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Top 5 Causes of House Fires

7/20/2021 (Permalink)

Burnt children's bedroom If your Las Vegas, NV home catches fire SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas is available 24/7 to assist with your emergency.

5 Leading Causes Of House Fires

Regardless of the cause, a home fire in Las Vegas, NV can be devastating. Still, knowing the leading causes of these fires can empower you to take steps to avoid them. Here are the top five most common fire causes according to the National Fire Protection Association.

1. Cooking Equipment

Nearly half of all residential fires started as a result of leaving cooking foods unattended. Frying food increases the danger of fires because grease is highly flammable. Be sure to monitor your cooking at all times, and call for help should a problem arise.

2. Heating Equipment

Central heat does not pose as great a risk as space heaters and wood stoves. Never leave a space heater unattended and keep all flammable materials at least three feet away from the appliances.

3. Electrical and Lighting Equipment

Electricity is everywhere in the home, which is why it is imperative that all equipment and wiring is installed correctly. Faulty lighting, plugs and cords, or meters and switches all contribute to electrical fires. They account for nearly 13 percent of all home fire accidents.

4. Intentional

Arson is a serious crime with serious consequences. Between 2010 and 2014, intentional fires were the cause of 8 percent of residential fires. Unfortunately, children are often held responsible for these fires; 40 percent of arson arrests were individuals under the age of 18.

5. Smoking Materials

Even though smoking only accounts for 5 percent of all house fires, it is the number one cause of fire deaths. The biggest risk factor is smoking near or on mattresses, bedding, or upholstered furniture.

There can be many causes of a home fire, but there are even more ways to prevent one. Using common sense safety measures can help keep your Las Vegas, NV house safe for years to come. In the unfortunate event of a fire, there are companies that can help with fire cleaning and you get back on track.

What Items Can You Salvage After a Fire?

7/8/2021 (Permalink)

Bedroom damaged by fire, walls, bed, toys burned Fire damage in Northwest Las Vegas, NV.

What Items Can Be Salvaged After A Fire?

Fires leave behind many different types of damage. From smoke to soot, there are a variety of substances that can damage items in the vicinity of the flames. Homeowners in Northwest Las Vegas, NV need to pursue content cleaning immediately following a fire to attempt to salvage as much as possible. A professional dry-cleaning service can salvage clothes, while other professionals who specialize in fire damage restoration may be able to help you with family heirlooms. Either way, you do not want to automatically throw out precious items.

1. Clothing

You want to be careful you do not do the wrong thing when trying to salvage clothes. Attempting to wash the soot out of clothes on your own may only end up driving the soot further into the fabric. Take your clothes to professionals who know how to treat clothes exposed to smoke and flames. This will be your best bet to save them.

2. Family Albums and Books

Similar to how you need to take clothing to a professional dry-cleaning service, you need to take photo albums and books to a professional conservator. Exposure to soot can cause pages to stick together. If you attempt to pry the pages open yourself, you may end up damaging the books beyond repair.

3. Furniture

You do not want to get any water on furniture that still has soot on it. Instead, you can try to remove the soot yourself with a strong vacuum. However, you do not want to place the nozzle of the vacuum directly on the upholstery as this will only drive the soot further into the material. With nonporous surfaces, you can use an ultrasonic cleaner.

There are plenty of other items that can be salvaged following a fire. You may need to utilize content storage in Northwest Las Vegas, NV for the time being until a professional can look at your belongings. Although you should still take pictures of your damaged items for insurance purposes, dry-cleaning and vacuuming services can be highly beneficial.

3 Tips for Keeping Your Pet From Creating a Home Fire Emergency

3/8/2021 (Permalink)

Dog laying on a bed Follow these pet safety tips to avoid a home fire.

3 Tips for Keeping Your Pet From Creating a Home Fire Emergency

Having a pet in your Northwest Las Vegas, NV, home is probably a satisfying experience, to say the least. However, pets are unfortunately prone to accidentally causing disasters. One particular event to watch out for is house fires. If you're looking for ways to prevent a fire from occurring, here are three tips for keeping your pet from creating a home fire emergency.

1. Limit Free Space for Young Pets
Younger pets can be difficult to control. This is a particular problem when you're still working on training. Therefore, a new puppy or kitten may be more likely to go wild and start a fire while you're gone. In order to combat this and ensure pet safety, you may want to find methods of humane confinement during periods of absence. These are a few methods you can try:

  • Baby gates
  • Crates
  • Closed playrooms

Be sure that the confined space has amenities like a litter box, water and toys.

2. Protect Your Stove
While this action may seem more appropriate to take for young children, pets are also able to accidentally turn on a stove. In fact, this happens fairly often each year. Luckily, there are pet preparation methods for protecting your stove from an emergency. If you have easy to reach knobs, consider getting guards that can make each one unusable. If you're willing to go the extra mile, you can get an induction burner. This type of stove only heats up when a pot is on it.

3. Get Rid of Open Flames
One of the easiest and most essential ways to keep pets from creating a fire emergency is to extinguish open flames. This ensures that a pet won't be able to knock over a flame, which could result in you needing a fire restoration company. Make it a habit to check your candles, stovetops and other flame-related items before you leave the house.
Pets are a joy to have around the house, but you can't risk ignoring the potential dangers these furry friends may cause. Take the proper precautions to keep you and your buddy safe from a fire emergency.

Fire Damage Repair In Northwest Las Vegas

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

Burned bathroom, fire loss in a home Fire Loss in Northwest Las Vegas, NV.

Fire Damage Repair In Northwest Las Vegas

Fire damage in the Northwest Las Vegas area must be repaired before the house is damaged even more than it was in the fire itself. The home will tend to fall down around themselves when they have not been repaired, and the homeowner will find it simple to bring their home back from a major fire. Fire loss in a home and fire loss in business will be repaired using industry-standard techniques, and this article explains how the work is done.

#1: Fire Loss In Business

A fire loss in business structures is an issue that must be corrected as soon as possible, and the business cannot open without a repaired structure. The business may have the firm arrive at their site at any time, and they will begin repairs that make the building look good. The building will retain its appearance quickly, and they will find it simple to watch their building repaired for a fair price.

#2: Fire Loss In Home

Homes that have been on fire must be repaired quickly to ensure the family may move back in. The family cannot stay in the home while smoke damage or soot damage is lingering, and they must ask the company to remove all water damage from fire from the house. The simplest part of the process is removing water that will cause mold and mildew. Homeowners will find it simple to ask the company to remove the water, and they will see the home begin to recover.

#3: Smoke Damage And Soot Damage

Smoke and soot will rest in the house after it has been allowed into every part of the space, and there are many different people who will notice soot and smoke in the house causes health problems and air quality will improve after cleaning. Cleaning the house takes a bit of time, and the home will become a safer place for the family to live.

#4: Removing Mold Or Mildew

Mold and mildew may have grown in the house when the water was standing, and the work crew will ensure it has been removed as soon as possible. They will check the house for anything that appears to be toxic, and they will inform the family of anything found in the house that may be harmful to them. The work crew will use hazmat gear that ensures everyone is safe, and they will use industrial equipment that was designed for the removal of toxic materials.

Fire damage, water damage from fire and a number of other problems may be repaired once a mitigation company is brought to the house. The family will find it quite simple to ensure they are living in a home that was repaired properly, and a business may open its doors not long after asking for help from a mitigation company. The exterior of the structure will be repaired, and the interior will be returned to its natural state. The owner of the building is given a quick way to get back in the building. 

3 Tips for Gas Range Cleaning

12/15/2020 (Permalink)

Closeup shot of blue fire from domestic kitchen stove. Having a gas range is often a source of pride for many home cooks

Below Are Three Steps To Get A Deep, Safe Clean

If your home in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, has a gas range, cleaning it may seem like a lot of extra work. Since they don’t have the smooth surface its electric counterpart, food debris can build up and result in the need for a fire damage and restoration professional. Although range cleaning may not be a fun task, it is an important one. Below are three steps to get a deep, safe clean.

1. Grates
Before anything can happen, the grates need to be removed. Although they are heavy and durable, they still are susceptible to buildup from spills and residue. If they haven’t been cleaned in a while, the buildup could be quite thick and require significant scrubbing. The grates should be placed in the sink or bucket filled with warm, soapy water to soak. After sitting for a while, remove them and cover them with a cleaning paste of water and baking soda. Leave on for about 20 minutes and rinse.

