored items. Store salvaged items outside or in a garage.

8. Check the building structure and mechanical systems again for safety.

9. Remove floor trim and lower portions of walls (at least 12")and discard. 

10. If a floor was wet, remove no less than the bottom 12" of drywall and any floorboard trim.

11. Remove upper portions of wall coverings (drywall or paneling) higher than 12" if these areas are wet, or if water entered the wall cavity from above.

12. Remove ceilings that have been flooded from above and ceiling insulation, regardless of medium.

13. Remove wet materials until you find a 12" or greater area of dry clean margin.

14. If mold is already visible or suspected, use containment to avoid air movement from the damaged area to other building areas. "Containment" involves setting up plastic barriers and other precautions to isolate a moldy or dusty work area from the rest of the building.

15. After the removal of wet and contaminated materials, all remaining loose dirt and debris should be removed as well. Exposed surfaces should be cleaned to remove all loose and surface debris.

16. Mold-contaminated surface disinfection of all building surfaces is essential.The use of disinfectant or fungicidal sprays DO NOT serve as a substitute for removal of all debris and the physical cleaning of dirty or moldy surfaces.

17. Use dehumidifiers, fans, and heaters to dry the exposed building areas and surfaces. Adding fans such as box fans or window fans that are pointed at wet surfaces will significantly speed the drying out process.

18. Electrical wiring, circuit breakers, fuses, air conditioners, heating boilers, furnaces, and water heaters must be inspected and repaired.

20. Inspect upper building areas and dry or ventilate them if necessary.Beware of blowing moist air into a cool building as that will increase moisture buildup. An attic over a Las Vegas flooded basement is likely to have an excessive moisture level that may need to be ventilated.

21. Check with your local and state officials. FEMA and your local chapter of the American Red Cross may provide disaster aid for people in your area.

Handling A Severe Mold Situation in Las Vegas

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Mold can be a surprising discovery, especially when you find it in your home or business. It is important to not freak out and make sure you hire the right professional to come out and take a look at the situation. 

SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas has the team and experience to make sure this is done correctly. In most cases it is important to make sure an environmental hygienist tests the microbial growth and recommends a proper treatment plan. This will then allow SERVPRO to exactly know how to treat the situation. 

If you have any questions about microbial growth and how to handle the situation, feel free to call us at our office at any time. We have seen many situation and would be happy to help you in any way we can. 

Water Recovery Service in a Storm

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Water Recovery Service in a Storm

Water recovery involves repairing property damage caused by water. The damage may have occurred because of overflowing sewage, a broken pipe or a natural disaster. SERVPRO provides a full range of services for clients who need to recover from Las Vegas water damage. We remove the water completely and secure the property from additional damage. It is important to complete this beginning recovery process quickly. Before we arrive, there are steps you should take to protect yourself and your property. These steps can reduce Las Vegas water damage recovery time and save you money.

SERVPRO’s mission is to restore properties to their pre-damaged condition by removing all moisture and mold from the building structure, furnishings, personal items and important documents.

Water recovery includes the following services:

Water Elimination:
We begin the process by eliminating any water introduced to the structure. Sometimes, a sump pump is sufficient for this step. If the pump cannot remove the water, then SERVPRO has equipment that will.

Odor Removal:
SERVPRO water restoration technicians have the latest industry equipment to neutralize odors caused by Las Vegas water damage.

Humidity Removal:
We remove excess moisture from the structure and the air, leaving your structure dry and renewed.

Mold and Water Stain Removal:
Professional water restoration permanently removes mold and water stains caused by a disaster. Our leading-edge equipment removes mold and stains completely, preventing their ability to reemerge.

SERVPRO sanitizes all surfaces, and furnishings, leaving them renewed, and discards unsalvageable items. This step involves removing contaminants -- that can cause severe medical complications -- from all surfaces, furnishings and damaged household items.

Fabric renewal:
Our water restoration technicians will sanitize your curtains, clothing and documents damaged during the event and remove all signs of odor or stains. Our technicians can restore most important documents, but some items -- such as photographs -- are impossible to repair once exposed to moisture. There is a chance that we can restore some water sensitive items if you act quickly. If you allow water damage to set, the damage can become permanent.

Before our technicians arrive, there are precautions you should take. If available, wear gloves and shoes that are electrical safety rated. Also, dress and bandage any open body wounds. A water-damaged environment is a breeding ground for germs that can cause infections. SERVPRO provides sanitation services that completely removes these dangerous germs.

