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What To Do When Mold Comes Back

7/30/2019 (Permalink)

Mold in structure

Reasons Why Mold Comes Back

You see a few patches of mold growth on the wall of your office, so you have the custodial staff clean it up. In a few days, you notice that the patches have returned in the same spot. It's not the custodians' fault. There are several reasons that the mold may have returned.

Moisture Problems

Mold will not grow in your building in Las Vegas, NV, unless there is enough moisture to feed it. A moisture problem can come from several issues:

  • High humidity
  • Leaky pipe
  • Unresolved water damage
  • Damp carpet or carpet pad

Even if you clean the patch of mold off the wall, if you don't resolve the moisture problem that led to it, it will probably come back.

Mold Structure

The purpose of mold in nature is to break down organic matter. When mold spores settle on a surface, that's exactly what they start doing. There is more to mold growth than what you see on the surface. Tendrils called hyphae grow down into the pores of the material. They excrete enzymes that start to break down the material of your wall or whatever surface hosts the growth. When you just clean the surface, you're only removing half the problem. You are probably also releasing spores, which can affect the air quality in your office.

Improper Mitigation

Only licensed mold mitigation specialists have the necessary training for thorough remediation. They will likely start with a pretest so that they can identify the full scope of the problem. Then they use special techniques that allow disinfectant to reach all the places that the fungus has spread. After mitigation, they can test again to make sure the issue is resolved.
Unless you hire experts to get rid of not only the mold growth but the moisture problem that allowed it to thrive, you will probably see it again, maybe even in the same spot. Understanding the nature of mold can help you recognize the right way to handle the problem.

How To Prevent Mold in Your Home

5/23/2019 (Permalink)

Mold damage in a Northwest Las Vegas, NV home

Take the Following Mold Prevention Steps

Although mold is everywhere around us, it can be particularly stressful to find out you have a mold problem within your Northwest Las Vegas, NV, home. Depending on the area and cause of the problem, it is often a costly and time-consuming mold remediation process. However, you aren’t powerless to stop it; you can take the following mold prevention steps.

1. Inspect Pipes Regularly

One of the biggest culprits of mold problems is water damage from leaky pipes or roofs. No matter how seemingly small, all leaks need to be properly fixed. Monitor them closely and call in professionals if needed. They can measure the water pressure within your pipes and reduce the stress on them by making adjustments.

2. Monitor Humidity

Mold grows especially well in humid environments. It’s important that your home doesn’t have higher than 50% humidity in any room. Most drugstores sell hygrometers, which tell you the humidity level indoors. These levels can change throughout the day, so take several measurements in each room. Dehumidifiers and air conditioning can help lower levels, and any room with high humidity should have ventilation added.

3. Pay Attention to Bathrooms and Kitchens

Bathrooms and kitchens are particularly susceptible to mold growth. Hot showers or steamy dishwashing creates a perfect environment for water condensation to build up on the walls or floors. Avoid carpeting these areas, since they hold onto moisture and make it difficult to spot mold problems below the surface. Remove any visible mold on shower doors or walls using a bleach, vinegar or borax solution.

4. Check the Basement

Because they are below the surface, basement walls tend to collect moisture from the ground and rain. Regularly monitor basement walls for any sign of leaks or water damage. If water has leaked into the area, remove anything that can’t be thoroughly dried, such as carpet or upholstery.

It’s a good idea for homeowners to be aware of the potential for mold growth. The key to mold prevention is a dry and well-ventilated home. If you regularly check pipes, bathrooms and basements for water damage, you can prevent small leaks from becoming large problems.

Why To Choose a Certified Mold Remediation Company

3/24/2019 (Permalink)

Choose certified mold removers with the proper IICRC verifications and you can rest assured your restoration job will be done right the first time.

Why To Choose A Certified Mold Remediation Company

After discovering mold damage, it’s natural to look online and go with the first remediation company you find. However, not every company will give you the best result. Some, if they aren’t certified, can even lead to your insurance company rejecting your claim. If you are up against fungus growth in your Las Vegas, NV home, a certified mold removal company is the only way to ensure the best outcome.

What Does Certification Guarantee?

Just about any business with the right equipment can set up shop and claim they can handle mold removal, but not every professional is trained to address it thoroughly and safely. Certification by the IICRC, or Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, was designed to create a baseline of customer service. It protects you by ensuring a business meets certain standards:

  • Ethical behavior
  • Technical know-how
  • Procedural accuracy
  • Accountability

Working with a certified mold cleanup company may cost a little more up front, but it’s worth the cost to save countless dollars on time and repeat work. You can also avoid the general frustration at a subpar job.

Why Does Certification Matter?