2. Fuel Ports
If a smoke smell has been coming from your gas range, there is a chance that some debris has made its way into the fuel ports. Located under the burner cap, these ports are what let the flames out. If they get clogged, it can result in unevenly distributed heat or debris burning. These can be wiped down and inspected for any clogs. A small device, such as the end of a paperclip, may help clear any debris.

3. Surface
With the grates off, you can thoroughly clean the surface. A simple solution of soapy water or a mix of baking soda and vinegar can be used to wipe down the surface. Ensure a soft sponge or cloth is used and not something abrasive. A soft-bristled toothbrush is also a helpful tool to get off heavy residue or reach awkward areas that need a good cleaning.
Having a gas range is often a source of pride for many home cooks, but it also means taking the extra time to keep it clean.

How To Handle Smoke Damage After a Fire

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

Smoke damaged wall Smoke damage in Las Vegas, NV

Even if your office building in Las Vegas, NV, hasn't sustained structural damage after a fire, smoke can still wreak havoc on furniture, drywall and carpeting. A thorough smoke cleaning is necessary to ensure that the damage is addressed properly.

What Damage Can Smoke Cause?

Smoke damage may not be visible at first, but it can create a huge problem if left untreated.

  • Carpets, upholstery, ceilings and drywall may all become discolored from the smoke. The smoke odor can also linger for an extended period of time.
  • Windows are easily discolored or ruined by smoke.
  • Plants may be contaminated by lingering smoke in the air.
  • Smoke can also make its way into the ductwork of the building.

How Can You Remove the Smoke From Your Building?
In order to conduct a proper smoke cleaning of your commercial property, it is imperative to call a fire damage expert right away. Professionals use techniques and equipment that can safely remove the smoke from all surfaces in your building. Find an expert who specializes in restoring materials that have been damaged by fire and smoke. It is more cost-effective to restore contents than replace them, whenever possible. Trained experts utilize several methods to clean and restore materials, including:

For light residue, dry cleaning is effective. It can also be used as a preliminary cleaning method before more rigorous cleaning takes place.
Wet cleaning is an effective way to remove moderate and heavy residue.
Smaller contents can be dipped into a bath of cleaner. This method is called immersion cleaning.
The abrasion cleaning method involves agitating the surface to remove the dirt and smoke.
Foam cleaning and the spray-and-wipe method can be used on fabrics that might shrink or bleed if they become wet.

Employ a professional to handle the smoke cleaning in your building so that you can get your business running again quickly.

Take Precautionary Measures Concerning Pets and Fire

9/18/2020 (Permalink)

Old man rescuing dog Include your pets in your fire safety escape plan

Dogs and cats remain one of life’s great joys, but they are dependent upon our constant care. For their safety as well as ours, we must take steps to prevent them from accidentally creating a fire emergency, as well as minimize the odds of sustaining harm should a blaze occur.

Pet Preparation

Domesticated animals provoke an estimated one thousand fires each year. Lower the ability for yours to trigger a flaming crisis with these actions:

  • Secure ovens. If your dog can reach them, utilize protective covers to lock down your appliance’s knobs.
  • Eliminate flames. Anything hot generates curiosity. Gate your fireplace and consider switching to electronic candles.
  • Confine puppies and kittens. Securing them in rooms or crates before going out limits their overall ability to create havoc.

Take this stage seriously, as overlooking such measures could result in a fire emergency that eventually requires the services of a building restoration expert. Once your home in Las Vegas, NV, has been adequately secured, you can switch the focus toward providing protection for your canine and feline friends.

Pet Safety
It’s good practice to keep Fluffy with you instead of leaving her alone. Otherwise, confine her near a main entrance or side door in case access becomes unavailable. Leave on collars and harnesses in anticipation of the sudden need for immediate rescue.
Alert stickers that let rescuers know you have cuddly dependents inside can be obtained via pet stores. Purchase one, fill out all information, and hang it in a prominent window.
Mentally note where your four-legged family members hide, as this slice of anecdotal data could prove critical when seconds count. Also, be sure to have the number and address of the local veterinarian quickly accessible on your phone. If you have not already done so, outfit your house with modern smoke and CO2 detectors.
A fire emergency is a scary, stressful event for anyone and even more so for furry companions. Prepare your residence so they’ll never become the cause of a fiery disaster, nor suffer should one arise.

3 Ways Your Restoration Team Can Help With Content Cleaning After a Fire

7/16/2020 (Permalink)

Bursting flames Additionally, your restoration team may also be able to help with storing your items until the repairs on the property can be completed.

After a fire at your Las Vegas, NV company you may be wondering what the best way to clean and repair your office items are. There are several options available from dry-cleaning to soaking an item in a cleaning solution. Fortunately, a local fire damage restoration service can help with this process in several ways.

1. Document Restoration

One important aspect of the content cleaning service that may be offered by your restoration team is the ability to restore documentation. This can be extremely useful if you have paper files that may have been damaged. Your restoration crew may also be able to help digitize these files so they can be stored electronically instead.

2. Item Cleaning

Item cleaning can be done a number of ways depending on the item size, material and type. A local restoration service may use a spray on cleaning solution, soak small items, or use a dipping method for materials that are non-mechanical. Dry-cleaning options can be used for more sensitive materials as needed, and may often utilize cleaning powders or small brushes. If you have any questions about which method may be used for which item a professional will be able to help.

3. Content Storage

Another service that may be offered is the ability to store the contents of your business until repairs to the building can be completed. In many cases the items will be cleans and repaired as needed and then moved to a safe storage space. One the business property is restored they can be returned to their original location.

Your local restoration service can help with your content cleaning in a number of ways. They can restore paper documentation so that it usable and help digitize it’s contents, and they can also offer a number of both wet and dry-cleaning services. Additionally, your restoration team may also be able to help with storing your items until the repairs on the property can be completed.

How a Fire Can Lead To Water Damage

6/10/2020 (Permalink)

House burned Fire damaged structure in a house

Here Are Three Ways That Can Happen

You may be wondering why a Las Vegas, NV, fire damage restoration service can also clean up and repair water damage. This is because a fire can often also lead to water caused damage. Here are three ways that can happen.

1. Fire Hose

A fire hose can pump out approximately 500 gallons of water per minute. While this is plenty of water to put out a large house fire, it can also leave the affected area of the home flooded. Fortunately, a restoration service can have pumps and other devices necessary for water removal at their disposal. After the water is removed they can inspect for damage and begin smoke odor removal and item restoration.

2. Suppression Systems

If your home has a fire suppression system, such as overhead sprinklers, installed they can help prevent extreme fire damage by releasing suppressant before the flames grow too big. However, this can leave the area flooded. A restoration service can help remove water from the affected area, as well as make repairs. They can also inspect for any mold growth and mitigate this as well.

3. Structural Damage

A fire can also cause structural damage which may leave holes in the exterior of the home. Weather such as rain or snow can then get in and create water problems. This is why you may see restoration professionals board or tarp over areas until repairs can be completed. With a little time and effort, the restoration crew can have your home looking“Like it never even happened.”

It’s not unheard of for fire damage to lead to water damage which is why many restoration teams have the training needed to deal with both. This can occur from fire suppression systems like a hose or overhead sprinklers, as well as when structural damage creates holes in the exterior that weather can get through. If you have further questions a professional can help.

Keeping Your Pets Safe During a Fire

2/18/2020 (Permalink)

Dog sitting on a carpet bottom of the picture it says FIRE TIP Practice this plan in advance so you and your furry friends can stay safe

Keeping Your Pets Safe During a Fire

When a fire emergency hits your home, you need to protect your family and your property. Yet pet safety is important, too.
Unlike your children, dogs and cats may not understand what to do during a fire. You thus need to take extra steps to ensure they get out of the home.
Of course, the best way to keep your pets safe is to prevent a fire in the first place. Unfortunately, pets can inadvertently start a blaze in your home. In fact, more than 1,000 home fires annually are caused by a family pet. To reduce the chances of this occurring you should:

  • Cover or remove stove knobs
  • Use flameless candles
  • Avoid leaving your pet near open flames

Pet Escape Plan
You have probably heard about the importance of creating a fire emergency escape plan. Your pets should be part of this scheme, as well. Keep a separate disaster supply kit with your pet's food and other necessities.
When you rehearse your escape plan, bring your pets with you so they get used to evacuating the home. You should also train your pets to follow you out of the house when you call them.