If a property receives water damage, it is important to begin the recovery process immediately. SERVPRO’s experienced technicians -- and industry leading equipment -- can restore your structure, and belongings, to their pre-damaged state. We provide services for the most important clients in the country and offer the same professional grade service to every structure, and item, we restore.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We live and work in this community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas is close by and ready to respond to your flood or water damage emergency. We are proud to be an active member of the North Las Vegas community and want to do our part to make our community the best it can be.

How to Clean Up After Water Damage and Restore Damaged Property

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How to Clean Up After Water Damage and Restore Damaged Property

Water in the wrong place can cause severe damage. It will not only affect structural integrity but also be a menace to furnishing, electronics and anything stored in the affected room. This is why we advice people to move swift and do water cleanup in order to reduce the costs of water damage restoration. The mitigation process might vary depending on whether it is water in home or water in business premises.

Save as Much as Possible

The first step to water damage restoration lies in saving whatever can be saved before the flood damage recovery experts come in to deal with your water in home or commercial building problem. While we are available on 24/7 basis, property owners will be better off doing the basics long before our field team gets to the location and sets up the water cleanup process and deal with the water damage mediation.

Simple but valuable things like crucial certificates and other legal documentations should be taken away from the building affected by flood damage and prepared for drying. Electronics that are yet to get wet but are in the path of the water damage should be disconnected and taken to an upstairs room when dealing with water in home or removed to another premise if you are dealing with water in business premises.

It would also be wise to shut down the electricity and gas supply from the mains switch box to avoid the risk of fire and electrocution before beginning the mitigation. This, actually, should be the first thing to do when you detect substantial water damage. Anything that floods rooms and is high enough to cover your feet can interact with your electrical sockets. Don’t try any flood damage mitigation before turning off the mains power connection especially when dealing with water in business premises. The effects are always catastrophic.

Calling in The Experts

Most of the serious water damage restoration procedures need professional contractors with the right drying, air movement and water cleanup tools. There is more to water damage mediation that just draining off the water.

There is need to dry the walls or the floor and this will require specific equipment to accomplish. Moreover, draining and drying areas like the basement always requires powerful pumps and fans to suck away the water before creating artificial air movement to facilitate a faster dry up.If it is higher rooms with windows, your can begin the mitigation by opening up doors and windows to encourage natural air movement.

Failure to call in the experts on time will extend the flood damage. A simple water in home problem resulting from a rapture on your storage tank might affect some part of your ceiling. If you don’t handle the problem soon, you might have to do water damage restoration to bigger parts of the house. The same applies when dealing with water in business premises.

When hiring someone to handle all the water cleanup, ensure that you do a quick interview to prove that he or she has what it takes to get the job done. You don’t want to end up doing water damage restoration with a company without the right air movement, drying and water pumping tools. By working with us, you can rest assured that everything will be handled professionally and in a timely manner. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on water damage restoration.

Water Damage Restoration and When to Get Help

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Water Damage Restoration and When to Get Help

Houses can be affected by water in the home from the passing of a major storm. This damage can be quite difficult to repair. Mitigation will be necessary to prevent the possibility of structural damage. Chances are a certified professional will need to be contacted regarding contamination from pathogens that can cause mold. If left untreated the mold spores can spread all over the building and become substantially harder to remove even after drying. Due to the air movement there were certain cases where the microbial threat was so great government agencies had to condemned the structure.

The predominant reason why water in a business or water in a home is time sensitive is because once a flood has receded moisture can be difficult to detect. Within a period of 24 hours all different types of textiles can become saturated and the water can begin to seep through the drywall. This collection of water from flood damage can cause bacteria and mold to grown behind your walls. Water damage restoration is absolutely necessary even after the water has begun drying.

The electricity must be shut off before water in a business or water in a home can be checked. Devices that have been plugged in or exposed wires can cause electrocution or death. Mitigation is critical for safety. Since rodents, snakes and reptiles may be hiding it is best to move through the building at a slow pace. The water cleanup can't begin until safety is established.

Protection from contaminants due to the air movement must be used. This includes head to toe protective clothing, rubber gloves, a vapor respirator and protection for the eyes. Thick boots are required to repel animal bites. Both water damage and flood damage require expert mitigation for the water cleanup to be successful. Water damage restoration specialists can find any items compromised by water in a home or water in a business.

Usually any porous items saturated by flood damage or water damage have to be discarded. This includes items like pillows, box springs and mattresses. All of these items affected by flood damage or water damage should be removed before the water damage restoration team arrives.