When you’re looking at a mold ravaged room that needs to be cleaned quickly, standards of ethics might not seem important. However, these standards have real-life implications on your cleanup job. For one, a company with mold certification has established itself as having the highest amount of knowledge and experience, so you know you are working with professionals. Because they’re compelled to be accountable to maintain certification, you can be sure they will work hard to resolve whatever problems arise, rather than leave the job half done.

Water damage can be daunting but working with a certified mold remediation company can make it a little less so. Choose certified mold removers with the proper IICRC verifications and you can rest assured your restoration job will be done right the first time.

Effective Ways to Eliminate Bathroom Mold

1/21/2019 (Permalink)

Mold on bathroom walls in Northwest Las Vegas, NV

Effective Ways to Eliminate Bathroom Mold

Residential showers are the perfect breeding ground for mold spores, which thrive in a moist, warm environment. That’s why it’s important to act fast if you discover shower mold and take steps to eliminate it before it spreads. By utilizing a few simple cleaning tips, you can ensure your bathroom in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, is mold free in no time.

1. Use household cleaning products. A moldy shower can usually be remedied with items that are already in most homes. By mixing a cup of baking soda with a teaspoon of liquid soap and adding it to a little water, you can create a paste that is an effective mold remover when used with a scrub brush in the shower. A solution of one part bleach mixed with two parts water is also a proven method for killing mold spores. Simply spray the solution in the shower and scrub the affected area thoroughly until the mold is gone.

2. Prevent mold regrowth. Once you eradicate shower mold, take steps to avoid a recurrence. Spray your entire shower area with vinegar several times a week to kill mold

spores before they spread. Improve the airflow and reduce humidity in your bathroom by installing a ceiling exhaust fan. If your bathroom has windows, open them for a few minutes after using the shower to ventilate the area. Store any bath and shampoo products out of the shower to avoid clutter that can trap moisture and promote mold growth.

3. Know when to call a professional. Some types of mold spores require the skill of a qualified mold removal expert. Stubborn spores that do not respond to standard cleaning measures may indicate the presence of black mold, which can be particularly destructive to building materials. A mold remediation specialist can properly diagnose the type of mold growing in your shower and formulate a customized removal plan with you.

While shower mold can be an unwelcome sight in your bathroom, a few simple cleaning measures can usually eliminate it while preventing any regrowth. If that fails, a trained expert can assist you in removing persistent mold.

The Importance of Mold Inspections in the Home

9/27/2018 (Permalink)

Extreme mold damage in a Northwest Las Vegas, NV home

You may be surprised to learn that homes in Northwest Las Vegas, NV, can have problems with mold. If you discover fungi in your home, you’ll want to uncover the source of the problem. This can be easier said than done, so hiring a hygienist who works with a mold cleaning service to inspect your residence can be a good first step. The next steps involve cleaning your residence and making any needed repairs.

Discover the Source of the Problem

If you have mold in your home, you’ll likely want to have the premises inspected to find the source. Here are some reasons to get a professional inspection.

  • He or she understands the requirements. Only a trained hygienist has the credentials necessary to give you a certified mold inspection.
  • Correcting the problem early can save you costly repairs. Mold damage in your home is no joke. The fungus can eat away at your wallpaper and drywall and even start affecting the wooden supports in your home, causing structural unsoundness that can lead to a host of other problems.
  • Early discovery can prevent the spread of the problem. It is important to check for mold in your ductwork, because once it’s there, it can spread rapidly each time the HVAC system is turned on.

Clean Up the Mold and Make Necessary Repairs

Once you have gotten a mold cleaning service to identify any problem areas in your home, you can then focus on what needs to be done as far as cleaning and repairs. Rely on professionals to fix the source of the problem, contain and eliminate any existing mold, and repair any damage to the structure.

There are plenty of reasons to get a hygienist out to inspect your home if you believe you have a mold problem. You want to make sure that the work is done right, and some mold cleaning services only offer mold remediation if you’ve had the problem checked out by a trained professional who has the proper certifications. Once you know exactly where the problems are and have had them fixed, you can go about cleaning and making sure that the problem is unlikely to return.

Mold remediation in Las Vegas

8/15/2018 (Permalink)


If the water source is present nearby then any property can be infested with molds.  Molds can spread very fast. Within less than 48 hours mold can grasp your entire property. Molds produce different kinds of allergens and irritants which can cause you a great deal of suffering. So if you are having problems related to mold infestation in Las Vegas, call SERVPRO immediately. SERVPRO has one of the best mold remediation services available in the city as well as the country and can alleviate you from your distress swiftly.

Molds are basically a microscopic organism which is present everywhere even inside your house. It is nearly impossible to make a house or institution totally free from all molds. The reason behind is that molds firstly are microscopic in nature and secondly mold spores can survive in extremely hostile conditions. Mold spores generally need moisture in order to survive and can grow very fast when they have an adequate amount of moisture present. With access to a great deal of moisture, molds form colonies which produce different chemicals causing allergy and other diseases. So in order to have a complete mold remediation, first the source of moisture or water has to be terminated or else recurrence of mold infestation can occur. A mold family produces a typical strong musty smell by which you can determine the mold affected areas of your property.