Trapped Pets
A pet owner's worst nightmare is coming home to find his beloved animal trapped in a burning blaze. While firefighters are trained to rescue pets from home fires, you can make their job easier. If you are leaving your pet home alone, make sure the animal stays in an easily accessible room. You should also place a window cling on your home listing how many pets you have. This way, the firefighters will know exactly how many animals need rescuing.
You should make a pet preparation plan in case a fire emergency takes place in your Las Vegas, NV, home. Practice this plan in advance so you and your furry friends can stay safe. If a fire does occur, contact an emergency restoration services company to help get your family's and your pet's belongings back to normal.

Ozone Cleaning: 3 Tips for Use in Removing Cigarette Odors

12/23/2019 (Permalink)

Hand with burning cigarette Tobacco smoke can yellow walls and carpets and trap the odor

Ozone Cleaning

Keeping your Northwest Las Vegas, NV home clean can be a challenge, especially if you are dealing with lingering odors left by a previous owner. Some smells can be tougher to clean away than others, and there are few more stubborn than cigarette odors. Tobacco smoke can yellow walls and carpets and trap the odor, making it hard to eliminate completely. However, ozone cleaning is proving to be a successful method for home deodorization, and learning about its usage may help you remove offensive tobacco odors from your home once and for all.

1. Understand Ozone Cleaning

Before you proceed with home deodorization via an ozone machine, you may want to take a bit of time to understand how it works. Ozone molecules carry an extra atom, so when they are released into the air, they absorb lingering odors by attracting odor-causing atoms. The odor inside these atoms is then neutralized, which eliminates it completely.

2. Replace Porous Materials

Cigarette smoke can become easily trapped in porous surfaces like fabric, so you may want to consider replacing your carpeting and drapes before you invest in ozone cleaning. This may reduce the odor and make an ozone treatment more effective. If you believe the smell is trapped in drywall, cleaning, repainting and sealing affected areas can be helpful with pretreatment.

3. Turn to Experts for Treatment

An ozone treatment can be quite effective when it comes to removing tobacco odors from your home. However, it is wise to have a fire damage and smoke restoration service perform one. Odor removal can be a challenge, especially when you are trying to eliminate it completely and prevent it from seeping back into your home later. A professional ozone cleaning can help to accomplish both.

An ozone treatment can be a good home deodorization choice for your Northwest Las Vegas, NV property. Learning about this process before you begin may help you feel more confident about the results, especially when it comes to removing tobacco odors.

Does Renter's Insurance Cover Fire Damage?

11/26/2019 (Permalink)

Renters insurance By working with your insurance agent and other professionals, you can help ensure a smooth process.

If your residence in Northwest Las Vegas experiences damage from a fire, renters insurance may help protect lost or damaged items. Working closely with your insurance company can help you to understand what types of losses are covered. By cooperating with emergency personnel, landlords, other residents, and your insurance agent, you can help ensure a smooth and speedy restoration process. Having a general idea of what to expect can help set your mind at ease when talking to other parties.

What Is Covered?

Most renters insurance policies cover losses from fire damage. Your policy probably covers personal items or belongings that you brought into the residence. There are several easy ways to tell if the item is likely to be covered by your insurance:

It is not part of the structural building
It is something you brought in, like furniture or jewelry
It is something you own and will take with you when you move
It was not already there when you moved in

Some experts recommend taking pictures of your possessions when you move into a new residence. In the unlikely event that you need to file a claim, this will help prove ownership and what condition things were in before the disaster.

What About the Building?

At this point, you may be concerned that while your couch and clothes are covered, the carpet reeks of smoke and the electrical sockets are not working properly. This is where your landlord's insurance comes in. They are usually responsible to cover anything that is part of the structure of the building or permanent fixtures. They may choose to bring in a professional fire restoration company that can fix or replace items and return the residence to its pre-fire condition.

Renters insurance is necessary to cover personal losses that your landlord is not usually responsible for.

Keeping Your Microwave Clean and Odor Free

10/22/2019 (Permalink)

Closeup of hand in protective glove wiping rag microwave. View from the interior of the oven Keep your microwave clean

Here Are Three Tips For Getting Rid Of The Stench and Disinfecting the Unit

You've popped that bag of popcorn too long and now a pungent smoke smell has permeated the house. What do you do? After all, you don't want your next few meals to pick up that burnt scent. It's time to clean the appliance, getting into the nooks and crannies. Here are three tips for getting rid of the stench and disinfecting the unit.

1) Tackle Odor First

To do this, locate a microwavable container, and fill it with water. Then, add a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice. Place it in the microwave, heating the water to boiling. This should help remove the funky scent.

2) Wipe It Down

The steam from the water should loosen any food stuck to the walls, offering an easier clean up. Grab a sponge or a wet cloth, and start scrubbing. Food that lingers on the walls can reduce the microwave's functionality and create a smoke smell. To avoid this, wash it often and cover plates when they're heated.

3) Eliminate Leftover Grease

Under the appliance is a grease filter that should be rinsed once a month. You'll want to take it out and place it in a bucket of water and detergent. Be careful. You don't want to use ammonia, so read labels first. After a while, remove it, dry it off, and put it back. Once this is done, locate the vent grill about the unit. Take off the front panel. Look and see how the grease has accumulated. With your rag, wipe it down. Grease is a potential fire hazard; thus, allowing it to sit could leave your home open to a fire. If flames or smoke occur, call 911 immediately. Allow the firemen to put it out. Then, contact a fire restoration company in Las Vegas, NV, to evaluate and repair the damage.
If the smoke smell bothers you, make it a habit to sanitize the appliance. Scour it free of food debris, and scrub it with soap and water.

Steps to Take After a Fire in Your Home

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage in a Northwest Las Vegas, NV home

What to Do After a Fire?

You've probably learned about proper fire prevention tips and how to safely evacuate your home in case of such an emergency. Do you know what to do after the fire, once you've reached safety and crews have put out the flames? It's critical that you follow effective procedures so you can get your home back to a state where you can return and get your life back on track. This not only involves fire restoration but working with your insurance company.

Your Responsibilities

From the moment you smell smoke, see a fire in your Northwest Las Vegas, NV, home or hear the smoke detector sound the alarm, you need to act quickly. If you take the right actions, you can have peace of mind that you'll get the financial help you need to pay for repairs and that you'll be able to get back home soon.

  • Alert the fire department as soon as you suspect or verify there's a fire.
  • Contact professional fire restoration specialists to start the cleanup and repair efforts.
  • Call your insurance agent and file a claim with your homeowner's insurance or fire insurance policies.

Leave It Alone

It's vital that as soon as the fire crews put out the fire that you don't return to the home and disturb the scene. Not only is this unsafe, but it could cause further damage to the structure of your house and nullify some of your insurance claims.

Let the Insurance and Restoration Companies Coordinate

It's important that you file a claim quickly so your insurance agent can communicate with the fire cleanup and remediation team. The restoration company will inform the insurance agency about necessary repairs, smoke cleaning and the extent of the damage. The company can take photos and send them to your insurance agency as well.
The sooner you file a claim and hire the right fire restoration company, the sooner you'll get on the road to recovery. Make sure you act quickly and effectively.

Should You Choose Mitigation or Restoration After a Fire?

7/11/2019 (Permalink)

Insurance for fire damage may cover either mitigation or restoration

Insurance for fire damage may cover either mitigation or restoration. If your Las Vegas, NV, business has a fire policy, it is important for you to understand the difference between the two. It is also helpful for you to be aware of which service your specific policy covers.

Working With Your Insurance Company

Which option is best for you will depend on several factors, especially the following:

  • What is provided for by your policy
  • The type of company that is recommended to you by your insurer

If you hire an all-purpose, one-stop-shop restoration company, they will likely deliver both mitigation and restoration, as well as additional fire mitigation services. It therefore makes sense to consider working with the insurance company to bring such a company onboard, rather than having to go through two different service providers. If you have more freedom of choice, however, it's useful to have an understanding of the difference between mitigation and restoration.