The professionals can now locate and remove any excess water in the business to facilitate the water cleanup. Special equipment is needed to remove drywall or anything else in the way. The water damage restoration specialists will now begin the water cleanup and often pressure wash the area to ensure the mitigation of anymore problems. The drying process can be accelerated to stop the growth of bacteria's and molds and to prevent the air movement from spreading them. Chemical methods are usually required to remove mold after water damage has occurred.

Hiring a professional who understand flooding, air movement and accelerated drying is critical. These individuals have the certification required to fully restore your home or business. Damage from water is serious regardless of the cause and your response must be immediate to prevent anymore future problems. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on water damage.

Fire Damage Restoration and the Cleanup Process

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Fire Damage Restoration and the Cleanup Process

If a tenant calls a landlord about fire damage in their apartment how should the landlord handle the fire loss? If there is smoke damage, soot damage or other types of fire damage, how will the premises be restored? Is the air quality safe enough for the tenants to remain in the home? This article will explain the steps you should take for fire damage in home. The same steps also apply for commercial fire damage.

Make Sure Everyone Is Safe
Fire damage resulting from fire in home or fire in business is a serious matter. The first thing that needs to happen if there is fire in home or fire in business is for everyone to move to safety. Make sure everyone is out of the building and no one is allowed to enter the building before it is safe if there is fire loss.

Make Sure The Fire Is Out
The next thing you must do if there is fire in home or is to make sure the fire is out. If the fire in home or fire in business is small enough you may be able to put it out with a fire extinguisher. If not, call the fire department. For commercial fire damage, the building may need to be evacuated until cleared by the fire department.

Seek Medical Attention
If anyone is injured or have difficulty breathing due to fire in business poor air quality, seek immediate medical attention. Only after the fire is completely out and everyone is safe should you focus on fire cleanup after a fire loss.

Secure The Building
If you are unable to start immediate fire clean up, secure the building. If necessary, board up the building to ensure no one else suffers from soot damage, smoke damage or poor air quality. If the fire damage is commercial fire damage in a commercial building call the superintendent. Inspect the units adjacent to the damage units. Determine if there is soot damage, fire damage, smoke damage or other fire loss in any other areas. Check the entire building’s air quality not just the fire damage location.

Contact Your Insurance Company
Landlords are responsible for the building. If someone suffers from burns, soot damage, smoke damage or poor air quality your insurance may cover the medical expenses. Insurance companies will also pay for the fire cleanup. If the fire loss is in a corporate owned building the corporation is responsible for the commercial fire damage.

Contact The Fire Restoration Experts
When there is fire damage from a fire in home, commercial fire damage, or fire in business, you should turn off the electricity. Before entering the building for fire cleanup, make sure the building is sound. Expect soot damage, items ruined from smoke damage and other types of fire loss. You should not try to do the fire cleanup yourself. Restoration specialists with fire cleanup experience know how to restore your property after a fire in home or fire in business. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on fire loss.

Recovering From Fire Damage At Your Home

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Recovering From Fire Damage At Your Home

Recovering from fire damage at the house is important as there may be a number of things that happened in a fire loss. There is soot damage, smoke damage and a number of other things that must be addressed. Commercial fire damage, fire in home and fire in business problems are all addressed using a simple strong of techniques that were made for just such events. This article explains how the fire cleanup crew will manage a fire loss, and there is a look at the change in air quality after soot damage or smoke damage is removed.

#1: Soot Damage And Smoke Damage

Soot damage and smoke damage must be scrubbed from the house, and it is removed by the fire cleanup crew as they complete repairs around the house. A fire loss will leave the house dirty, and it must be cleaned up completely to raise air quality in the space. Fire damage may be repaired by the fire cleanup crew, and they may repair the house and close up any gaps they have found in the walls.

#2: What Is The Repair Process?

Firein home, fire in business and commercial fire damage repairs must be completed to close the house after it was scarred. The team will handle all carpentry repairs, and they will continue with the standard commercial fire damage repairs after a fire loss. They will create a plan for fire in home repairs, and they will make it quite easy to recover from fire damage. The fire damage will be easy to recover from,and the commercial fire damage repair company will start testing for air quality.

#3: Fire In Home Or Fire In Business

There are many different people who are attempting to recover from fire in home and fire in business problems that do not realize the difference between the two problems. Both repairs may be completed using the tools and machines that are brought out to the site. They will remove water from the house after the fire is put out, and they will check for air quality while they do all fire cleanup.

#4: Fire Cleanup And Air Quality

Checking air quality in the house must be a part of the repair process, and they tests will continue while fire damage is repaired. The fire loss should not leave the house dirty, and it should be easier to breathe in the house after repairs are finished. Soot damage and smoke damage will be scrubbed out of the house, and fire in home problems will be checked until the staff is pleased with the way the house looks.