 Any minor mold infestation problem can grow into a major disaster in almost no time as molds spread very fast. So it is extremely important to start addressing the problem as soon as you detect a possible mold infestation in your property. Mold remediation in Las Vegas hence becomes much easier for you with the lightning fast response from SERVPRO, which helps you to fight the problem more effectively and cuts short your remediation budget. SERVPRO also has a 24/7 emergency helpline which caters to its clients need all around the world no matter how big the problem is.

SERVPRO has applied microbial remediation specialist as well as expert water damage restoration and applied structural drying technicians. The expertise in the field with years of hands-on experience helps you to have a thorough restoration of your property very fast.

SERVPRO takes the help of advanced techniques and equipment to help you have a better and permanent solution to the problem of molds remediation. Isolation of the affected area is done using different techniques so that the molds cannot spread.

Which many franchisees strategically located all over USA and Canada, SERVPRO can help you solve this problem very easily with expert hands and minds and technologies. After isolation is done, air filtration is the next process followed. SERVPRO uses best in the business surfactants and sterilizing agents after removing mold and affected materials from the property. Hence you get a clean and comfortable property back with the help of SERVPRO’s expert mold remediation service.

SERVPRO: Your Las Vegas Household Mold Growth Removal Authority

5/31/2018 (Permalink)

Mold is one of the most pervasive and common complaints that a home owner can face.

Your Household Mold Growth Removal Authority

If you are facing issues with water damage or the presence of mold in your home, now is the time to get the issue professionally addressed and dealt with. Mold is one of the most pervasive and common complaints that a home owner can face. This is especially true for owners of older homes. Once introduced, mold can spread throughout your home, causing structural damage and can cause health effects.

Stopping Mold Growth In Its Tracks
Las Vegas mold growth is a pernicious enemy that must be stopped dead in its tracks before it has a chance to spread and take hold throughout your home. In order to achieve this, you will need to be on your guard against it. If your home has recently been flooded, or if you have experienced issues with faulty or broken pipes, you will need to call upon the services of a professional mold growth removal service.

Be Sure To Check Your Basement And Bathroom
The two locations in your home where Las Vegas mold growth is likely to spread after a flood or pipe breakage are your basement and bathroom. Your basement is a prime candidate for mold growth because it is the lowest floor in your home, and full of secluded corners and hard to reach spots where mold growth can easily take hold and spread.

The bathroom of your home is also a prime candidate for mold growth. This is because the pipe fittings in your bathroom that connect to your bath tub, toilet, and sink can become leaky or faulty with age, creating little pools of water all throughout the area that can quickly become breeding areas for mold and other bacterial pathogens.

Contact Your Friendly SERVPRO Professional Today
Customers who are searching for the finest one stop water damage professionals should choose SERVPRO today. SERVPRO is IICRC certified to provide excellent household mold removal service. If you have any questions or concerns regarding household mold or any other issue that may be affecting the safety or structural integrity of your home, please contact the friendly professionals at SERVPRO today.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We live and work in this community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas is close by and ready to help with your mold-damaged property. We are proud to be an active member of the North Las Vegas community and want to pitch in and help make our community the best it can be.

When a major storm or event occurs, we can call upon our national network of 1,650 SERVPRO Franchises and special Disaster Recovery Teams if we need additional resources or personnel.

Can Mold Odor Be Eliminated?

5/13/2018 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you notice mold growing in your home or business.

Mold odor can feel like it crawls inside your nose and refuses to leave. This is because of mycotoxins, which are atmospheric toxins released by mold. These toxins carry the smell, and it can get stuck on anything. In your clothing. In your nose. On your furniture. It’s a musty, unpleasant odor that seems to trigger the constant urge to sneeze. But can you eradicate mycotoxins and mold smell from your Las Vegas, NV home?

It’s Not Impossible

Your first step to get rid of the mold smell should be to get rid of the mold. That won’t fix everything, but it’s a start. You should:

• Find a good mold remediation specialist. Companies that specialize in mold remediation can help you find and eliminate even hidden mold in your home, removing any source of fresh mycotoxin production.
• Get rid of any moldy belongings. Some things just can’t be salvaged. A professional might be able to help you work out what can and cannot be saved, as well as being able to do the work to bring your belongings back from the brink, but to prevent more mold and more mycotoxins some things just go in the trash.
• Air out your house. Let fresh air in. Pull the curtains back to allow the sun to touch as much as possible inside your home. Mold doesn’t like sunlight.
• Invest in an air filter. HEPA air filtration devices are meant to remove particulates from the air. This includes mold spores and mycotoxins. Using an air filtration device can dramatically improve the air quality in your home after a mold infestation, and cut that smell down to almost nothing.
• Scrub affected areas with baking soda and vinegar. Just for a final touch, do a little post-remediation cleaning. This cleaning can include scrubbing affected areas with baking soda and vinegar, which are great home remedies for odor elimination. Visit for more information on mold. 