Making Sense of Mitigation

The principal goal of a mitigation company is to prevent further harm to a piece of property that has suffered fire damage. Such a company would primarily be focused on short-term reconstruction to ensure security and prevent total structural collapse of the building. Much of what it does is limited and can be described as "short-gap" at best. It is usually after this process that an insurance adjuster might begin his or her work of assessing the extent of the damage.

Recognizing the Need for Restoration

Restoration is what comes after mitigation: full reconstruction of the property, replacement of floors and ceilings, reconnection of utilities, etc. A restoration company might also be able to help put in measures to prevent future damage. Given this description, it is obvious that restoration is most useful when done after mitigation. Basically, stop the rot first, then rebuild.

As a business owner, it is prudent to include a solid reconstruction plan in any measures you take to insure against unforeseen disasters such as fire damage. This should be a key consideration in any policy discussions, as such a provision could come in handy in the future.

How To Eliminate the Smell of Cigarette Smoke From Your Home

5/13/2019 (Permalink)

The ozone generator is used to remove cigarette smell

Did you just purchase a home in Las Vegas, NV, where the previous tenants smoked? Perhaps you’ve been a smoker yourself but recently quit. In either case, your house will have the strong odor of cigarettes. If you can’t tolerate this odor or want it gone for health reasons, there are ways to make it happen with home deodorization and other means.

The Ill Effects of Cigarette Smoke

Smoking can be a difficult habit to break, but it’s not only worth it for your well-being, but you’ll also notice a big difference in your house. Cigarette smoke can do the following:

  • Poses risks for children, such as chest and nose problems
  • Lingers on furniture
  • Can turn walls yellow
  • Settles into clothing

What Does a Deodorizer Do?

One of the most common remedies for cigarette smoke is a deodorizer. The home deodorization process can be effective at eliminating this stench and harmful particles that it introduces. Both home remedies and store-bought products are designed to absorb the bad smells and replace them with something more pleasant. Ideally, these won’t contain harmful chemicals.

What Do the Pros Say?

There are plenty of choices out there you can try, but you’ll be hard-pressed to beat what a professional smoke remediation company can provide. An expert team of technicians has the experience and skill to properly identify safe, permanent solutions to your dilemma. The best companies will not only provide options to help you remove this awful smell, but they’ll show you how you can use them yourself.

The Ozone Approach

The smoke removal team will likely recommend the use of ozone to remove the cigarette smell. This technique is simple to use. Make sure everyone, including pets, is out of the house. Also, cover up all valuable items, and then set the timer to start the ozone device. It could take up to 24 hours or longer for the generator to do its job. The technician will let you know how long to wait to enter the home.

Contact a professional today to get more information on the best home deodorization system. You can soon experience a fresh smell once again.

How To Efficiently Extinguish a Grease Fire

12/31/2018 (Permalink)

Fire loss on in a Las Vegas, NV kitchen

A grease fire can erupt suddenly and spread quickly. To help minimize damage, it’s important to quickly extinguish any kitchen blaze. However, certain actions may be highly ineffective and can jeopardize your safety. For this reason, it’s crucial to understand the appropriate techniques to smolder a grease-fueled inferno.

What Not To Do

There are several procedures that every homeowner in Las Vegas, NV, should avoid doing in the event of a kitchen fire involving grease:

  • Fanning the flames with a dishcloth
  • Pouring water over the inferno
  • Transporting the burning pot outside

Each of these measures is counterproductive and may cause flames to spread.

Turn Off the Heat

High cooking temperatures fuel many kitchen blazes. Because of this, it’s imperative that you remain vigilant while cooking. In the event of a grease fire, you should immediately turn off the heat source.

Smolder the Flames

Once the stove is off, you should cover the flaming pot with a metal lid or baking sheet. Avoid using glass or ceramic items because the intense heat may cause these materials to shatter.

As an alternative, you can also douse flames with baking soda. However, this technique is only effective against small fires and should not be attempted on larger infernos.

Utilize an Appropriate Fire Extinguisher

If the blaze is no longer contained inside the pot, use a Class B, K or multipurpose fire extinguisher to smolder the flames. Because it contains pressurized water, a Class A extinguisher is not suitable for use on flammable liquids. For safety reasons, you should check the label before engaging any extinguisher to verify the type of fire it’s designed to battle.

Call 911

Attempting to battle a large inferno can be extremely dangerous. If flames spread, evacuate the premises and call 911 for assistance.

Be Prepared

To quickly extinguish a grease fire, it’s imperative that you remain alert. Keeping a metal lid and fire extinguisher accessible while cooking can help you respond quickly, reducing the risk of a damaging blaze requiring a tedious fire cleanup.

Repairs For Fire Damage Should Be Complete By A Professional

12/26/2018 (Permalink)

Once a Las Vegas fire has ravaged a home, the clean-up should be conducted by a professional service such as SERVPRO. Ash and soot can work its way into the smallest cracks and crevices of a home, leaving a lasting odor. Water, soot, and ash residue on the surfaces of the home and furnishings can cause discoloration, odors, and may even cause respiratory issues and increase the frequency and duration of asthma attacks. The residue does not go away with time; it must be professionally cleaned and removed.

Professional Fire Damage Repair

Most people do not realize how acidic ash is and what it can do to anything it touches. When ash residue is left on glass it will etch into the surface. When left on metals, it will cause the metals to corrode. When ash is left on any porous surface, such as drywall, wood, or tile, it will eat into the surface and cause discoloration. The damage that ash causes does not stop unless it has been professionally cleaned with the right compounds. SERVPRO is a IICRC certified company which knows how to remove the ash before it can cause more damage.

IICRC stands for the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. IICRC certification is a sign of professional excellence.

When SERVPRO enters a home after a Las Vegas fire the first try to locate where the concentration of the ash and soot is located so they can begin the cleaning process in that area. Everything is thoroughly cleaned. Every inch of every wall, ceiling and floor are scrubbed. Furniture, windows, and all fixtures are scrubbed. And to ensure that smoke residue and soot do not enter the house again after the cleaning, the air ducts are scrubbed.

IICRC certified technicians, like SERVPRO, are capable of handling the toughest ash residue build-up. Sometimes when an area has had to sit for a while before cleaning, the ash begins to deteriorate the surfaces or cakes on solid and is hard to remove. These certified techs have everything they need to tackle these built up areas.

As a final cleaning measure, SERVPRO technicians will use a special fogger that will help eliminate all traces of smoke odor in the home. Only available to professionals, these foggers can penetrate areas where people cannot reach and will eliminate the smoke smell for good.

With a professional restoration company in charge of your Las Vegas fire damage clean-up, you will have peace-of-mind in knowing that the home was cleaned and sanitized and that all the soot, ash, and odor has been removed.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas is locally owned and operated and we are proud to be part of this community. We are also part of a national network of over 1,650 Franchises with special Disaster Recovery Teams placed strategically throughout the country to respond to large-scale fire, water, and storm disasters.

3 Ways To Prevent a Lint Fire From Starting in Your Dryer

10/22/2018 (Permalink)

Clothing dryers are a standard appliance found in the average household. But as commonplace as this appliance may be, failure to properly install or operate a home dryer can lead to the start of a lint fire. Prevent a dryer fire from starting in your own Northwest Las Vegas, NV, home by following these 3 basic steps:

1. Professional Dyer Installation

From the time of purchase, you should opt to have your dryer professionally installed. Trained specialists who install home appliances should have the correct tools and knowledge to install your dryer. Whether your dyer requires special ventilation hoses or an adapter for the electrical outlet, your appliance installation technician can help you to get things set up safely the first time around.

2. Follow Manufacturer Instructions and Clothing Labels

Once your dryer is properly installed and ready for operation, be sure you follow the guidelines found in your user manual. See what materials and fabric softeners can be safely used in conjunction with your particular model. Likewise, follow drying directions found on clothing labels before throwing them in after washing. Look for clothing label instruction warnings such as:

  • Do not tumble dry
  • Line dry only
  • Flammable materials such as rubber, plastic, or foam

3. Perform Routine Cleaning and Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining a safe dryer, always start by cleaning the lint trap frequently. Empty the lint trap between each drying cycle. Never operate your dryer without a properly installed lint catcher. Without it, debris can become backed up and increase your risk of starting a lint fire. Other regular maintenance practices to consider include:

  • Vent pipe cleaning every 3 months with a dryer exhaust snake
  • Annual inspection of gas operated dryers to avoid gas leaks
  • Regular inspection of outside dryer vent to ensure dirt, debris or wildlife is not blocking it

A dryer left uncared for could be a recipe for disaster. A lint fire in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, may require special help from a fire restoration company. Use these 3 handy tips to prevent a dryer fire from starting in your home.