The homeowner may move back into the home when they are ready, and they may call for more fire in business or commercial fire damage repairs when the time comes. The house or business will recover easily, and it will be simpler for the family to return to the house after they have suffered such a terrible loss. Any Fire required a response of this style. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on fire damage restoration and cleanup.

Removal and Prevention of Mold Damage

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Removal and Prevention of Mold Damage

Mold is found everywhere in small amounts, especially in dust. Oftentimes, it is neither harmful nor even noticeable. However, regular exposure to large amounts is a major concern. Mold grows in damp spaces that are not getting fresh air and can be found in some homes and office buildings. It can be a scary experience to detect it indoors, since it can cause a variety of issues that are potentially harmful.

If you suspect you have microbial growth, it is best to consult a professional. Even if you think you can see fungus, mildew, or other microbial growth, it may not be mold. An environmental hygienist should be contacted for proper assessment of the microbial growth. It may or may not be visible, so a proper assessment could potentially be intrusive to find hidden sources.

If mold is found, the first step should be to remove the source of moisture, whether it is pooled water or humidity. Fungus and mildew can only grow if there is moisture present. Mold cleanup will only be useful if the moisture is removed; otherwise, the problem will continue to occur and further mold cleanup will be continually needed.

Once the issue of moisture is handled, an environmental hygienist can assist in creating a plan for mold cleanup, also called remediation or mitigation.

Based on the level of contamination, proper protective gear should be worn during the mitigation process. This may include gloves, eye protection, and respiratory protection. Environmental hygienists are trained in handling hazardous materials.

If there is only a small amount of contamination, then it may be possible to limit mitigation to just washing the area with a detergent and an approved antifungal agent. If needed, furniture and clothing may be cleaned by a company with experience in microbial growth. This is helpful is eliminating not just mildew but also odors in the fabrics.

For larger amounts of contamination, a mitigation crew will be needed to remove carpets, drywall, ceiling tiles, and other building materials that contain mildew and fungus. There could be serious repairs that are needed to fix and prevent further mold damage. This is also an excellent time to make sure that the problems that cause moisture buildup are fully removed to prevent further growth.

In some cases, where the damage is very serious and extensive, it may be best to condemn the building. Only a professional with the proper experience can determine if this is necessary.

Fungus and mildew can be present in any location with the right growing conditions, even with a small amount of moisture. The growth from microbes can be present in the air, causing many uncomfortable health conditions. For these reasons, it is best to consult a professional environmental hygienist to determine if mold is present, and they can also help determine the best plan for mold cleanup and moisture removal. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on mold removal and remediation.

Mold Removal in Northwest Las Vegas

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Mold in Northwest Las Vegas

Mold Removal in Northwest Las Vegas

A problem faced at residential and commercial properties in Las Vegas, Nevada, including in Northwest Las Vegas, is mold, fungus and other microbial growth. Oftentimes, a home or business owner initially detects the presence of some type of growth is through a smelly odor.

When a home or business owner believes fungus, or some other type of growth, may be present, a recommended strategy is to contact an environmental specialists to determine what course of treatment may be necessary. If mold is present, a home or business owner needs to appreciate that it can spread rapidly in the course of a couple of days.

Professional Evaluation by a Vegas Environmental Hygienist

The first step in ascertaining whether a property is experiencing a microbial growth issue of some type is obtaining a reliable evaluation from an environmental hygienist. An environmental hygienist will come to the premises and undertake a thorough inspection. Through this inspection process, a specific evaluation of any problem will be provided, along with a recommended course of treatment, together with an estimate of costs for services.

If a person believes that there could be some sort of growth at a home or business, he or she should not delay in seeking professional guidance. Even in the relatively dry climate of Vegas, a person must not underestimate how quickly fungus and other growths can spread. If a person does not take a more proactive stance in identifying and addressing a potential problem, a smelly odor will end up being the least of the problems at hand.

Addressing Microbial Growth in a Property

An expert evaluation is crucial because what a layperson reasonable thinks is one type of growth may be something else all together. There are different types of microbial issues that can take hold in a home or place of business. These require different courses of treatment.

As part of re mediating a problem in a property, an experienced professional understands that sources of moisture need to be addressed in order to ensure a long term resolution of an issue. Moisture that allows problematic growths of different types to thrive can be a higher humidity level in the property, which can occur even in Las Vegas.

There can be other sources of undue moisture in a property as well. These are best detected by a professional trained in re mediating against molds and other types of issues.