3 Tips To Slow Down Mold Damage

4/24/2018 (Permalink)

Mold can quickly become a serious problem for your commercial building in Las Vegas, NV. Flooding and high humidity can lead to growth in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Once the mold has started, it can spread rapidly through air vents to the far reaches of your building. Whether you are dealing with black mold or a different kind of fungus, you want to address the issue as quickly as possible to mitigate the damage. Working with a commercial mold cleanup team can make the process easier because they know exactly how to take care of the following steps, and they can act quickly and efficiently.

1. Stop Airflow: Spores can travel in the air. If you want to keep the mold to one part of your space, you need to cut off the airflow. Most experts suggest turning off your HVAC system because the mold can travel through your vents. Once this is done, the team may set up a negative air chamber to better keep the fungus quarantined to a specific part of your building.
2. Stop Water: Chances are, if you have a mold problem, you also have a moisture problem. You may need to turn off your building's water to put an end to the flooding or high humidity. However, you may also be able to set up dehumidifiers or drain the flood water from your space.
3. Remove Spores: Once the spread has been stopped and the cause has been eliminated, you want to have the black mold removed from your building. Depending on the extent of the damage, this may require tearing out carpets, throwing away furniture, restoring belongings and ripping out drywall.

Mold cleanup can be tricky for the layman. The spores can spread easily and come back to life at the slightest increase in humidity. When dealing with black mold, you want to make sure the spread is stopped and the growth is cleaned up properly. Visit for more information on mold. 

3 Tips To Save Your Mold-Damaged Belongings

3/26/2018 (Permalink)

In this picture, you can see extreme mold growth that has caused a serious loss in this home.

When there's a water leak in your home in Las Vegas, NV mold can become a problem quickly, causing significant damage to your home and possessions. It may be hard to tell what you can salvage using mold cleaning or remediation and what should be replaced. Hiring a cleanup and restoration company may help you return more of your property to a pre-damage state. Here are three tips to get your home back in order.

1. Note Important Do’s and Don’ts

Once you've discovered mold in your house, you should call a mold remediation company immediately. Professionals can help with removing infested materials, cleaning your possessions, and repairing other damage. Before the experts do their thing, it is usually essential to turn off your HVAC systems and fans to help prevent the spores from floating through the air. Refrain from touching the fungus or attempting to dry the affected area yourself.

2. Understand Types of Cleaning

Specialists have numerous methods for mold cleaning to use depending on what needs attention. The immersion method, where the object is dipped into a bath of cleaner, is best for clothing. Foam cleaning is utilized on upholstery and leather since water could ruin them. The spray-and-wipe method is also useful for objects wet cleaning could destroy, such as paintings. Abrasive cleaning, good for more durable items, involves scrubbing to remove buildup.

3. Use Specialized Services

There are special document/photograph services that use different types of drying depending on the mold damage sustained. Also, consult experts if any electronics are damaged, as they can be hazardous after being exposed to water. Another critical task professionals can help with is odor removal. The odor of mildew can linger in damaged belongings. Fogging equipment helps eliminate the musty smell.

Losing valuable or sentimental property to water damage can be frustrating and sad. Hiring a company that specialized in mold cleaning may help you save items you thought were ruined. Rejuvenating your possessions can help give you peace of mind after an emergency and save you money in the process. Visit for more information on mold damage. 

3 Pointers on Evicting Mold From a Rental Home

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

Getting a handle on mold growth can become tedious, no matter what type of building you own. When that location involves a rental home, however, matters can become difficult and time-sensitive. You should take note of the following mold prevention pointers to keep the fungus at bay and to keep stress away for everyone involved.

1. Turn off Water

Exposure to the elements on any level can be a harsh hit for a home. Since moisture is the definition of mold’s favorite hangout spot, make sure to maintain awareness of where, exactly, water damage is occurring in your rental property. If you discover a leak in the home, turn off water to the appliance until it can receive attention from a trusted professional who knows the ins and outs of mold prevention.

2. Turn Down the Heat

To the surprise of many property owners, avoiding excess heat in a home can affect mold’s ability to thrive indoors. For example, an abrupt temperature change caused by turning the heat on during the winter can open the doors for mold growth, and turning on heat frequently can allow for mold to grow on inside walls.

3. Keep Heat on If Possible

Of course, temperature setting preferences can differ from household to household. However, keeping a steady air flow can promote circulation, especially in areas of the house such as attics, where air could be easily trapped. One piece of information to keep in your back pocket is that wherever there is poor ventilation, there could be a higher possibility for mold.