Fire Sprinkler Systems: Do You Have the Right System for Your Building?

10/11/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial water cleanup and restoration in Northwest Las Vegas, NV

Most states require the installation of fire sprinklers before a business can open; however, in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, there may be other considerations to make, like what type of system should you install. Installing the proper fire safety system may reduce the risk of system malfunction and flooding, which can reduce the possibility of needing a restoration specialist.

1. The Prefilled System

Prefilled systems, or wet pipe systems, are the most common systems installed. The sprinkler lines are filled with water, and when heat from a fire occurs close to one of the heads, the system activates, opening only the heads in the affected area. These lines may be sensitive to temperature fluctuations and may be more prone to freezing, meaning that they should only be installed in a controlled environment.

2. The Dry System

If you are going to install a fire suppressant system in an area prone to temperature shifts below freezing, then you may want to look into the dry pipe system. Pressurized gas is pumped into these lines to keep water in a heated space, and when a fire happens, the pressure drops, causing the water to flow freely to the sprinkler heads.

3. The Deluge System

If you operate a business that is considered high-risk for fires, then you may be more interested in the deluge style system. This system does not only activate sprinklers in the affected areas, when a fire happens all sprinklers are activated. Due to the activation of all sprinklers, flooding can occur over a large area, even if the original fire is small, causing water damage.

4. The Pressurized System

A pressurized system, or pre-action system, has a delay before activation. As with the dry system, the lines are filled with pressurized gas or air, and when the pressure drops water fills the lines; however, before releasing water, an alert is sent, providing owners the opportunity to investigate. The water will disperse when heat from the fire activates the heads, but only in the affected area.

Flooding from fire sprinkler systems may be a small concern, but with the appropriate system installed this concern can be minimized.

Understanding Your Commercial Fire Damage Claim

9/4/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage in a Las Vegas, NV home

When you needed help tying your shoes, your parents were there. When you learned to read, your teacher supported you. Now that your business has significant fire damage in Las Vegas, NV, is the insurance adjuster going to hold your hand through the process? Well, probably not as much as you would like. Understand the claim process ahead of time to reduce your stress during an already anxiety provoking ordeal.

Prepare Before the Fire

As a business owner, you never expect your property to catch on fire. However, that should not stop you from planning for it. The claim process goes smoother if you have the necessary information at your disposal:

  • Maintain accurate records of inventory and finances. Know the cost of each item housed onsite. Keep original purchase receipts from expensive or specialized equipment. Take photographs of the condition of building structure and contents. This information is invaluable if materials are destroyed in a fire and need replaced.
  • Understand your insurance and specific policy information. If you are not satisfied with your current coverage, make necessary changes. Consider adding business interruption insurance to help you and your employees financially while the recovery process takes place.

Act After the Fire

The best time to contact your insurance company is as soon as the fire is out. The faster the fire mitigation and restoration process starts, the better off you and your business are:

  • A fire restoration specialist assesses the fire damage and provides an estimate to you and your insurance adjuster. Damage from a fire also includes water damage from firefighting efforts.
  • Once your insurance company approves the estimate, restoration specialists generally begin the process of cleanup right away. To ensure security and prevent further damage the building may be boarded up throughout the course of restoration. Insurance companies do not typically cover secondary damage that occurs from theft or exposure to the elements if you are negligent in taking this precaution.

You are your own best advocate when there is fire damage to your building in Las Vegas, NV. Prepare ahead of time and take immediate action after a fire to return your commercial property to pre-fire condition.

Fire Safety Tips for Pet Owners

8/12/2018 (Permalink)

Your pets are important, cherished members of the family in Las Vegas, NV. You feed them quality food, get them plenty of exercise and visit the veterinarian regularly. But, have you considered your pets when planning for a fire emergency? Follow the pet safety tips below to keep your best friend safe in a fire.

How To Prevent a Fire

The first step in pet safety is to prevent animals from accidentally starting a fire:

• When you are away, have puppies and kittens confined to keep them out of trouble. Use a crate or baby gate to shut them in a room without potential fire hazards.
• Supervise your pets around open flames, such as candles or fireplaces. Extinguish all fires before going to bed or leaving the house. Consider using flameless candles, especially with large dogs or cats that can access where candles are used.

How To Prepare for a Fire

Have a plan ahead of time to swiftly escape the house with your pets, or increase the chance firefighters can rescue them rapidly in your absence:

• Practice a fire emergency escape plan for your family that includes your pet. Train your pet to come when you call them, even when a smoke alarm is sounding.
• Research local boarding or pet-friendly hotels in the event that you cannot remain in your home due to a fire.
• Secure proof of pet ownership and vaccination records in a fire safe box.
• Put decals on doors or windows informing firefighters what type and how many pets are inside. This part of pet preparation helps emergency crews know to rescue your pet.
• When not home, contain pets on a lower level of the house easily accessible to firefighters. This saves time in the event of a fire.

Use the prevention and preparation tips above to keep your beloved pets safe in a fire emergency in Las Vegas, NV. A home fire is devastating, but significantly less so when your family and pets are unharmed. Your house, unlike pets, can be cleaned and restored to pre-fire condition. Contact your homeowner’s insurance agent and a fire restoration specialist to begin the process of restoring your home. Visit for more information on fire damage. 

Cleaning Up After a Home Fire

5/8/2018 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you experience fire damage in your home.

A house fire in Northwest Las Vegas can be a distressing and devastating event. Seeing the destruction, no matter how minor, may leave you overwhelmed and wondering what to do next. In the aftermath, you should conduct a thorough review of what to keep and what to throw away among items remaining in the residence.

Make Informed Choices

Certain things may appear to be unaffected on the surface, but on further examination, they will likely need to be discarded. There are deciding factors that can help you determine what needs to go. Certain types of fire damage, such as burning or scorching, are easily identified. However, you’ll also want to consider kinds of damage that may not be so apparent, from sources such as these:

? High heat
? Smoke
? Soot
? Water
? Fire extinguisher residue

High heat can be damaging to foods, cosmetics, and medicine. To err on the side of caution, you may need to throw away all of them. Anything warped or melted by the heat should be tossed. Clothing and other household textiles often absorb smoke and should be inspected to determine if they can be salvaged. Smoke, soot, water, and fire extinguisher dust often spread and penetrate everywhere, through closet doors, kitchen cabinets, and even appliances such as your refrigerator, so their contents should be scrutinized as well.

Let Cooler Heads Prevail

You’ve got a lot to think about and may be especially worried about how much of your belongings you’ll need to throw away. Emotions are likely running high. An option that can ease the stress and concern is to contact fire cleanup and restoration professionals. They typically respond quickly to calls from distraught homeowners, and many have hotlines that are staffed 24/7. Most are skilled in rectifying the different kinds of damage a fire can leave in its wake, and have specialized expertise enabling them to restore as much as possible to pre-fire condition. Visit for more information on fire damage. 

What Belongings Are Unsafe To Keep Following a Fire?

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What Belongings Are Unsafe To Keep Following a Fire?

As you watched your home ravaged by fire, you may not have thought about the days and weeks ahead. Cleaning up after a fire can be almost as devastating as the fire itself, as you have to decide which of your belongings to keep and which to throw away because they are too burned or damaged. The following items may not have crossed your mind, but they should be discarded after a fire.

1. Perishable Food

In some cases, your refrigerator may have been air-tight enough to keep perishable foods cold while working to restore power to your home. However, if the fridge or freezer has experienced fire damage, or the contents are no longer cold, the food must be thrown away. If you’re unsure of whether an item of perishable food is safe, consider the following:

Does the fridge smell smoky inside?
Does the food have a strange odor?
Is the food from the freezer no longer cold and hard?

If you are not positive as to whether the food has gone bad, get rid of it just in case.

2. Non-Perishable Food

When perishable foods are exposed to the high heat of a house fire, they can end up spoiling due to bacteria growth. In addition, the heat can cause chemicals from metal cans or glass jars to leach into the food.