Remediation Experience Matters

When seeking remediation of a problem in a home of place of business in Northwest Las Vegas, or anywhere else in the city, an experienced, reputable professional is an absolute must. A skilled hygienist, like a member of the team at SERVPRO, is in the best position to properly analysis a situation and to develop an effective course of remediation.

If a problem is not suitably addressed in the first instance, the team at SERVPRO will return until an issue is appropriately resolved. SERVPRO charges a competitive fee for its remediation services. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on mold remediation services.

Water Loss Cleanup in Northwest Las Vegas

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Water Loss Cleanup in Northwest Las Vegas

Water damage often occurs after a flood and that type of activity is fairly widespread in the area of Spokane Washington. There are plenty of older structures and residences in the area that contain older drains, sewage systems, and pipes. When these structures degrade or begin to leak, homeowners experience water in home or sometimes water in business. In addition, the residents of Spokane Washington oftentimes experience flood damage. On the other hand, many professional agencies are located in the Spokane Washington area with highly affordable natural disaster mitigation solutions for cleaning up and reducing the water damage in addition to flood damage. Professional agencies have been assisting residents with their expert water cleanup services for several years, and in recent times they have offered seasoned advice to homeowners and businesses who could be facing water in home or water in business dilemmas.

Numerous experts admit, when homeowners are aware that there is an existing restoration concern from water damage, homeowners ought not be too concerned.

The main thing homeowners ought to think about when up against water cleanup dilemmas is that they need to shut down the water leak. This can be accomplished by shutting off the primary water valve located at the main water intake valve. When this is finished, the homeowner needs to discover where the leak is coming from by inspecting wet floors and sometimes the walls. If at all possible, the homeowner can attempt to repair the leak with DYI appliances and specialty sealant tapes. On the other hand, it is highly recommended that homeowners should not attempt any large restoration repairs without hiring a professional. This is advised to prevent causing further damage from ignorance.

Professionals also recommended that the homeowners open up every door and also all of the windows to encourage the drying of any items to occur. Correct air movement into the residence will act as mitigation for any odors. Homeowners ought to consider relocating important commodities from the areas that are damaged from water. It is also important to remain clear of electronic appliances to evade any electrical shocks. The structure ought be evacuated to steer clear of any injuries from accidents.

Opening all of the doors will permit some of the water leave the residence. Any water can also be soaked up with towels from the furniture if at all possible. It is also advised to make use of a pump motor to take care of any water cleanup. Should the home be equipped with Air Conditioning, turn this on to the high setting. This action ought to increase the drying action within the structure.

Homeowners ought to also contact natural disaster services in their area. It is highly advisable to have their number on hand to get in touch with them quick for water loss services. Their services for water loss control can be located in most cities local phone directories as well or by contacting the emergency hotline. This advice ought to help most homeowners clean up. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on water loss.

Water Damage Repair in Northwest Las Vegas

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Water Damage Repair in Northwest Las Vegas

Water damage can occur in many ways. The most common being floods and emergency leaks. This should not be a reason to panic as interventions and mitigation strategies exist even for the most devastating natural disasters. Identify reliable service providers in the water cleanup business in town. The following tips come in handy when bouncing back from water damage stress.

Start with what you can

Drying the excess water is something you can do as you wait for experts to arrive. This will help ease the recovery process not to mention reducing the amount of damage especially on things that are on the floor. Immediate drying helps contain the flooding issue and minimize its impact. It can especially save significant amounts for a business person since water in business can cause major losses.

Seek help

Depending on the extent of the water damage, calling a restoration expert to assist with general water cleanup is essential. Large amounts of water in a home is inconveniencing. There is also the risk of triggering fire outbreaks due to electric damages when there is flood water in home. Hiring the right mitigation team can help lessen the burden.

You also need a plumber to assist with the water loss challenge that is likely to occur. Scout for companies that have been in this trade for a long time. Check out testimonials in your region to be sure that you are dealing with the right team. You should get a guarantee for your money’s worth.

Saving what you can should be a priority

Any natural disaster will cause panic. Try to save everything that you can rather than treating all of it with equal value. Concentrate on the items that are most valuable, as more emphasis should be put on items that are impossible to replace. You will end up securing the most important items and spending less on replacing others. Insurance companies are also likely to cover your flood damage losses more if you use logic to save what you can manage.

Contact insurance companies

You can always protect yourself from natural disaster effects such as water loss and water in business challenges. If you live in a flood-prone area, then you should consider getting insurance for future calamities. Post water restoration services require insurance cover to ease the burden during such emergencies.