Even though it is a crucial part of our ecosystem, most property owners in Las Vegas, NV would likely agree that mold has no business indoors. It may be a nuisance, can become a challenge to tackle and might frustrate renters, but a mold prevention professional can help wipe out potential problems.
Visit for more information on mold damage.

Why Mold Growth Needs Professional Removal

8/14/2017 (Permalink)

Why Mold Growth Needs Professional Removal

Mold damage can have devastating consequences to any building. What starts as a small batch of fungus or mildew can lead to a smelly odor. A resident may notice a foul smell and not be able to locate the source of the smell. The greatest of noses could lead you to the right location. You still might not find the source because it's mold growth behind a wall. Mold growth behind a wall is just one of the types of mold damage people face with mold in home or commercial mold damage. Mold can be sneaky and hidden. It can also be an eye sore.

There's also black mold. Black mold is usually found in warm, humid and dark places. Black mold typically appears around your shower or tub. It's ugly and your first instinct is to try and remove it. It's an unfortunate thing to have mold growth but the professionals do mold removal best. Before they even consider remediation, they assess the situation to see how much damage the mold growth has caused. Then they use professional grade equipment to look deeply for a cause. It could be a leaky pipe underneath the house. It could be a leaky pipe behind the wall. It could be a gutter leaking somewhere into the interior of the house. All of these are bad things that lead to mold growth.

Mold removal is nothing to be considered lightly. It's a process best achieved by experts who do it on a day to day basis. They know how mitigation of these problems work. They know how to repair issues so they don't happen over and over again. You can only imagine trying to remove the same issue multiple times.

Experts are armed with the tools of the trade that average consumers may not even realize exist. They can use deodorization techniques to rid your house of the smelly odor. They can completely eradicate the fungus and mildew associated with mold.

They can see which type of mold it is and which mold removal process works best. Consumers may assume black mold is an easy removal. Remediation of black mold needs to be addressed by professionals. If it isn't, it can re-occur time and time again.

Commercial mold damage is something that could lead to a closed shop for days. The business needs to address the mold growth quickly. A restoration company can check out the problem and look for any other possible roots of the problem. Commercial mold damage could prevent a business from having customers walk in the door. That means money to a business owner. Losing money or customers is never a good thing. Mold damage could lead to substantial loss in revenue. If mold damage is accompanied by a smelly odor, customers will get a bad impression of the business. Deodorization is one of the biggest assets involved in the remediation process. Our noses tell us much of what we need to know about our current surroundings. A bad smell throws us off just by instinct. It can alter moods. It can dampen spirits. It can also be a tell tale sign of an underlying issue.

Mold in home is can cause much anxiety to the homeowners. A restoration company can help customers sleep better at night by removing the mildew and fungus quickly. The customer might not be able to find the issue but just realize the smelly odor. A restoration company can find mold growth behind wall and eliminate it utilizing professional grade equipment.

The damages of mold can have enormous consequences if left untreated. Commercial mold damage could cause a business to lose customers and revenue. Mold in home could cause a a resident to seek shelter elsewhere and possibly rack up a hotel bill. Deodorization is something professionals utilize to keep residents home without that smell.

There's also the issue of dry rot. Dry rot occurs when excessive humidity and mold start the decay of the wood used in the building. Dry rot could lead to a much larger issue than faced with simple mitigation of mold. Dry rot could cause a business or home owner to face reconstruction costs of their entire building or dwelling.

The importance of seeking a professional can not be underestimated with the first sign of mold growth. Smelly odors without the first sight of mold could also be a sign to call a restoration company. The mold growth behind wall could be invisible to the naked eye. Without mitigation, it could lead to dry rot and other future issues.

The mold removal process seems to be an easy task when assumed by experts. That's because they've analyzed various forms of mold multiple times with commercial mold damage and mold in home. They're job goal is to return your home or business back to normal. It's to make you comfortable once again in the environment where you spend the most time.

The remediation or mitigation process will give home and business owners clarity on the source of the issue and the complete removal of it. Techniques like deodorization will put a company back in business and allow homeowners to sleep in their own beds. It might all start with the first sight of fungus or mildew. It might be a smelly odor. The important thing to remember is professional help is just a phone call away.
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The Proper Steps to Take When Mold Damage is Discovered

7/21/2017 (Permalink)

The Proper Steps to Take When Mold Damage is Discovered

Mold damage of any kind is dangerous whether it’s black mold or another form of mold. Most people are unaware the differences between black mold, fungus, mildew, and other mold, and they often underestimate what mold damage is doing in the home or office. The presence of any fungus or mildew might indicate mold in the home, commercial mold damage, or even dry rot in the home or office, and it might mean there is a chance black mold is present. Mold is not a problem people want to put off until later. It’s dangerous, and it must be handled by a professional restoration company immediately.