3. Medication and Cosmetics

Much like with non-perishable foods, the chemical properties of cosmetics can change if they are in or near a blaze, so they should be replaced. If the contents in your medicine cabinet are exposed to high heat, they will likely be rendered ineffective; throw away medication and ask for replacements instead of taking the risk of seeing if they will work.

4. Burned Clothing

While you may be able to get rid of the smoky smell or soot on your clothing, any items that have been burned should be thrown away. Even professional recovery services will not be able to salvage clothing with fire damage.

While it is heartbreaking to have to throw away your belongings after a fire, remember to use your best judgment to keep yourself and your family safe from the aftermath.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

Steps To Take After a Fire

12/7/2017 (Permalink)

Steps To Take After a Fire

If your home catches on fire, it is a very stressful situation. In the moment, your thoughts are focused on getting yourself and your loved ones to safety. Then, you are focused on putting the fire out. After that, though, reality sets in. It is time to begin fire restoration and moving on. Here’s a look at three important steps you need to take following a house fire in Las Vegas, NV.

Leave Damage Alone

You’ll be tempted to go inside your home and see what damage the fire did, but resist that urge. Smoke cleaning and fire restoration can wait until you’re given the OK to enter the building by the fire marshal. Also, you have to be safety minded. Your home may not be safe to walk around in. Bumping an unstable support structure could result in a devastating domino effect. Finally, you do not want to disturb the scene before pictures can be taken and evidence is gathered.

Call the Insurance Company

You also need to place a call to your renters or homeowners insurance company. Contact them as soon as possible. They will want to come out right away to get pictures and begin their investigation. You want to get this ball rolling ASAP so you can get your fire insurance money, which will help fund the fire damage remediation process.

Call For Board Up Services

Finally, you need to call for help in securing your home by boarding up broken windows and doors. You do not want to subject your home to further damage from vandals or weather by leaving these areas open. A board up service from a fire restoration company in Las Vegas, NV can help to securely close these areas and ensure that weather will not cause further damage. This is something you really need to do in order to protect and preserve your home. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Removing Smoke Odor After a Home Fire

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Removing Smoke Odor After a Home Fire

A home fire in Las Vegas, NV is a devastating event. After the damage assessment has been done, the arduous cleanup task begins. Smoke cleaning can be particularly difficult as the odor tends to linger in the air long after surfaces are no longer sooty. If you are struggling to remove smoke odor from your home, try these methods to clear the air.


The first step in smoke cleaning is to clean all surfaces with the right detergents for the job. Tri-sodium phosphate is excellent for removing smoke and soot residue. Mix 4 to 6 tablespoons of TSP with 1 cup of household cleaner or bleach. Add this to 1 gallon of water and clean your home from the top down.

Air Purifiers

When the walls and furnishings have been cleaned from visible smoke damage, you can turn to air purifiers to clean the air. Choose a model with a HEPA filter, as these do the best job of removing fine particles from the air. Be sure to change the filter and pre-filter frequently.

Ozone Machines

While it’s true that ozone machines do an excellent job of neutralizing smoke odor, they do have some side effects that mean they must be used with caution. These purifiers release ozone into the air, which can cause chest pain, coughing, irritation to the lungs and windpipe, and a host of other ills to anyone standing in the room. It is therefore imperative that no one be present if ozone machines are used.

Thermal Foggers

Thermal foggers generate ultra-fine droplets of cleaning solutions that can pass through porous materials, mimicking how the materials absorbed the smoke. This is an effective method of smoke cleaning as the cleaning solutions can now reach the same nooks and crannies as the smoke.

A fire restoration company in Las Vegas, NV can assist you in determining which odor removal method is best for your smoke damaged home.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

The Tragedy of a Home Fire

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The Tragedy of a Home Fire

At one point you have heard about a fire in a home or fire in business. It is challenging for the victims to move forward. But luckily enough, there are professional restoration firms that help the victims. To some, it may look to be a simple task in restoring a business or a home that has undergone fire damage of which isn’t the case. In fire tragedy cases one ought to contact a restoration company that will simplify the whole process and helps victims who have trauma from the incidence.

A restoration company will work in unison with the local authorities and the fire department during the scene and aftermath. You should note that the fire in a business or fire in a home is so severe. The cause of the fire is deeply investigated to prevent future fire damage at home or even commercial fire damage in the business centers. A professional restoration company that has more experience and expertise thus, it ought to be entrusted with the process.

Any assets that have been affected by the commercial fire damage ought to be boarded up to protect the premises. The windows, locks, doors are subject to damage in the tragedy and as so they will need securing during fire cleanup to continue with the fire damage restoration process. The expert will board up any other property that is valuable. By boarding up windows and doors, the owner will be assured of their property is safe. It also curbs any intruder who may have intentions of invading and stealing any assets at the scene.

With the aid of an expert, soot damage and smoke damage can be restored during fire cleanup by use of specialized gadgets and variety of techniques. In most cases where fire tragedy has happened the owners usually replace damaged items. Smoke damage and soot damage is reversible; it only calls for deep cleaning of the objects using scrubbers or steam. The property owner incorporation with the restoration company will identify those items that are reparable and those that are beyond repair after the fire damage. It is always easy to remove smoke smell from the scene.

A fire in a home will always destroy many items, but some are salvageable. Before disposing of any material, it is good to consult a fire cleanup expert. On the other hand, commercial fire damage will have a severe impact on some equipment, some of which will remain unusable. A fire cleans up expert ought to be consulted when it comes to the disposing of the industrial equipment; this is because there are some rules and regulations on disposing any material on cases of a fire in business. The business ought to be boarded up to secure the stock.

At times the smoke smell will persist long after the incidence. In such cases, it will be good to consult a fire cleanup expert. The expert has ways of dealing with the smell by use of an air purifier. The smoke smell will spread through the carpeting and all fabric and as such an expert will be required. It is important to know that smoke smell is dangerous and as such when removing it, a professional ought to be used. Soot damage and smoke damage is also hazardous to people.

A professional may help in assessing the fire damage and finally provide the owner with an estimate. With the forecast, they will be able to tell whether fire damage restoration is appropriate or not. If the damaged items are replaced the fire clean up will be essential. At times soot damage and smoke damage are reversible though stubborn. Note commercial fire damage can be reversed.

In cases where there is significant debris at the scene, fire clean up expert should be contacted. A Fire clean up process will involve removing all waste that is beyond repair on the fire damage site and disposing of them.

The whole process of fire damage restoration isn’t simple task. It requires a team of expert who will deal with tragedy. Therefore whenever there is a fire in a business or a fire in a home, it is always good to seek the help from a fire damage restoration company.
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Effective Solutions for Commercial Fire Damage

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Effective Solutions for Commercial Fire Damage

Commercial fire damage is something that many would only want to read about it on newspapers but to never experience it themselves. Incidents of utility room fire or electrical fire cause a lot of destruction. It is usually a devastating and desperate moment for the business owners as they watch their years of sweat being converted into ashes in minutes.

Luckily, there are those who have adopted modern ways of fire suppression, which include fire sprinkler system. Fire sprinkler system plays an important role in fire suppression efforts because it is installed with sensors that detect changes in the room temperature and respond accordingly.

In a fire incidence, the fire sprinkler system could detect and open its valves to inject high-pressure sprinkles in the room preventing the fire from spreading quickly. Fire suppression by the fire sprinkler system gives the firefighters time to organize them and arrives at the site. Electrical fire or utility room fire outbreak is the most common source of fire in a commercial building. This type of fire is usually difficult to control and may sometimes overpower the fire sprinkler effort causing fire damage, soot damage and smoke damage.

Once utility room fire or electrical fire has been detected, the fire alarms ring and the firefighters are alerted. They arrive at the scene with all the necessary equipment and tools for fire suppression. The fire truck carrying gallons of water mixed other chemical arrives. Firefighters use the fire hose to inject high-pressure water into the building. Sometimes the fire truck may be forced to get close to the building destroying the landscaping. More than one fire truck and long fire hose could be needed to fight the fire.

Firefighters are also forced to find ways to gain access into the building and my break windows and doors to help them bring the fire hose closer to the burning areas. This allows the water pressure from the fire truck to be directed to the areas threatened by the inferno.