Use local cleanup contractors

Water cleanup experts can be found in Las Vegas, Nevada. Read reviews and check out testimonials on the best restoration experts. Ask for estimates and compare offers given by different companies. There are different levels of water damages that require the assessment of qualified experts.

Regardless of how minor a water problem is, always contact a Flood damage expert in Northwest Las Vegas. With service providers advertising their services all over Nevada, a water in home or water in business emergency should not be something that worries you. Find a contractor that understands the best drying techniques and is willing to get you back on track regardless of the time the emergency occurs. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on water damage.

Water Damage Restoration in Northwest Las Vegas

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Water Damage Restoration in Northwest Las Vegas

Businesses and homes are some of the most expensive assets owners can have possession of. Although homes are considered to be very valuable asset items, it is important to note that businesses can be just as valuable as there are many costs in operations. Operating a business on a regular basis may have an effect of causing the owner(s) to feel overworked. However, what can cause business owners to feel even more worked than usual is having to deal with water damage.

Water damage can occur from a variety of causes. Water loss is a form of unexpected emergency within the premises of a home in which flood damage occurs from broken pipes, drains, plumbing systems, etc. Natural disaster is something that is hardly ever expected. Water in home should never go ignored as the mitigation that can be caused from a lower quality of life, especially in pertinence to one's health, can be extremely costly and painful to recover. Water loss may cause pipes to become further damaged.

Flood damage should be tended to by a professional who has acquired an adequate amount of training and experience in the field of home restoration services. Water in home will often have effects of causing bacteria and mold to develop in areas where the homeowner(s) may never have even thought about looking. If you are wanting to have restoration efforts conducted within the premises of your business property or home, then please call the water cleanup specialists of Las Vegas, Nevada immediately as you should not prolong your necessities of achieving immaculate properties.

Las Vegas, Nevada is a state that often has its building owners experiencing great heat in the summertime. As a result, fires occur in many areas of the city. Efforts of recovering from an unexpected natural disaster may require a home or building owner to put forth their own energy and effort if the professional(s) that they hire are not fully trained, skilled, knowledgeable in restoration services. The mitigation that is often felt by home and business owners is very difficult to experience. Overcoming sudden loss often results in shock and disbelief. A water cleanup specialist can assist a building owner in relieving some of the heartache that they may be experiencing. Water in business is never a good indicator of a properly run business. Even if the business is closed, the owner(s) will want to ensure that they acquire the services of a drying expert immediately. The machines, tools, training, experience, and skills that they possess are attributes of a service that will be required for full and quick recovery. In order to remove water in business, an owner will need to contact the right group of people. Drying is too time consuming if the services of the right group of professionals are not requested by the home or business owner(s). Be sure to contact a company of Las Vegas, Nevada that has earned several positive reviews and/or ratings so that you can have assurance of knowing that you will be able to have your property recovered sooner rather than later. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com for more information on water loss.

Finding Mold in Your Northwest Las Vegas Home

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Finding Mold in Your Northwest Las Vegas Home

Smelly odor is often a symptom of mold within the premises of a home. In order to remove such instances of hazards to one's health within the premises of a property, whether it be a business or home, one should acquire professional services from a well-reputed company in Vegas.

Las Vegas is often known for its hot weather, however, what many are unaware of is that along with the warmth of the weather comes opportunities for microbial growth. An environmental hygienist may be able to assist you with having such instances of bacteria removed for a very low price. An environmental hygienist of Northwest Las Vegas will be able to provide you with optimal services of bacterial growth for some of the most competitive rates in the entire area. What many people are unaware of is that high qualities of treatment for cases of fungus within properties are often difficult to find in Vegas. Although there are certainly reputable companies who provide services of mold in the area, fungus should be removed as soon as it is detected. Microbial growth is not something that should be taken lightly as people can become sick from them. The smelly odor that is often caused by such instances of bacteria within home properties are a sign of there needing to be restoration efforts conducted.

In order to acquire treatment services, a Northwest Las Vegas specialist will be able to provide you with optimal services for extremely low prices. The price rates are competitive as they know that there are several companies within the area that are striving to reach as large of a customer base as possible as the services that are provided by an environmental hygienist are in high demand. At the same time, a home or business owner should acquire services from a company that has earned itself top ratings from both customers and accreditation agencies. In Las Vegas, one can simply contact a mold removal specialist from a phone directory, however, they will be missing out on quality services if they do not do their due diligence of proper researching. A company that has received positive ratings from prior customers is certainly one that is probably worthy of acquiring services from. Vegas is known for its warm weather. Where there is warm weather, there is also humidity. Humidity is a catalyst for bacterial growth, something that may be seen as being inevitable. If you are wanting to eliminate the fungus that is growing within the premises of your business or home property, it's recommended for you to contact a Northwest Las Vegas specialist to treat the affected area(s). Treatment for microbial growth should not be costing you a fortune. A bacteria removal professional of Las Vegas will give you the guidance you may need to have affected areas inspected and cleaned if you are not wanting to acquire the full spectrum of services that they offer. By removing harmful instances of bacteria, you will be doing yourself a tremendous favor. Visit http://www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.com if you suspect mold in your home or business.