The Importance of Handling Mold Immediately

Black mold, fungus, mildew, or any other form of mold growth or mold damage is a much bigger problem than most people realize. Mold growth means there is too much moisture in a home or office. It means the humidity level is high, and it means people might be in danger. When a person finds mold in the home or commercial mold damage at work, it implicates larger problems in need of professional mold removal by a restoration company immediately. Remediation and mitigation are not meant to wait.

Mold growth occurs quickly, and it spreads rapidly. When homeowners find mold in the home or business owners notice commercial mold damage, it means there could be a presence of black mold, mold growth behind walls, or even dry rot in the home or office. The smallest bit of mildew or fungus is a problem, and it must be handled immediately before homeowners and business owners begin feeling ill, and before bigger problems occur. It takes less than 72 hours for the smallest bit of mold growth to spread rapidly throughout a home or business. That little bit of mold in the home or commercial mold damage someone puts off to handle after a long weekend leaves room for a major infestation.

Side Effects of Mold Growth

Not all mold is noticeable. Mold growth behind walls, dry rot, fungus, mildew, a smelly odor, or even just a little mold in the home in a small area is a problem. Some people are allergic to mold and become ill. Those who have a weak immune system might find it’s difficult to live or work where there is mold in the home or commercial mold damage. It might make anyone with asthma or allergies suffer greatly.

Mold could be black mold, and people don’t know. The problem is many people are unaware how bad mold damage is if mold growth behind walls is a problem. They see what they see, and it might not seem like much. A little mildew, dry rot, or fungus in the bathroom or basement often seems unassuming, but it might be damaging. Too much mold growth is toxic, and big problems occur when it’s not handled immediately.

No One Should Attempt Mold Removal On Their Own

Mold in a house or commercial mold damage might become noticeable when mold growth behind the walls occurs because a smelly odor appears. Home or business owners then make the decision to use their favorite form of deodorization to remove the smelly odor from being noticeable. That smelly odor goes away thanks to deodorization, but it comes back. More deodorization is used to make things smell good again. Deodorization isn’t a problem when mold is present, but it’s not a solution.

When home or business owners realize the smell is permanent, they might attempt their own form of mold remediation, but they need professional mold mitigation and remediation. Disturbing mold and spores causes it to spread rapidly and quickly. It causes spores to disperse, and the problem becomes bigger.

Calling a restoration company is the answer. Calling for professional mold remediation and mitigation is the first step home and business owners should take, and then they should take the time to turn off the air conditioner to stop spores from spreading throughout a home or office, and they should take stock of the issue. If it’s caused by a flood, it’s imperative water removal is handled right away to stop the spread and growth of mold. Mold removal and mitigation is only handled by a restoration company, and that’s what all home and business owners must remember before trying to handle mold removal themselves.
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Essential Tips on Effective Mold Removal and Remediation

6/20/2017 (Permalink)

Essential Tips on Effective Mold Removal and Remediation

Understanding Mold

Mold in home may start within 48 hours after water or high moisture gets into your house. To help you understand mold, consider the following facts:

• Mold in home can grow indoors or outdoors.
• Fungi or microscopic mold spores float in the air always and can enter homes through the windows, doors, or AC systems.
• Mold sometimes gets in your house by hitching a ride on your clothes or pet.
• Mold will thrive best in moisture and develop into colonies quickly.
• Molten fungi often yields a musty or smelly odor
• A humid indoor environment always supports mold growth and significantly contributes to mold damage.

Homeowners need to remember that to have real mold removal and remediation, the first step is to identify the source of water or humidity. Otherwise, mold damage will still continue.

Mold Removal Techniques that Work

Mold remediation always calls for a through cleanup of any fungus while ensuring that no new growth of mold in home occurs. To completely deal with the mold in home menace, address the moisture source too. The guidelines that commercial mold damage experts use to get rid of mildew are quite helpful.

The mold cleanup process normally comprises some intricate procedures:

• Fix the water problem. Unless the commercial mold damage professional repairs the source of leaking or flood water, there will still be mildew and thriving mold spores.
• Isolate the areas contaminated with mold. By closing all windows and doors, the mold remediation process becomes easier as you will cover the airwaves and doorways through which moisture enters your home. A commercial mold damage company often uses polyethylene sheeting and duct tapes to seal the contaminated areas.
• Eliminate indoor dust. Quite often, the best mitigation for mold or dust is a simple misting on the contaminated places.
• Embark on the removal of mold-ridden materials. Remove the wet or mold-damaged clothes, carpet, furniture, and household items outside the house as explained by the Environmental Protection Agency while advising on mold removal and mitigation against fungus in schools, homes, and commercial buildings.
• Put the fungus infected items in plastic bags, double-bag the infected products, tie the bags firmly, wash the outside of the plastic containers with detergents, and dispose to ensure thorough mold removal.
Time to Clean and Mold Remediation
• Clean the non-porous items and wood surfaces that have fungus. A wire brush is quite effective in eliminating the mold. As commercial mold damage experts do, use disposable wipes to clean the contaminated area. A deodorization process will follow so as to disinfect your home.
• To secure your house further from mold damage, the deodorization will comprise rinsing the clean surface with detergent solutions. After the deodorization, wash the surfaces again with clean water.
• Sometimes, depending on the assessment of mold damage by a commercial mold damage company, it may be necessary to vacuum the surfaces on which fungus, smelly odor, and mildew exist.
• Do a visibility test. After the deodorization and mop of detergents, a visibility test to ensure that your home is fungi-free follows. The commercial mold damage control expert should be aware to tell if there is still dust. No dust equals no fungi and no mold.
• Dry your house. All the households need cleaning and drying to make the residual mildew or moisture to evaporate. The remediation company will have dehumidifiers and special fans to speed up the process and also raise the indoor temperatures fast.
• Replace the mold damaged items. Discard or repair any material that is mold-ridden before returning it indoors.

For guaranteed mold elimination, especially in dark contaminated areas or big spaces, many people prefer to hire commercial mold remediation firms. Inviting an experienced mold elimination company gives the advantage of having any mold in home, smelly odor, or mildew completely eliminated. You and the company that is helping to clear mold in home, fungus, or mildew will first discuss the mold mitigation and deodorization processes necessary. Later, your work will be only to supervise the mitigation procedures and preparing to stay in a house with no smelly odor.
Visit for more information on mold removal and remediation.

Important Tips for Dealing With Mold Damage in Your Home or Business

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Important Tips for Dealing With Mold Damage in Your Home or Business

Upon discovering that you have mold in home or in your business, you may begin to feel stressed about the damage that the fungus or mildew is doing to your property. You may wonder how the mold will affect your family or your customers. There may be a smelly odor, and you may be concerned that deodorization steps will not remove the odor from your property. If you have commercial mold damage in your business, you may be concerned that the mold removal and remediation process will be time-consuming and will disrupt the profitability of your operations for weeks. By following a few tips for mitigation, you can most easily overcome the mold damage on your property.

Avoid Disrupting the Mildew and Fungus

When it comes to mold damage, your first impulse may be to attempt to remove the mildew and fungus on your own. However, mold in home and business properties should not be disrupted. The mold removal process should only be completed by a professional remediation and mitigation team that follows the proper procedures. This is because the mold spores can dislodge and float through the air when they are disrupted. This means that the residential or commercial mold damage could easily spread to other areas of the property. Your efforts to remove the mold could backfire. In addition, if the mold spores are in the air, the smelly odor may permeate even more significantly throughout the building, and there is an increased risk that the spores will be inhaled by you, your family or your customers.

Call a Skilled Mitigation and Remediation Team

Rather than attempt to remove the residential or commercial mold damage on your own, a better idea is to call a skilled and reputable mitigation team to assist with mold removal and deodorization of your space. The mold removal team will initially contain the affected area to prevent fungus and mildew from spreading to other areas of your home or business. When dealing with mold in home or business properties, this containment effort includes sealing off air vents, windows, doorways and more. Then, the mold removal and remediation process will begin. All affected areas with mold damage will be treated so that the mold is killed and removed. If any new materials need to be added to the property to restore the damage, this step will be taken. The team will then complete a deodorization process to address the smelly odor in the building. Because the smelly odor may permeate throughout the building, the deodorization effort may take place in all areas rather than only in a localized area of the building.

Take Steps to Prevent Further Mold Damage

After you have dealt with removing mold in home or business properties, you understandably do not want to go through this experience again. You may be wondering how you can prevent further residential or commercial mold damage from developing. There are a few helpful steps you can follow. For example, you can address plumbing concerns immediate and ensure that the water remediation steps are always followed after a leak. You can also invest in a dehumidifier for your building. These are only a few of the steps that you can take to reduce the risk of mold damage from developing again.

As you can see, there are specific steps that you should follow if you want to enjoy the best overall experience in your building. The issue of mold, mildew or fungus is a serious one that you should not overlook or recklessly deal with. The right mold remediation and mitigation team can assist you with all aspects of the removal and cleanup process. Because of how serious the mold issue may be and because of its potential impact on your property, now is the time to reach out for removal assistance from a trusted team of experts. Visit for more information on mold removal and remediation.

Handling A Severe Mold Situation in Las Vegas

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Mold can be a surprising discovery, especially when you find it in your home or business. It is important to not freak out and make sure you hire the right professional to come out and take a look at the situation. 

SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas has the team and experience to make sure this is done correctly. In most cases it is important to make sure an environmental hygienist tests the microbial growth and recommends a proper treatment plan. This will then allow SERVPRO to exactly know how to treat the situation. 