Results from fire suppression exercise

After the fire suppression is completed, the firefighters pack their fire hose and other equipment, and their truck leaves the area. This is the heart breaking moment for the business owners as they gain entry to the building. The sites of fire damage, the flood, soot damage, smoke damage often bring many down in tears.

Hiring professional fire restoration services

No matter how many your workers are, they cannot outdo work done by professionals to rectify the commercial fire damage. Remember that it is not safe to do it on your own; there are necked electrical wires, dangerous chemicals among other things that could be hazardous. You need to get professional help from the local fire restoration services.

Professional fire damage restoration services are important because they ensure that your business gets back to operation soonest. They know how to approach the cleanup exercise of fire damage, smoke damage and soot damage. The good thing is that they have skills and equipment to do this work.

Professional’s fire restoration services usually begin with inspecting the extent of the commercial fire damage to come up with a viable plan on how to approach the whole mess. They take out the good items that can be cleaned or repaired and take it to their facility for specialized care. They then begin the cleanup effort of the charred mess for proper disposal.

The smoke damage is dealt with using deodorants as the odor is found in the porous materials. Soot damage is usually extensive, but the professionals know how to handle it. They clean up the ashes using dry brush before coming up with pain to clear up the soot damage, and the wall is back to normal.

Fire restoration is not a simple job, as it seems because it also involves documentation, which could help the business owner to file insurance claims. Commercial fire damage caused by utility room fire or electrical fire outbreak is usually challenging because of the extensive repair needed. Hiring professionals is a sure way to clean up the mess and bring your business back to operation without wasting more time.
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Professional Fire Damage Restoration Explained

8/14/2017 (Permalink)

Professional Fire Damage Restoration Explained

Yesterday, all was right in your world. Today, you feel like everything is falling apart. You've become the victim of residential or commercial fire damage. Fire damage can happen so quickly you don't know what hit you. You can do everything right and still face fire damage. Whether it's fire in a home or fire in a business, it means you have a big job ahead of you. Don't try to carry this weight on your shoulders by yourself. You need a professional fire damage restoration team to help you to handle the havoc that has been brought down on you when fire damage occurs.

Bringing Compassion and Competency To Your Door

A restoration company understands that you are dealing with than fire damage after a fire in the home or a fire in the business. While it's true that smoke damage, soot damage, and water damage leave obvious reminders of residential or commercial fire damage, it is the emotional trauma that is most difficult to overcome. If you had to deal with fire cleanup and fire damage restoration on top of everything else, it would be too much. You need professionals who are caring and understanding. They'll come to you in your time of need in order to put your home or business on the road to recovery. You might never be able to forget the smoke smell or the nightmare of fire damage. Your skilled restoration company will be able to eliminate the signs of fire damage so that you will be able to take a step in the right direction.

Let Your Restoration Company Create a Plan of Action

Your restoration company knows exactly how to handle water damage, soot damage, smoke damage, and that nasty smoke smell. They'll determine if it is necessary to board up any part of your home or business. If windows have been destroyed by the fire or the fire department's efforts to save the property, it will be necessary to board up any gaps. When you board up any openings in your home or business, you are taking a practical step toward keeping the premises safe from outsiders or additional damage. When in doubt, ask your fire damage restoration team if you need to board up any area of concern. When there is smoke damage and soot damage, fire cleanup is necessary. The same holds true if any water damage occurred while fighters battled the flames in your home or business. Fire clean up will include removing any water and thoroughly drying the premises. Fire cleanup will also take care of the smoke smell after fire in a home or fire in a business. Furniture and carpeting will need to be cleaned due to smoke damage and soot damage. When there is residential or commercial fire damage, everything will need to be sanitized as well to prevent the spread of germs or the development of mold. After the fire cleanup phase has been completed, your team of restoration professionals will tackle fire damage restoration next.

Getting Back to Normal After a Fire

When you experience fire in home or fire in business situations, you may think that life will never be normal again. Your fire damage restoration team will prove that isn't true. Residential or commercial fire damage doesn't have to stop you in your tracks. You can pick up the pieces and get rid of that smoke smell once and for all. Once everything is cleaned, your restoration company will be ready for the restoration phase. They'll put up new drywall and rebuild walls where necessary. They'll apply paint to your clean walls to make them look like new again. You won't see any reminders about your fire when your carpet has been efficiently cleaned or new carpet has been brought in. If new flooring is necessary, you restoration company will take care of it so that your home or business is transformed.
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The Basics of Fire and Smoke Damage

7/21/2017 (Permalink)

The Basics of Fire and Smoke Damage

Many companies that have experienced commercial fire damage can confirm to you that the aftermath of a fire damage can be very challenging. Property owners of fire-damaged premises have to deal with the effects of soot damage, smoke smell, and smoke damage. The process of fire restoration mainly comprises of specific steps and procedures that guarantee property safety and prevent any further damages. When undertaken professionally, a fire restoration could prevent a fire damage from becoming a full-blown commercial fire damage.

Steps in a fire damage restoration include:
? Emergency contact
The first step you should take after successfully extinguishing fire from your business or your home is to contact a fire restoration company. Fire in a home or a fire in a business can be seriously destructive, and you need to seek professional services as soon as possible to commence a fire cleanup exercise. Many fire damage restoration companies provide a 24/7 service access hence, you can easily contact them when in need. Triggering an immediate response to a fire damage after putting the fire out will ensure your property is protected and no further losses will be incurred.

? Damage inspection and assessment
An assessment of the fire damage determines if board up services are required. The construction experts from the restoration company can also determine the building’s structural integrity and the current state of your property. The company also uses the inspection and assessment report to make an estimate of the fire damage restoration cost. This means that it's prudent to call professionals after having a fire in your home or a fire in a business.

? Providing urgent board up service
The effects of a fire damage could range from destroyed windows and doors to a full-fledged commercial fire damage in your business or home. After a fire in your business or a fire in a home, your property is exposed and its security may be compromised. The restoration company ensures immediate installation of board up services. Using the board up services improves your security by sealing off your windows and doors to prevent a small fire outbreak from turning into a serious commercial fire damage in business.

? Water removal and drying
Water can be destructive to your furniture and other household properties if left unchecked. A fire clean up exercise involves removing and drying used wastewater. The restoration company will protect your property from water damage immediately they arrive at the site of a fire by drying the site and removing the water. The company uses dehumidifiers and air removers to dry moisture in the air when conducting a water removal during a fire cleanup exercise.

? Removal of soot and smoke
Visible indications of previous fire damages in your premise include traces of soot and smoke particles. Soot damage and smoke damage stains are always visible on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Smoke smell after a commercial fire damage needs to be eliminated to reduce suspicion among the clientele in offices. During a fire cleanup, the company must focus on eliminating any visible traces of soot damage or smoke damage on your property.

? Fire cleanup and sanitizing
During the clean-up, the restoration company uses industrial scrubbers and fogging equipment to remove smoke smell after a commercial fire damage. Sanitization after a fire accident helps to disinfect your property. Valuables salvaged from the fire also undergo a clean up process to remove smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell. Sanitization of household items makes them safe and clean for use.

? Restoration
This is the final process in a fire damage restoration. A fire cleanup and restoration will involve minor repairs on your house or office to restore normalcy. This phase comes to ensure that all the traces of a fire in your business or a fire in your home are eliminated. The process requires minor plumbing, reconstruction of damaged walls, and repainting. The restoration process gives the individual an opportunity to carry out major interior and exterior redesigning of his or her property.
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The Basics of Fire Damage Restoration Services

6/2/2017 (Permalink)

The Basics of Fire Damage Restoration Services

The Dangers of Fire Damage

Fires can be devastating and distressing situations for business and residential property owners alike. Fire damage can make these situations feel even worse. If you're looking for assistance with fire in home or fire in business issues, a professional restoration company is exactly what you need. Seasoned technicians can help do away with any and all fire in home and fire in business troubles. It doesn't matter if you need extensive fire cleanup, soot damage or smoke damage help. You need to work with a trustworthy fire damage restoration company as soon as possible. Don't ignore any lingering smoke smell problems you notice. Commercial fire damage can be highly detrimental to businesses of all types. Residential damage can be equally problematic for households of all sizes. In-depth fire damage restoration services can turn all of these problems around.