Consequence of Water Damage Restoration

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Consequence of Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is a dreadful situation, most property owners are afraid of. Heavy rains, melting of snow after heavy snowfall, flood or leakage or bursting of pipes at your home can be the common reasons behind it. Excess of spilled water can lead to a dangerous situation. Water can cause you financial loss of thousands of dollars by damaging your furniture, carpets, electronics, kitchen equipment and household appliances. Moreover, it can cause the growth of mold and fungi. The longer the time water stays, the more will be the damage. Once your property sustains water damage, you should hurry up to start the cleaning process. A good water damage restoration company can be your savior at this time.

Water damage is categorized in three levels:

Category 1:  It refers to clean water. Clean water does not possess any threat to human body.

Category 2:  Water which may contain any microorganisms in it which can cause any infection. This water is called gray water. It refers to leaked toilets.

Category 3: It refers to highly contaminated water. Think of sewage back up. It may be fatal.

Looking from the view point of repair, it is divided into few classes:

  1. It is the least harmful damage. Things absorb just some water and it is easiest to repair and handle.
  2. Water evaporation is fast in this type of damage. It refers to the damage of carpets and cushions.
  3. In this kind of damage, water evaporation is fastest for example water soaked in walls and furniture.
  4. This kind of damage is really hard to handle. Special water removal techniques and restoration is required for this. It may affect floors, concrete and plasters.

Any category of damage should be treated as soon as possible. Long term presence of clogged water can be hazardous to health. Moisture promotes the growth of molds and can lead to serious illness. One should quickly hire a good water restoration team that can start the work at once. The team should care for your losses and desires and should get your home repaired up to your satisfaction level. The work should be completed in your required time frame and in the limits of your insurance policy. Hiring a right company will help you in restoring all your cherished memories.

Here one thing should be noticed that all every type of loss is not covered under insurance claim. If damage is caused by flood or storm, one can claim for insurance. Damage caused by personal means is paid by the property owner.

If you are seeking a professional, licensed and insured water damage Restoration Las Vegas Company, you should reach www.SERVPROdowntownlasvegas.com  The professionals of this company are readily available to help you out in worse condition.

Las Vegas water damage restoration Get 24/7 service

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Resolve water damage problem immediately

If there's been any water damage on your personal property, you should not wait around and should instantly call in experts from a professional standard water restoration company. In some cases, you can do recovery on your own, but there is to much risk to take it up as a DIY venture. Let's have a close look at the services offered by a standard water restoration company.

The Las Vagas water damage restoration operates on 24/7 basis. Time is really important when it comes to inundating and any delay can considerably increase your failures causing in additional recovery expenses. If surging has been due to any major leak, shut off your water supply and immediately contact professionals as soon as you can. If the damage is due to a sewer back-up, flooding or roof leak, you should not wait even for a second and contact mineral water recovery company to reduce your losses.

This is where water Recovery Company offers the most value. You may take hours to learn and research to determine best recovery plan for your residence while experts with years of hands-on experience will instantly go to work and will recover your residence in the most affordable and effective way. We will also recommend you to potential problems with the construction of your building that might lead to future water damage problems.

Therefore, to conclude, it's best to a professional standard water recovery organization as soon as any inundating happens on your residence. The earlier you'll contact us, the smaller your failures will be. We are also assurance that our reports will be authorized by your insurance provider. That means you won't spend anything from your wallet by choosing these experts.

 Use special equipment

 We use commercial grade equipment or tools, such as blowers, portable water removal models, dehumidifiers, pumps, fans, humidity and moisture gauges, truck mounted removal models etc. All these equipment will help in removing water and will restore your home within hours.

We provide professional help with insurance claims

Our company water damage & restoration services can do much more than water cleanup and recovery in your home or office. We will assign you protection professional who will prepare your paperwork and help you in the entire insurance policy statements process. Even though claiming insurance policy for any property damage seems easy, but insurance policy provider will do everything possible to provide you a lower cost than required. With our professional help from insurance professional, you will save more time and stress and will get confirm that will easily cover all your recovery expenses.