If you have any questions about microbial growth and how to handle the situation, feel free to call us at our office at any time. We have seen many situation and would be happy to help you in any way we can. 

Removal and Prevention of Mold Damage

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Removal and Prevention of Mold Damage

Mold is found everywhere in small amounts, especially in dust. Oftentimes, it is neither harmful nor even noticeable. However, regular exposure to large amounts is a major concern. Mold grows in damp spaces that are not getting fresh air and can be found in some homes and office buildings. It can be a scary experience to detect it indoors, since it can cause a variety of issues that are potentially harmful.

If you suspect you have microbial growth, it is best to consult a professional. Even if you think you can see fungus, mildew, or other microbial growth, it may not be mold. An environmental hygienist should be contacted for proper assessment of the microbial growth. It may or may not be visible, so a proper assessment could potentially be intrusive to find hidden sources.

If mold is found, the first step should be to remove the source of moisture, whether it is pooled water or humidity. Fungus and mildew can only grow if there is moisture present. Mold cleanup will only be useful if the moisture is removed; otherwise, the problem will continue to occur and further mold cleanup will be continually needed.

Once the issue of moisture is handled, an environmental hygienist can assist in creating a plan for mold cleanup, also called remediation or mitigation.

Based on the level of contamination, proper protective gear should be worn during the mitigation process. This may include gloves, eye protection, and respiratory protection. Environmental hygienists are trained in handling hazardous materials.

If there is only a small amount of contamination, then it may be possible to limit mitigation to just washing the area with a detergent and an approved antifungal agent. If needed, furniture and clothing may be cleaned by a company with experience in microbial growth. This is helpful is eliminating not just mildew but also odors in the fabrics.

For larger amounts of contamination, a mitigation crew will be needed to remove carpets, drywall, ceiling tiles, and other building materials that contain mildew and fungus. There could be serious repairs that are needed to fix and prevent further mold damage. This is also an excellent time to make sure that the problems that cause moisture buildup are fully removed to prevent further growth.

In some cases, where the damage is very serious and extensive, it may be best to condemn the building. Only a professional with the proper experience can determine if this is necessary.

Fungus and mildew can be present in any location with the right growing conditions, even with a small amount of moisture. The growth from microbes can be present in the air, causing many uncomfortable health conditions. For these reasons, it is best to consult a professional environmental hygienist to determine if mold is present, and they can also help determine the best plan for mold cleanup and moisture removal. Visit for more information on mold removal and remediation.

Finding Mold in Your Northwest Las Vegas Home

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Finding Mold in Your Northwest Las Vegas Home

Smelly odor is often a symptom of mold within the premises of a home. In order to remove such instances of hazards to one's health within the premises of a property, whether it be a business or home, one should acquire professional services from a well-reputed company in Vegas.

Las Vegas is often known for its hot weather, however, what many are unaware of is that along with the warmth of the weather comes opportunities for microbial growth. An environmental hygienist may be able to assist you with having such instances of bacteria removed for a very low price. An environmental hygienist of Northwest Las Vegas will be able to provide you with optimal services of bacterial growth for some of the most competitive rates in the entire area. What many people are unaware of is that high qualities of treatment for cases of fungus within properties are often difficult to find in Vegas. Although there are certainly reputable companies who provide services of mold in the area, fungus should be removed as soon as it is detected. Microbial growth is not something that should be taken lightly as people can become sick from them. The smelly odor that is often caused by such instances of bacteria within home properties are a sign of there needing to be restoration efforts conducted.

In order to acquire treatment services, a Northwest Las Vegas specialist will be able to provide you with optimal services for extremely low prices. The price rates are competitive as they know that there are several companies within the area that are striving to reach as large of a customer base as possible as the services that are provided by an environmental hygienist are in high demand. At the same time, a home or business owner should acquire services from a company that has earned itself top ratings from both customers and accreditation agencies. In Las Vegas, one can simply contact a mold removal specialist from a phone directory, however, they will be missing out on quality services if they do not do their due diligence of proper researching. A company that has received positive ratings from prior customers is certainly one that is probably worthy of acquiring services from. Vegas is known for its warm weather. Where there is warm weather, there is also humidity. Humidity is a catalyst for bacterial growth, something that may be seen as being inevitable. If you are wanting to eliminate the fungus that is growing within the premises of your business or home property, it's recommended for you to contact a Northwest Las Vegas specialist to treat the affected area(s). Treatment for microbial growth should not be costing you a fortune. A bacteria removal professional of Las Vegas will give you the guidance you may need to have affected areas inspected and cleaned if you are not wanting to acquire the full spectrum of services that they offer. By removing harmful instances of bacteria, you will be doing yourself a tremendous favor. Visit if you suspect mold in your home or business.