The Risks of Smoke Damage

Smoke damage is always a major concern for property owners who have experienced fires. Smoke damage is a risk because it can be detrimental to people in numerous different ways. You want to avoid breathing in soot and smoke. Call in professional fire cleanup as soon as possible. Soot and smoke damage leave behind harmful chemicals that can also often lead to lasting issues. A lasting smoke smell on your property is not a good sign and should be taken care of quickly. A persistent smoke smell generally indicates some residue from a fire. It doesn't matter if it's commercial fire damage or a residential fire damage. Lasting odors denote the need for prompt professional fire cleanup service.

Why Professional Fire Damage Restoration Service Is Beneficial

Fire cleanup is a big job. Fire damage restoration in general is a massive task. That's why you need to work with experienced and trained technicians who know what they're doing. Seasoned technicians depend on high-quality tools and equipment that enable them to do great work for customers. They're also licensed. If you're interested in complete peace of mind, the guidance of a professional fire damage expert can do you a lot of good. Residential and commercial fire damage issues are severe. That's why they require the assistance of people who have been working in fire damage for a long time. When you need reliable and efficient assistance with any and all fire in home or fire in business woes, the professional route is the way to go.

Swift Professional Attention Is Critical

Fires don't leave victims with lots of time to spare. If you want to stop residential or commercial fire damage from getting out of hand, you have to act extremely quickly. Air quality and soot damage tend to worsen with every hour that goes by. If you want to do anything and everything you can to get your property back to fine working order, you need to make an appointment for restoration service immediately. A good restoration company will give you access to technicians who are prompt and who will get to work for you quickly and confidently.

The Detail-Oriented Restoration Process

A lot of different things go into the complex restoration process. It's not enough simply to get rid of an unpleasant smoke smell problem. If you need quality fire in home or fire in business restoration service, you need technicians who know how to take advantage of equipment options including sophisticated vacuums, dehumidifiers and air movers. Proficient technicians can accommodate all of your restoration needs and beyond. They can stop water and smoke from immersing your carpet, too. Nothing on the planet matters more than maintaining a home or business property that's 100 percent safe. That's why it's imperative to find a nearby restoration firm that has a glowing track record. You should choose a restoration business that's always ready and happy to answer any questions you may have.
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Fire Damage Restoration and the Cleanup Process

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Fire Damage Restoration and the Cleanup Process

If a tenant calls a landlord about fire damage in their apartment how should the landlord handle the fire loss? If there is smoke damage, soot damage or other types of fire damage, how will the premises be restored? Is the air quality safe enough for the tenants to remain in the home? This article will explain the steps you should take for fire damage in home. The same steps also apply for commercial fire damage.

Make Sure Everyone Is Safe
Fire damage resulting from fire in home or fire in business is a serious matter. The first thing that needs to happen if there is fire in home or fire in business is for everyone to move to safety. Make sure everyone is out of the building and no one is allowed to enter the building before it is safe if there is fire loss.

Make Sure The Fire Is Out
The next thing you must do if there is fire in home or is to make sure the fire is out. If the fire in home or fire in business is small enough you may be able to put it out with a fire extinguisher. If not, call the fire department. For commercial fire damage, the building may need to be evacuated until cleared by the fire department.

Seek Medical Attention
If anyone is injured or have difficulty breathing due to fire in business poor air quality, seek immediate medical attention. Only after the fire is completely out and everyone is safe should you focus on fire cleanup after a fire loss.

Secure The Building
If you are unable to start immediate fire clean up, secure the building. If necessary, board up the building to ensure no one else suffers from soot damage, smoke damage or poor air quality. If the fire damage is commercial fire damage in a commercial building call the superintendent. Inspect the units adjacent to the damage units. Determine if there is soot damage, fire damage, smoke damage or other fire loss in any other areas. Check the entire building’s air quality not just the fire damage location.

Contact Your Insurance Company
Landlords are responsible for the building. If someone suffers from burns, soot damage, smoke damage or poor air quality your insurance may cover the medical expenses. Insurance companies will also pay for the fire cleanup. If the fire loss is in a corporate owned building the corporation is responsible for the commercial fire damage.

Contact The Fire Restoration Experts
When there is fire damage from a fire in home, commercial fire damage, or fire in business, you should turn off the electricity. Before entering the building for fire cleanup, make sure the building is sound. Expect soot damage, items ruined from smoke damage and other types of fire loss. You should not try to do the fire cleanup yourself. Restoration specialists with fire cleanup experience know how to restore your property after a fire in home or fire in business. Visit for more information on fire loss.

Recovering From Fire Damage At Your Home

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Recovering From Fire Damage At Your Home

Recovering from fire damage at the house is important as there may be a number of things that happened in a fire loss. There is soot damage, smoke damage and a number of other things that must be addressed. Commercial fire damage, fire in home and fire in business problems are all addressed using a simple strong of techniques that were made for just such events. This article explains how the fire cleanup crew will manage a fire loss, and there is a look at the change in air quality after soot damage or smoke damage is removed.

#1: Soot Damage And Smoke Damage

Soot damage and smoke damage must be scrubbed from the house, and it is removed by the fire cleanup crew as they complete repairs around the house. A fire loss will leave the house dirty, and it must be cleaned up completely to raise air quality in the space. Fire damage may be repaired by the fire cleanup crew, and they may repair the house and close up any gaps they have found in the walls.

#2: What Is The Repair Process?

Firein home, fire in business and commercial fire damage repairs must be completed to close the house after it was scarred. The team will handle all carpentry repairs, and they will continue with the standard commercial fire damage repairs after a fire loss. They will create a plan for fire in home repairs, and they will make it quite easy to recover from fire damage. The fire damage will be easy to recover from,and the commercial fire damage repair company will start testing for air quality.

#3: Fire In Home Or Fire In Business

There are many different people who are attempting to recover from fire in home and fire in business problems that do not realize the difference between the two problems. Both repairs may be completed using the tools and machines that are brought out to the site. They will remove water from the house after the fire is put out, and they will check for air quality while they do all fire cleanup.

#4: Fire Cleanup And Air Quality

Checking air quality in the house must be a part of the repair process, and they tests will continue while fire damage is repaired. The fire loss should not leave the house dirty, and it should be easier to breathe in the house after repairs are finished. Soot damage and smoke damage will be scrubbed out of the house, and fire in home problems will be checked until the staff is pleased with the way the house looks.

The homeowner may move back into the home when they are ready, and they may call for more fire in business or commercial fire damage repairs when the time comes. The house or business will recover easily, and it will be simpler for the family to return to the house after they have suffered such a terrible loss. Any Fire required a response of this style. Visit for more information on fire damage restoration and cleanup.

You need to deal with the fire damage at once

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You need to deal with the fire damage at once

When there is fire damage, the companies and the homeowners who suffer such a problem can be to devastated. One aspect that can give some level of peace of mind is when you are sure that you have hired the right professional for the job. This is the reason why it is important when you hire the firm that they are certified to inspection cleaning or restoration.

When the fire takes place, the homeowners and the business owners may be in shock because of the devastation. It is something important to try and to follow up the proper steps in order to achieve a complete fire restoration service provider that is associated with an institute that distinguishes itself through vast amounts of the experience, health and safety certification and ongoing experience. You should also check to see if the company has insurance information with the proper license. The customers have to check about the references and get the price quotes before hiring.

The contracts that are given to be signed, they have to be reviewed in a closer way. When the fire damage Restoration Las Vegas Company comes in your home, the first thing to do is to clean up the large area as they are able to. When the area is not cleaned at once, it can lead to the soot residue and it can be permanent damage when it is left out.  If you decide to do the first clean up, you should always put on the dust masks and open the windows to have enough ventilation.  Clean the ceiling and the floor and make sure that you vacuumed the upholstery and the floors. You can wash the item that are being laundered and clean the outside using a pressure washer when you have it.

When the immediate clean up has not been done, it may lead to some devastating effect. In few minutes of the fire or the smoke damage, the items and the appliance will be discolored to turn to the yellow hue. Within few hours, the acid may stain the bathroom and other area of the business or the homes. In few days, the walls are going to be discolored in the permanent way and in few weeks, the cost of cleaning will double.  It is important to call the www.SERVPROnorthwestlasvegas.comso that they can remove the odor and the residue caused by the fire at once. The professionals are going to use the fire restoration options in order to help you to achieve to the satisfactory result.