We provide a variety of services to our customers with experienced employees that are always prepared to help you whether it’s a big or small venture. In this case, we can promise that we provide an outstanding service and client satisfaction. Your protection factors are our primary objective. Contact us nowadays and find out SERVPROdowntownlasvegas.com can help you in your home restoration from water damage. We are here to be your tool as solution to your problem

Water Damage Preparation in Northwest Las Vegas

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The importance of having a Water Damage Preparation Strategy in Northwest Las Vegas.

There are a number of emergencies that cause water damage and are somehow typical of buildings. These are as a result of flash floods, leaky pipes or appliances, an overflowing bath left unseen or even a leak on the roof. Having water invading homes or business premises can be an overwhelming experience and therefore the need for a water damage preparation in Northwest Las Vegas.

Preventing damage can be quite hard as many times such occurrences have a less probability of occurrence. However, at certain times there is the need to be well equipped just in case such events take place. Any homeowner might not be in a position to avert the occurrence of damage in Northwest Las Vegas, but may apply mitigation to their adverse impacts.Mitigation is essential since it will reduce operation cost in the long run. In the events of flash floods, or storms which are natural catastrophes, men and women have the duty to act rather fast.

There are several measures that can be carried out to mitigate or avoid the effects created by the disaster faced in our daily lives.
? There is a need to create a plan based on the materials used to construct the residence. They should be of high quality to offer resistance to damage. Residential homes and all high-end entertainment joints on the Las Vegas strip must be well built. The area is quite dense.
? Construct water barriers along homes to prevent an influx of water into homes.
? People need to ensure that all electrical appliances are unplugged to avoid any possibilities of fire.
? Drying of important documents and relevant equipment must be done for later use.
? They should also secure food in waterproof bags to keep them from drying.

The fact that homes may have their sources of water it should be noted that high levels of maintenance are required. Firstly is to ensure that all running water from baths to sink water is never left unattended to. Secondly, is to check the sewage backup system for an overfill. Should there be any case of a leak then the residents should seek help from a water damage repair company to handle the situation. Individuals should also ensure that they have contact information for the service providers, family members, and friends to inform them of the situation. Thirdly is to get a flood insurance. The latter disaster may cause havoc resulting in a financial crisis that was rather unseen.

To mitigate water crisis in homes, it is imperative that in the event of a leaking roof or crevice, a professional should carry out the sealing properly. Broken sinks and taps should be replaced with new ones immediately. Hazardous and valuable materials should be moved to higher levels of the houses or offices.

Having the strip is of economic importance within the region. The strip have low maintenance cost. The relevant authorities should ensure that all resorts and hotels are within the standards of the construction agencies and policies that comply with regulations. SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas is always ready to help in any Water Damage Emergency. 

You need to deal with the fire damage at once

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You need to deal with the fire damage at once

When there is fire damage, the companies and the homeowners who suffer such a problem can be to devastated. One aspect that can give some level of peace of mind is when you are sure that you have hired the right professional for the job. This is the reason why it is important when you hire the firm that they are certified to inspection cleaning or restoration.

When the fire takes place, the homeowners and the business owners may be in shock because of the devastation. It is something important to try and to follow up the proper steps in order to achieve a complete fire restoration service provider that is associated with an institute that distinguishes itself through vast amounts of the experience, health and safety certification and ongoing experience. You should also check to see if the company has insurance information with the proper license. The customers have to check about the references and get the price quotes before hiring.

The contracts that are given to be signed, they have to be reviewed in a closer way. When the fire damage Restoration Las Vegas Company comes in your home, the first thing to do is to clean up the large area as they are able to. When the area is not cleaned at once, it can lead to the soot residue and it can be permanent damage when it is left out.  If you decide to do the first clean up, you should always put on the dust masks and open the windows to have enough ventilation.  Clean the ceiling and the floor and make sure that you vacuumed the upholstery and the floors. You can wash the item that are being laundered and clean the outside using a pressure washer when you have it.

When the immediate clean up has not been done, it may lead to some devastating effect. In few minutes of the fire or the smoke damage, the items and the appliance will be discolored to turn to the yellow hue. Within few hours, the acid may stain the bathroom and other area of the business or the homes. In few days, the walls are going to be discolored in the permanent way and in few weeks, the cost of cleaning will double.  It is important to call the www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.comso that they can remove the odor and the residue caused by the fire at once. The professionals are going to use the fire restoration options in order to help you to achieve to the satisfactory result. 


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